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Philips and Spencer Health Solutions expand partnership to Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 16 ottobre 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Morrisville, NC, U.S. – Building on their successful partnership providing medication adherence solutions to high-acuity patients in the U.S. Royal Philips (NYSE:PHG, AEX:PHIA), a global leader in health technology, and Spencer Health Solutions announced today the expansion of their partnership to Europe. Technological solutions can help patients and their caregivers to improve medication plan compliance. Medication adherence reduces hospitalization, emergency department use and doctor’s visits of patients and thereby lessens this burden on healthcare systems leading to lower healthcare costs Estimates suggest that non-adherence contributes to nearly 200,000 premature deaths in Europe and costs of EUR 125 billion annually in excess healthcare services for European Governments.
Already in use by patients taking multiple medications in the United States and Canada, the Spencer® Smart Hub is launching in selected markets in Europe including Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland, beginning with the Netherlands in the fourth quarter of 2019. The Spencer medication adherence solution is part of a portfolio of Philips solutions to support and remotely manage elderly and patients in their homes and connect them with their care providers when needed.
The Spencer device offers a connected ecosystem: an in-home dispensing device providing pre-packaged unit dose medication, a connection to the pharmacy and an assist app for family and caregivers. Family and caregivers are notified and able to contact the patient, when the patient does not take medication. The platform has high rates of medication adherence and patient engagement in the U.S. A case study shows an average adherence rate for patients using Spencer greater than 95 percent, and an average patient response rate to health status questions presented with medication dispenses greater than 81 percent.

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Health Net Assisting Members in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties During State of Emergency

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 15 ottobre 2019

In response to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s declared states of emergency in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties, Health Net, LLC is providing special assistance to ensure Health Net members affected by ongoing wildfires have access to essential prescription medications, critical Health Net information, and other healthcare services to help them cope with grief, loss, stress, or trauma.
At Health Net, we believe every person deserves a safety net for their health, regardless of age, income, employment status or current state of health. Founded 40 years ago, we remain dedicated to transforming the health of our community, one person at a time. Today, Health Net’s 3,000 employees and 85,000 network providers serve more than three million Californians. That’s one in 13 residents throughout every county in the State. We provide health plans for individuals, families, employers, people with Medicare and people with Medi-Cal — coverage for every stage of life. We also offer access to behavioral health services, substance abuse prevention programs, managed healthcare services for prescription drugs and employee assistance programs. We offer these health plans and services through Health Net, LLC and its subsidiaries: Health Net of California, Inc., Health Net Life Insurance Company and Health Net Community Solutions, Inc. These entities are wholly owned subsidiaries of Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC). For more information, visit

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Highlights Discoveries in Genetic Research and Progress to Improve Health

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 7 ottobre 2019

Thousands of genomics and genetics researchers, professors, doctors, genetic counselors, nurses, and others from around the world will gather in Houston, Texas, October 15-19, for ASHG 2019, to share their latest research about the benefits of human genetics and genomics research, one of the fastest growing fields of modern health care development. ASHG 2019, the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), is the world’s largest source of emerging news and cutting-edge science across the rapidly expanding fields of human genetics and genomics. Scientists from nearly 80 countries will take part in more than 3,400 scientific presentations, workshops, and collaborative events. This will be the first time that Houston has hosted ASHG’s annual meeting since the organization was founded in 1948. Hosting ASHG 2019 in Houston, a major epicenter of biomedical and life sciences, offers ASHG and its members an outstanding venue to inform the general public of new scientific knowledge that is changing the way we diagnose and treat disease, understand human history, and unravel fundamental biologic mysteries. It comes at a time when Houston’s position as an international leader in biomedical research is growing rapidly and will expand with the construction of a collaborative 30-acre biomedical research campus downtown.

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Powering Precision Health Announces 2019 Summit

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 settembre 2019

Powering Precision Health (PPH), the internationally-acclaimed Summit focused on precision health and the latest in biomarker research, today announced much-anticipated details for its 2019 Summit, which will take place in Barcelona on November 19. Led by precision medicine pioneer, Kevin Hrusovsky, PPH is a non-profit organization with the mission of transforming healthcare from today’s paradigm of scrambling to treat diseases late in their progression to one focused on precision and personalized treatments early in the disease cascade long before symptoms present using cutting-edge biomarker “early and non-invasive detection” technology. Ultimately, the focus will shift to not only precision treatments, but also disease prevention through the biomolecular understanding and avoidance of epigenetic and environmental factors that trigger disease based on exposure to these disease triggers. Once “disease prevention” sciences are established and implemented, individuals will be enabled and empowered to manage their own precision health journey.“Powering Precision Health has become a global movement to transform healthcare by measuring the continuum from health to disease at the molecular structure and individual level using digital biomarkers,” explained Kevin Hrusovsky, PPH Founder. “Our quest here is to rapidly advance technologies and science via collaboration to enable routine biomarker measurements at an individual level to personalize one’s health journey. The ultimate goal is for every individual to routinely know their individual biomarker healthy base line profile and then to see any deviation quickly to enable effective disease treatments and ultimately prevention by avoiding environmental factors that trigger disease. The biomarker technology revolution is in full gear and moving these technologies into the clinic is our overarching goal for the next decade, starting at this PPH meeting in Barcelona.” Hrusovsky will kick-off the event with several luminaries in medicine describing the monumental progress made since our Dec. ’18 PPH Amsterdam meeting in the field of biomarkers. The 2019 Summit is expected to have more than 40 distinguished speakers.

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Nano Discovery Inc. Launches a New Blood Test for Cattle Immune Health Testing

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 settembre 2019

Nano Discovery Inc. announced today that it has launched a new blood test to the market for cattle immune health testing. Cattle owners and veterinary practitioners can order this test by submitting blood samples to Nano Discovery’s central laboratory, or conduct this test in their local farms and clinics by purchasing testing kits from the company. More information can be found at: A balanced immune system is important for the welfare and productivity of farm animals. Animals with good immune health are less prone to diseases, healthier and more productive. When an animal is infected with bacteria, viruses or other pathogens, the immune system of the animal is activated. An active immune status is a sign of infection in the animal. During pregnancy, the immune system of cows and heifers has to make certain changes to maintain a pregnancy to full term. However, these changes also make pregnant and transition cows and heifers more vulnerable to infectious diseases. By closely monitoring the immune status of cattle herd, farm owners can discover sick animals earlier, identify pregnant animals with underlying reproductive health problems for treatment, identify animals with strong immune system and avoid excessive use of antibiotics on healthy and low risk animals.Despite the critical importance of immune health to the welfare and productivity of agricultural animals including cattle, there was no convenient and cost-effective test in the market that provided farm owners and veterinary practitioners the ability to test and monitor the immune health and status of their cattle easily. Nano Discovery’s new product, the D2Dx™ immunity test, provides the first-ever solution to this unmet need. D2Dx™ immunity test is a simple blood test that detects active immune responses and Th1/Th2 immunity shift associated with infection, pregnancy, and other health conditions that involve the immune system. Research studies conducted by Nano Discovery and its partners have shown that D2Dx™ test can identify cattle with infections; identify dairy cows that are more likely to develop health problems such as ketosis and mastitis following calving; and identify calves with good immune health that can gain more body weight in a feedlot. While D2Dx™ test is not a diagnostic test, the test brings many benefits to cattle owners by helping owners monitor the health of their cattle herd more closely, make informative management decisions, reduce cost and improve productivity.While the current business focus of Nano Discovery is on cattle industry, D2Dx™ immunity test can be applied to the testing of other animals as well. The company is also investigating the use of this test for human infectious diseases, pregnancy loss, autoimmune diseases, and other immune health related problems. D2Dx™ test is based on a nanotechnology platform developed at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida. A PCT patent application is pending on the platform technology and the D2Dx™ immunity test.

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SSM Health Brings New Individual Health Insurance Offering to St. Louis Area

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 2 agosto 2019

SSM Health will introduce a new, local option for individual health insurance to the St. Louis region this fall. WellFirst Health will offer individuals and their families access to coverage – with local providers and a health insurance plan working together to help each member achieve optimal health and wellness. Members will enjoy convenient, coordinated access to SSM Health’s comprehensive network of physicians, hospitals, outpatient and virtual care services in addition to other high-quality providers in the region.WellFirst Health plans to offer individual and family insurance for sale both on and off the federally facilitated marketplace (also known as the ACA Marketplace). The coverage is projected to be available to residents in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County during the ACA Marketplace open enrollment period of November 1 to December 15, 2019. Coverage would be effective January 1, 2020.“At SSM Health, we believe all people deserve access to high-quality health care services that are affordable and sustainable – and this is an important step in that journey,” said Laura Kaiser, President and Chief Executive Officer of SSM Health. “While SSM Health is already known for delivering high-quality patient-centered care, we’re pleased to be able to combine that with quality, community-based health insurance for individuals and families that enables more people to get the care they need.”
While this will be the health system’s first health insurance offering in St. Louis, SSM Health already owns and operates a health insurance organization in Wisconsin. Dean Health Plan has more than 35 years of experience in the Wisconsin health insurance market and serves more than 400,000 members. SSM Health will use this experience and expertise in integrating primary, acute and post-acute care services and pharmacy benefits with health insurance solutions to reduce costs, improve quality, and deliver a better, fully coordinated and personalized member and patient experience.“We have all the pieces of health care in place at SSM Health to make improvements in the health care issues facing this country,” said David Fields, President of Dean Health Plan and WellFirst Health. “We can look at the entire process from care delivery to payment and drive positive change and cost savings in ways most other health systems can’t. We see this as a special opportunity to collaborate with members and patients in the St. Louis area.”

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Acquisition of the Assets of Novo Health Systems’

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 5 luglio 2019

Salt Lake City, Utah Facility Sterile Processing Services of America (“SPSA”), a portfolio company of Pacific Avenue Capital Partners, LLC (“Pacific Avenue”), announces the acquisition of the assets of Novo Health Systems’ Salt Lake City, Utah facility, which is an outsourced provider of hospital sterilization services.Under Pacific Avenue’s ownership, SPSA has grown through a strategic emphasis on providing outsourced instrument and linen sterilization services on a long-term or emergency basis. SPSA has built a world-class team led by President Jenifer Greisen that is focused on meeting the highest safety standards while providing excellent service to the customer.
Founded in 2017 by Chris Sznewajs, Pacific Avenue Capital Partners, LLC is a Los Angeles-based private equity firm focused on corporate divestitures and other special situations in the lower middle market.Pacific Avenue’s senior team has closed over 50 transactions including 25 carve-outs across a multitude of industries, and our M&A and operations experience allows us to navigate complex transactions and unlock value through operational improvement and capital investment while accelerating growth.
Sterile Processing Services of America is a leading provider of off-site sterilization services (instruments and linen) for clinics, surgery centers, and hospital centers. SPSA services both client-owned instruments and equipment and reusable surgical packs. The company has facilities in Long Beach, CA as well as Salt Lake City, Utah.

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4th Health City Forum – 3rd Roma Cities Changing Diabetes Summit

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 4 luglio 2019

Roma Martedì 9 luglio ore 9.00-15.00 Sala congressi Loyola presso la Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Piazza della Pilotta 4.La crescente e inarrestabile urbanizzazione, gli stili di vita errati e le condizioni ambientali e climatiche delle metropoli sono fattori che influenzano fortemente l’aumento della diffusione delle malattie croniche non trasmissibili, come diabete e malattie cardiovascolari. È necessario quindi attuare ora politiche in grado di contrastare il fenomeno. Al Forum saranno presenti istituzioni italiane, esponenti politici, rappresentanti del mondo accademico e associazioni di pazienti, al fine di analizzare le diverse iniziative volte ad affrontare la pandemia di diabete e le sue conseguenze, sotto i punti di vista medico, urbanistico e logistico.
Nell’occasione saranno presentati il 12th Italian Diabetes Barometer Report & 7th Diabetes Monitor 2019 e la survey dell’International Diabetes Federation “Thaking Diabetes to Heart” che forniscono importanti dati per inquadrare il fenomeno. Sarà inoltre presentato il Roma Cities Changing Diabetes Action Plan, un piano di azioni concrete per combattere il diabete nella città, e sarà dedicato ampio spazio alla sessione sull’European Diabetes Forum, nato per stimolare e consentire ai sistemi sanitari di far fronte alla pandemia di diabete.

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Chipmunk Health chooses Philips HealthSuite digital platform to roll out and scale up its telehealth services

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 Mag 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced that telehealth service provider Chipmunk Health, with locations in the Netherlands and Canada, is leveraging the capabilities and services of Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform to roll out its new GP-to-patient home monitoring solutions.Designed to allow general practitioners to keep a closer check on the health status of their patients, Chipmunk Health’s telehealth services offer patients a closer relationship with their GP, without the waiting time and inconvenience of having to visit their GP for routine check-ups. The company will use the open, cloud-based infrastructure and services of Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform to connect multiple home monitoring devices, aggregate the acquired data via a dedicated smart hub, and securely transmit, store and analyze it.“Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform is a vitally important element in rolling out our new services and scaling them up in a safe and secure way,” said Erik Duijsens, founder and CEO of Chipmunk Health. “We are convinced that our consumer-oriented telehealth services will provide more effective and qualitatively better healthcare than we already have, and at lower cost. Patients will be able to access all their health data in one place and doctors will be better equipped to serve their patients’ complex needs.”
Today’s announcement follows similar recent agreements to use Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform by eye care provider Alcon, selfcare solutions company Ypsomed, and Internet of Things (IoT) managed service provider Integron. In such collaborations, Philips is the provider of the relevant cloud-based healthcare IT infrastructure and not involved in the commercialization of the products and services of these companies.

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Functional Remedies Expands Hemp Oil Distribution Into Natural Health and Beauty Retail

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 3 Mag 2019

Functional Remedies, the only vertically-integrated hemp oil company, announced an expansion of its flagship product line into Pharmaca, a modern natural health and beauty chain retailer with 29 locations throughout the U.S. Functional Remedies lipid-infused hemp oil will initially be sold in 12 stores located in Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington and then Illinois shortly thereafter. Functional Remedies will also expand into California stores contingent on the passing of AB 228, which would effectively legalize the use of industrial hemp or cannabinoids in food, beverage or cosmetics.“In pursuit of our mission to bring lives into balance on a global scale, Functional Remedies is aggressively expanding our distribution into new and novel channels, including natural beauty and health, organic and athletics,” said Functional Remedies CMO Tony Tomassini. “Pharmaca has continually worked to build consumer trust with natural products, and we are excited to include our highly-efficacious hemp oil on their shelves for customers looking for better health and wellness.”Pharmaca will carry all seven SKUs of Functional Remedies’ flagship product line, including the 50mg, 25mg and 10mg capsules, 1000mg, 500mg and 250mg tinctures and 500mg salve. Functional Remedies also announced that in-store sales growth overall year-over-year in Lucky’s Market, an organic supermarket chain with locations across 10 states, is 137 percent and ranked fifth overall in growth year-over-year.“Pharmaca is proud to launch Functional Remedies’ proprietary lipid-infused, full-spectrum hemp oil in our Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington locations,” said Pharmaca Co-founder and VP of Integrative Medicine Don L. Summerfield. “Pharmaca has spent the last 20 years providing customers with the tools they need to manage their own health, and we are excited to add Functional Remedies into the diverse mix of options we offer.”Functional Remedies’ presence in Pharmaca and other major retailers represents an aggressive push toward increased distribution and preparation for future partnerships with other mass retailers such as CVS, Walgreens and many others who have announced their intent to carry CBD and hemp oil products.

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FSD Pharma Announces Share Exchange Transaction with Aura Health

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 aprile 2019

FSD Pharma Inc. (CSE: HUGE) (OTCQB: FSDDF) (FRA: 0K9) announced today that it has entered into a share exchange transaction with Aura Health Inc. (“Aura”). Pursuant to the agreement, FSD acquired 13,562,386 Aura shares valued at $3 million issued from treasury in exchange for 13,181,019 FSD shares issued from treasury valued at $3 million. Aura Health is a Toronto-based cannabis company building an international network of vertically integrated businesses in the medical cannabis industry.FSD and Aura shares will be placed in escrow and released to the companies upon the Escrow Agent receiving a certificate executed by FSD and Aura that:  the Offering Escrow Release Conditions have been satisfied;  the acquisition has closed;  each of FSD and Aura are satisfied with their due diligence review of the other party;  the Supply Agreement has been executed by FSD and Pharmadrug; and the Consulting Agreement has been executed by FSD and Aura.As part of the transaction, Aura and FSD will enter into a consulting agreement. Aura will assist FSD with obtaining euGMP certification at the company’s existing licensed facility through Pharmadrug Production GmbH, a company for which Aura Health is in the process of acquiring an 80% equity interest.Aura has a pre-existing supply agreement with another producer that it is required to honor in priority. It is anticipated that FSD will become a preferred Canadian cannabis supplier to Pharmadrug for the German market. Pharmadrug will enter into a supply agreement with FSD and upon proper euGMP certification will commit to purchase 1,000 kilograms (or such greater or lesser amount as may be agreed from time to time by the parties) of Canadian produced cannabis product from FSD at a price of $7.00 per gram FOB Germany (subject to downward adjustment should market exigencies dictate), provided that the product is saleable in the German market.The Supply Agreement is not a “take or pay” arrangement. For greater certainty, the Supply Agreement will not limit or restrict the ability of Pharmadrug to freely source product from other suppliers in any other country, provided that the Purchase Commitment is satisfied.Website:

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AHF Urges G20 to Prioritize Public Health; Fully Fund the Global Fund

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 21 aprile 2019

With the 2019 G20 summit coming up June 28-29, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is joining other civil society organizations (CSOs) at the Civil 20 (C20) Summit in Japan to support C20 efforts and to call on the G20 to honor its earlier commitment to fully fund the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (The Global Fund)—the world’s most effective mechanism for fighting our deadliest infectious diseases.No other global body has more power to positively affect development worldwide than the G20— since G20 countries account for almost 90% of global GDP, 80% of international trade, and nearly two-thirds of the world’s population.
In addition to building support for increased HIV/AIDS funding and resources, AHF will be supporting C20 efforts in Tokyo to raise awareness on key health initiatives, including the fight against tuberculosis and antimicrobial drug resistance, universal health coverage, quality standards of healthcare, and investment in medical research and development.
Even though the G20 was established to address economic issues, there is nothing more important to prosperous nations than the health of their citizens. The AIDS response and other key health concerns deserve the G20’s full attention—AHF urges world leaders to adopt and start to implement the proposals put forth by C20 summit advocates to ensure that people from all countries have the opportunity to be healthy and thrive.

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Health Net Joins Manifest MedEx Health Data Network

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 aprile 2019

California is taking another step toward a modern medical information infrastructure with the addition of Health Net, LLC (Health Net) to the state’s largest nonprofit health data network, Manifest MedEx (MX). Health Net has more than 3,000 employees and 85,000 providers in its network, serving more than three million members in its commercial and government-sponsored health plans. The addition of Health Net follows the recent announcements of AHMC Healthcare, Heritage California, Hill Physicians, Scripps Health, and Stanford Health Care as MX participants.Manifest MedEx is a utility-style network for health information across the state. The data securely delivered to health organizations means providers are notified when their patients are admitted or discharged from the hospital, can track lab values across various facilities, and can proactively reach out to patients requiring additional support. As the health sector transitions to value-based care, the availability of this kind of information is increasingly crucial.Health Net was recently recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, earning four out of five stars in its annual Star Ratings report. The report includes dozens of quality-of-care measures and member experience ratings for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan enrollees. In addition, the National Committee for Quality Assurance elevated Health Net’s accreditation rating from “Accredited” to “Commendable” for two of its plans: Health Net of California, Inc.’s commercial HMO/POS health plan and Health Net Life Insurance Company of California’s commercial PPO health plan.Manifest MedEx is working quickly to help California providers access a new $50 million pool of state and federal funding to help cover the cost of participating in health information networks in the year ahead. The nonprofit network has newly rolled out an upgraded technology platform with a focus on scalable data services for the rapidly growing network of 200+ participants.

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Summit Health Management (SHM)

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 14 aprile 2019

Which offers a physician-led, professionally-managed model of management services for Summit Medical Group in New Jersey and physician practices across the US, and KLAS-rated today announced that SHM will be working with Arcadia to drive value-based outcomes for health care provider groups. SHM entered into a multi-year contract with Arcadia to use its enterprise population health management platform and integrated tools for benchmarking, clinical outcome improvement, and financial performance.
Arcadia Analytics will support SHM’s independent physician-led multispecialty medical practices which include Summit Medical Group in New Jersey, Summit Medical Group Oregon and Summit Medical Group Arizona. With over 900 providers in New Jersey, Summit Medical Group, P.A. is one of the largest physician-owned multi-specialty groups in the country.“Summit Health Management manages the cost and quality of care for over 115,000 patients currently attributed in ACO contracts in New Jersey, and we’ve exceeded benchmarks in several value-based contracts,” said Jamie Reedy, MD, MPH, Chief of Population Health. “Our mastery of developing effective clinical programs, meaningful analytics and comprehensive provider and patient engagement programs has been essential to our sustained successful ACO performance. To provide accountable care in an innovative, scalable fashion, we are accelerating our ability to take on better value-based contracts.”SHM embarked on a multi-year search for a comprehensive solution that could scale to the needs of a growing physician group and ensure the quality, accuracy, and insights of its data analytics capabilities.“Over the course of our search, we saw Arcadia launch new products, and form deep partnerships with their customers to develop innovative solutions,” said Dr. Reedy. “Arcadia has shown from the outset of our discussions that they were committed to us and our vision. The combined strengths of their people and platform made us feel very comfortable with Arcadia as our partner.”The partnership with Arcadia will help SHM successfully execute on value-based care initiatives as it continues to expand across the country, enabling care teams to fundamentally transform patient management and care. Arcadia Analytics will provide near-real time reporting and analytics for SHM’s administrators and actionable insights at the point of care for 1,000+ providers.

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Puma Biotechnology to Present at Cowen’s Annual Health Care Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 marzo 2019

Puma Biotechnology, Inc. (NASDAQ: PBYI), a biopharmaceutical company, announced that Alan H. Auerbach, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President and Founder of Puma, will provide an overview of the Company at 10:00 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, March 12 at the Cowen and Company 39th Annual Health Care Conference. The conference will be held at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.A live webcast of the presentation will be available on the Company’s website at The presentation will be archived on the website and available for 30 days.Puma Biotechnology, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company with a focus on the development and commercialization of innovative products to enhance cancer care. The Company in-licenses the global development and commercialization rights to three drug candidates — PB272 (neratinib, oral), PB272 (neratinib, intravenous) and PB357. Neratinib, oral was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in July 2017 for the extended adjuvant treatment of adult patients with early stage HER2-overexpressed/amplified breast cancer, following adjuvant trastuzumab-based therapy, and is marketed in the United States as NERLYNX® (neratinib) tablets. NERLYNX was granted marketing authorization by the European Commission for the extended adjuvant treatment of hormone receptor-positive HER2-positive early stage breast cancer in September 2018. NERLYNX is a registered trademark of Puma Biotechnology, Inc. Further information about Puma Biotechnology may be found at

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39th Annual Health Care Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 26 febbraio 2019

PerkinElmer, Inc. (NYSE: PKI), a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, today announced that the Company will present at the Cowen and Company 39th Annual Health Care Conference on Monday, March 11, 2019, at 1:30 p.m. ET at the Marriott Copley Place in Boston.Prahlad Singh, PerkinElmer’s president and chief operating officer, will provide an overview of the Company and its strategic priorities.A live audio webcast of the presentation will also be available on the Investors section of the Company’s website at A replay of the presentation will be posted on the PerkinElmer website after the event and will be available for two weeks following.
PerkinElmer, Inc. is a global leader focused on innovating for a healthier world. The Company reported revenue of approximately $2.8 billion in 2018, has about 12,500 employees serving customers in more than 150 countries, and is a component of the S&P 500 Index. Additional information is available through 1-877-PKI-NYSE, or at

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39th Annual Health Care Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 25 febbraio 2019

PerkinElmer, Inc. (NYSE: PKI), a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, today announced that the Company will present at the Cowen and Company 39th Annual Health Care Conference on Monday, March 11, 2019, at 1:30 p.m. ET at the Marriott Copley Place in Boston.Prahlad Singh, PerkinElmer’s president and chief operating officer, will provide an overview of the Company and its strategic priorities.A live audio webcast of the presentation will also be available on the Investors section of the Company’s website at A replay of the presentation will be posted on the PerkinElmer website after the event and will be available for two weeks following.PerkinElmer, Inc. is a global leader focused on innovating for a healthier world. The Company reported revenue of approximately $2.8 billion in 2018, has about 12,500 employees serving customers in more than 150 countries, and is a component of the S&P 500 Index. Additional information is available through 1-877-PKI-NYSE, or at

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New Virta Health Results Add Improved Sleep as Benefit of the Virta Treatment

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 febbraio 2019

Virta Health, the first company with a treatment to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes (T2D) without the use of medications or surgery, today announced the publication of new peer-reviewed research in Sleep Medicine. This most recent publication found significant improvement in self-reported sleep in type 2 diabetes and prediabetes patients who completed one year of the Virta Treatment.Sleep quality for both Virta Treatment and Usual Care patients was measured at the beginning of the clinical trial and at one year using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), a self-reported measure of sleep. At one year, patients with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes enrolled in Virta reported a mean 14% and 21% decrease in their respective global PSQI scores. The proportion of Virta patients characterized as poor sleepers decreased by 12% and 29% in the type 2 diabetes and prediabetes groups, respectively. Patients who continued their usual care had no significant changes in self-reported sleep.“Sleep has a substantial impact on the overall health of people with type 2 diabetes,” said Dr. Christa Van Dort, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School, the study’s senior author. “With that in mind, it is promising that the Virta Treatment improved patients’ subjective sleep as indicated by significantly lower global PSQI scores in addition to improving their diabetes.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared insufficient sleep a public health epidemic. T2D and obesity are frequently associated with poor sleep quality as well as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and improvement in sleep is associated with increased insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance for people living with T2D.Because of this relationship, both the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) advise health providers to assess sleep patterns as a part of diabetes care and treatment.The emerging evidence for sleep improvement adds to the other benefits of the Virta Treatment that go beyond diabetes reversal and insulin elimination/reduction in 60% and 94% of completing patients at one year, respectively. Virta’s peer-reviewed data has also shown improvement in inflammation, weight, liver function, and 22 of 26 factors for cardiovascular disease risk—while reducing dependence on antihypertensive medications.

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How social factors can shape our health through inflammation

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Toulouse/Milan, February 15th2019– People living in more disadvantaged social and economic conditions, especially in young adulthood, are more likely to experience higher levels of inflammation, which in turn can lead to serious health issues like atherosclerosis or coronary heart disease. This connection between social and health inequalities has been revealed by a study published on Nature Communications by researchers of the Lifepath project, an EU-funded consortium that investigates the biological pathways underlying social differences in healthy ageing.Inequalities in socioeconomic position (SEP) lead to inequalities in health. In order to tackle such a problem, one key step is to unravel how social and economic factors become biologically embodied.Inflammation is a set of responses that may be caused by a number of processes such as the presence of an infection or tumour cell development, but also occur as a consequence of the chronic solicitation of the stress response system. A higher level of basal inflammation has consequences for overall health and has been linked to mortality across various causes.
Socioeconomic conditions may be a powerful trigger for chronic inflammation since socially disadvantaged populations are disproportionately exposed to environments that can be characterized as pro-inflammatory, such as exposure to infections due to overcrowded conditions, poor housing quality, or insufficient access to sanitation. Moreover, disadvantaged socioeconomic groups are more likely to display adverse health behaviours that may expose them to factors like tobacco smoking as well as nutritional behaviours leading towards obesity, which in turn can trigger inflammation processes. Finally, cumulative social disadvantage may also push individuals towards experiencing adversities, or exacerbate such situations, thus resulting in psychosocial stress and, as a consequence, heightened basal inflammation. Lifepath researchers analysed data from six big studies conducted between 1958 and 2013 in Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom, to investigate several important aspects of the social-to-biological transition. They focused on the chronology of exposures to disadvantaged socioeconomic conditions over the life course, in order to understand how they are associated with inflammation.The participants’ socioeconomic position (SEP) was evaluated based on three parameters: father’s occupation, educational attainment, and participant’s last occupation. As a marker of overall inflammatory response, the researchers measured the concentration of C-reactive protein (CRP), a protein synthesized by the liver in response to systemic effects of inflammation. They also investigated the potential impact of behavioural factors and body mass index (BMI) on the relationship between CRP and SEP, in order to elucidate their possible role as intermediate factors.What they found is that disadvantaged socioeconomic position at each life stage was associated with increased inflammation assessed using CRP, and that behavioural factors like alcohol consumption, smoking status and a sedentary life style can explain part but not all of the observed SEP differences in inflammation.One of the most consistent and important upstream risk factors for elevated inflammation was shown to be educational attainment. «One of the likely mechanisms involved here is the stress response system, where higher educational attainment may act as a physiological stress-regulating buffer», said Raphaële Castagné, research fellow at the Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier of Toulouse and co-leading author of the study. «A higher educational attainment may provide increased sense of control, which is a suggested pathway linking education to health».Lifepath researchers also found that body-mass index (BMI) seemed to be the most relevant intermediate factor between SEP and inflammation – which means that the accumulation of body fat among more socially disadvantaged populations could be a mechanism leading to higher levels inflammation – and observed some differences between men and women, which may come down to differences in immunological and inflammatory responses influenced by both sex and gender.Another critical element is the time of exposure to disadvantaged social and economic conditions: in fact, chronic inflammation is the result of a prolonged wear-and-tear effect on physiological systems, and the earlier this is triggered, the bigger its consequences might be.Further work integrating social-to-biological perspectives will be needed to better understand the mechanisms through which the social environment shapes physiological processes that are important for complex health outcomes. However, this study further confirms that the conditions in which we live and grow can play a relevant role in how our wellbeing is shaped, since they influence our chances of having a longer and healthier life. Investigating the social-to-biological transition is thus a key step towards developing health policies capable of tackling in a precise way the roots of socioeconomic-based health inequalities.

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Elligo Health Research Acquires Protenium Clinical Research

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Elligo Health Research, an integrated research organization, has acquired Protenium Clinical Research. Protenium, an established research group led by Robert Strzinek, Ph.D., D.O., conducts pharmaceutical studies in a broad range of therapeutic areas.Dr. Strzinek has more than 15 years of clinical research experience and will now conduct research at his practice in partnership with Elligo. The acquisition brings the number of patients in Elligo’s Research Ready network to more than one million. As part of Elligo’s Goes Direct® approach, these patients will now have access to clinical research as a care option from their own trusted physician.“Joining Elligo’s Dallas–Fort Worth Community of Research will ensure that we continue to provide the best clinical research opportunities to our patients and help us expand research opportunities across the region,” said Dr. Strzinek. “Our partnership allows us to focus on patient care while benefiting from Elligo’s research relationships and operational expertise.”Dr. Strzinek has completed over 150 research studies and authored numerous journal articles covering several areas including endocrinology and women’s health. He and the Elligo team will continue to conduct research and support other community-based health care providers participating in research.“The opportunity to leverage Dr. Strzinek’s highly experienced practice and integrated clinical operation in our Research Ready network and Communities of Research furthers our mission to bring together and empower health organizations and improve clinical trial access and efficiency,” said John Potthoff, Ph.D., CEO at Elligo. “We are delighted to welcome him, and his staff and patients to the Elligo family.”

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