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GEICO Says Keep the Holiday Rush out of Your Driving

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 18 dicembre 2019

Whether it’s a shopping excursion, a journey to locate the perfect tree, or a trip to an annual holiday party, GEICO urges drivers to approach their holiday errands with patience and consideration for other drivers to help everyone have a safe holiday season.
A little courtesy goes a long way: Remember that you’re not the only car on the road, and many others are also trying to get to the same places. Considerate gestures, like leaving space for a car to pull out into traffic or change lanes help everyone’s trips go more smoothly.It’s best not to be in a rush: Dashing through the snow may sound exhilarating; however, that – not to mention zipping across normal, dry pavement – can lead to dangerous consequences. As traffic builds throughout the holiday season, take it easy and leave extra time to get to your destination.Aggressive driving puts you on the naughty list: Tailgating, weaving through traffic and failing to yield the right of way can cause anything from moderate frustration to a devastating crash. There’s no room for this type of behavior on any roadway, as it severely jeopardizes the safety of many vehicles around the offending car.Have a plan in place if you consume alcoholic beverages: The holiday season is a time for merriment, which may include consuming alcoholic beverages at a gathering. If you plan to have drinks, make sure getting behind the wheel does not become part of your plan later. Many jurisdictions across the country step up DUI patrols this time of year. Plan to order a rideshare, take public transportation or assign a sober designated driver to get you home.
For more safe driving tips, visit the car safety and insurance page on GEICO More.GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company), the second-largest auto insurer in the U.S., was founded in 1936 and insures more than 28 million vehicles. For more than 80 years, the company has worked to make people’s lives better by protecting policyholders against unexpected events. As GEICO has grown, it has delivered money-saving coverage and outstanding customer service to policyholders through its investment in human resources and technology. GEICO is a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies.

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Holiday highway travelers and truckers, don’t get too comfortable yet

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 24 dicembre 2018

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are among the three deadliest highway traffic holidays of the year. While Thanksgiving has passed, holiday travelers and professional truck drivers still face the dangerous challenges of Christmas and New Year’s.
AAA predicts that 97 million Americans will hit the road this holiday season, and crashes involving large trucks are tragedies for everyone involved – professional drivers, the motoring public, and all of their families and loved ones.Road Safe America, a non-profit dedicated to improving highway safety for motorists and professional truck drivers, partnered with McLaughlin & Associates on a national survey that found broad support for requiring use of two existing safety technologies on large trucks: speed limiters and automatic emergency braking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that more than 4,700 people died in truck crashes on U.S. highways in 2017, an increase of 41% since 2009.“Use of speed limiters and automatic emergency braking technology can help professional drivers to complete their job and get home safely without incident, avoiding injury or death to themselves or others,” said Steve Owings, co-founder along with his wife, Susan, of Road Safe America. “As our roads and highways become more and more clogged, professional drivers need all of the technology available to help keep them safe and avoid crashes that are frequently horrific in nature for everyone involved.”
Speed limiters use simple software to set the top speed the truck can achieve, which assists the professional driver in slowing or stopping when an emergency occurs. Many other nations have required their use for decades, as they also enhance fuel efficiency. For these reasons they have come standard in the heaviest commercial trucks built since the 1990s, and therefore require no capital expense to include them. NHTSA estimates that current automatic emergency braking systems can prevent more than 2,500 crashes annually. A proposed rule requiring use of speed limiters estimates as many as 498 lives could be saved annually by their use.

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Countries where women claim to have the best breasts make holiday planning easier this summer

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 luglio 2017

best breastTravelling internationally this summer just got a whole lot more enticing as data from a recent study has revealed the Top 20 Countries of Women with the Best Breasts, meaning itineraries can now be planned specifically to take in the bountiful beauty of the local ladies.The study, conducted by VictoriaMilan – a dating site for married and attached people looking to have extramarital affairs, dived into its data archives and confirmed more than 1 million women in 20 countries across the globe believe their breasts are their most attractive physical feature. The Top 20 list has been created using the percentages of women in these countries who have beautiful bosoms.Scandivanian countries take out the top two slots: Denmark comes out on top with 28.1% of Danish women claiming their cleavage is worthy of international travel, while Sweden heaves into second place with a sumptuous 26.3% of Swedish females rating their décolletage as their #1 physical feature.
The United Kingdom busts into third place, with 26.2% of UK women claiming their boobs are the best you’ll find – and might make the English seaside a little more appealing.
Almost one quarter of Greek (25.3%), Norwegian (25.1%), Dutch (24.1%) and German (24.1%) ladies will be showcasing their assets this summer, making each of these countries tantalising travel destinations – Germany in particular, as even if they don’t have access to a beach, German ladies aren’t shy about letting it all hang out in public parks.
23.1% of New Zealanders say their boobs are their best feature – it’s a long way to travel to get a glimpse of some Kiwi cleavage so tourists would have to be pretty determined to take the trek to NZ to see the locals bare their bosoms.
Just over one-fifth of Austrian ladies think their cleavage is prize-winning, while similarly Irish and Finnish women rate their boobs around the same level (20.7% and 20.5% respectively).While passion and beauty are in their DNA, Italian senoras find physical features other than their boobs to be draw cards, with just 19.0% claiming their cleavage is their best feature. Australians are potentially too concerned with sunscreen and covering up with wetsuits at the beach – just 18.3% say their boobs are the feature they like to showcase as it is the best their bodies have to offer.Surprisingly, women in Belgium (17.7%) and the United States (17.5%) rate their breasts similarly – less than one-fifth of both nationalities say they are top heavy and proud. 16.7% of ladies from Switzerland say their boobs are worth crossing borders for, and will have their most sexy body parts on show in the sun this season.Spanish senoritas are famous for their voluptuous and sensual figures, however just 13.6% say their boobs are their #1 feature. Just over one-tenth of Canadian women (12.5%) say their Canadian cleavages are the best in the world and worth taking a plane ride to take a look at.Just 9.2% of Czech women think their breasts are best, and with the gorgeous faces, silky smooth legs that go for days and blonde hair, its not surprising they choose other features as their most attractive bits and pieces.
South African women are bold and beautiful, but believe they have more to offer physically than their breasts with just 8.9% saying their cleavages are worthy tourist attractions.Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the list of Top 20 Countries of Women with the Best Breasts would make planning enjoyable holidays a whole lot easier.
“Imagine how much more appealing a family holiday would be if men have the best breasts in the world to feast their eyes on. This data is taken from self assessments any women, who intimately know their own bodies and have nominated their breasts as items that should be celebrated and showcased. These women have told us their chests are their #1 feature – and this summer, there’s only one way to find out. Just remember to pack your sunglasses so you don’t get caught looking,” Mr Vedal said. (photo: best breasts)

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Your holiday guide to eating F.I.S.H.

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 20 luglio 2016

fishFish is for Fun. Few things in life are more pleasant than a nice Fish meal on the sea Front with Friends and Family after a lazy day in the sun. But how relaxed can you be about the Fish you are being served? Should we rather eat Farmed seafood? Can you tell your children that their Fish is Fit to eat?
If you check out our list, you will find the 36 North-East Atlantic fisheries that are sustainable today including haddock from the North Sea or herring from the Irish Sea. In the Mediterranean Sea, Bluefin tuna, heavily overexploited until recently, is now another safe bet. Moreover, several organisations produce guides for different countries in the EU, listing recommended seafood products. If you are the connected type, you can get an app that will tell you if the fish on offer is local and whether or not it is sustainably fished. If you still prefer face-to-face to interface, ask the restaurant chef: is the fish seasonal? Is it local? Is it sustainably fished? No smartphone required. Or if you are buying your fish at the market, new EU labelling guidelines will tell you where the fish comes from. Some producers certify the origin of their fish and give you peace of mind on its sustainable origin.
S is for Size.Which does matter. Because overfishing is bad as it is, without the added evil of fishing or consuming undersized fish: young specimens that were taken out of the water too soon and never had a chance to reproduce. When in doubt, use our ruler showing the minimum sizes for Mediterranean fish. And if size matters, so does season. Just like fruit and vegetables, seafood products can be in season or not, depending on their reproductive cycle. By avoiding eating, for instance, lemon sole, red gurnard, lobster or sardines in summer, we give those species time to reproduce and the stocks a chance to be renewed. We should also always consider the alternatives: there are quite a few lesser known species out there that you may have never tasted; and we can also diversify into farmed seafood, which is local, fresh and healthy. Thanks to the highest production standards in the world, fish farmed in the EU are safe for people, for the farmed species and for the environment.
H is for Health. Fish is universally acclaimed as a healthy component of our diet. As we all know it is rich in protein, but its prime value lies in the fact that it contains clusters of brain-specific nutrients, the omega-3 fats, which our body cannot produce and must get from the diet. These fats, DHA and EPA, affect mental health throughout our life cycle. Fish also helps regulate blood pressure (thus reducing the risks of heart attack) and blood sugar, which is good for weight loss and diabetes. It is a source of vitamins and minerals; it helps combat osteoporosis; …. Should we go on? If you are concerned about heavy-metal poisoning, know that fish sold in the EU is systematically checked for contamination and immediately taken off the market in the rare dubious cases. Last but not least, fish is quick and easy to cook, making it one of the healthiest forms of fast food!
So, don’t stop consuming fish; we should keep eating it, and eating lots of it. It is a renewable source and consumed wisely, we will be able to enjoy fish for generations to come.

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This holiday season give the gifts that help make learning fun – guitar apprentice and learn & master series are lifetime gifts

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 ottobre 2011

Freeman Hall at Belmont University in Nashvill...

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Nashville, Tennessee, Legacy Learning Systems, the award winning multimedia and new technology company based in Nashville, Tennessee has announced the ultimate in holiday gift giving ideas to make learning fun. The company, which has won numerous awards for its original apps and Learn & Master series of instructional video packages provides some of this year’s most unique and interactive new products for that special gift at a very economical price. For the gift recipient that has everything, nothing can be more powerful than one that lasts a lifetime. With each and every instructional multimedia product there comes the mission to bring your own talent within reach while maintaining a fun and exciting learning experience based on personal interaction, new technologies, steadfast techniques and well known instructors. This year Legacy Learning Systems will offer the following critically acclaimed products for the holiday season:

Guitar Apprentice™ An entirely new approach to bringing out your inner rock star! This approach to learning guitar combines the technology of video gaming and interactive player components with the use of your own guitar set to different levels of skill. Legendary music icon, Randy Bachman, even provided his master tracks of the blockbuster hit single “Takin Care of Business” for the highly anticipated new retail product available at Guitar Center stores nationwide in mid-October.
Make no mistake however, “This Ain’t No Video Game.” A beginner player or music enthusiast can strap on his own guitar and learn how to play with Guitar Apprentice™ while engaging in an on-screen environment that supplies a fast, easy and fun instructional platform. It’s not a game, it’s an actual instructional series of lessons that allows the player to achieve different levels and play “with” the music, not “at” the music.
Some of the world’s best known songs are included in Guitar Apprentice™ and feature songs such as “Hey Jude,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” and “More Than a Feeling.” The higher the level achieved throughout the experience, the more of each song a guitar player will play. The unique feature of Guitar Apprentice is that it takes the approach of instant gratification. Each song is broken into different difficulty levels, so even if you’ve never played guitar you’ll be able to keep up on the first beginner level. You provide a very minimal amount of simple chords at the first stage, and Guitar Apprentice™ will supply the rest. Once you move through the levels, you’ll be given more and more chords to play until you’re finally playing the full song. Guitar Apprentice™ offers 15 levels for each song. It guides the player through a non-intimidating environment which shows chords and strings on the screen. The guitar player will never be lost or overwhelmed. There are no plastic controllers or colored knobs and no pretend music, just your own real guitar and the most advanced guitar playing experience for every level ever offered. (ga small)

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