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International conference on human trafficking within and from Africa

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 3 settembre 2016

vaticanoCaritas is committed to fighting against the sale and trafficking of men, women and children into slavery as beggars, prostitutes and forced labourers.Sixty million people were either refugees or forcibly displaced in 2015. In Africa thousands of adults and children are being forced to flee conflict, poverty and persecution and are particularly susceptible to traffickers.
Driven by a desperate need to survive and desire to build a better life, they are particularly vulnerable to both sexual and labour exploitation.Caritas is part of the COATNET network —Christian Organisations Against Trafficking in Human Beings—which works across borders to raise awareness about trafficking and to assist victims. COATNET fights the root causes of trafficking, such as poverty and lack of opportunity, while pressing for laws to protect victims, punish perpetrators and secure decent working conditions.
Caritas Internationalis (within the framework of its network against trafficking COATNET) and the Pontifical Council of Pastoral Care for Migrants and Itinerant People, are co-organising an international conference, hosted by Caritas Nigeria. from September 5 -7 in Abuja, Nigeria to raise awareness, give hope and combat human trafficking in Africa. AGENDA.The conference will provide an opportunity to promote dialogue and cooperation between key stakeholders such as Faith-Based Organisations International and regional organisations, law enforcement and other NGOs , share practices on cooperation and challenges and identify common strategies for prevention regarding:
– The trafficking of children;
– Labour exploitation and sexual exploitation
– Trafficking in the maritime industry
– Trafficking in emergency situations
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the president of Caritas, , Mons. Robinson Wijesinghe, Director of Office, the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People from PCMI, and high level representatives of the Catholic Church in Nigeria will join representatives from the Nigerian Government and the African Union, the Former Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Humans (OHCHR), the Sultan of Sokoto, the first Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner of UK, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, representatives of international organizations and others to highlight this urgent problem.Caritas is currently working on trafficking projects in Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Mali with plans for another project in Senegal. The conference intends to create stronger links between concerned parties, promote joint actions and share best practices of combating trafficking and slavery while offering assistance and giving hope to victims, as well as advocating for the implementation of anti-trafficking conventions and legislations in order to speak out with one voice against human trafficking in Africa.

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COMECE-CEC Dialogue Seminar on Human trafficking

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 novembre 2014

human traffickingAn estimated 800,000 women, men, and children are victims of human trafficking within the EU today. Up to 60% of the victims originate from EU states. The EU and its member states urgently need to implement the legal framework already in place and to intensify cooperation with civil society and church organisations that work with victims at the grassroots level. This was one of the main messages of the Dialogue Seminar organised by COMECE and the Church and Society Commission of CEC in cooperation with CCME in dialogue with the EU Commission on 27 November.Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery, a criminal activity, and a lucrative global enterprise. An estimated 16% of victims are children, and they can be sold for up to 40.000 EUR . In addition to sexual exploitation, forced labour and domestic workers, human trafficking is also taking new forms such as for reproductive purposes, including surrogacy and illegal adoption. Dialogue participants repeatedly called for more reliable and comprehensive data, including accurate estimated figures to better inform policy and faith-based responses. They also brought extensive advocacy and policy experience to the dialogue, and heard direct accounts about human trafficking in Europe.Victims of human trafficking need more protection and assistance through the broader implementation of existing legislation. Victims of human trafficking should not be punished for acts committed while being trafficked. Ongoing financial support of civil society and church organisations will contribute to achieving these aims.In the legal field, the EU has already adopted a series of directives and instruments. However, these instruments need updating to cover new forms of trafficking and to assure further implementation at the national level.In response to the complexity and seriousness of these issues, COMECE and CEC/CCME intend to provide the EU Commission a compilation of their proposals and recommendations to fight human trafficking in the coming weeks.
COMECE is the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community. It is made up of Bishops delegated by the 27 Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union and it has a permanent Secretariat in Brussels.

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Making it easier to confiscate crooks’ assets EU wide

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 24 dicembre 2013

Klitchko speaks to student protesters in Kiev ...

Klitchko speaks to student protesters in Kiev on 27 November 2013 (Photo credit: Oxlaey)

Rules to make it easier for national authorities to trace, freeze, manage and confiscate criminals’ assets across the EU were backed by the Civil Liberties Committee on Tuesday, endorsing an informal Parliament/Council deal struck on 27 November.”Today, less than 1% of the proceeds of crimes such as drug trafficking, counterfeiting, human trafficking and small arms smuggling are frozen and confiscated. Most of this ‘dirty money’ is laundered and channelled into the legal economy. The new directive will enable national authorities quickly to identify and trace such assets in order to freeze, manage and confiscate them consistently across the EU”, said Parliament’s rapporteur Monica Luisa Macovei (EPP, RO).

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