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After devastating hurricane, community unites in reconstruction

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 17 aprile 2018

ROSEAU, Dominica — Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm, was one of the most severe Atlantic hurricanes on record. When it swept through the Caribbean some seven months ago, the destruction it left in its wake was staggering—homes destroyed, agricultural fields ruined, and communities decimated. International media coverage at the time rightfully focused on the loss and tragedy that the people of the islands had suffered.But in the months since, another story has unfolded in the Caribbean—one that is hopeful, positive, and not commonly told. It is the story of communities, throughout the islands, that have discovered in tragedy the power of unity, cooperation, and collective action to rebuild the physical environment and strengthen the social and spiritual connections that bind neighbors together. It is these connections that are essential for resilience in times of trial.When natural disasters strike, communities that are united in their efforts “are more capable of taking meaningful and effective steps to respond and recover,” wrote the Baha’i International Community (BIC) in a statement published in May 2016. “[E]xperience has shown that people can exhibit remarkable resilience, selflessness, resourcefulness, and creativity in such times.”
Kalinago territory, Dominica, where the community rallied together to build greenhouses in which seedlings could be sprouted to help restore the agricultural fields that were decimated by the hurricaneSLIDESHOW. The island of Dominica is one such example. Though relatively small in size, the local Baha’i communities on the island saw themselves not as helpless victims, but as protagonists in the transformation of their physical and social environments.In the Kalinago territory of Dominica, a primarily rural and indigenous region that was particularly hard hit by Hurricane Maria, aid was slow to reach the area in the storm’s aftermath, with food, water, and other supplies that were earmarked for the region never making it out of Roseau, the capital city.Recognizing the critical needs of their neighbors in the weeks following the storm, the Baha’is in the area were able to bring together community leaders, neighbors, friends, and others to consult on what they could do given the resources available to them. They decided to build several greenhouses to quickly re-establish food crops that had been decimated by the storm. Several residents offered their land to be used for the greenhouses where seeds could be planted and also plots of land where, later, the resulting seedlings could be transplanted.
Friends and neighbors gather in front of a greenhouse they constructed together. The community in this part of the remote Kalinago territory has begun to hold classes for children and young adolescents on the site, as well as prayer gatherings open to all.SLIDESHOW
11 imagesDrawing on what was being learned in Kalinago, the Newtown neighborhood in Roseau also gathered to consult about how its inhabitants could take charge of the reconstruction efforts in their own community. On a Sunday in early January, dozens in the neighborhood discussed what needed to be done most urgently in the wake of the damage left by Hurricane Maria.As residents consulted, there was hope present at the meeting in Newtown. Together they made plans to remove the logs and rubbish that were clogging the harbor and blocking access to the ocean, which is vital to their fishing community. Inspired by the work in the Kalinago territory, they decided that they could use some of the lumber retrieved from the bay to build a greenhouse where seeds could be sprouted rapidly and distributed for planting at farms whose crops had been destroyed.
At first, the only seeds they could obtain for the greenhouses were for bok choy, a vegetable unfamiliar to the people of the region. But they planted it anyway, and soon developed recipes for the leafy green that families shared with each other. Later they were able to plant additional crops such as pumpkins, beans, carrots, cabbages, lettuce, watermelon, chives, tomatoes, parsley, and okra. In the months since the greenhouses were constructed, the seedlings grown there have been used to establish crops and provide food for the inhabitants of several villages in the region. The community has also worked to assist other endeavors, such as building a new roof for the community library and obtaining supplies for a few schools in the territory.

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Hurricane Electric Expands Global Network to East Africa Data Centre in Nairobi

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 ottobre 2017

nairobiNairobi. Hurricane Electric, the world’s leading IPv6-native Internet backbone, today announced that it has added a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Nairobi at the East Africa Data Centre. Located at the Sameer Industrial Park, Mombasa Road in Nairobi, Kenya, this is Hurricane Electric’s first PoP Kenya and third in Africa. The East Africa Data Centre is one of the most connected facilities in the region and boasts long distance fibre routes to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Somalia. Covering 2,000 m2 across four floors, the carrier neutral data centre offers N+1 cooling and power for its tenants as well as parallel UPS systems and N+1 diesel generators to maintain uptime. Additionally, the facility has been designed to meet International Data Centre Standards as outlined by TIA-942.
With the launch of Hurricane Electric’s newest PoP, customers of the East Africa Data Centre and others in the area now have a variety of new connectivity options as well as the ability to improve fault tolerance, load balancing, congestion management and transit of next-generation IPv6 traffic. Additionally, tenants at the East Africa Data Centre are able to exchange IP traffic with Hurricane Electric’s vast global network, which offers over 19,000 BGP sessions with over 6,500 different networks via more than 160 major exchange points and thousands of customer and private peering ports.
The Nairobi PoP also provides access to Hurricane Electric’s extensive IPv4 and IPv6 network through 100GE (100 Gigabit Ethernet), 10GE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) and GigE (1 Gigabit Ethernet) ports and as a result, both new and existing customers will be able to experience increased throughput, reduced latency and improved reliability.“Hurricane Electric is delighted with the continued growth of our global network through this new Point of Presence and we remain committed to further expanding into even more African countries in 2018,” said Mike Leber, President, Hurricane Electric. “Because the region is so well connected, Nairobi has proven itself to be an important technological hub for Kenya and beyond. Our newest site will allow customers of East Africa Data Centre to tap into the bandwidth and reach of Hurricane Electric’s rich global network and we are grateful for the opportunity to support them.”In August, Hurricane Electric announced that it became the first backbone in the world to connect to 4,000 IPv6 (Internet Protocol version six) networks. This milestone can be attributed to the company’s global strategy of expanding to more countries and cities in order to provide existing customers with more direct routes while also reaching new customers that are in need of additional connectivity options. Due to the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), which has dramatically expanded the volume of Internet aware devices, the next generation IPv6 is a necessity to support the long-term growth of the Internet.

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Global Volunteers Bring Hurricane Relief to Virgin Islands

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 ottobre 2017

virgin islandsWASHINGTON, D.C.(PR NewsChannel) One Love BVI (OLB) announced the successful launch of the world’s first international aid and volunteer organization focused solely on the British Virgin Islands. Following the unprecedented devastation of Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in history, global activists leveraged the combined power of Facebook, Squarespace and DonorBox to harness the outpouring of support for the tiny, virtually unknown archipelago.Sophie Leroy, an administrator of the grassroots Facebook group, “BVI Abroad – Hurricane Irma” and former resident of the B.V.I., said, “We never expected this to go viral — we thought we were just connecting a few friends who were desperately trying to get news about our loved ones in the B.V.I. Honestly, our entire admin team has been blown away by the response.”
Members of the group rapidly began searching for ways to help. OLB’s Chief Operating Officer, Lauren Taylor, another former resident of the the B.V.I. and now a tech entrepreneur, recognized the need to create a volunteer database and launched BVI Volunteers in 15 hours using Squarespace.
Ms. Taylor said, “In the immediate aftermath of both Irma and Maria, we had thousands of passionate people who were ready to fly, sail or swim to the B.V.I. and roll up their sleeves and help. But the islands were decimated, food and water was scarce, and the U.K. and B.V.I. governments had no alternative but to declare a state of emergency and enforce a curfew. As hard as it was to stand by, we knew that more people coming in would have just added to the burden.”“We didn’t want to lose the energy of over 30,000 B.V.I. fans,” Ms. Taylor added, “So getting willing volunteers into a database and preparing and staging them for volunteer opportunities was the first priority. We were able to provide a list of 40 trained medical personnel offering relief staffing to the team at Peebles Hospital in just 48 hours. That team is now over 100 people.”
In the B.V.I. business community, Cameron McColl, Chairman of Nanny Cay Marina, witnessed firsthand the need for an organization focused solely on the B.V.I.’s relief and recovery. Mr. McColl said, “Operating a large business in the B.V.I. and being closely connected with the territory for many years, I realized there was a need for a dedicated and efficient structure through which all that positive energy could be quickly channeled to where it was most urgently needed.”
OLB has already garnered support from prominent B.V.I. citizens. Colin O’Neal, CEO of JOMA (Properties) Ltd., said, “As a British Virgin Islander who, like so many others, has suffered devastating personal and community loss from the hurricanes, I recognize the enormity of the journey to full recovery that lies ahead for us all. When I learned of plans to create One Love BVI, dedicated solely to helping us along that journey, I had no hesitation in supporting their efforts. We need help. They can get this done.”
One Love BVI (OLB) is a U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to the relief, rehabilitation and recovery of the British Virgin Islands. OLB provides aid, supplies and volunteers to help families, communities and businesses get back on their feet and build a thriving, environmentally and economically sustainable future. OLB’s core program, BVI Volunteers, leverages the professional skills of over 600 volunteers from around the world, with 22 teams including medical personnel, pilots, security, supply coordination, shipping logistics, architects, engineers, solar technicians, contractors, construction workers and more.

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Aetna Offers Assistance to Members Affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 agosto 2017

Hurricane Harvey1Aetna (NYSE:AET) is offering resources to members who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey in the Texas counties of Aransas, Atascosa, Austin, Bee, Bexar, Brazoria, Caldwell, Cameron, Calhoun, Chambers, Colorado, Comal, DeWitt, Fayette, Fort Bend, Galveston, Goliad, Gonzales, Grimes, Guadalupe, Hardin, Harris, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Jim Wells, Karnes, Kerr, Kleberg, Lavaca, Lee, Leon, Liberty, Live Oak, Madison, Matagorda, Montgomery, Newton, Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio, Tyler, Victoria, Waller, Walker, Washington, Wharton, Willacy, and Wilson, and in all parishes in Louisiana.
If needed, affected Aetna members may refill their prescriptions early. Those who use Aetna’s mail-order pharmacy can either get a prescription at an alternate delivery location or refill a prescription that may have been lost, damaged or destroyed.In addition to helping with prescription refills, Aetna can help members who have been evacuated from their homes find care and behavioral health support, among other services. Aetna is also extending claim and appeal filing times.“Our thoughts are with those affected by Hurricane Harvey,” said Mark T. Bertolini, Aetna chairman and CEO. “We are committed to helping our members and employees in Texas and Louisiana get the care, medications and emotional support they need, understanding that many may have evacuated from their homes and are unable to use their usual physicians, pharmacies and hospitals.”Affected Aetna members can also seek emergency care anywhere, as needed. As part of its disaster procedures, Aetna will monitor the impact on its network doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. The company will work closely with providers to make further modifications to its policies as necessary to ensure members have access to care.Aetna has opened its Resources for Living services to the community regardless of whether they are Aetna members or not. Affected individuals can call 1-888-AETNA-EAP (1-888-238-6232) for telephonic consultation to help cope with the emotional impact of this event or for assistance with finding resources such as available shelters, government resources and referrals.

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GEICO Catastrophe Teams Readied as Hurricane Harvey Heads to Texas Coastal Regions

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 agosto 2017

Hurricane HarveyHurricane Harvey, gathering more strength as it crosses the Gulf of Mexico, is expected to hurtle itself at Texas coastal communities Saturday and perhaps spawn tornado activity as well. GEICO has assigned catastrophe teams to handle what may impact those areas and further inland.
GEICO is encouraging residents to heed all warnings from official emergency agencies and prepare for flooding, falling objects and wind.Some important things to keep in mind now as the storm approaches the U.S.:
Plan an evacuation route. If you are using your car for an evacuation, carefully plan your route, designate a family meeting spot and always keep a full tank of gas.
Protect your home – Window shutters, trimmed trees, filled holes and secure roofing will improve your home’s resistance to damage from high winds and water. If you live in an area prone to flooding, move your valuables to a safer location in your residence.
Create a disaster supply kit – Make sure you have essential items such as non-perishable food, water, first-aid kits, batteries, blankets, flashlights, a battery-powered radio and all necessary medicine/prescriptions.
Update your home inventory list – Maintain an up-to-date list of all the items in your home. Take photos of valuables such as electronics and jewelry. In the event that damage occurs due to a natural disaster, maintaining a home inventory will help speed up the claims process.
Safeguard your important documents – Store your social security cards, birth certificates, IDs, insurance cards, and other important documents in a safe, fire-proof and water-resistant location.
Protect your vehicles. Think seriously about moving your vehicles – cars, boats, RVs, etc. – inland. In many cases parking garages or other public spaces could offer sufficient protection to help prevent flood damage. Follow official instructions – Check the local and national weather forecasts for advisories, updates and official instructions. Be prepared to put your preparedness plan in place immediately after an alert goes out.“We hope the storm does not significantly impact you and your family,” said Dan Beacom, GEICO regional vice president.

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