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Image of Tainan Old Watercourse to Participate in Global Photography Contest

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 3 dicembre 2019

The Ministry of Culture (MOC) has announced the winners of the “Loving Monuments” photography contest. The winner is a photograph capturing the aesthetic of the Garden Watercourse Museum in Tainan, Taiwan. The contest, running from September to October, was held by the MOC’s Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank project in collaboration with Wiki Loves Monuments, the world’s largest photography contest for historical monuments.In this year’s contest, the panel selected three winning pieces and 47 outstanding works. The photo of the Garden Watercourse Museum, which took the first prize, speaks of the historical, cultural, and artistic values of Taiwan’s heritage site through skillful composition, exposure, and colors.Acclaimed for representing the characteristics of Taiwan’s cultural diversity, the photos featuring Wanjin Catholic Church and Dalongdong Baoan Temple won the second prize and third prize, respectively.Along with the winning photos, seven works, including images of Dongyindao Lighthouse, Tamshui Yinshan Temple, the Museum of Drinking Water, the Lin Family Mansion and Garden, Beigang Chaotian Temple, Cihou Fort, and Longteng Bridge, will represent Taiwan to participate in the Wiki Loves Monuments global contest.The winning photos will be collected by Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank and through the Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA), the images will be registered as cultural assets that can be used all over the world.Following the open call for “Loving Monuments,” the event held another open call for “Memories Collection,” inviting the public to submit photographs that embody collective memories of the past. The event has attracted many people to share individual and group photos, spanning one that captured the image of elephant Lin Wang, the most popular and famous animal in Taiwan, the portrait of one’s grandmother working as a hairdresser apprentice when she was young, and the scene of ring toss games in traditional markets.Each photo preserves the collective memories of Taiwan and echoes the spirit of “compiling each person’s memory into the nation’s cultural memories.” The MOC will also partner with Wiki Loves Monuments to organize a workshop for documenting memories of people in Taiwan.Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank project aims at preserving and reconstructing collective memories of the land and the people in Taiwan, and awakens the cultural identity of people on this island.

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Canon Medical’s Ultra-High Resolution CT Receives FDA Clearance for Artificial Intelligence-Based Image Reconstruction Technology

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 25 ottobre 2019

Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. has received 510(k) clearance on its Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) for the Aquilion PrecisionTM further expanding access to its new deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) image reconstruction technology. This technology, now available on both the Aquilion Precision and Aquilion ONE / GENESIS EditionTM premium CT systems, uses a deep learning algorithm to differentiate signal from noise so that it can suppress noise while enhancing signal, forging a new frontier for CT image reconstruction.Aquilion Precision – the world’s first Ultra-High Resolution CT provides 2 times the resolution of conventional CT, revealing detail that is typically only seen in Cath labs. With AiCE, the system now enables clinicians to perform super-high resolution studies at doses equivalent to standard resolution CT (with traditional hybrid iterative reconstruction techniques). AiCE learns from the high image quality of Model Based Iterative Reconstruction (MBIR) to reconstruct CT images with improved high contrast spatial resolution. “As we strive for precision medicine, we realize the importance of starting with the foundation of a precise diagnosis. Canon Medical is committed to developing intelligent solutions that help providers generate clearer, more holistic images to help achieve better outcomes, without increasing dose,” said Tim Nicholson, acting managing director, CT Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA. “This technology represents a new era in image reconstruction, which may help provide more possibilities in improving patient care than ever before.”

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Cloudinary to Host 2nd Annual ImageCon Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 15 marzo 2018

San Francisco Thursday, April 12, 2018, 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Cloudinary will host its second annual ImageCon conference and bring together digital experts to share ideas and best practices for building interactive and engaging digital experiences. Sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud, the developer-centric event will take place at the Four Seasons San Francisco, and all ticket sales will support Women Who Code, a global non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers.Over 250 developers, designers and architects are expected to attend the day-long conference designed to provide a forum for industry experts and colleagues to discuss the trends and technologies that are influencing and reshaping the web, mobile experiences and customer engagement. The agenda will include technical sessions and real-world case studies on a variety of digital media topics such as AR/VR, machine learning and web performance. Expert speakers include:
Yoav Weiss, Akamai Technologies
Martin Splitt, Archilogic
Josh Clark, Big Medium
Katie Sylor-Miller, Etsy
Kitt Hodsden, Mackenzie King
Amy Cheng, New York Magazine
Ryan Cooke, Pinterest
“Businesses today increasingly understand the relevance of managing their large media assets in order to create better user engagement, no matter the industry, geography or device,” said Itai Lahan, Co-founder and CEO, Cloudinary. “We launched ImageCon to create an event for those passionate about media to come together, share insights and offer best practices for building, managing and delivering the kinds of online experiences that today’s user requires — and we’re thrilled with the community’s response.”

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Notre Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 Maggio 2014

european voteThe recent reform of the European economic governance has helped to foster the perception that Europe is impinging on the sphere of national sovereignty. It is certainly true that member states have established a framework of common action at the European level in an effort to ensure the stability of the common monetary area in which a supranational monetary policy exists side by side with budgetary and economic policies based on the nation state. Yet apart from the countries benefiting from an aid programme, the countries in the euro area remain free to pursue their own national preferences. This Policy paper sets out to clarify the powers held by the European institutions in connection with the conduct of national fiscal, economic and social policies. It presents four points:
1. The new status of “countries benefiting from aid programmes” fuels the image of a Europe governing its member states, yet such a situation is limited in both time and space;
2. The fiscal discipline required of member states translates into an obligation to achieve a result (avoiding public deficits) but it does not impose obligations on member states concerning the means by which that result is achieved;
3. The new macro-economic surveillance procedure does not allow the European institutions to dictate their economic and social choices to member states;
4. The coordination of member states’ economic and social policies rests on political incentive, and recommending is not the same things as ordering.
La récente réforme de la gouvernance économique européenne a contribué à renforcer la perception que l’Europe restreint le champ des souverainetés nationales. Il est certes vrai que les États membres ont établi au niveau européen un cadre d’action commun, visant à garantir la stabilité de la zone monétaire commune, où coexistent une politique monétaire supranationale et des politiques budgétaires et économiques reposant sur l’État nation. Néanmoins, à l’exception des « pays sous-programme », les pays de la zone euro restent libres de leurs préférences nationales. Ce Policy paper vise à clarifier les pouvoirs des institutions européennes dans la conduite des politiques budgétaire, économique et sociale nationales et est structuré autour de quatre points :
1. Le nouveau statut des « pays sous-programme » nourrit l’image d’une Europe qui gouverne ses États membres ; néanmoins cette situation est limitée géographiquement et temporairement ;
2. La discipline budgétaire requise aux États membres se traduit par une obligation de résultats – éviter les déficits publics – mais non de moyens ;
3. La nouvelle procédure de surveillance macroéconomique ne permet pas aux institutions européennes de dicter leurs choix économiques et sociaux aux États membres ;
4. La coordination des politiques économiques et sociales des États membres repose sur l’incitation politique ; et recommander n’est pas commander.

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Microdisplays for enhanced digital image fusion

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 aprile 2012

Grenoble, France, April 25, 2012 – MicroOLED, a maker of highly power-efficient superior image quality microdisplays for near-to-eye applications, today announces that the company will demonstrate, at SPIE DSS in Baltimore, two prototype 5.4M dot 0.61-inch diagonal OLED microdisplays in bicolor and tricolor. The microdisplays are designed to enhance image resolution and lower the power consumption of digital image fusion used in defense, security and medical applications. Digital image fusion, a process of combining video streams from multiple sensors into a single composite image, has important applications in thermal weapon sights, aviator night vision imaging systems and other emerging night sight and situational awareness equipment. Also, surgeons use image fusion systems to integrate and analyze preoperative images to plan and perform brain, spinal and other complex surgeries.
MicroOLED’s bicolor OLED microdisplays can merge a 4.0M pixel image from a night vision sensor with a 1.3M pixel image from a thermal sensor, and its 0.61 inch diagonal is directly compatible with existing systems. The tricolor version enables MicroOLED to merge up to three high resolution images or two images and a graphical overlay, with the following resolutions: a 2.6M pixel black and white image with a 1.3M pixel red image and a 1.3M pixel cyan image. They will provide system integrators and end-users all of the strengths of optical and digital image fusion systems with none of the trade-offs.
The strength of optical image fusion is that it can combine images originating from tube intensifiers with a high resolution (up to 2000 pixels) and thermal sensors (up to 1280×1024 pixels) with a fraction of energy, but at the expense of producing a lower quality composite image.
MicroOLED will make available the viewing of the bi- and tricolor 5.4M dot OLED microdisplay prototypes by invitation at SPIE DSS in Baltimore, April 23 – 27. MicroOLED CTO Gunther Haas will present a technical paper “A 5.4M dot OLED Microdisplay for Digital Night Vision and Image Fusion” during the “Head- and Helmet-Mounted Displays” session on Wednesday, April 25 at 2:00pm, at the Convention Center.
SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing 2012 is one of the defense and security industry’s leading meetings for optronics equipment, and brings together top researchers, scientists and engineers from the military, industry and academia. Programs cover the latest enabling technologies and applications in infrared, sensors, image analysis, and other systems and devices.
MicroOLED makes highly power-efficient microdisplays with superior image quality for mobile near-to-eye viewing devices used by consumers, medical professionals, and the defense and security industry. Through its microdisplays, MicroOLED makes it easier to integrate high definition in camera viewfinders, 3D goggles, head-mounted displays, and other visual devices. The company’s exclusive high efficiency OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology license provides significant advantages in high efficiency, contrast, uniformity, and image sharpness making its microdisplays superior in quality to the full HD image in today’s flat screens. MicroOLED’s products also benefit from very low power consumption. Founded in 2007, MicroOLED is a privately held company with headquarters, R&D and a new 300,000-unit production facility located in Grenoble, a renowned center of excellence in France for chipset and nanotechnology development. The company is led by a management team highly experienced in advanced technologies, including several years’ research and development in OLED technology from CEA-LETI, a leading European micro-and nanotechnology research center.

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The Kiosked Image Bank to monetize online content

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 settembre 2011

Kiosked, the leading provider of in-content online ad platform, launches the free Kiosked Image Bank that enables all online publishers, bloggers, and photographers to earn money on the shopping impulses their content creates. Anyone can download and earn money on free images from The Kiosked Image Bank is free to use without infringing any copyrights. All images in the Kiosked Image Bank are automatically embedded with “Smart Kiosks,” which enables the purchase of relevant products and services. This means that consumers can click and open kiosks in the images and make instant purchases. Kiosked images are not only legal and free to use by bloggers, photographers and other online publishers, but also enables them to earn money whenever a purchase is made on them. Kiosked provides millions of images and products with almost ten thousand brands represented. The number is growing rapidly with more than 50,000 images and products added daily. ”Kiosked turns any online content into a marketplace. This is what we call the Web Wide Shop,” says founder and CEO Micke Paqvalén. “People get shopping impulses from online content, for example, when they see a good looking lamp, golf glove or t-shirt on a blog’s image. Until now, there has been no easy way of buying or getting information about the products they see without having to separately search for them. Kiosked provides consumers with instant access to more information, along with the possibility to make an on or offline purchase, find the closest merchants, save products in a wish list, and share them with friends.”
Until now, it has been difficult for bloggers to know which images they can use as up to 85% of them violate copyrights. (Getty Images, 2011) “All images in the Kiosked Image Bank are free of any legal hassle,” Paqvalén says. “This is just the beginning,” Pasila continues, “Kiosked will soon bring stores to all online content – at the moment when a shopping impulse is born. Further on we will also give everyone the opportunity to add kiosks to any content themselves.” (antipasila)

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Next Generation IBM SurePOS 500 Offers Consumers

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 5 agosto 2009

IBM today announced a sleek, powerful new line of point-of-sale systems (POS) with advanced features and functions designed to help retailers create smarter, more dynamic and efficient business operations capable of helping reduce costs, manage risk and energize the consumer buying experience through improved customer service and shopper checkout time.   This latest edition of the IBM SurePOS 500 is among the first retail systems to deploy next generation infrared (IR) touch screen with inadvertent touch screen technology that reduces the risk of unintentionally registering a touch.  The innovative touch screen never needs recalibrating, therefore improving accuracy and speeding up transaction times. The highly accurate display permits maximum light transmittal and significant glare reduction to create the highest possible image quality, even in sunlight.  In addition, due to retail hardening on the touch screen, it is totally sealed to resist damage from accidental spills.   Along with significantly enhanced SurePOS 566 and 526 models for midsized and larger businesses, IBM introduced a new SurePOS express solution that offers smaller enterprises the optimum configuration of point-of-sale components to help them meet requirements to grow their businesses in a continually challenging business environment.  The IBM SurePOS 500 Express is the industry’s leading compact point-of-sale system designed with small to midsized customers in mind.  The new Express model provides clients the ability to capture real-time information and new insights at the POS that drive effective customer service initiatives and help ensure the right merchandise is in stock at the right time. By providing employees greater access to product and customer information at point-of-sale, retailers can deliver better customer service, improve employee productivity and, ultimately, deliver smarter business outcomes.
IBM is the only retail vendor to offer retail hardening, deep sleep automation, tool free serviceability and Light-Path and Remote Management capability on a single platform.  The unique combination of innovative IR touch screen technology, tool free retail-hardened system design, a biometric fingerprint reader, along with Remote Management Agent and Light-Path diagnostics, is designed to keep point-of-sale systems up and running. IBM clients get a level of reliability, performance and security that is unmatched in the industry.

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Expo: Marc Bauer

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 10 Maggio 2009

bauerPalermo via Garraffello, 25 fino al 27/6/2009 Francesco Pantaleone arte Contemporanea Un progetto a cura di Laura Barreca e Francesco Pantaleone “The two central points in all my works are memories and power balance. The installation Primus inter Pares is precisely about these two subjects: how we can see these images of the past, which distance we need) what distance we put between them and us. But also, what these images evoke in our present time, how could these peculiar events have some prophetic resonance’s regarding the news. The faculty we have, seeing an image, is to make associations with our own memories in order to understand it, and at the end to be able to see it again. But how could we understand a relationship, a power balance? How to deconstruct the mechanism of power between the propaganda, and the fascination of the viewer? How to look at this -imbroglio- of sensations with a rational approach? The Reality is what we perceive from our immediate environment, that is a mental construction. History and morality are also construction. We need to have a coherent History therefore, we try to link all the events in a perspective to build up a coherent ‘narrative’. Our history, our scale of values, our way of thinking are irrational.” Marc Bauer

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Into the sunset

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 24 marzo 2009

into-sunsetNew York The Museum of Modern Art11 from April 1 to May 1, 2009 West 53rd Street Photography’s Image of the American West Curated by Eva Respini The Museum of Modern Art presents Into the Sunset: Photography’s Image of the American West, a survey of over 150 photographic works dating from 1850 to 2008 that chart the West’s complex, rich, and often compelling mythology via photography. The exploration of a large part of the American West in the mid-nineteenth century by European Americans coincided with the advent of photography, and photography and the West came of age together. The region’s seemingly infinite bounty and endless potential symbolized America as a whole, and photography, with its ability to construct persuasive and seductive images, was the perfect medium with which to forge a national identity. This relationship has resulted in a complex association that shapes the perception of the West’s social and physical landscape to this day. With political, cultural, and social attitudes constantly shifting in the region over the last 150 years, Into the Sunset further examines the way photographers have responded to these changes. The exhibition is organized by Eva Respini, Associate Curator, Department of Photography, The Museum of Modern Art, and is on view in the Special Exhibitions Gallery on the third floor from March 29 to June 8, 2009. In conjunction with the exhibition, a series of film exhibitions thematically linked by cinema’s century-long preoccupation with the American West will be screened in the Roy and Niuta Titus Theaters. The first of these related exhibitions, The Old West: Myth, Character, and Reinvention, and is organized by Anne Morra, Assistant Curator, Department of Film. (photo into sunset)

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