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Immigrants: rescue, reception, integration

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 giugno 2018

On the immigration issue we played a dirty game that in a few years has cost us uncontrolled arrivals for hundreds of thousands of people and tens of billions euros practically thrown to the wind. If we find ourselves in a country that is loyal to the rules we should open a parliamentary inquiry to ascertain responsibilities and identify the guilty by strictly prosecuting them civilly, criminally and patrimonially. There are so many disasters that we are obliged to witness, and we have not failed to transform Italy into the largest refugee camp in Europe with the indifference of the Community authorities if not their connivance. But the most serious aspect is still another and here we really talk about the cynicism of that part of the political class that embarked on this adventure not having prepared in due time adequate instruments of reception and integration. And today the joke is added to the bad news. The same authors of this collapse allow themselves to be scandalized if we close the ports as if they did not know that the responsibility derives from having put the country in disarray by creating crumbling reception facilities away light years from a minimum reception and encouraging the exploitation of a manpower with jobs in black and forcing them to live in the slums without assistance and depriving them of all rights. In the end they are tearing their clothes and accusing the current rulers of racism. But where were they when thousands of immigrants disembarked along the Italian coast, especially in Sicily, and allowed these poor people to be ghettoized and exploited in an indecent manner? (Riccardo Alfonso)

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Berlusconi from “The economist”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 6 novembre 2010

It is as if, in the past 18 months, Italy’s public life had described a huge, futile circle. In May 2009 the country was agog at the revelation of a mysterious friendship between its septuagenarian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and a blonde, 18-year-old would-be actress. A year and a half later, attention centres on Mr Berlusconi’s links to another 18-year-old, a raven-haired daughter of Moroccan immigrants. Karima el-Mahroug, which seems to be her real name (she prefers Ruby Rubacuori, or Ruby Heartstealer). rst sashayed on to the political stage on October 26th, when it was reported that she had been questioned by prosecutors in Milan investigating allegations of procuring girls for prostitution that were surrounding three people close to Mr Berlusconi. Ms el-Mahroug was said to have told the prosecutors about parties at the prime minister’s villa, near Milan, involving numerous women. One allegedly ended in an erotic game known as Bunga, Bunga. Ms el-Mahroug, a runaway who worked as a belly dancer, has since said Italy’s billionaire leader gave her, unsolicited, 7,000 ($9,800) after she had told him her hard-luck story. Last month Corriere della Sera, a newspaper, calculated that, ex-cluding routine legislation, parliament had approved only ten new measures this year. Consob, the body that regulates the stock exchange, has been waiting for the government to give it a new president for more than four months. Ominously, the Naples garbage is piling up again. Mr Berlusconi’s critics have reacted to the latest scandal with a fury that was not detectable last year.
Last July Mr Fini led a rebellion that saw his followers in parliament detach themselves from the PdL, robbing Mr Berlusconi of his majority in the lower house. They are setting up a new party. But it is not yet ready to  the station took a call from Mr Berlusconi’s and the prime minister has admitted sending an associate to take charge of Ms el-Mahroug. But on November 2nd Milan’s chief prosecutor ruled that the police had followed the correct procedures. Mr Berlusconi’s response so far has added credence to the worst assumptions about him, saying that what happened at his home was his business, that he had no intention of changing his way of life and that, anyway, it was better to be passionate about pretty girls than to be gaya remark that appalled liberal critics, but probably went down well with core Berlusconi voters who might otherwise be tempted by the even more reactionary appeal of the Northern League, Mr Berlusconi’s coalition partner.
Will it work this time? Last year’s controversies battered an otherwise strong government. Mr Berlusconi had cleared Naples of the garbage mountains that helped topple the previous, centre-left government. He had successfully fused his own party with that of the formerly neo- fascist Gianfranco Fini to create a single movement of the right, the People of Free- dom (PdL). Italy’s banks had survived the credit crisis almost unscathed, and many voters still believed the government’s claim that the economy as a whole had fared better than any in Europe. (abstract from the Economist)

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