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WeatherBug Joins NOAA to Improve the Nation’s Safety and Readiness Against Extreme Weather

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 27 giugno 2019

WeatherBug (a GroundTruth brand), a leading weather site and mobile app with over 20 million users, has been officially recognized by the NOAA as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™. The Weather-Ready Nation initiative was launched in 2011 and aims to acknowledge the efforts of organizations that are working to improve the nation’s readiness against extreme weather, water, and climate events.
“WeatherBug shares NOAA’s vision of building a Weather-Ready Nation,” said Louis Uccellini, Ph.D., director of NOAA’s National Weather Service. “Working together we will provide useful and relevant information to schools, businesses, and individuals to help them become ready, responsive and resilient to extreme weather and water events.”Education and safety have always been on WeatherBug’s radar. The application has focused efforts in educating communities and making sure its users are safe and ready for severe weather since 1993. “We are proud to join the Weather-Ready Nation initiative. WeatherBug started as a school program, and our foundation is on educating our community about the weather and its potential hazards. As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, we are reaching back to our roots,” said Eddie Dingels, WeatherBug’s General Manager.As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, WeatherBug is working closely with NOAA to develop a new educational and safety campaign for schools. “With NOAA’s support and WeatherBug’s consumer experience, we have the ability to create rich educational campaigns to reach millions of people in the United States,” completes Dingels.

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Italian law must change to improve survival from cardiac arrest

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 6 marzo 2018

Milan (Italy) An Italian law requiring citizens to hold a certificate to use a defibrillator must change to improve survival from cardiac arrest, researchers argued today at Acute Cardiovascular Care 2018, a European Society of Cardiology congress. “Automated external defibrillator (AED) use before the arrival of the emergency medical services (EMS) plays a key role in improving victim survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest,” said lead author Dr Enrico Baldi, resident physician in cardiology at IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia, Italy.The study included two separate analyses – the first to assess how many times AEDs are used when people have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest witnessed by a bystander in Pavia Province and the second to assess the impact on survival of the use of AEDs by a layperson before the arrival of the EMS.The study used the Pavia Cardiac Arrest Registry (Pavia CARe), which was set up in October 2014 and enrols all out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients in the province. All patients enrolled in the Registry up to March 2017 were included, with the exception of those whose cardiac arrest was witnessed by EMS.The researchers calculated the rate of AED use before EMS arrival in the patients whose cardiac arrest was witnessed by a layperson and whose first heart rhythm was shockable.2 An AED was used by a layperson in just 9 out of 140 patients (6.4%).“This is an extremely low rate of AED use,” said Dr Baldi. “In countries where the ‘Good Samaritan’ law is in place and all citizens can use an AED, the rate of AED use before EMS arrival is around 15–20%.” The second analysis was conducted in patients who received bystander defibrillation and had a shockable rhythm. This group of patients also included those where the cardiac arrest itself had not been witnessed. A total of 10 patients in this analysis received the first shock by a layperson before EMS arrival. The researchers compared the survival of those 10 patients and the 99 patients who received the first shock by EMS. The two groups were similar in terms of age and sex. The rate of survival at 30 days was significantly higher in the patients with defibrillation provided by bystanders (60%) compared to those with defibrillation by EMS (24%) (p=0.02). The time from cardiac arrest to the first shock was significantly shorter in the group receiving defibrillation by bystanders (5 minutes) compared to those receiving defibrillation by EMS (12 minutes) (p<0.01). “These results confirm the positive impact on survival of AED use before the arrival of EMS,” said Dr Baldi. “It is crucial to act quickly in cardiac arrest and bystanders can be instrumental in determining whether a patient lives or dies.” “The Italian law requiring people to be certified in the use of AEDs is a major limitation on their use by members of the public,” he added. “There is no shortage of defibrillators – there are 503 AEDs in public places in Pavia Province, which amounts to one for every 1,093 residents.”
In addition to the legal challenge, another factor that contributes to the low rate of AED use in Italy compared to some other parts of Europe is that there is currently no system to alert people nearby who may be able to assist when someone has had a cardiac arrest – such as phone apps that are used in some countries – or to automatically alert the fire brigade and police that a cardiac arrest has occurred. If they are nearby, these emergency services, who carry AEDs and are trained in their use, could arrive more quickly than the EMS.Dr Baldi said: “Italian law should be urgently reviewed to allow all citizens to use an AED regardless of whether they have been trained. We also need to create systems to alert nearby citizens and the fire brigade and police that someone has suffered a cardiac arrest. Every moment is critical in these cases. Just three or four minutes can make the difference between life and death.”

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M24Seven Partners with ZeroBounce to Verify Email Lists and Improve Deliverability

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 gennaio 2018

ZeroBounceM24Seven, one of Europe’s best connectivity and internet infrastructure providers, recently partnered with leading email validation system ZeroBounce to verify email lists and improve deliverability. The new alliance helps M24Seven customers build a more consistent sender reputation and supports them in their marketing efforts.
Email remains the prevalent form of communication in the business sector, with the average office worker now receiving 120 emails per day. According to the Radicati Group, in 2018, business email will reach a peak of 139.4 billion emails sent and received, on a daily basis. However, around half of those emails never make it into the inbox of the designated recipients. Companies are therefore taking additional measures to ensure their emails are being delivered, given the importance of email deliverability in critical communication. Currently, the most efficient and relevant measure is for marketers to have their email list cleaned by a dependable email validation system. M24Seven recommends ZeroBounce to help customers boost sender reputation and deliverability.Paul Pintiliescu, European Director of M24Seven, says of the partnership: “With the growing emailing activity around the globe, we believe any company sending large numbers of emails should verify the email lists periodically. We recommend ZeroBounce as the most reliable email validation system, as the assets they provide are outstanding. Thanks to ZeroBounce, our hosting customers will improve their IP address reputation and inbox reachability, and will be able to build better brands.”
Speaking about the new collaboration, ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase explained: “Our goal is to be of service to businesses of all sizes that are struggling with email deliverability issues. Starting today, M24Seven’s clients have healthier databases and will significantly improve inbox delivery rates. We are excited about this partnership and about the contribution that we make to the fast-changing email marketing landscape.”Apart from removing invalid email addresses, ZeroBounce also eliminates spam traps and known email complainers from databases. Furthermore, the system adds valuable information to email lists, like the country and age of the provided email addresses, as well as the owners’ name and gender. With the growing need for email personalization, this specific feature provides tremendous benefit. According to Smart Insight, 2018 will extend the insight, practices, and trends of large companies in A/B testing, multi-channel campaigns, and automated communication to small and medium enterprises. This further expands the need for tools offered by ZeroBounce in helping companies increase deliverability while keeping sending scores high.As the 2018 AFFY Award Winner for outstanding internet achievement, ZeroBounce continues to set the benchmark in email validation and verification technology and security. ZeroBounce is a trusted tool that many customers rely on, as indicated on review sites such as My Brand Review and Accu Web Hosting. (photo: ZeroBounce)

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Initiative to Improve Tuberculosis Care and Outcomes

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 22 agosto 2017

South AfricaThe Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has been awarded a $3 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support a four-year quality improvement (QI) initiative to reduce deaths from tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa. The initiative has been co-designed with the South Africa National Department of Health (NDoH) and other partners, and will be the first country-wide TB effort of its kind to utilize QI methodologies at both local and national levels. The goals are to find the missing TB cases, dramatically improve the care of patients with TB, reduce the incidence of the disease by nearly a third by 2022, and cut the rate of TB mortality in half by the same year.
Every year TB kills more than 30,000 people in South Africa, making it a leading cause of death in the country. Despite recent improvements in TB cure rates, the burden of TB in South Africa remains high, fueled by a HIV co-infection rate of approximately 57%. The increasing number of drug-resistant forms of TB further worsens the situation, with more than 10,000 people diagnosed with RR/MDR-TB annually.
The main challenge faced by the NDoH is the high level of attrition among patients from screening to diagnosis, treatment initiation, and completion, known as the “TB Care Cascade.” The NDoH has prioritized strengthening the TB Care Cascade to reduce the number of patients who fall out of the process along the cascade. Quality improvement methodology will be used to identify the gaps, develop and monitor plans to address them at facility level.
In November 2016, the NDoH convened IHI and partner organizations based in South Africa to undertake the design and implementation of a QI initiative to support the implementation of the National TB Strategic Plan. This initiative will be implemented in all 52 health districts in South Africa to create innovative, local learning networks of primary health care clinics and community health centers. Starting with an intense period of learning in ten sub-districts located in four provinces with the highest burden of TB in the country, local learning networks of primary health care clinics and community health centers will be established. Health facilities will identify and test strategies that can then be rapidly scaled up to the rest of the district, province, and country. (by

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Zero tolerance for severe forms of labour exploitation needed,FRA study says

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 giugno 2015

consumersConsumers are often unaware that the food they eat or the clothes they buy may have been produced by people working under conditions of severe labour exploitation. A new report by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) shows that while the EU has legislation prohibiting certain forms of severe labour exploitation, workers moving within or migrating to the EU are at risk of becoming victims. Despite this, the offence of employing a migrant worker under particularly exploitative working conditions is punishable in some EU Member States with a maximum sentence of less than two years, a penalty that does not reflect the gravity of the fundamental rights violations involved.“The exploitation of workers who have been forced by their economic and social circumstances to agree to substandard working conditions is unacceptable,” said FRA interim Director Constantinos Manolopoulos. “We are talking here about an endemic problem that we must take urgent action to end. EU Member States need to make a greater effort to promote a climate of zero tolerance for severe forms of labour exploitation and take steps to monitor the situation more effectively and sanction perpetrators.”FRA’s new report is the first of its kind to comprehensively explore all criminal forms of labour exploitation in the EU affecting workers moving within or into the EU. The findings show that criminal labour exploitation is extensive in a number of industries, particularly agriculture, construction, hotel and catering, domestic work, and manufacturing, and also that perpetrators are at little risk of prosecution or of having to compensate victims. This situation does not only harm the victims themselves, but also undermines labour standards more broadly.While exploited workers are spread across different geographical locations and sectors of the economy, they often have much in common, such as very low wages – sometimes of €1 per hour or less – and working days of 12 hours or more for six or even seven days a week. One important factor contributing to the present situation of widespread impunity is a lack of reporting by victims, who are either prevented from doing so or do not wish to come forward for fear of losing their job.Among proposals FRA makes in the report to improve the situation are the following:
EU Member States must ensure a comprehensive, effective and well-resourced system of workplace inspections.To improve the effectiveness of investigations into cases of severe labour exploitation, close links should be established between the police, public prosecutors and monitoring authorities such as labour inspectorates, support services, and employers’ associations, also in cross-border contexts.Victims’ access to justice needs to be strengthened, e.g. through greater efforts to make victims aware of their rights, both before and after their arrival in the EU country in which they are working. National authorities need to establish trust and provide a sense of safety, security and protection to encourage exploited workers to report their experiences, while labour inspectorates and police should cooperate more closely to ensure they identify cases of severe labour exploitation wherever they occur.
Both private companies and national authorities are called on to ensure they avoid supporting labour exploitation by contracting or subcontracting companies involved in the exploitation of workers.Consumers must be informed of the risks that a product or service offered was created involving severe labour exploitation by such means as a system of certification and branding of products of companies that respect workers’ rights.

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Anssi Vanjoki Invests in GameBook

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 21 gennaio 2011

Orlando, FL GameBook, developer of real-time scoring system and ground breaking social technology platform for golf, today announced that Mr. Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President of Nokia, has invested in the company and joined its board of directors. GameBook is backed up by a strong investor group including Veraventure, European Tour player Mikko Ilonen, Stanley Cup winner Teemu Selanne and Apple Design Award winner Elias Pietilä. GameBook utilizes social technology to radically improve the golf experience via handheld golf scoring system that makes live statistics and real-time game information available to players while they’re actually on the course. GameBook products comprise a handheld GameBook device for golf facilities and tournaments; GameBook iPhone App, available from the Apple iTunes App Store; and GameBook Clubhouse, an online community for golfers. GameBook has been developed with a team of top golf pros, including 2009 British Open champion Stewart Cink. GameBook was created with specific emphasis on usability, allowing even first-time users to experience the thrill of live tournament scoring during their round. GameBook takes the traditional golf experience to a new level by offering casual players the feel and excitement of tournament play. With GameBook, players can connect to the entire event unfolding around them, instead of feeling like they are simply playing an isolated round. Fast, intuitive and simple to use, the GameBook iPhone App provides a live leaderboard in the palm of the hand, while GameBook Clubhouse complements the in-game experience by allowing players to follow each other’s play from their iPhones or online, write comments, post photos, and much more.
GameBook Inc. is the distributor of the GameBook scoring system for golf in the United States. The ultimate “value added” product for golf tournaments, GameBook offers real-time scoring and live leaderboards for all types of golf events. GameBook products include a handheld GameBook device, licensed for golf facilities and golf tournament organizers; GameBook iPhone App, available from the Apple iTunes App Store; and GameBook Clubhouse, an online community for golfers. CEO Mikko Rantanen is a former All-American golfer at Georgia Tech and a current PGA member in Finland. The GameBook advisor team also includes 2009 British Open champion Stewart Cink and European Tour winner Mikko Ilonen. GameBook Inc. is a subsidiary of Oy Free Drop Innovations Ltd, Finland.

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Phase III for Orazol (TM)

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 17 novembre 2010

Dublin, Ireland, (Globe Newswire) — After recent consultation with the FDA in November 2010, Merrion is preparing for its Phase III study for Orazol™. If successful, the Phase III study will allow a new drug application for Orazol to be made under the FDA’s abbreviated approval procedure section 505(b)(2) using a single Phase III study. The study will compare Orazol against placebo as an adjuvant breast cancer treatment with a primary endpoint of Disease Free Survival of patients with breast cancer. If approved, this drug would provide a new treatment, which could improve prognosis, in combination with existing treatments, for early stage breast cancer patients. Merrion has been focused on an oral form of this drug (zoledronic acid) for the bone metastases indication. However this trial would expand Orazol’s potential by allowing Orazol to be used for early treatment of breast cancer in addition to bone metastases for late stage cancer patients. Zoledronic acid has been shown to improve Disease Free Survival in large-scale Phase III clinical studies, involving thousands of breast cancer patients.  Merrion has previously received scientific advice from the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) agreeing the approval pathway for Orazol in Europe for the existing bone metastases indication. Following a licensing agreement, Merrion would seek agreement from the CHMP to expand the use of Orazol to earlier stage breast cancer treatment.
Orazol, Merrion’s lead product, is a unique tablet formulation of zoledronic acid, made possible by Merrion’s proprietary GIPET® technology, and for which there are issued US Orazol patents to 2027. Orazol provides an ideal product profile to address the market needs, as a well-tolerated tablet formulation with weekly dosing.

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The Democracy of Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 25 Mag 2010

The EU should increase the transparency and accountability of politicians and civil servants. This could be done through the development of a common code of conduct for public servants,  requiring the disclosure of personal assets and the criminal record of those who work in European and national institutions, reducing the legal immunity of policy makers and introducing  legislation on lobbying at national and European level. A Commissioner for Ethics or a European Integrity Ombudsman could be responsible for these actions. The EU administration should be made more efficient and less bureaucratic for instance by  increasing teleworking within EU institutions and using new technology for preparative work and  for meetings. It should decide on a single location for the European Parliament with fewer  Members of Parliament, an extended period of rotation of the EU Council Presidency and measures such as the reduction of travel costs by 50% or a reduction of Parliamentarians’ per  diem if their presence in the Parliament is below 75%. The EU should reduce the number of regulations and simplify all documents, for example by  rewriting the Lisbon Treaty as a single, self-contained and stand-alone summary document. The EU should work to make its political decisions more transparent and understandable to its  citizens. It should strengthen and widen the principle of public access to official records. It  should improve the information flow between citizens and the EU administration (media,  debates), initiate a comprehensive multimedia campaign to publicise ‘Europe Direct’ as an easy-access information portal about the EU. Websites, publications, booklets etc should deliver information on the EU. An interactive webpage where a panel of journalists selects and communicate subjects appealing broadly to people should be introduced.  The role of the European Parliament should be strengthened and it should be given the right to propose laws. The EU should mandate to member states the introduction of an obligatory European identity card. It would include a photo, personal data and country of citizenship, and would include in  electronic format medical data (optional) and fingerprints. The aim would be to thus provide greater security, certainty of identity and a tangible sign of belonging to the European community.

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Plan to Improve Inland Waterways Released

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 aprile 2010

The American Waterways Operators, National Waterways Conference and Waterways Council are asking waterways stakeholders to sign a declaration of support for the Inland Waterways Capital Development Plan. The plan is supported by more than 150 stakeholders, including the National Corn Growers Association and several state corn and soybean organizations as well as numerous agribusinesses. The development plan will be forwarded to Congress and the administration. “The U.S. Grains Council is keenly aware that, if U.S. grain products are to develop new markets and retain and service our existing international grain customers, it is important to maintain and have access to a well-developed transportation infrastructure,” said USGC President and CEO Thomas C. Dorr.  Earlier this month, the congressionally established Inland Waterways Users Board unanimously endorsed a comprehensive, consensus package of recommendations to improve the reliability of the inland waterways system. Representatives of the barge industry and the Army Corps of Engineers have worked together over the last year to develop the Inland Waterways Capital Development Plan, which will prioritize lock improvement projects, modernize Corps project delivery and revise cost sharing and revenue generation for the Inland Waterways Trust Fund. The plan will strengthen the traditional missions of the Corps without negatively impacting other water resource projects and programs.  More specifically, the proposal will prioritize the completion of navigation systems across the entire system; improve the Corps’ project management and processes to deliver projects on time and on budget; and recommend an affordable funding mechanism to meet the system’s needs. The proposed new funding parameters would necessitate a 30 percent to 45 percent increase (between 6 and 9 cents per gallon) in the existing fuel tax of 20-cents per gallon that is paid by the barge and towing industry, the only users of the system that are currently taxed.  For more information, go to the Waterways Council website at

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Audi to Implement Wireless Industrial Vehicle

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 8 aprile 2009

The Audi Group, which also includes the Lamborghini brand, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium cars. Audi AG sold more than 1,003,000 cars in 2008 — its 13th record year in a row. The company achieved revenues of EUR34.2 billion and pre-tax earnings reached a new high of EUR3.2 billion in 2008.  Audi is a unit of Volkswagen AG, which recorded revenues of EUR113.8 billion and pre-tax earnings of EUR6.6 billion in 2008. The blanket purchase order also enables Volkswagen facilities to implement I.D. Systems’ PowerFleet(tm) VMS. Wireless Vehicle Management Systems help improve supply chain productivity by establishing accountability for the use of industrial trucks, such as forklifts, ensuring equipment is in the proper place at the right time, streamlining material handling work flow, and providing unique metrics on vehicle utilization. A wireless VMS also helps reduce fleet maintenance costs by automatically uploading vehicle data, reporting equipment problems electronically, scheduling maintenance according to actual vehicle usage rather than by calendar or manual data entry, and helping determine the optimal economic time to replace equipment. In addition, a wireless VMS helps improve workplace safety and security by restricting vehicle access to trained, authorized operators, providing electronic vehicle inspection checklists, and sensing vehicle impacts.

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