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International Migration, Cultural Diversity, and Inequalities

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 12 gennaio 2018

migrantsInternational migration continues to grow on a scale never seen before, bringing with it social and cultural diversity, and inequalities in living standards. At the same time, the world has seen a sharp rise in terrorism, threats of war, populist politics and significant lack of confidence in leadership. Survey after survey in recent years have pointed to the significant connections between strong academic achievement and arts learning. But can the arts build on its foundation of “universal language” and actually bring cultures closer together?Professor Ada Aharoni, who lives in Israel and is the founding President of the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC), believes that education has a critical role to play in the peace process. Intercultural communication, peace literature and a peace media can substantially help in healing the urgent ailments of our global village. However, Aharoni notes, “Peace and tolerance education should be given to the teachers and the parents too. If a child goes back home after class to parents that are intolerant and violent, the child, despite his peace and tolerance education at school, will be forcefully influenced by the values, customs and traditions of his parents.” Today’s youth are living in a globalized world, and a true global citizen according to Aharoni is, “a human guardian of all the people in our global village, and not only of the country she or he lives in.” Professor Ada Aharoni received the President Shimon Peres Award for Peace in 2012 for her peace research, her books and her work with IFLAC. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2014.

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Poverty and Inequalities on the Rise Just Social Models needed as the solution

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 febbraio 2015

povertyA study of the impact of the European crisis and austerity on people, with a special focus on Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. Speakers include: Antonio Tajani (European Parliament Vice-president, EPP), David-Maria Sassoli (European Parliament Vice-president, S&D), Lieve Fransen (Director for Social Policies & EU2020 at the EU Commission, Jorge Nuño Mayer (Caritas Europa Secretary General), Walter Nanni (Head of Caritas Italiana Research Unit). Tiziana Ciampolini (Head of Caritas Torino Observatory). Moderator: Susanna Petruni (TG1 RAI Vice-director).In addition, representatives from Caritas Greece, Caritas Italy and Caritas Spain will present the situation in their countries, based on their work on grass-root level with the poor and unemployed.
The report, commissioned by Caritas Europa and Caritas organisations in 7 EU Member States, is the third annual edition in a series of in-depth examination on the impact that current policies are having on people in the EU countries worst affected by the economic crisis. It describes the human impacts of the crisis and of austerity policies, and documents the growing number of people struggling with poverty and inequalities.The Report also informs on measures undertaken by the EU and national authorities and on the impact of the “Troika Programmes”. Furthermore, it shows how the crisis has affected access to social services and healthcare, and deepened the difficult situation of children and their families.The last two editions of the Crisis Monitoring Report were well received and acknowledged by many European stakeholders; institutions, civil society organisations and media. (Photo. Poverty)

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