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Visa lancia Visa Everywhere Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 11 febbraio 2021

Al via l’edizione 2021 di Visa Everywhere Initiative (VEI), competizione globale che chiama a raccolta fintech e startup impegnate a risolvere le sfide dei pagamenti e del commercio del futuro. Il modo in cui i cittadini europei pagano e vengono pagati sta cambiando rapidamente, dal momento che consumatori ed esercenti di tutto il mondo si affidano sempre più ai pagamenti contactless, mobile e online per i loro acquisti quotidiani. Con il passaggio al digitale, startup e fintech giocano un ruolo importante nello sviluppo di nuovi modi sicuri per consumatori ed esercenti di pagare ed essere pagati.Le startup presentano le loro idee a una giuria di esperti in ambito pagamenti in un primo round di competizioni suddivise per area geografica. I vincitori di questa prima fase vengono invitati a sfidarsi in una competizione globale con un montepremi di $100.000, dove sono chiamati a raccontare la loro storia e startup. Il primo passo per partecipare a Visa Everywhere Initiative (VEI) è registrarsi sul sito per presentare la propria candidatura, accedere alle risorse, annotare le scadenze e saperne di più.Un programma globale per tutti, ovunqueDal suo lancio nel 2015, le startup di sei continenti e oltre 100 paesi hanno raccolto complessivamente più di $2,5 miliardi in finanziamenti attraverso Visa Everywhere Initiative. Visa è impegnata a sostenere startup e imprese avviate da chiunque, ovunque nel mondo, facendo un appello speciale agli innovatori in ambito pagamenti di tutte le razze/etnie, età, genere e orientamento sessuale. Chi può partecipare a Visa Everywhere Initiative.Visa è alla ricerca di menti creative che, in ambito pagamenti e commercio, risolvano le sfide affrontate da imprese di ogni dimensione e settore. Durante l’evento finale saranno assegnati quattro premi:
1-Vincitore assoluto: $50,000 USD
2-Preferito dal pubblico: $25,000 USD
3-Secondo posto: $15,000 USD
4-Terzo posto: $10,000 USD
Sia il vincitore assoluto che il 2° e 3° classificato possono concorrere al premio “preferito dal pubblico”. Visa non richiede alcun investimento per partecipare a Visa Everywhere Initiative.
Chiusura iscrizioni: 18 Giugno. Evento finale: 19 Luglio. Evento finale globale: 14 Settembre 2021.

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Ocean Observation Initiative. Have your say

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 dicembre 2020

Ocean observation is essential for the knowledge base of the Green Deal. Data are collected by different authorities for different purposes. A proposed EU initiative aims to achieve a common EU approach for measuring once and using the data for many purposes.It proposes :joint planning of observation activities and a framework for collaboration on a national and EU scale. By oceans observations we include all surveys, monitoring campaigns or sampling programmes for measuring the state and dynamics of oceans and the marine organisms that inhabit them. It does not include observations made from earth-orbiting satellites which are dealt with elsewhere. By oceans, we mean seas and oceans including the seabed as well as the overlying water column.

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CSI Launches Initiative to Promote Better Financial Health for Seniors

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 2 dicembre 2019

The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), a Moody’s Analytics company, is pleased to announce the launch of its Financial Health for Seniors project. Through this initiative, CSI will equip financial advisors with free resources for advising seniors and their families.
Over the next 20 years, Canada’s population of seniors aged 65 and older is expected to grow by 68%. By 2030, this demographic could represent 23% of Canada’s total population. To understand the issues financial advisors in Canada face when advising seniors, CSI sought feedback from a representative sample of its 9,000 designation holders. Many of the respondents indicated that they find it difficult to recognize and properly handle the unique challenges facing their senior clients.

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Valent BioSciences Announces Launch of Global Soil Health Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2019

Valent BioSciences (VBC) officially launched its new biorational soil health initiative today at the 4th Biostimulants World Congress in Barcelona. The launch follows more than four years of strategic investment including the acquisition of Mycorrhizal Applications in 2015, research and development, and business development to expand the company’s leading position in biological solutions for agriculture into the soil microbiome.In the months leading up to the launch, VBC made several moves to fortify its commitment to this new area of business. In addition to multiple acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and licensing agreements, the company opened its new state-of-the-art Biorational Research Center (BRC) last year in northern Illinois. The new facilities reflect a buildout of VBC’s research team to support soil health research and innovation. VBC also assembled a Soil Health Advisory Board to leverage knowledge from soil health experts across industry, academia, and basic research.Soil health is recognized to be important to the future health of our planet and a new frontier in agriculture. While the physical and chemical properties of soil are better understood, we are just beginning to understand the fundamental role microbes contribute to soil health. It is estimated that more than one billion microbes can exist in a single teaspoon of healthy soil.Central to the VBC soil health platform is a line of products under the brand name MycoApply®. These products are a scientifically selected consortium of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) species. AMF are soil-borne microbes that form a symbiotic relationship with about 80% of all plant species. By connecting to roots and forming filamentous strands called hyphae, mycorrhizae can extend the absorption area of plant root systems. AMF provide several benefits to the plant including increased water and nutrient uptake and abiotic stress mitigation. Mycorrhizal hyphae also produce a sticky glycoprotein called glomalin that forms the basis of stable soil structure by improving soil aggregation which results in improved stability, water penetration, and holding capacity. AMF are a cornerstone and indicator species of soil health but can be negatively impacted by soil disruption and intensive agricultural practices. Supplemental applications of AMF in combination with cultural practices such as cover crops and no-till programs promise to improve soil health while providing shorter-term crop health and yield benefits.

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3M and Clean Air Asia Act on Climate Change with New Air Pollution Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 27 settembre 2019

Coinciding with its participation in Climate Week and the United Nations Climate Action Summit, 3M is acting on climate change through a new partnership with Clean Air Asia. 3M will collaborate with the international non-governmental organization on science-based air quality solutions for New Delhi, India, and Metro Manila, Philippines. This partnership aims to create healthier, more livable cities in Asia, and will ultimately advance the Clean Air Initiative announced by UN Secretary-General António Guterres in July 2019.
To move toward this goal, 3M will spend the next five years assisting Clean Air Asia in its efforts to assess baseline air quality conditions, design capacity-building programs for air quality management, implement awareness and education campaigns, develop Clean Air Action Plans with selected city and district governments, and measure the resulting impact on air pollution levels. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution causes 7 million premature deaths each year. The health impact of poor air quality is particularly notable in the WHO South-East Asia Region, where people in 99% of cities are exposed to pollution levels that exceed WHO guidelines.
In Metro Manila, PM2.5 levels in four of five cities with monitoring data in 2017 exceeded the National Ambient Air Quality Guideline Value and WHO Air Quality Guideline. India is also struggling with poor air quality nationwide. According to the WHO in 2016, 14 of the 20 most-polluted cities in the world were in India, and 900,000 premature deaths were attributed to poor air quality. New Delhi’s sources of air pollution include industrial facilities, vehicles, road dust and domestic cooking.
3M continues to increase its long-standing commitment to sustainability strategy and action, both through its own initiatives as well as its broad approach to partnerships around the world. It has announced bold new goals for renewable energy use, advancing the circular economy, and embedding sustainability in all new products, and is on a path to do much more. Together with its employees, customers, partners, governments and communities, 3M is committed to a science-based, collaborative approach to solving shared global challenges and improving lives.

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9th Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 7 Maggio 2019

More than 1,700 fertility specialists from 50 countries are attending the 9th Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE 2019) in Hong Kong to explore the latest advances in scientific research and clinical care of people experiencing infertility.It is one of the most influential meetings on assisted reproduction ever presented in the Asia Pacific region that is home to about 60 per cent of the world’s population.ASPIRE President, Professor Budi Wiweko, a leader in the advancement of IVF and associated technologies in the region, said outcomes from the congress would empower the region and help shape the future of assisted conception throughout the world.
People attending the congress at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre include scientists, clinicians, embryologists, nurses and fertility counsellors to discuss and dissect future aspects of reproductive medicine.One in six couples throughout the world experience infertility, which is defined as the failure to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse, or the inability to carry pregnancies to a live birth. The causes of infertility are equally shared between male and female partners.The World Health Organisation has forecast that infertility will become the third most serious condition after cancer and cardiovascular diseases in the 21st century.
Delegates at the ASPIRE 2019 Congress have come from across the Asia Pacific, Europe, the United Kingdom, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America and Canada.Professor Wiweko said ASPIRE’s widening scientific exchange with leaders in reproductive medicine in other countries would be vital in addressing a disturbing decline in fertility rates across the world, and especially in the Asia Pacific region.
There are many complex factors contributing to this trend including couples marrying later in life, growing urbanisation and associated stress levels, work pressures and environmental conditions.

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Major Initiative to Close Information Gaps on Cross Border Reproduction in the Asia Pacific

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 6 Maggio 2019

A powerful task force of scientists and clinicians specialising in assisted conception have mounted a major campaign to close gaps in knowledge about cross border reproduction in the Asia Pacific region.Each year, thousands of infertile couples travel the world for third party reproduction in the quest to achieve their dream of parenthood.The Asia Pacific region, in particular, has been a booming market for procedures such as sperm, egg and embryo donation and gestational carriage, or surrogacy.However, the extent of this activity is not fully understood and there are concerns about the quality and safety for all stakeholders, including children born from these assisted reproductive procedures.The 9th Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE 2019) being held in Hong Kong will progress an initiative to gather vital information on cross border reproductive care from 21 countries in the region, and implement a framework of consistent guidelines and standards of care.Dr. Clare Boothroyd, one of Australia’s leading fertility specialists and Vice-President of ASPIRE, said the survey would be far reaching to engage with donors, recipients, brokers, providers of infertility services, governments and community groups.Many couples seeking cross border reproduction through treatments such as oocyte donation or gestational carriage have to travel across a minefield of varying legal and regulatory controls in different destinations.Unmarried couples experiencing infertility, and same sex couples wanting to have a baby, face even more challenging barriers to treatment in many countries.“Many people throughout the world are willing to travel to access assisted reproductive procedures that may be prohibited, restricted or too costly in their own countries,” Dr. Boothroyd said.

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Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman Launches CLE4Good Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 marzo 2019

Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman has launched its CLE4GoodSM initiative, through which continuing legal education (CLE) programs the firm provides will be used to support charitable organizations. The law firm’s first CLE4GoodSM program took place on Wednesday, March 13 at The Bitter End, a legendary rock club in Greenwich Village. The program titled “Key Legal Ethics Concepts Illustrated Through Song” was organized and moderated by Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman partner Kieran Doyle and featured Cowan, Liebowitz attorneys Meichelle MacGregor, Eric Shimanoff, and Dasha Chestukhin, who gave presentations on various legal ethics topics, backed by the “Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman All-Stars” band, which includes Thomas Kjellberg and Nancy Hampton. The program covered ethical considerations when working with investigators; and trademark consumer surveys and the work product privilege, among other topics. The firm donated $10 for every person who attended the program to the TeachRock project of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation. The firm also raised funds for the project through an auction of a Fender Squier guitar autographed by Steve Van Zandt. The TeachRock project creates multimedia educational materials for teachers and students. The founders Board includes Steven Van Zandt (founder), Martin Scorsese, Bono and Bruce Springsteen. Joel Karni Schmidt, a member of Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman’s executive committee, said “We are very proud to launch our CLE4Good initiative through which we simultaneously provide innovative and fun CLE programs and raise money for charitable organizations. Our first program was a great success, and we thank all our friends, colleagues and clients who attended the event.”

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New initiative for a European renaissance

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 8 marzo 2019

Sandro GOZI, President of the Union of European Federalists, welcomes President Macron’s new initiative for a European renaissance, a direct letter to the citizens of Europe, published today on a number of European newspapers and invites European citizens to mobilise and support it.“European Renaissance! With great courage and vision, today French President Emmanuel Macron is relaunching the Europe we want and for which we are fighting: a sovereign Europe, a Europe of citizens, of democracy and popular participation, which multiplies protection, security and freedom for Europeans. Guaranteed minimum salary, new industrial policy, common defence, bank for climate, European right of asylum and common control of Europe external border: these are very concrete proposals, we have been proposing them for a long time and they respond to the new needs of European citizens.
The progressive platform proposed by President Macron can and must be the basis to build a new political majority in the European Parliament after the European elections, as we European Federalists propose in our Manifesto for the European elections.A European Renaissance without taboos, and therefore including also a revision of the Treaties, with a new and strong popular participation from the beginning. A Conference for Europe, with representatives of the European institutions and the Member States, should be gathered before year-end, to prepare a roadmap for this political project. This is the only way for a real re-foundation of Europe.We must now mobilise citizens across the continent to make these proposals a reality as soon as possible. We European Federalists are ready and will play our part in all the Member States of the Union”.

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Net@Work Launches New Women@Work Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 11 novembre 2018

Net@Work, a full-service technology and business consultancy, today announced the launch of its new women’s initiative — Women@Work.
Women@Work ( will serve as a forum to bring together a community of Net@Work men and women to promote Net@Work’s growth through the attraction, retention and advancement of its current and future women leaders. This program strives to enhance the company’s culture of possibilities for development and advancement of women leaders, celebrate their contributions and to attract similar talented women to Net@Work and its sister companies.“Empowering women in our workforce and addressing their needs is essential to our continued success,” explained Edward Solomon, co-President and co-owner of Net@Work. “We have a strong culture of diversity and empowerment at Net@Work and this new initiative propels us to the next level.” Women@Work will offer participants a mentorship program, a training series, and networking events. It will also host an Annual Women’s Lunch to celebrate women across the Net@Work client and partner ecosystem. The objective of the program is to offer a unique opportunity for employees to develop leadership skills, share experiences and support each other’s pursuit of excellence.“I am thrilled to be leading a strategic initiative that aims to help our employees realize their potential and accelerate their growth,” said Gayle Heskiel, Vice President of Professional Services. “We have so many incredibly talented women here at Net@Work and this program provides an effective way for us to support and recognize them.”The Women@Work Initiative is one of the many ways Net@Work maintains a diverse and inclusive company culture that provides all employees with an equal opportunity to expedite their growth. It also attracts candidates who are interested in joining a company committed to advocacy, mentorship and endless possibilities. For more information about the Women@Work Initiative, please visit

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Square Panda™ and Andre Agassi Announce Readvolution: a Groundbreaking Dyslexia Assessment Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 marzo 2018

Square Panda and Andre Agassi today announced Readvolution, a new initiative by the Andre Agassi Early Childhood Neuroscience Foundation that aims to drive innovation in dyslexia assessment and intervention. Readvolution plans to engage scientists from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Weill Institute for Neurosciences to produce the first scientifically validated technology for scalable universal screening of dyslexia. The initiative will foster innovation in neuroscience research to create new educational tools for dyslexia assessment and intervention with the goal of providing each child access to high-quality education.
Dyslexia is a specific learning difference in reading with neurobiological origin that affects as much as 17 percent of all children in the United States1. While early intervention is known to be highly effective, dyslexia often goes undetected until late elementary school years when effectiveness of intervention is greatly reduced. Specifically, research has shown that each year of delay in assessment can reduce the effectiveness of evidence-based quality reading intervention by as much as 50 percent. In an effort to intervene and provide every child with the opportunity to succeed, Andre Agassi has formed the Andre Agassi Early Childhood Neuroscience Foundation to help fund the research and development of early literacy apps led by UCSF scientists. The Foundation’s mission is to maximize learning success in early childhood in an effort to tackle disparities through innovation in the neuroscience of learning. Together the parties will apply the latest scientifically proven assessments and interventions to empower every dyslexic child, regardless of their socio-economic status, language background or access to education, to achieve their true potential.Square Panda, a Silicon Valley-based educational technology company and maker of an award-winning phonics learning system, is the first corporate partner of the Andre Agassi Early Childhood Neuroscience Foundation. Square Panda will donate 10 percent of the proceeds from sales of its multisensory learning system to the effort. As the initiative scales, it seeks additional support from industry leaders to further expand the relevant neuroscience research and create increasingly better tools for assessment and intervention.
The Andre Agassi Early Childhood Neuroscience Foundation, an effort conceptualized by Agassi and Square Panda, will be housed in Silicon Valley and focused exclusively on the work being advanced at the UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences, in collaboration with other future institutional partners, to bring the effort to life. As children engage with the apps during testing, the data will be utilized to further optimize dyslexia assessment. The goal is to provide appropriate interventions to each child as early as possible and prevent a lifetime of consequences associated with reading failure. These include low self-esteem, depression and anxiety around the ability to learn and succeed.

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Lancio in Europa della Everywhere Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 1 marzo 2017

visaBarcellona, Spagna – 27 febbraio 2017 – Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) ha annunciato il lancio anche in Europa della propria Everywhere Initiative, un programma volto all’innovazione, pensato per incoraggiare lo sviluppo di prodotti e servizi che rappresentino la “next big thing”, in un mercato, come quello attuale dei pagamenti, che sta vivendo una rapida evoluzione dalle carte di pagamento di plastica al digitale. I partecipanti a questa prima edizione europea del contest si contenderanno un premio da 50.000 euro per dare vita a un programma pilota con Visa, o in partnership con i clienti di Visa, ricevendo allo stesso tempo il supporto qualificato degli esperti di business e in tecnologia di Visa e un accesso privilegiato alle API del network di pagamento. Oltre a questo programma europeo, visto il successo delle passate edizioni, Visa riproporrà anche nel 2017 la Everywhere Initiative in Nord America, America Latina e Asia.
Considerato il grande dinamismo che attualmente caratterizza il settore dei pagamenti, la Everywhere Initiative di Visa ci permette di esplorare un’ampia gamma di idee che risolvano sfide imprenditoriali, che influenzino lo sviluppo dei nostri prodotti, che supportino i nostri clienti e formino la nostra cultura dell’innovazione” ha affermato Shiv Singh, senior vice president innovation and strategic partnership di, Visa Inc. “Ogni volta che lanciamo questo programma in una nuova regione del mondo, raggiungiamo l’obiettivo di attrarre imprenditori di talento con grandi idee volte al mondo dei pagamenti. Ci aspettiamo risultati allo stesso modo straordinari anche per l’Europa nei mesi a venire.”
A partire dal mese di marzo 2017, Visa invita le imprese in Europa a candidare le proprie soluzioni per il business che rispondano ad una delle tre sfide seguenti:
• Local Community Challenge, rivolta alle comunità locali: come possono le tecnologie per i pagamenti digitali supportare la creazione di prodotti che connettano le persone tra loro e arricchiscano le comunità locali?
• Regional Intercity Challenge, per la mobilità interurbana: come possono le tecnologie per i dispositivi mobili e i dispositivi connessi trasformare l’esperienza del viaggio nelle diverse città?
• International Travel Challenge, per i viaggi a livello internazionale: come possono nuovi prodotti e servizi, basati sulle API Visa, regalare un’esperienza di viaggio a livello internazionale senza complicazioni o problematiche? (foto: visa)

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Round-up: Governor Wolf Announces the Launch of “It’s On Us PA” Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 febbraio 2016

Harrisburg, PAHarrisburg, PA – Last Friday, Governor Wolf announced the launch of “It’s On Us PA” – the first statewide campaign to address the crisis of sexual assault in schools and on college campuses. Building on the national “It’s On Us” movement launched by President Obama and Vice President Biden in 2014, “It’s On Us PA” will engage education leaders from school superintendents to college presidents as well as students, teachers, families, and communities to make a personal and public pledge to play a role in preventing, addressing, and responding effectively to sexual violence.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Governor kicks off Pennsylvania’s campaign to end campus, school sex crime. ”Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday announced the start of a statewide campaign against campus sexual assault modeled on an initiative of President Barack Obama. The campaign will work to increase awareness and prevention efforts and to remove barriers to reporting assaults, Mr. Wolf told an audience at Elizabethtown College, southeast of Harrisburg. ‘We are the first state to respond to President Obama’s call for a real crusade, a real campaign, against sexual assault,’ Mr. Wolf said. Mr. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden announced the initiative, called ‘It’s On Us,’ which asks everyone to help stop sexual assault, in September 2014.”
Lancaster Online: Gov. Wolf launches ‘It’s On Us PA’ campaign against sexual violence. “Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday signed Pennsylvania onto a White House campaign against sexual violence, making it the first state to join the national effort. “I’m determined to make Pennsylvania a shining example,” Wolf said Friday at Elizabethtown College, announcing the launch of ‘It’s On Us PA.’ The national ‘It’s On Us’ initiative enlists colleges, universities, school districts and communities in a broad-based fight against sexual violence of all kinds.”
AP: Pennsylvania starts campaign to end campus, school sex crime. “Gov. Tom Wolf is helping kick off Pennsylvania’s new campaign to prevent sexual assaults in high schools and on college campuses. Wolf introduced the campaign at Elizabethtown College on Friday. His administration plans to develop policy recommendations and resources for high schools and colleges. An estimated 1 in 5 college women experience an attack. In 2014, President Barack Obama unveiled the ‘It’s On Us’ campaign to encourage everyone to make stopping sexual assault a personal responsibility.”
Fox43: “It’s On Us PA” campaign launched by Governor Wolf. “President Barack Obama launched the “It’s On Us” campaign in 2014. It is to promote awareness, education, and bystander intervention to end sexual assault on campus. Pennsylvania is the first state to launch a statewide “It’s On Us” campaign, according to Governor Tom Wolf. Governor Wolf and the “It’s On Us” partners are inviting schools, law enforcement, victim services organizations, and other community members to step up to make a difference. ‘Safety is a fundamental Civil Right,’ Governor Wolf said. ‘When a violation like that occurs for any member of the community it occurs for all of us.’”
ABC27: Pennsylvania taking strides to end sexual assaults on campuses. “Calling the problem a crisis, Governor Tom Wolf announced Friday that Pennsylvania is taking strides to prevent sexual assaults on college and high school campuses. ‘It’s a fundamental civil right to live in a safe secure environment,’ he said. ‘We need to make sure we’re doing that.’”
WBRE/WYOU: “It’s On Us PA” Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative​. “”It’s on Us PA” is a new initiative against sexual violence. On Friday, Governor Wolf announced the launch the statewide campaign to address the crisis of sexual assault in schools and on college campuses ‘It’s on Us PA’ encourages education leaders, students, teachers and communities to take a pledge to prevent, address, and respond effectively to sexual violence.”
Fox29: Governor Wolf unveils new campaign to end sexual assault in PA. “Wolf and his administration plan to ‘work with community leaders and stakeholders from across the commonwealth to develop state-level policy recommendations to address the pressing issue of sexual assault in our schools and postsecondary institutions.’ Additionally, Wolf will partner with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, who ‘will develop and share new resources, including webinars, data, and digital toolkits for secondary and postsecondary institutions that help inform policy, research, and practice’”

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Dalla Global Infrastructure Initiative del G20 alla European Infrastructure Initative italiana?

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 23 settembre 2014

Innovatori-Europei-def7Nel comunicato finale diffuso al termine dell’incontro dei G20 di ieri in Australia si è ribadito che “la crescita economica globale resta incerta e al di sotto del ritmo necessario a generare i posti di lavoro necessari, nonostante le condizioni economiche siano migliorate”.Per combattere questa transizione difficilissima, i ministri delle Finanze dei Paesi del G20 si sono impegnati a lanciare differenti iniziative mirate all’obiettivo di una crescita del Pil del 2% a livello mondiale nei prossimi cinque anni, puntando decisamente sugli investimenti nelle infrastrutture con il lancio della “Global Infrastructure Initiative”.Per gli Innovatori Europei, che a Giugno scorso dalla sede del Partito Democratico proposero al governo Renzi la istituzione di un Osservatorio Europeo per le Infrastrutture e la Logistica Mediterranee, questa è una notizia davvero importante e attesa da tempo.Essa essenzialmente ribadisce che una ripresa della economia mondiale, ed europea, passerà necessariamente da un rilancio degli investimenti infrastrutturali materiali e immateriali.L’Italia ha ancora tre mesi davanti per prendere la leadership politica in Europa proprio attorno a questo tema, lanciando una European Infrastructure Initiative con la istituzione in Italia di una Agenzia per lo sviluppo infrastrutturale europeo e mediterraneo.Il nostro auspicio è che tutto il Partito Democratico e il Partito Socialista Europeo stimolino il Premier Matteo Renzi (presidente di turno dell’Unione Europea) per raggiungere questo importante goal, da cui potrà ripartire effettivamente la fase due delle politiche europee per la crescita dell’economia reale del continente.

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The Power of Initiative of the European Commission: A Progressive Erosion?

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 5 febbraio 2012

European Commission

European Commission (Photo credit: tiseb)

At a time when the adoption of a new Treaty is relaunching the debate on the functioning of the EU, this study by Notre Europe analyses the exercise of the power of legislative initiative by the Commission, which is a key element of the “Community Method”. Written by Paolo Ponzano, Costanza Hermanin and Daniela Corona, this study is the third in a series devoted to European institutions. It enables to answer two essential political issues: how has the exercise of the power of legislative initiative by the European Commission evolved over the years?; Has the role of the European Commission as initiator of legislative proposals really been eroded over time ? This study aims to unveil significant trends by qualitatively analyzing a select number of innovative proposals adopted by different colleges between 1991 and 2007. For each proposal, it tries to check whether the initial policy goals of the text proposed by the colleges of Commissioners were maintained, and to what extent, until the end of the legislative process. The study systematically compares the achievements of the different colleges in terms of maintaining initial policy goals throughout the decision-making process. In doing so, it can control for the policy domain and legal basis, the evolution of the procedural rules during the period in question, and other contextual factors

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More U.S. Money Sent to Asia to Harm the World’s Poor

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 18 settembre 2011

What could be worse for developing nations than developed world agricultural subsidies? How about foreign governments paying them not to develop their economies? That’s what the U.S. government is doing in Nepal. Through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Nepal is receiving $30 million to “mobilize the efforts of international and local NGOs to protect critical forests and forest dependent communities in Nepal.” As if this wasn’t bad enough, this initiative will be spearheaded by WWF-Nepal, an NGO renowned for doing its utmost to prevent developing nations from prospering and creating jobs. However, is it really wise for the U.S. taxpayer to be bankrolling an NGO whose very own standards have recently been questioned? As the Consumers Alliance has noted, the Obama administration has completely skewed the intended goals of USAID, turning it from an organization that seeks to “extend assistance to countries recovering from disaster, trying to escape poverty, and engaging in democratic reforms,” to one that actively pays developing nations not to realize their full economic potential. Through their nefarious partnerships with radical NGOs, certain aid agencies such as USAID have been using U.S. taxpayers’ dollars to pay countries like Nepal and Indonesia not to develop. It sounds completely absurd, but rather than using America’s international aid to help alleviate poverty, the Obama administration is using it to keep countries poor and restrict economic development. Of course, these programs were created in the first place by altruistic individuals who believed that some countries required a hand up in order to develop and prosper economically. Unfortunately, these initiatives have since been hijacked by extremist NGOs who have cajoled the administration into embracing their injurious agenda. But the Obama administration has a previous record here. Just last year President Obamaannounced a plan through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to send $700 million to Indonesia for “conservation.” In reality, this was a massive welfare check to Indonesia signed by the American taxpayer. But what’s troubling is that Indonesians want to work and put their country’s vast economic resources to good use—it’s the Obama administration and their NGO lackeys that are endeavoring to prevent them from doing so.

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Response to President Obama’s

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Comments by Nancy B. Jackson, Ph.D. President, American Chemical Society “This past Friday, President Obama, launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership and reaffirmed a vision of America that we at the American Chemical Society have long known to be true: Americans not only have the know-how when it comes to innovation and manufacturing, they have the ability to deliver results.” “This new, national initiative brings together industry, universities and the federal government to invest in emerging technologies that will create high quality manufacturing jobs and enhance our global competitiveness. ACS is very pleased that the partnership will be led by two highly respected individuals: Andrew Liveris, Chairman, President, and CEO of Dow Chemical and Susan Hockfield, President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.” “I was pleased – though not surprised – to see the support of chemical enterprise leaders such as Dow Chemical, Corning, Proctor & Gamble, and Johnson and Johnson. More than 96 percent of all manufactured goods are touched by the business of chemistry, and we employ more than 800,000 people in industry alone. Furthermore, the chemical industry accounts for more than 10 percent of the U.S.’s total merchandise exports: $145 billion.”
“As Americans we not only ‘can do’ when it comes to innovating and manufacturing new products, but we innovate new business models. The president spoke of Proctor & Gamble’s plans to offer powerful simulation technology that they developed with researchers at Los Alamos National Lab to smaller manufacturers for free. This shared capital will boost companies that could not otherwise afford such technology, leading to new applications and innovations across a host of products and services.” “The American Chemical Society applauds these efforts to revitalize American manufacturing and innovation. Let us not let the deficit and needed cuts eclipse what is truly vital in America: our ability to innovate, adapt and foster new growth.”

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European Citizens’ Initiative

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The Citizens’ Initiative has its legal basis in the Article 11 of the Treaty of Lisbon, where it is stated that “Not less than one million citizens who are nationals of a significant number of Member States may take the initiative of inviting the European Commission, within the framework of its powers, to submit any appropriate proposal on matters where citizens consider that a legal act of the Union is required for the purpose of implementing the Treaties”.  Considering that citizens’ participation can only be achieved by directly addressing its end users, the citizens, we would like to ask your opinion about the Commission’s requirement to ask the signatories of a citizens’ initiative for personal identification data.  For this purpose, we have prepared a 3 question survey whose aim is to assess the citizens’ position on the regulation.

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Heads up: 12 December demonstration

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Copenhagen. Start: 1 pm to 2 pm: Rally with speakers at Christiansborg Slotsplads (Parliament Square). 250  17 giant ship sails of climate messages and images from participants of the demonstration will be displayed. Come add your message and then help to deliver it!Speakers: MC Audrey Castañeda, Angélique Kidjo, Helena Christensen, Thure Lindhardt, Rahul Bose, Vandana Shiva, Helle Thorning-Schmidt,  Kumi Naidoo, climate witnesses from around the world, Mr. Green. Greenpeace activists from 32 countries will join Saturday’s demonstration in Copenhagen as part of the ‘Real Deal Global Day of Action’, organised by 12 December initiative as part of the international tcktcktck coalition. Greenpeace will join the march to celebrate the solidarity of civil society across the world as it calls for a fair, ambitious and legally binding treaty to avert catastrophic climate change. Activists willperform a heads of state puppet show, display 2 huge helium balloons and perform samba. For interviews with the activists please call the Greenpeace communications team. Activists are from: France, Germany, Brazil, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Canada, China, UK, Bulgaria, Cypress, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Syria. Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director in Greenpeace International and Chair of the TckTckTck Campaign will speak at the start of the demonstration before joining the march  from the Danish Parliament to the Bella Center where he will take part in the candle light vigil.

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New York: Health and economic protections

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From Scott M. Stringer Borough President: “I am here today to briefly explain why the draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) published on September 30, 2009 by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) provides inadequate environmental, health and economic protections for the City of New York.  I will be submitting additional testimony on the technical merits of the SGEIS at the Department of Environmental Conservation on November 10, 2009, however, I believe there are some important details that simply can’t wait until that time. Earlier this year my office released “Uncalculated Risk”, a report that documented extensive environmental degradation connected to hydraulic fracturing, including over two dozen leaks, spills, contaminations and explosions in nine different states.  If the State rushes to approve hydraulic fracturing in the Catskill/Delaware watershed and continues to downplay the dubious environmental track record associated with this type of drilling, New York City’s most crucial natural infrastructure will be compromised. In July 2007, the City and State reached an agreement on a filtration avoidance determination with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for “a series of watershed protection initiatives and activities” meant to prevent the construction of a water filtration plant and maintain New York City’s water supply in its natural, unfiltered state.   Prior to the EPA’s most recent filtration avoidance determination the City had sunk over $168 million into the purchase some 70,000 acres of land in the Catskill Delaware Watershed.  When the 2007 filtration avoidance determination was reached the City pledged to spend an additional $300 million for additional land acquisitions.  On top of the money paid for land acquisition, the city also pays over $100 million in annual property taxes on the watershed land that it owns.   The key to the EPA’s filtration avoidance determination was the fact that the State’s plans for land acquisition meant that a growing amount of land would be unavailable for any kind of private development – residential building and the construction of new commercial enterprises of any sort.  And now, today, we’re talking about allowing natural gas drilling over the remaining land in the watershed that is not publicly owned.   With all of these factors in mind, I am making the following calls to action:  First, the DEC should extend the commenting period on the draft SGEIS from 60 days to 120 days.  The SGEIS is an 800 page technical document and it takes an enormous amount of time to read and digest.  It is unrealistic for the DEC to expect concerned citizens to make sound public comments without a sufficient amount of time for review.  Second, I call on every person at this hearing to join me at the DEC’s public hearing on November 10, 2009. We need every concerned New Yorker to participate in that hearing and send a clear message to Albany: Keep our water safe.  Finally, I call on Governor Paterson and the DEC to make an immediate modification to the SGEIS and explicitly ban hydraulic fracturing in the Catskill/Delaware watershed.  I believe the choice is simple: we either correct this error and ban drilling now, or soon enough the officials entrusted with protecting our environment will be asked to explain why they were asleep at the switch when it mattered most”. (abstract)

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