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Ware2Go Joins Point A to Drive Supply Chain Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 dicembre 2019

Ware2Go, an on-demand warehousing network designed to help merchants simplify and streamline their fulfillment processes, today announced that it has joined Point A’s supply chain innovation network. Point A is a collaborative supply chain solutions environment that was formed in 2018 to bring together leading companies, startups, and academic institutions in a world-class innovation hub. This environment provides a space for major players in supply chain management to come together to collaborate and innovate the industry. Partnering with Point A means that Ware2Go will be working alongside experts from industry-leading enterprises like Delta Air Lines and Georgia-Pacific, nonprofits like CARE, and educational institutions like Georgia Tech.Joining Point A’s robust partnership network means that Ware2Go will have frontline access to supply chain data and insights from organizations that are leading the charge in technological and operational innovation. Through this partnership, Ware2Go can leverage the expertise of supply chain professionals across the world to continue enhancing the flexibility, connectivity, and sustainability of Ware2Go’s solutions. As a result, Ware2Go can maximize the value of new capabilities deployed through their technology stack and make faster and smarter product development decisions. Ultimately, the ability to quickly and effectively access these insights and metrics will enable Ware2Go to continue delivering advanced capabilities to the merchants, carriers, and warehouse partners that rely on these solutions.
The Ware2Go and Point A partnership demonstrates both organizations’ continued commitment to developing and deploying the next generation of innovative supply chain solutions.

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The first Global Internet Café Innovation Summit

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 dicembre 2019

On Nov.20, the very first “Global Internet Café Innovation Summit” was conducted in Shanghai Himalayan Art Center. As the host of this summit, Wanyoo has announced the “Overseas Business Partner Alliance Program”, shared the experiences and methods which were accumulated over the past few years to the industry insiders, how to pursue the expansion and growth of overseas business together to achieve the mutual benefits。
The <2019 Global and China Internet Café Industry White Paper> was also published in this summit, which states the eSport game will accelerate the Internet Café converting to eSport studio and diverse the profit model soon. The founder and chairman of “Play for Dreams” Corporation, Mr. Huang Feng, also believes that the Internet Café has been embedded into the eSport industry chains deeply, including the theme activities, game event sponsor, team spokesperson, game relevant products development or cooperation with movie and TV episodes series. Internet café has been merged into eSport game joint development and is uptrending as the mainstream of the industry, in the meantime, the globalization of eSports is expediting as well. Given eSports becoming a hot topic in the world, the development of Internet Café, which is closely related to eSports industry, is also gradually improving in overseas markets.
Wanyoo began to explore the overseas market in 2014, opening its first overseas store in Sydney, Australia. Up to now, Wanyoo, with opening more than 800 stores worldwide, covering 83 cities in the world, include Sydney, Vancouver, New York, Singapore, Melbourne and London etc., the number of global members exceeding 16 million, is considered as the pioneer and leading player of China’s Internet Cafe industry.
Although the first Internet café was founded in the UK in 1994, the Chinese Internet café business model is actually leading the evolution of the global Internet Cafe industry. In comparison, Internet café model abroad seems to be simple and plain, both hardware and software fell behind, and lack of branding and standardization in management and operation, which cannot meet the complex needs of game players, social networking and eSport game.
Based on the overseas exploring practice of Wanyoo, besides empowering the overseas studios, Wanyoo also offers the training campus to support the Chinese eSports team. For instance, during Ti8, the Chinese Dota team was taken training in Wanyoo Vancouver studio; London studio was the official training base for 4AM,OMG,17,CL during the FGS global summit. On the other hand, Wanyoo is aiming to connect among the global game players and establishes a global eSports game platform without time and space limitation. Till October 2019, Wanyoo’s own game campaign program- Wanyoo Champion Arena, has successfully been held for 9 times. This June “Wanyoo Champion Arena LOL Global City Game ” attracted over ten thousand players around the world, the players from New York, London, Sydney etc., gathered in Shanghai, China, competed for the world championship, S8 world champion IG team came to field to cheer up the players too.

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Porsche Informatik Selects Dynatrace to Drive Software Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 novembre 2019

Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) today announced that Porsche Informatik, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg, has deployed the Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform to accelerate software innovation and deliver exceptional user experiences. Porsche Informatik selected Dynatrace® to provide comprehensive and unified observability across its applications, infrastructure, and its customers’ digital experiences to drive its digital transformation. Porsche Informatik recognized that with Dynatrace’s all-in-one platform with multiple modules that share a common data model, it could go beyond simple data collection and manual analysis. And by leveraging Davis™, the powerful explainable AI engine at the core of Dynatrace®, Porsche Informatik would be able to drive instant answers to business, operations, and development issues.Porsche Informatik provides digital solutions to marque brands such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini and Skoda, supporting the transformation of automotive customer experiences. There are several megatrends shaping the automotive industry, from connected cars and autonomous driving, to electric vehicles and the sharing economy. Coupled with the rising trend of digitalization and increased user expectations, Porsche Informatik has the ambition to innovate faster and create new customer-centric digital experiences.
Porsche Informatik needs to ensure that it is constantly delivering innovation that works for its users 24/7. As part of its transformation, the company moved to a new-stack cloud architecture. The scale and dynamic nature of this cloud meant more applications and microservices, more code and more dependencies that cut across user experience, applications, and infrastructure. With Davis™ at its core, Dynatrace® provided Porsche Informatik with the confidence that it could quickly identify problems, and their precise root cause, to expedite resolution before customers were impacted. Only Dynatrace was capable of monitoring every component of Porsche Informatik’s hybrid cloud environment across the full stack, providing precise answers and proactive, actionable user experience insights in a single unified platform.

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New Strategic Fund to Invest in Health Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 novembre 2019

As the health care landscape rapidly evolves, the American Hospital Association (AHA) has been pursuing multiple ways to lead and promote innovation in the field. Today, the AHA is pleased to announce the final closing of the AHA Innovation Development Fund, LP, or “AHA Fund,” a $50 million venture capital fund formed to help hospitals and health systems continue to transform health care and deliver cutting-edge care.The AHA Fund is sponsored and managed by Concord Health Partners, LLC (Concord), a health care-focused investment firm, with the AHA as the anchor limited partner investor. The AHA Fund has made several investments to date in health care companies and will continue to invest in cutting-edge solutions.The goal of the AHA Fund is to invest in early-stage health care companies that provide products, services and solutions that help hospitals and health systems transform care delivery, spur innovation among members, connect hospitals and entrepreneurs, and drive results.James Olsen, Founder & Managing Partner of Concord, commented, “Concord is focused on identifying and supporting health care companies with solutions that address affordability, quality and access to care. The AHA Fund aligns interests and delivers strategic value to both health systems and portfolio companies. We are excited to be part of this collaborative effort with the AHA to advance and accelerate innovation in health care.”

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Aroma Bit Secures Follow-on Financing from the Sony Innovation Fund by IGV

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 13 novembre 2019

Purpose of capital increase: Accelerate the miniaturization and functionality enhancement of the company’s sensor through semiconductorization, in order to expand the digital olfactory market. The compact odor imaging sensor developed by Aroma Bit is unique in that, unlike conventional gas sensors that can only detect specific substances, it is able to generate a visualization pattern from various odor inputs, similar to an animal’s sense of smell. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of inquiries and business discussions coming from both domestic and overseas customers, covering a wide range of possible applications beyond the company’s initial assumptions, including food and agriculture, daily necessities, cosmetics, industrial machinery, robotics, mobility, monitoring and health care, marketing, and more. This is proof of the company’s advanced technology and first-mover advantages.With the July 23, 2019 announcement of full-scale development of the ultimate next-generation compact odor sensor, which is small, inexpensive, and has high odor resolution (a next-generation CMOS-type odor imaging sensor capable of achieving odor resolution as high as a dog’s nose, on a 1 mm square), approaches from technology equipment manufacturers and IT companies around the world regarding collaboration projects, not only for odor sensor hardware, but also for the utilization of digital odor data, are increasing rapidly. Furthermore, the sense of smell is the least digitized of the five senses, and the market for digital olfactory technology is about to enter the takeoff phase.Through this third-party allocation of new shares, Aroma Bit plans to use their technical strength to achieve further miniaturization and increased functionality of their compact odor imaging sensor, and strengthen development for mass production. In addition, the company plans to strengthen and expand its management system to support the development and enhancement of new products and services that leverage its odor sensor hardware as well as the world’s first digital odor database, and to expand its sales and marketing systems globally.Aroma Bit will also continue to pursue the company’s vision of “Enriching society by achieving a world where odors and aromas are digitized through odor imaging technology.”
Today, Aroma Bit released their “Brand Vision Movie”, which portrays future life where smell is visualized – something that even Hollywood has not envisioned. Aroma Bit today released their Brand Vision Movie, which imagines the future brought about by technology that can visualize odors and convert them into data. A top-tier Japanese creative team has created the world’s first video that envisions the future that Aroma Bit aims to create, where the world of odors and aromas is digitized and visualized.

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FINFROCK Receives Schwartz Innovation Award From Orlando Economic Partnership

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 novembre 2019

Apopka-based design-build firm FINFROCK has been chosen by the Orlando Economic Partnership as the Schwartz Innovation Award recipient for 2019. The Schwartz Innovation award was named after the late William C. Schwartz, a pioneer within the field of laser technology, who was awarded an honorary doctorate in Engineering Science by the University of Central Florida and made numerous contributions to advancing technology in the Central Florida region. The Orlando Economic Partnership honors William Schwartz by recognizing companies that have successfully created, developed and implemented innovative products, ideas, and processes, that contribute to the Orlando region’s competitiveness.FINFROCK, a vertically integrated, single-source design-builder which allows owners to buy a building as a product rather than a series of services, will receive this year’s Schwartz Innovation Award. FINFROCK is known for its breakthroughs in technology solutions that increase efficiency, productivity and profitability of precast/prestressed concrete manufacturers. The company’s proprietary DualDeck® building system, as well as its innovative 3D modeling and product tracking software and implementation of laser technology for greater dimensional accuracy and improved productivity have positioned the company as a construction industry disruptor. FINFROCK is the only construction company to have received this award, which has previously been awarded to companies in a wide range of industries, including electronic circuit manufacturing and special materials-science to defense war-game simulation.FINFROCK is also one of Central Florida’s largest employers and has more than quadrupled in size in the past three years, with a robust portfolio of commercial buildings in the hotel, student housing, multifamily residential, mixed-use and office sectors.

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Primerica Opens New Technology Innovation Center in Gwinnett County

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 novembre 2019

Primerica, Inc. (NYSE: PRI), a leading provider of financial services to middle income families in North America, joined Partnership Gwinnett yesterday to celebrate the grand opening of the Primerica Technology Innovation Center (PTIC) in Gwinnett County, metro Atlanta, Georgia. Primerica’s 38,000 square-foot facility, located on Breckinridge Blvd. in unincorporated Gwinnett County, will serve as the epicenter of the company’s digital innovation. The center provides Primerica with the space and cutting-edge tools needed to accelerate digital initiatives and drive business growth.
The new PTIC has room for over 200 employees and is an open space with flexible workstations that enhance team collaboration and innovation while helping to attract and retain creative talent. The workspace is technology-enabled to support employees where and how they want to work.In the past year alone, Primerica added more than 80 new jobs, with over half of those being new technology positions. The company currently has approximately 20 new technology positions available. Headquartered in the City of Duluth, Primerica has been named a Top Workplace by the Atlanta Journal Constitution for six consecutive years from 2014 – 2019 and in 2019, Forbes named Primerica to its 2019 list of America Best Employers for Women.

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WRDS-SSRN Innovation Award for EMEA Presented to Southampton Business School

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 31 ottobre 2019

Research Data Services (WRDS) and SSRN are pleased to announce Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton as this year’s winner of the WRDS-SSRN Innovation Award for the EMEA region. The WRDS-SSRN Innovation Award honors emerging business schools that advance impact-focused research. Each year, three winners from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific are selected based on their demonstrated innovation and research excellence. The award series was created by WRDS and SSRN to elevate the visibility, impact, and credibility of academic research and the faculty who conduct it, and complements the WRDS Research Paper Series, a searchable repository of all papers submitted to SSRN that cite WRDS in their work. This first of its kind partnership between WRDS, the leading business intelligence, data analytics, and research platform for corporate, academic and government institutions worldwide; and SSRN, the world-leading preprint server and early-stage research network highlights the power of collaboration in advancing impact-focused research and business education. As a part of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, WRDS enables comprehensive thought leadership, historical analysis, and insight into the latest innovations in research. Bob Zarazowski, Managing Director of WRDS and Gregg Gordon, Managing Director of SSRN, presented the award to Jess Hawkins, Faculty Executive Officer at Southampton Business School, during the AACSB EMEA annual conference.Bob Zarazowski offered his congratulations to Southampton Business School. “We are delighted to recognize the caliber of teaching and research taking place at SBS, and its work to advance business education,” he said. “Southampton Business School is establishing itself as a research leader.” Gregg Gordon said, “On behalf of SSRN, I am pleased to offer our congratulations to Southampton Business School for its distinction in academic research. It is exciting to elevate the visibility and credibility of global business schools like SBS through this partnership with WRDS.”

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Innovation at Annual Tech Day

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 ottobre 2019

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, showcased advanced memory and system logic devices at its Tech Day 2019 event. Fueling the future of tech for 5G, AI, cloud, edge, IoT, and autonomous vehicles, Samsung highlighted new processor and memory device capabilities. The company unveiled the Exynos 990 premium mobile processor, the 5G-enabled Exynos Modem 5123 and announced mass production of its third generation 10nm-class 1z-nm DRAM.
Samsung also proposed new business possibilities for next-generation memory technologies, including the company’s 7th-generation V-NAND with nearly 200 (1yy) cell layers for mobile and other premium memory solutions and next-generation PCIe Gen5 SSDs for future server and storage applications.
Samsung’s third annual Tech Day hosted Silicon Valley’s leading companies, featured customer collaborations on GPU, PCIe Gen4 and HBM2e technologies, an industry-leading customer panel, and a demo pavilion showcasing the future of home automation, data centers, mobile/5G, and automotive technology.“The proliferation of technological advances in 5G, edge computing and AI is changing the world at an exponential pace. The impact of AI will be everywhere, from new avenues for communication and unprecedented connections. AI’s impact will be seen everywhere. Self-driving cars will take to our roads and homes and businesses will become truly connected,” said Choi. “To enable such innovations, technology infrastructure must lead the way. Samsung is committed to being at the heart of all this innovation — and it will be fascinating to see what the world can do.”

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Blackline Safety Wins the Préventica Prize for Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 ottobre 2019

Préventica Grand Sud Marseille has announced the winners of its 2019 Innovation Awards, recognising the highly skilled teams and the years of hard work that go into developing unique solutions to improve employee safety. An independent panel of judges including professional organisations, industry representatives and specialist journalists, named Blackline Safety (TSX.V: BLN) the winner of the DATI/Geolocation Prize for Innovation for the second time running.
The Préventica awards team said, “Blackline Safety has won the Préventica Marseille 2019 Innovation Award for its complete data science, gas detection and walkie-talkie unit in the DATI/Geolocation category. A solution praised by the jury for its involvement in improving everyone’s safety.”
From October 8-10, the Blackline Safety Europe team will be showcasing Blackline Safety’s full G7 range of connected worker products and services, including G7 Pump and Blackline Analytics, at Préventica Grand Sud Marseille, France. Blackline invites visitors from industry and media to come to Stand C38 to see first-hand, how Blackline’s award-winning connected worker innovations are changing the landscape of how businesses keep teams safe.

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Curiosity Lab Partnership with ASHRAE to Support Smart City Technology and Sustainable Energy Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 ottobre 2019

Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners today announced its strategic partnership with ASHRAE to support meaningful innovation for smart city technologies. Curiosity Lab is a 5G-enabled autonomous vehicle and smart city living laboratory located in Peachtree Corners, Ga., a northern suburb of Atlanta.ASHRAE represents more than 57,000 building systems design and industrial process engineers from around the world and will move their global headquarters into the Curiosity Lab neighborhood in Peachtree Corners. ASHRAE’s new net-zero-ready global headquarters will be renovated to showcase HVAC&R equipment and technology in action.
ASHRAE embodies the living lab concept and will be demonstrating state-of-the-art IoT technologies to HVAC&R leaders from around the world. The Society also hosts technical seminars on a wide variety of topics and will hold continuing education opportunities on a regular basis for members and industry professionals at its HQ in Peachtree Corners.
Curiosity Lab serves as a proving ground for novel technologies and will be available for ASHRAE members and other innovators to test, demo and deploy emerging smart city or sustainable energy technologies.
“Our close proximity will allow Curiosity Lab and ASHRAE to collaborate and learn from each other as we continue to encourage technological innovation and the development of new smart city and sustainable energy concepts,” said Betsy Plattenburg, executive director of Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners.“Peachtree Corners’ innovative approach to technology testing and development made our relocation especially appealing, and we look forward to working with both the City and Curiosity Lab to advance our smart city knowledge and capabilities,” said Jeff Littleton, Executive Vice President of ASHRAE.

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Mavenir Demonstrates 5G O-RAN Interface at Center of Innovation in Stockholm

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 6 ottobre 2019

Mavenir, the industry’s only end-to-end cloud-native Network Software Provider and a leader in accelerating software network transformation for communications service providers (CSPs), has successfully demonstrated the transmission of data traffic over O-RAN interface in a 5G New Radio during the official opening of the Center of Innovation in Stockholm on Wednesday, October 2. The Center focuses on Mavenir’s innovative and open virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) development, both S/W and H/W, as well as innovation on next generation platforms for 5G and IoT for Service Providers, Industry and Enterprises.The successful transmission of data at the physical layer demonstrated the implementation in a 5G New Radio of the O-RAN split 7.2 open interface between a Distributed Unit (O-DU) and a simulated Remote Radio Unit (RRU) (O-RU). The DU was implemented on an x86-based architecture standard COTS server and displayed maximum speed for the chosen transmission of 777 Mbps.“The relevance of this demonstration is that the O-RAN interface is a straightforward and robust interface to implement in 5G with standard commercial off-the-shelf equipment,” said Mikael Rylander, SVP/GM RAN Business Unit. “This means we will be able to stimulate a full ecosystem of Radio Unit suppliers, which will inject new blood into the market and support the vision of OpenRAN in transforming the mobile network economics.” This first demonstration, shown live in the presence of many customers of the Swedish Mobile Communications Industry and executives of several enterprise technology partnerships, illustrated how Mavenir’s Stockholm Innovation Center will drive Mavenir’s disruptive approach for next generation 4G and 5G networks with fully virtualized

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Wolters Kluwer’s CT Corporation Wins Gold for Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 6 ottobre 2019

Wolters Kluwer’s CT Corporation has earned gold from the 11th Annual Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards® for its New Product Development team’s product innovations in the legal compliance industry. The coveted annual Golden Bridge Awards® program encompasses the world’s best in organizational performance, innovations, products and services, and customer programs from every major industry in the world. The award recognizes CT Corporation’s commitment to creating innovative global legal compliance and due diligence solutions that surpass customer expectations. CT’s New Product Development (NPD) team builds innovative compliance software solutions that empower global businesses and law firms. The team works closely with business leaders to ensure that products align with the company’s strategic plan and solve our customers’ critical business challenges. NPD has demonstrated a commitment to operational excellence by enhancing the user experience of existing services like Service of Process and delivering new products including the award winning UCC Filing Hub. So far in 2019, Wolters Kluwer’s CT Corporation has won a series of awards including: a SIIA CODiE Award for UCC Filing Hub; a Corporate Vision Business Innovator Award for Best Multi-Sector Software & Services Provider; a Corporate Vision Business Innovator Award for Most Innovative Lien Document Filing Solution; a Gold Customer Service Training Team of the Year in the 6th Annual 2019 Customer Sales and Service World Awards; Best Entity Management System from The Recorder; Best of New England’s Business Formation Services Provider of the Year;​ a Stevie Award from the American Business Awards, also for UCC Filing Hub; and a Business Excellence Award for Best Global Compliance Managed Services Provider.For over 125 years, CT Corporation has been the leading provider of registered agent services, incorporation services, and legal entity compliance. With a global reach into over 190 countries, more than 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies, 95 percent of AmLaw 100 law firms, and 350,000 small businesses trust CT to handle their compliance needs.

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The Wireless Innovation Forum

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 26 luglio 2019

A non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, today announced the new report Application of Spectrum Sharing Management Technologies in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, led by Mark Gibson of CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM). Additional contributors to the report include representatives from Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), CRC, WISPA and RED Technologies. The was approved by Forum membership and is available publicly here:
“The Forum is very pleased to make public this extensive report on such an important topic in wireless communications right now,” said Bruce Oberlies, President of the Forum and Sr. Director of Advanced Technology in the Products organization of Motorola Solutions. “There is no question that spectrum sharing can and will result in more efficient spectrum utilization, as outlined in the report. The depth of information gathered in this one document will serve as a great resource to those involved in the dynamic spectrum sharing value chain, from regulators to operators.”With wireless operators under constant pressure to expand network capacity and enhance network speed and performance, spectrum sharing management technologies are becoming more common. This report focuses specifically on applications of these technologies in other bands and presents the challenges and benefits of sharing in several bands while taking into consideration a number of factors including types of incumbents in the band, how the bands are used and the nature of usage. Business models for existing shared bands and possible bands in the future are discussed along with key performance indicators to evaluate the sharing arrangements in a band. The intent of the report is to provide better understanding on the bands that might be applicable for sharing and present various sharing approaches (licensed, lightly licensed, unlicensed registered) for these bands.

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The 16th annual Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Awards

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 19 luglio 2019

The Arizona Technology Council, in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), will honor technology leaders and innovators from across the state at the 16th annual Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Awards (GCOI) on October 24, 2019, at the Phoenix Convention Center. The annual black-tie event attracts more than 850 attendees each year for a night of networking, dining and entertainment.This year, MSS Business Transformation will be presenting the event’s newest accolade, the MSS Business Transformation Leader of the Year Award. This honor will be given to an executive or an organization (for-profit or not-for-profit) that has achieved significant business success driving positive, transformational change in their organization with measurable outcomes in 2018.“Recognizing innovation also includes acknowledging great leaders and that’s why the Council is so pleased to add this new category to the 2019 Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Awards,” said Steven G. Zylstra, president and CEO, Arizona Technology Council. “A great leader innovates, disrupts and creates the right environment for change to flourish. And being a transformative leader takes more than just ingenuity ─ it takes the courage to be different.”

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CWT Research Reveals 71% of Business Travelers Embrace Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 11 luglio 2019

Research by CWT, the B2B4E travel management platform, shows that 71% of global business travelers embrace travel innovation. Travelers from the Americas and Asia Pacific are more likely to favor it, with 75% and 71% respectively. Europeans, on the other hand, are warier of the changes – 7% of them stating a reluctance to embrace travel innovation versus 5% of Asia Pacific and 3% of Americas travelers.
Despite the fact that it is tempting to assume that younger age is a big factor when it comes to innovation acceptance, the results of this survey prove the opposite. Only Asia Pacific millennials score higher: 79% versus 75% of Generation X and 60% of boomers. In the Americas, Gen X travelers lead the way (78%), followed by millennials (76%) and boomers (70%), and in Europe millennials rank last at 64% after the two other generations at 67% each.“Technological innovation is the future, and frequent business travelers are already benefitting from its potential,” said Andrew Jordan, CWT’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “Business travelers are people working away from home – so why wouldn’t they want to embrace innovations that make their journeys and their lives easier?”

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Between tradition and innovation, a contemporary jewel rich in artistic and symbolic values

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 6 luglio 2019

Yvone Christa was founded in Los Angeles 1991 from the inspiration of two Swedish designers: Yvonne Clamf and Christina Söderström. From their first names, they created a brand that knew immediate success when a screenwriter, struck by their first collections, commissioned the jewelry for the stars of two major TV series: “Beverly Hills” and “Melrose Place”. Love for art and passion for fashion, design and architecture give life to a unique jewelry line that has conquered the States. Every piece of Yvone Christa jewelry is handmade with the ancient Venetian filigree technique: thin threads of silver, crafted into exotic patterns and treated with a particular procedure donating the jewels an antique finish.Yvone Christa colorful jewelry has a distinctive feminine and retro taste which the designers achieve with the careful choice of pearls, semiprecious stones and circular zirconia.Nature is a rich source of inspiration: the perfection of a rose, an orchid or a tulip. Petals, leaves and stems, but also insects, dew drops or a cloud. Whatever the sensitive eyes of the designers can grasp is carefully patterned with thin silver threads.The creations of YVONE CHRISTA have conquered the hearts of great figures in prominent circles. Actresses, supermodels, politicians even royals wear Yvone Christa and the style of the brand has spread across the globe.The two designers have also partaken in collaborations with important international art museums. One being with the Stockholm National Museum, who commissioned Yvone Christa the “The Butter Cup” collection on occasion of an exhibition of the jewels of the Russian Tsars. Likewise, the National Gallery of Art of Washington D.C. entrusted the designers with making the “Forget Me Not” collection which took inspiration from a painting by Van Huysum. Yvone Christa jewels are sold in the boutique of various art museums.The myth of a great artist stimulates the creativity of the designers who, in 2002, create a collection that has become a true icon of costume jewelry over time: it is the fascinating “Frida Kahlo” Collection. A blend of strong colors and feelings, emotions of the lifestyle of the Big Apple ’40s that marked the beginning of the painter’s artistic path. The big bohemian earrings, cult of the collection, are an expression of the feminine character, a synthesis of a woman who can impose her own personality. Subtle shapes, the daisy in bloom, the inlaid crescent moon and the rain of vibrant stones and colored pearls. In between tradition and innovation, a contemporary jewel rich in artistic and symbolic values signed Yvone Christa NY.

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OECD Learning Framework Sets a Roadmap for Education Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 9 giugno 2019

In the 1970’s, Finland had an economic crisis. The stakeholders concurred that education was the foundation to improve quality of life and build a sustainable society for all its citizens. To achieve education excellence, the Finns looked beyond academic achievement and built a new model that was equitable, accessible and flexible, giving priority to human well-being, quality of life and happiness. Today, Finland is one of the world’s leading models for quality education.Global education publisher, advocate and futurist C.M. Rubin believes the world now faces a similar crisis. Since 2015, Rubin has been a contributor to the OECD’s four-year Future of Education and Skills 2030 study and the just released Learning Compass framework. The OECD’s new framework sets out a shared vision by widespread international stakeholders for what students should learn to be ready for the future. “Our planet faces numerous challenges as identified in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals,” says Rubin. “I believe that every global challenge we face, whether it be climate change, health and well-being, wealth inequality, gender equality, or peace and prosperity can be conquered if we are willing to pioneer new models of lifelong learning and assessment.” She adds, “Our world has changed. Smart machines have edged their way into virtually every domain. What makes us human now matters more than ever. We need to understand our complex problems and determine what kind of learning models will resolve them.”
CMRubinWorld launched in 2010 to explore what kind of education would prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing globalized world. Its award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, is a celebrated trailblazer in the renaissance of the 21st century, and occupies a special place in the pulse of key issues facing every nation and the collective future of all children. It connects today’s top thought leaders with a diverse global audience of parents, students and educators. Its highly readable platform allows for discourse concerning our highest ideals and the sustainable solutions we must engineer to achieve them. C. M. Rubin has published hundreds of interviews and articles discussing an expansive array of topics under a singular vision: when it comes to the world of children, there is always more work to be done. (By CMRubinWorld David Wine)

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CES Asia 2019 Announces Innovation Awards Honorees

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 4 giugno 2019

CES Asia announced the honorees for the CES Asia 2019 Innovation Awards, recognizing outstanding design and engineering in new-to-market products from CES Asia exhibitors. Now in its fifth year, CES Asia will take place June 11-13, 2019 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China.“The CES Asia Innovation honorees embody the innovative spirit that fuels our industry, spurs new markets and creates new jobs on a global scale,” said Karen Chupka, executive vice president, CES. “These innovations are good examples of how technology is being integrated into everyday products and shaping the future of our dynamic industry.”The CES Asia Innovation Awards recognize technologies across 20 product categories including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality, drones, green technologies, Internet of Things, vehicle tech and wearables. An elite panel of judges review product submissions based on five criteria: engineering, aesthetics, function and user value, unique features and level of innovation.See the full list of CES Asia 2019 Innovation Awards Honorees at The Innovation Awards Showcase will be onsite at CES Asia, located in SNIEC, Hall W5, booth 6042. CES Asia is one of the fastest growing tradeshows in Asia, bringing together the entire tech ecosystem to build brands, forge partnerships and celebrate the best in consumer tech. The show will focus on the latest innovation in transportation tech, AI, 5G and startups from around the world, featuring more than 550 exhibiting companies, including more than 115 startups. Visit for more information or to register.

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Open Innovation Summit

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Saint-Vincent (Aosta) Venerdì 14 e Sabato 15 giugno 2019. Vi partecipano:Vincenzo Boccia, Presidente di Confindustria; Francesco Profumo, Presidente della Compagnia di San Paolo; Roberta Cocco, Assessore alla Trasformazione Digitale e ai Servizi Civici del Comune di Milano; Paola Pisano, Assessore all’Innovazione del Comune di Torino; gli Onorevoli Luca Carabetta, Mattia Mor, Antonio Palmieri, Membri Intergruppo Parlamentare Innovazione e i vertici di Ansaldo Energia, Cisco Italia, Club degli Investitori, Deloitte, Gruppo SCAI, IBAN, Innogest, Italia Startup, Modis, Nana Bianca, Piccola Industria di Confindustria Lombardia, PoliHub Startup District & Incubator, SMAU, Talent Garden, Tamburi Investment Partners, The Adecco Group, TUC Technology, Twig e Università Telematica Pegaso saranno i protagonisti della due giorni nella splendida cornice del Parc Hotel Billia, Saint-Vincent Resort & Casinò.
L’Open Innovation Summit 2019 è organizzato da Digital Magics, il più importante incubatore di startup digitali “Made in Italy” attivo su tutto il territorio italiano. L’evento si inserisce all’interno della quarta edizione del GIOIN, il primo network in Italia per le aziende che vogliono innovare processi, prodotti e servizi grazie alla collaborazione con le startup.L’obiettivo è analizzare l’impatto dell’Open Innovation nell’economia, approfondendo trend italiani e internazionali – in relazione anche alle competenze e alla formazione 4.0, agli investimenti del venture capital e alle politiche del Governo – insieme ai principali attori dell’ecosistema del digitale: istituzioni, imprese, investitori, incubatori e naturalmente talenti e neoimprenditori digitali che stanno creando e sviluppando startup in Italia.Per il secondo anno consecutivo è partner del GIOIN Officine Innovazione Srl: la startup di Deloitte dedicata all’innovazione e focalizzata sullo sviluppo di soluzioni innovative per le imprese.Sono inoltre partner del GIOIN importanti aziende come Cisco e Modis e i Technical partner Talent Garden e Dol. Media partner del GIOIN 2019 è il Gruppo 24 ORE.Il GIOIN è ideato per approfondire le opportunità dell’innovazione aperta di processi, prodotti e servizi, utilizzando le piattaforme tecnologiche, grazie la collaborazione con le startup innovative. Si focalizza sulla condivisione di esperienze concrete e di “case history”, coinvolgendo imprenditori e startupper che stanno mettendo in pratica il paradigma dell’Open Innovation nei loro settori.

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