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MEPs push for stronger data protection by EU institutions and agencies

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 ottobre 2017

europa comunitaria2All EU institutions, bodies and agencies should live up to strong data protection safeguards when processing personal data Civil Liberties MEPs on Thursday passed amendments to new EU rules on the processing of personal data by the EU institutions. This update of the existing law from 2001 will strengthen and modernise the rules by bringing them into line with the General Data Protection Regulation adopted in 2016.MEPs underlined that the new rules should cover not only the EU institutions, but also bodies, offices and agencies to ensure a strong and coherent framework for data processing throughout the EU. In particular, they should end the fragmentation of the rules for processing by the EU’s agencies, including agencies in the law enforcement sector.To this end, MEPs included a specific set of rules for processing of law enforcement data that is in line with the directive on data transfers for policing and judicial purposes (adopted at the same time as the General Data Protection Regulation) and current rules used by Europol.To further strengthen transparency, MEPs want all Union institutions and bodies to establish their own central register of their data processing and make the register publicly accessible. They also set clear provisions to limit the use of the data processed, minimise data stored, and specifying that inaccurate data should be erased or rectified without delay, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.MEPs stress that the Commission should be obliged to consult the European Data Protection Supervisor when preparing new legislative proposals. They also support that the European Data Protection Supervisor should be able to fine EU institutions, bodies or agencies that do not live up to the data protection rules.

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LGBT people’s rights

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 14 dicembre 2012

A majority of MEPs consider that “LGBT people’s fundamental rights are more likely to be safeguarded if they have access to legal institutions such as cohabitation, registered partnership or marriage”. They also welcome the fact that 16 EU countries offer these options and call on other member states to consider doing so.

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Mattone su Mattone

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 30 novembre 2010

Roma, 10 dicembre 2010, 9.30 – 13.00 Campidoglio, Sala della Piccola Protomoteca Questo Convegno costituisce la tappa finale del progetto MAPID – Migrants’ Associations and Philippine Institutions for Development –, realizzato grazie al programma Aeneas e condotto dallo Scalabrini Migration Center di Manila (ente capofila), la Commission on Filipinos Overseas, l’Università di Valencia e la Fondazione ISMU di Milano. Attraverso un’attività triennale di ricerca, formazione e disseminazione delle best practices, MAPID ha promosso una duplice azione di empowerment. Da un lato ha agito sulle comunità e sulle associazioni filippine in Italia e Spagna, dall’altro ha lavorato sul tessuto istituzionale delle Filippine, mirando a svilupparne le capacità progettuali e insieme a promuoverne la collaborazione nella direzione dello sviluppo sociale ed economico tanto delle comunità d’origine quanto delle comunità d’insediamento degli immigrati filippini. Il principio guida che ha ispirato il progetto è quello secondo cui la mobilitazione della diaspora filippina rappresenta una leva strategica per lo sviluppo, potenzialmente in grado d’innescare processi di trasformazione e innovazione che le istituzioni locali e nazionali devono saper cogliere, valorizzare e radicare sul territorio. In quest’ottica, il progetto MAPID ha promosso una molteplicità di azioni, che si sono sviluppate parallelamente nelle Filippine, in Italia e in Spagna, attivando dinamiche e collaborazioni di portata transnazionale e producendo un’ampia collezione di report di ricerca, materiali didattici, raccolte di best practices, indicazioni per i soggetti istituzionali e del privato sociale. Il convegno vuole costituire un’occasione di condivisione dell’esperienza realizzata, di riflessione sui risultati ottenuti e di discussione sulle nuove possibili iniziative da intraprendere per rendere fattiva la prospettiva del co-sviluppo.

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Quality culture

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 14 febbraio 2010

The European University Association is pleased to announce that it is launching a new project that will examine the internal ‘quality culture’ within universities across Europe, and how this has developed within the framework of the Bologna Process higher education reforms. The quality of European higher education is at the heart of the Bologna Process reforms and the development of the European Higher Education Area. As part of the reforms, European governments have committed to supporting the development of quality assurance (QA) at the university, national and European level. In 2005, Ministers of education from 46 countries adopted the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) that had been proposed by the key stakeholder organisations. Until now there has been no specific study to look out at the impact of these quality guidelines, how they have been adopted at the university level, and how they fit into the overall quality culture of the institution. Together with its partners, the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and QAA Scotland, this EUA project will analyse the development of quality culture in higher education institutions (HEIs) across Europe and provide an overall picture of the internal quality assurance processes in place in HEIs across the 46 Bologna Process countries. It will also seek to identify and disseminate good practices that apply to internal quality assurance.  The first step of the project – supported by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme – will be based around a survey of European universities and higher education institutions.

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Creation Wealth Pack (IWP)

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 4 gennaio 2010

Dubai, Uae Majlis Partners, a wealth management and family business advisory firm announces the creation of a one-of-a-kind Inspirational Wealth Pack (IWP). The IWP was created in response to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum’s directive to remain focused and to continue to build upon the previous achievements of the UAE. The IWP consists of individual, easy-to-read cards that share interesting stories, inspirational quotes, and financial advice from Western, Middle Eastern, and Asian leaders, businessmen, entertainers, and academicians. The quotes are from sources including the UAE leadership (Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum), world class businessmen (Warren Buffet and Andrew Carnegie) and entertainers (Oprah Winfrey and Bob Hope). All of the quotes are meant to inspire leadership and challenge one’s assumptions about how to live a successful and rewarding life. The thoughts are based on seven basic values and principles – themes that are beautifully presented in a sturdy box for display on top of the reader’s desk or bureau. The themes are Wisdom and Wealth, Money and Investing, Success, Legacy, Leadership, Education, and Charity. Majlis Partners is an independent, privately-owned, wealth management and family business advisory firm focused on connecting businesses and institutions in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia to business opportunities, financial investments, and other principals from around the world. For more information, please visit

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Fourth European quality assurance forum

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 ottobre 2009

Copenhagen 19-21 November 2009. Following the success of previous fora, this year’s event – again co-organised by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), the European Students Union (ESU), the European University Association (EUA) and EURASHE (European Association of Institutions in Higher Education) – is ‘Creativity and Diversity: Challenges for quality assurance beyond 2010’.  The EQAF has become a landmark event for all higher education stakeholders working in quality, including higher education institutions, students, quality assurance agencies, governments and intergovernmental organizations as well as researchers in higher education. It is supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. The specific objectives of this fourth forum are to: • gain an understanding of how higher education institutions and QA agencies’ quality procedures and practices take into account the diversity of institutional missions and profiles To explore how internal and external quality assurance processes may stimulate or hinder creativity and innovative practices in higher education. To find out more about the conference and to see a full list of speakers please visit:

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EIB launches SME loans for EU’s Eastern neighbours

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 2 ottobre 2009

The European Investment Bank, the bank of the European Union, is launching a lending facility via other financial institutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the EU’s eastern neighbours. EIB President Philippe Maystadt announced the decision on Wednesday ahead of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meetings in Istanbul. Until now, the EIB has been able to offer its SME loans product only to banks within the European Union, Western Balkans and pre-accession countries. The EIB’s decision to expand geographic coverage follows a request made at the EU’s Eastern Partnership Summit held in Prague in May. The EIB together with the World Bank (WB) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) committed in February to provide EUR 24.5 bn in financial resources for banking systems and the real economy in central and eastern Europe. Of the total, the EIB pledged to provide nearly half, or EUR 11 bn. The main IFIs involved in the action plan are due to discuss implementation in Istanbul. EIB will chair a meeting of the heads of all multilateral development banks on Oct. 4.  EIB intervention in the Eastern Partnership countries has so far been limited to the transport, energy, telecommunications and environmental infrastructure sectors. The conclusions of the Eastern Partnership summit invited the EIB, the EBRD and other international financial institutions IFIs operating in the region to establish an appropriate joint small and medium-sized enterprise facility. The Eastern Partnership is a new framework for cooperation between the European Union and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Under a mandate provided by the European Parliament and Council of Ministers, the EIB is able to undertake activities in all countries except Belarus. The mandate makes available a total of EUR 3.7 billion euro for lending in the period 2007-13. The new facility will enable EIB to support via partner banks in the region investments by SMEs and energy and environmental projects costing up to EUR 25 million. EIB is already in talks with a number of state-owned development banks in the region as well as EU banks with subsidiaries in the region with a view to concluding the first loan agreements.
The European Investment Bank (EIB), founded in 1958 under the Treaty of Rome, is the EU’s long-term financing institution. It will lend this year some 75 billion euro, of which 70 billion for projects within the European Union.

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EUA Press Statement

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 giugno 2009

The European University Association (EUA) welcomes the European Commission’s announcement that it has decided to maintain the 60% flat rate for the recovery of indirect costs for universities participating in the 7th Framework Programme (FP7). The flat rate, which higher education institutions can apply for, will now be applicable for the whole duration of 7th Framework programme which runs until 2013. There had been signs in the run up to the mid-term review of FP7 that the Commission would seek to significantly reduce the flat rate recovery for FP7. EUA has lobbied on behalf of its 850 member universities, together with other public research organizations, to maintain the current flat rate for universities across Europe, arguing that any reduction would be premature and could threaten the financial sustainability of universities. EUA notes therefore that the Commission’s decision reflects the findings and recommendations of its recent report “Financially sustainable universities: towards full costing in European universities” which called on European policy-makers to maintain the flat rate recovery of indirect costs under FP7. The report provided evidence-based arguments to underline the importance for Europe’s universities to move towards full costing of all their activities and equally the key role European funding programmes such as FP7 could play as drivers in this process.  In welcoming the flat rate decision, EUA believes that it is vital for the Commission to continue to simplify the procedural rules of the 7th Framework Programme (and all other European funding schemes) to increase flexibility in taking into account the diversity of Europe’s universities and avoid placing excessive administrative burdens on them, in particular in terms of the financial and reporting procedures. EUA is also calling on the Commission to apply this flat rate to funding through its Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI). In the first JTI (the Innovative Medicines Initiative) the Commission announced that universities could only claim 20% indirect costs (rather than adopt the FP7 rules of participation), a move opposed by EUA.
The European University Association, as the representative organisation of both the European universities and the national rectors’ conferences, is the main voice of the higher education community in Europe. EUA’s mission is to promote the development of a coherent system of European higher education and research.

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Nazzareno Carusi for Celano

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 15 giugno 2009

Mississauga, Ontario June 17, 2009 – 8:00 pm Le Treport – 1075 The Queensway East, Program: Domenico Scarlatti (1685 – 1787)  Franz Liszt (1811 – 1886) from Années de Pélérinage (Deuxième Année: Italie)  Nazzareno Carusi was born in Celano, Abruzzo. Among the many Institutions where he has performed  are the Teatro La Scala of Milan, Carnegie Hall of New York, the Téatro Colón of Buenos Aires,  and the Los Angeles’s Herbert Zipper Hall. He founded I Solisti della Scala Trio with the oboist  Francesco Di Rosa and the clarinettist Fabrizio Meloni, first solo parts of the Orchestra del Teatro  alla Scala of Milan. The ensemble tours worldwide and has been beautifully reviewed by  The Washington Post.

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Who is Brussels?

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 giugno 2009

When reporting about decisions made at the EU level, the media in EU Member States often write that “Brussels has decided…” etc. without providing any information about who has actually taken the decision.The European Parliament and the European Council – which consists of ministers from the national government of each Member State – are ultimately elected by European citizens, and are supported by other institutions such as the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions. That is why the upcoming European Parliament elections on 4-7 June are so important, because they give Europe’s citizens the opportunity to decide whom they want to represent them in Brussels. With this in mind, the ALDE Group in the Committee of the Regions has recently launched a communication campaign called “Who is Brussels?”, in order to illustrate who is behind the decision-making process. The ALDE group has made available a series of short video clips featuring many of its Committee of the Regions’ members, answering the question “Who is Brussels?”
The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) is the third largest political force in Europe, with more than 100 full and alternate members in the EU Committee of the Regions and 100 members in the European Parliament. It also exists in the Council of Europe and in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. The ALDE-CoR website is

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