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Dais X Announces Intent to Merge Consulting Platform with Artificial Intelligence Business

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 10 ottobre 2019

Dais X, a leading digital transformation partner to middle-market companies, today announces that it intends to merge its consulting and software product development platform with Dais AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) company purpose-built to help clients capitalize on digital business opportunities through the development of custom AI solutions and technologies.
“As shown by our steady growth over the past three years, Dais X continues to gain momentum, marked by strong progress on our strategic initiatives and client successes,” said Neal Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer. “With these foundations in place, we are now ideally positioned to merge with Dais AI and create one leading company. In alignment with our strategic plan, the decision to combine these businesses will allow Dais X to sharpen its focus as a leading digital transformation partner to middle-market companies.”

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“Augmented Analytics: Future of Business Intelligence”

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 9 ottobre 2019

The report has been added to’s offering.Augmented analytics technology leverages machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language generation (NLG) to enhance data analytics process by automating data analysis and sharing the insights in a intuitive visual format.The technology is primarily aimed at empowering non-technical/non-data scientist users to effectively perform data analytics on their own without any data skills. The users can easily derive insights from augmented analytics solutions by just simple drag and drop or with a single click of a button which will boost productivity. The other objective of the technology is to free up technical analysts and data scientists from running routine and basic reports, empowering them to charge ahead and tackle more complex queries and data science projects.

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FinFit’s Intelligence-Driven Financial Wellness Platform Motivates Employees

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 20 settembre 2019

FinFit, a FinTech company that provides over 125,000 employers with a unique financial wellness benefit platform, has overhauled the platform to focus on predictive AI, feature enhancements and ease of use for members. FinFit announced its mobile-first focus in July, updating with a sleek new look and improved functionality. The user experience for members follows suit, creating a smart, seamless journey site-wide from information-gathering to ultimate financial health improvement. Dozens of customer interviews were conducted by a design firm that specializes in user experience transformation. FinFit leveraged the findings to reinvent its financial wellness platform. Members can log in to FinFit via facial recognition, fingerprint technology and various other mobile-friendly options. The FinFit experience begins with a personal financial health assessment which identifies each member’s financial goals and current financial situation. This differentiator enables FinFit to provide unique recommendations and next steps tailored to each member, unlike other programs that offer generic solutions that may not be relevant or necessary.Each FinFit member journey is AI-driven, utilizing data to determine the best ‘next steps’ to help each member achieve financial stability. A new member rewards program encourages members to explore FinFit, awarding points for completing actions that will improve their financial acumen.The need to provide clearer direction for employees has led to the new financial health score, categorized based on the key pillars of financial wellness: spend, save, borrow and plan. Members receive an overall score, but they’ll also have visibility into how they’re performing in each of the four categories. This data helps drive the ‘next best action’ engine, ensuring that each member is uniquely positioned to improve their financial position and achieve greater financial health.

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Pactum Launches Artificial Intelligence Tool for Commercial Negotiations

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 settembre 2019

Launching Pactum is an AI-based system that helps global companies to autonomously offer personalized, commercial negotiations on a massive scale. The Mountain View, California company, with engineering and operations in Estonia, has raised an initial $1.15 Million in pre-seed funding to augment negotiation and AI capabilities as well as scale operations. Pactum has also filed the patent this week related to its technology IP. Inefficient contracting has been estimated to cause firms to lose between 17% to 40% of the value on a given deal, depending on circumstances, according to research by KPMG. Pactum’s AI helps companies improve their bottom line by implementing bespoke negotiation services for large volumes of incremental partners in every market, that might have previously been unmanaged. Augmented artificial intelligence evaluates agreement terms and offers an unbiased resolution that can result in either business development or renewed agreements where both parties have been equally evaluated to support a fair deal. Based off of historical data, terms are suggested and discussed through an auto generated chat-like interface to generate a contract that is then ready for review and sign off.
The system is designed to align the values of both the Pactum client and their vendor by initially appraising each possible trade-off in the partnership. Thereafter it uses best-practice strategies to instigate a negotiation with the vendor in an easy-to-use chat interface. Through the system, win-win trade-offs are determined, with terms including payment time, cancellation terms, pricing, etc. The web-based tool’s applications range from supplier negotiations for online marketplaces to enterprise and retail procurement negotiations.

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Mapp Digital presenta Mapp Intelligence

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 settembre 2019

Con il lancio di “Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk” Mapp è entusiasta di introdurre sul mercato una piattaforma intuitiva che fornisce precisi customer insight alle aziende, in particolare dei settori e-commerce, retail, finance ed editoria. Questa innovazione è un passo importante verso l’integrazione del software di customer intelligence e marketing analytics di Webtrekk con Mapp Cloud, a seguito dell’acquisizione dell’azienda berlinese a inizio 2019.
Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk arricchisce il portfolio dell’azienda e va ad aggiungersi alle piattaforme Mapp Engage, motore di marketing automation cross-canale, e Mapp Acquire (DMP), per fornire ai marketer informazioni dettagliate sul comportamento online degli utenti. La soluzione di customer intelligence che rende possibile raccolta, analisi e attivazione di dati di prima parte è il “cervello” del marketing cloud di Mapp. Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk comprende le seguenti funzionalità:
• Intelligenza Artificiale: con l’uso dell’Intelligenza Artificiale i marketer possono prevedere in maniera accurata il customer lifetime value e le probabilità di conversione e abbandono del proprio sito, prevedendo i futuri trend di vendita e adeguando gli investimenti di marketing. La funzione Smart Alert rileva anomalie dei dati e le notifica automaticamente, permettendo di rilevare allo stesso tempo sia trend positivi, sia bug e malfunzionamenti per eliminarli il prima possibile.
• Customer Insight: identificazione di modelli comportamentali e presentazione degli stessi tramite dashboard facilmente personalizzabili. La funzione Path Analysis consente di visualizzare il customer journey e la prestazione di vendita dei prodotti per ottimizzare le strategie di comunicazione sui diversi canali.
• Web Personalization: la personalizzazione del sito web permette di presentare in tempo reale contenuti altamente rilevanti per gli utenti. Sulla base di specifici modelli comportamentali o profili utente predefiniti si possono attivare banner e overlay pubblicitari e assicurare la miglior customer experience possibile.
• Product Recommendation: Mapp Intelligence fornisce suggerimenti altamente personalizzati sulla base del comportamento d’acquisto di ciascun utente. Coloro che stanno per abbandonare il carrello vengono persuasi a finalizzare l’acquisto con offerte mirate direttamente sul sito web.
• Audience Stream: dati e segmenti di audience raccolti da siti web, app, email e social media vengono unificati e trasmessi in tempo reale a terze parti per realizzare campagne di remarketing personalizzate.

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VSE and Bidgely Pioneer Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Slovakian Customers

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 settembre 2019

Bidgely and Slovakia’s leading utility Východoslovenská energetika a.s. (VSE) have introduced an AI-powered customer engagement and energy efficiency offering that delivers a simplified and more transparent energy experience to VSE customers. The comprehensive UtilityAI services delivered through email, web, VSE call center and field energy advisors are creating new value from customers’ recently-installed smart meters and helping to ensure customers benefit from VSE’s variety of energy efficiency products and services. The initial pilot showed very high customer satisfaction with the services, with 97 percent of customers wanting them to continue and 95 percent finding them useful.
“VSE works to be a utility that offers far more than energy to our customers. Our extensive and well-established products and services marketplace and in-home energy consulting helps to support our customers’ energy goals,” said Miroslav Kulla, chief executive officer of VSE. “Integrating AI technology into our services creates an even more personalised experience for our customers – pinpointing specific opportunities for increased efficiency in their home and uniting the customer experience across each interaction with us.” VSE, part of RWE Group, provides electricity and gas to approximately 500,000 customers in Slovakia. The utility tapped Bidgely’s patented disaggregation technology for both smart and non-smart meters to create an integrated, omni-channel experience for their customer base. Emails with itemised energy usage by appliance creates awareness about consumption in the home. A web platform provides further insights for customers as well as an opportunity to complete their home profile for deeper personalisation. The VSE call center can then schedule a field agent for an in-home visit where highly-relevant products and services can be recommended. With the AI integration, all teams within the utility know which interactions have taken place and what results have been achieved with each individual customer.

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The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 Opened Grandly in Shanghai

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 3 settembre 2019

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 (WAIC 2019) opened grandly in Shanghai on August 29. With the theme of “Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Possibilities”, it gathers the world top minds for the highest-level AI academic discussion.Government officials and most influential AI scientists, entrepreneurs and investors across the world witnessed the grand opening of WAIC 2019.The most eye-catching dialogue between Jack Ma and Elon Musk talked about the impact of AI on human life, employment, life, consciousness and environment and inspired people’s imagination on the future AI world, marking the climax of the opening ceremony.
There are dozens of key sessions where industry leaders will focus on frontline algorithms, brain-inspired intelligence and AI chips and share latest research results and practice of key technologies; focus on autonomous driving, AI+5G and smart robots and analyze AI industry trends.
In addition to the knowledge feast, you don’t want to miss the world best AI innovation and application exhibition at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC).With an exhibition area of 15,000m2, the exhibition attracted ~300 exhibitors, 50% more than last year. Besides industry leaders like Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Microsoft and Amazon, AI ecosystem companies like Tesla, IBM, ABB, Ping An Group and State Grid demonstrated AI applications in different industries.

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Indian Artificial Intelligence

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 agosto 2019

The “India Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market: Prospects, Trends Analysis, Market Size and Forecasts up to 2024” report has been added to’s offering.
The country research report on India artificial intelligence (AI) market is a customer intelligence and competitive study of the India market. Moreover, the report provides deep insights into demand forecasts, market trends, and, micro and macro indicators in the India market. Also, factors that are driving and restraining the artificial intelligence (AI) market are highlighted in the study.This is an in-depth business intelligence report based on qualitative and quantitative parameters of the market. Additionally, this report provides readers with market insights and detailed analysis of market segments to possible micro levels. The companies and dealers/distributors profiled in the report include manufacturers & suppliers of artificial intelligence (AI) market in India.

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Threat Intelligence Report for the first half of 2019

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 7 agosto 2019

The report underscores how dramatically the cybercriminal business model has matured into an efficient, global operation and the increasing geographical diversity and proliferation of nation-state Advance Persistent Threats (APT) groups. It reinforces the need for companies to minimize risks by having a better view of the threat landscape.With the introduction of NETSCOUT’s Cyber Threat Horizon, users can leverage the platform’s visibility and situational awareness capability customized by geography and vertical industries, to gain perspective into emerging threats. These insights in turn allow businesses to identify and address potential risks within their security ecosystem. “Our latest Threat Intelligence Report underscores how cybercriminals and crimeware have not only gone to business school, but they can now teach classes,” said Hardik Modi, NETSCOUT’s senior director of threat intelligence. “With the cadence of attacks on the rise, businesses can no longer afford to compromise on security. IoT devices are under attack often within just five minutes of being powered up. The threats are real, and Cyber Threat Horizon gives businesses extensive visibility and clarity into the threat landscape, helping them to make the right security choices.”

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Punchh Launches Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 19 Mag 2019

Punchh, the leader in digital marketing solutions for physical retailers, today announced the launch of Punchh Deep Sentiment Analysis. The new product allows brands to extract valuable insights from customer reviews using Punchh’s natural language comprehension engine built with industry-leading deep learning and artificial intelligence.Punchh Deep Sentiment Analysis integrates seamlessly with the Punchh Marketing Cloud, offering real-time descriptive and predictive analytics in a user-friendly dashboard with one-click navigation. Its natural language processing model achieves human-level performance, defined as more than 93 percent accurate, and features multi-language support.
Punchh is the world leader in innovative digital marketing products for physical retailers, combining AI and machine learning technologies, mobile-first expertise, and omnichannel communications designed to dramatically increase lifetime customer value. Punchh offers partners access to real-time consumer information via a live dashboard, enabling them to create and launch campaigns, target specific user segments and review guest feedback. Marketers can connect with customers across any channel through loyalty, offers, ordering, payments, feedback, surveys, gift cards, games and more. More than 160 global enterprise brands rely on Punchh to grow revenue by building customer relationships at every stage, from anonymous to loyalist.

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New Artificial Intelligence Pipe Welding System Launching at OTC 2019

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 Mag 2019

The toughest welds to make are full penetration, single sided, V butt, pipe welds. Historically, ARC Specialties, a Houston-based developer of welding solutions, declined these jobs because joint fit-up was never repeatable. “Only human welders with a ‘golden arm’ able to compensate for variation in root openings, weld center lines, and groove volumes could handle this challenge,” says Dan Allford, President of ARC Specialties. “With the industry facing labor shortages, we decided to develop an intelligent machine with complete knowledge of pipe welding, with full motion and welding control.” The Artificial Intelligence Pipe Welding System (AIPW) incorporates the 6-axis UR5 collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots to carry out the challenging welds. “The UR5 now becomes our ‘golden arm’,” says Allford. “The UR5 is small enough to be portable yet still allows full freedom of motion for both the laser scanner and welding torch. Being collaborative the robot is able to safely work in close proximity to humans.” The AIPW officially launches at ARC Specialties’ booth 705 at the Offshore Technology Conference held in Houston, TX, May 6-9. Stuart Shepherd, Regional Sales Director of Universal Robots’ Americas division, is delighted to see the UR5 power ARC’s AIPW system. “This implementation underscores our collaborative robots’ ability to handle heavy-duty processing tasks that demand both high precision and real-time adaptability,” he says. “We’re excited to share this solution with the oil and gas industry.” The AIPW pre-scans the root opening (gap) using a 2D laser, then uses the data to generate the robot path and welding parameters. Gap variations are compensated for with changes in oscillation, torch position, travel speed and welding conditions. The UR5 positions the torch over a tack weld to start the arc to insure 100% root weld acceptance. Fill and cap pass programs are optimized to fill the groove using user selectable weave or stringer bead welding techniques. The AIPW uses the Miller Auto Continuum welding power supply to weld the root with Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD), then switches to pulsed spray for the fill and cap passes. This combination of Gas Metal Arc Welding techniques maximizes welding productivity while producing X-Ray quality, full penetration pipe welds.The AIPW follows two other successful welding solutions featuring Universal Robots developed by ARC Specialties; the MIG welding SnapWeld and the plasma cutting SnapCut. SnapWeld just became the first product ever to win New Equipment Digest’s Innovation Award two years in a row.

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Combining artificial intelligence and citizen science to improve wildlife surveys

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 31 marzo 2019

A research team testing the capacity of both citizen scientists and machine learning algorithms to help survey the annual wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania found that both methods could produce accurate animal counts, a boon for park managers.The iconic migration of 1.3 million blue wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) and 250,000 common zebra (Equus quagga) between Serengeti and the Masaai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is the largest terrestrial animal migration on Earth. The migration of so many herbivorous animals affects drives other biological process in the grassland ecosystem, including soil nutrient cycles, the balance of trees and grasses, and the abundance of insects, birds and carnivores. The population trend of the wildebeest in particular reflects levels of bushmeat poaching, disease, and other human disturbance. Understanding the health and dynamics of the migration is thus of key interest to both researcher and Park managers, yet the sheer numbers of animals have challenged monitoring efforts.
Scientists have most commonly estimated the population size of these migrating species by flying aerial transects, taking thousands of photographs, and counting the animals seen in the images. From these counts, they statistically estimate the density of animals in the region to come up with an overall population size.However, the labor-intensive task of manually counting the aerial images can take three or four skilled counters several weeks to complete, limiting team’s ability to make a timely, accurate population estimate.
The research team, comprised of researchers from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, the University of Cape Town in South Africa, the Field Museum of Natural History in the USA and the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, tested whether two newer strategies for analyzing images – citizen scientists and automated object detection algorithms – could speed the counting process while maintaining accurate wildebeest population estimates.

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exClone Launches Virtual Experts at Black & Veatch to Enhance Knowledge Utilization by Artificial Intelligence

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 25 marzo 2019

exClone Inc. announced the launch of its AI-based virtual experts at Black & Veatch as an enhancement to enterprise knowledge capture, utilization, communication, and search functionality.exClone’s virtual experts open a new, unprecedented window of communication between experts and employees in an enterprise. In addition to the documents of expertise written in the conventional manner, experts now may be represented virtually through a conversational AI system (chatbot) where the embedded knowledge comes from exClone’s platform that converts documents, such as MS Word or PDF, straight into chatbots. The conversational interaction delivered by such virtual experts helps workers access critical knowledge in a more productive way than by other conventional means such as search engines.exClone’s technology of converting documents into chatbots does not require any coding, availability of large data sets, long training cycles, or experience in AI. After deployed, the technology also allows “on-the-fly” teaching of virtual experts through conversations undertaken by designated teachers. As a result, virtual experts remain dynamic sources of knowledge updated as often as needed without a redeployment process. Workers’ unanswered questions beyond the scope of the deployed knowledge may be quickly answered by designated teachers thus introducing a new social connection and communication paradigm across the enterprise.Alan Young, the CEO of exClone, said, “If messaging tools can be used to get answers from friends, we should be able to get answers from virtual experts embedded with knowledge from enterprise documents.” He added, “The connection between experts and workers in an enterprise is elevated to a new dimension with virtual experts, and we are proud to lead this new paradigm with visionary companies like Black & Veatch.”

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Levi Strauss & Co. Names Chief Strategy and Artificial Intelligence Officer

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 24 febbraio 2019

Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) today announced that Katia Walsh will join the company as senior vice president and chief strategy and artificial intelligence officer, effective April 29, 2019. In a role designed to help the company translate data analytics into meaningful decisions that drive business value and competitive advantage, Walsh will be responsible for building the data, analytics and artificial intelligence enablers to support LS&Co.’s global business across innovation incubation, new business models and strategic growth initiatives. She will report to Chip Bergh, president and chief executive officer, and will be a member of LS&Co.’s global leadership team.Walsh joins LS&Co. from Vodafone, where she was the company’s first chief data and analytics officer, responsible for the company’s success in providing a predictive, proactive, and personalized experience as part of its digital transformation. At Vodafone, Walsh also contributed to the use of data and artificial intelligence for social good. She is a member of Unicredit’s Transformation and Innovation Advisory Board and River Island’s Digital Advisory Board, as well as Strategy Advisor to, a free data science training program. Walsh was named the UK’s Data Leader of the Year for the past two years by the Women in IT Awards series.
Walsh has held strategic data analytics leadership positions at Prudential Financial and Fidelity Investments, where she drove customer-centric innovations. She is passionate about diversity and mentoring youth. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia in Strategic Communication with a specialization in quantitative methodology.

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Master in sicurezza economica geopolitica e intelligence

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 gennaio 2019

Roma, dal 22 febbraio al 19 luglio 2019 SIOI Master in sicurezza economica geopolitica e intelligence giunto alla VII edizione, nasce dalla collaborazione tra la SIOI e il Dipartimento delle Informazioni per la Sicurezza (DIS), avviata nel 2013, con l’obiettivo di formare esperti con specifiche competenze nell’analisi dei rischi e delle opportunità dei mercati e nell’elaborazione delle informazioni politiche, economiche e di sicurezza in grado di garantire scelte strategiche efficaci sia nel mondo istituzionale, sia in quello aziendale.
Geopolitica degli scenari internazionali, intelligence istituzionale ed economica, protezione delle infrastrutture critiche, Analisi geo-economica dei mercati internazionali sono solo alcuni moduli del percorso del master completato da seminari esperienziali dedicati alle soft skills e da incontri con esperti della sicurezza internazionale.Per i giovani laureati, a completamento del percorso formativo, farà seguito un periodo di tirocinio curriculare presso Organizzazioni o Istituzioni internazionali, Amministrazioni e Enti pubblici, Associazioni private e imprese.La SIOI mette a disposizione 3 borse di studio per la partecipazione al Master in Sicurezza Economica, Geopolitica e Intelligence.La scadenza per la presentazione delle domande è l’11 febbraio 2019.Per informazioni e modalità di partecipazione si consulti il bando al seguente link:

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Panasonic Named Scanner Line of the Year in 2019 Keypoint Intelligence

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 12 gennaio 2019

Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, announced today that Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI), the world’s leading independent provider of testing services and analytical information for the document imaging industry, selected Panasonic as its Scanner Line of the Year winner. The award comes on the heels of Panasonic’s recent BLI 2018 Summer and Winter Scanner Pick Awards.
To determine the Scanner Line of the Year award recipient, Buyers Lab analysts consider current scanners in the OEM’s line that have been submitted for lab testing. To judge the overall quality of the line, analysts look at the overall rating a scanner received after testing, as well as the ratings in key categories such as Reliability, Productivity, Media Handling, Image Quality, Ease of Setup, Drivers/Utilities, OCR Performance, and Value. Panasonic’s innovative line of document scanners was named Line of the Year for their ease of use, impressive media handling capabilities, reliable performance and Image Capture Plus and Image Capture Plus Express software.“No one wants to spend a lot of time scanning documents—especially talented professionals who have bigger fish to fry. They want to drop their documents in to the feeder, hit a button or two, and then get back to the task at hand,” said Lee Davis, Editor of Scanner and Software Evaluation for Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab. “Panasonic’s portfolio of scanners—from their little desktop scanners all the way up to their big production units—make scanning as simple as possible. Users don’t have to spend a lot of time configuring jobs, or cleaning up scanned images, or organizing batches, or moving scans from their desktop to the application they use to get the job done. All of these things and more are just a button away. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s convenient. And it’s why Panasonic has won Buyers Lab’s 2019 Scanner Line of the Year.”

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Published a case study about Evisort, an Artificial Intelligence

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 dicembre 2018

Columbia Business School data scientist Professor Daniel Guetta, Director of the Business Analytics Initiative at Columbia Business School and Columbia Engineering, has published a case study about Evisort, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enhanced document management and data analytics solution for contracts developed by Harvard Law and MIT researchers. Guetta begins teaching the Evisort case study today in a new Business Analytics MBA class, the latest in Columbia’s growing data- and analytics-focused offerings for MBAs. The case study, entitled: “Evisort: An A.I.-Powered Start-up Uses Text Mining to Become Google for Contracts,” will be joined by a technical case study counterpart in the near future.
Guetta describes Evisort as a compelling, versatile solution for AI-driven contract data mining, with strong core utility for lawyers. He notes that, in addition to their significant usefulness for attorneys, contract analytics also have vast mainstream potential to assist a wide range of corporate professionals in finance and operations. Guetta also acknowledged that artificial intelligence techniques such as those used by Evisort could also be used to harvest data from many types of business documents in addition to contracts.“Contracts are the scaffolding of the modern company,” says Guetta. “Every department and process within an organization is ruled by contracts including legal, employment, supply chain, pricing, inventory, and more. Extracting data from contracts is not only of paramount importance to lawyers in an organization, but it also has a much more enterprise-wide, holistic reach with infinite applications.”
Guetta continues, “Extending far beyond legal tech and contracts, contract-focused business intelligence solutions can form the basis of hundred-million-dollar savings for corporations because contracts contain so much essential corporate data. Text mining drastically reduces the need for manual data searching, reporting and human reading of contracts except in the most complex cases. Evisort is particularly impressive because it demonstrates both the power and limits of AI. Even when human review is necessary, Evisort provides a suite of non-AI-enhanced tools to go the last mile if needed and reduce review time significantly.”Evisort CEO Jerry Ting and COO Jake Sussman were Harvard Law School students when they co-founded the company in 2016 with CTO Amine Anoun, then a graduate MIT student. All three men have since graduated and are now full-time executives at Evisort. Evisort is backed by leading venture capitalists including Amity Ventures and Village Global which has investors like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates.Ting explains, “You can break down a company into its entire value chain by looking at its contracts…a business intelligence platform centered around contracts can become a business intelligence platform for the whole company, from operations, to supply chain, to advertising. Evisort has unlimited potential for corporations and law firms to mine any type of data.”
Guetta’s Business Analytics class at Columbia Business School introduces MBAs to advanced topics in artificial intelligence. This class is the latest in a series of data- and analytics-focused classes at the business school, including classes on databases, Python, R, and applied data science. The Columbia Evisort case study is now available on the Columbia Caseworks website here.

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Security Intelligence, Opportunity and Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 21 ottobre 2018

The “Secured IoT: Worldwide IoT Security Intelligence, Opportunity, & Innovation 2018 to 2025” report has been added to’s offering. This research forecasts that the IoT security market will grow to become a US$61.39 billion industry in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 32% during 2018-2025. The IoT is exceedingly penetrating from industries to consumer and civil applications such as connected homes, connected cars, health monitoring and smart utility meters. It’s true that IoT devices offer exciting opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and engagement. However, they also introduce new security challenges. Which is not just about tapping billions of devices, but also different operating systems, networks, and protocols. Already we are seeing hacks on IoT applications. In 2012, a malware infected high-risk pregnancy monitors at a Boston hospital in the US. The malware slowed down fetal monitors used on women with high-risk pregnancies being treated in intensive-care wards. In 2014, the European crime agency Europol warned that the IoT creates new types of risks and threats not only in consumer applications but also in critical infrastructure control systems. In 2016, a group of Chinese researchers found vulnerabilities in the Taiwanese-made Edimax smart plug, a device routinely used for home automation. The team was able to gain access to user credentials by exploiting cryptographic flaws. In 2017, Xiongmai Technology, an IoT camera manufacturer from Hangzhou admitted its cameras had been exploited by the Mirai malware to form part of a botnet and launch a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack targeting websites including Twitter, PayPal, and Spotify. The assault was one of the worst in US history. These are not isolated cases; numerous other security flaws are being reported frequently from all over the world. The research tried to find out why are IoT solutions not secure and is it really that difficult to achieve. Our study revealed that the competition in the IoT space is so ruthless that vendors are rushing products to the market, with security often added as an afterthought (if at all) rather than being built-in from the start. For IoT service providers, speed of delivery and low cost are more important than robust security and thorough testing. It doesn’t help that, currently, IoT devices lack a common set of compliance requirements. However, the scenario is going to change soon as next potential IoT adopter (Industry, consumer or government) refuses to embrace IoT solution lacking strong inbuilt security features. The growing penetration of IoT devices will also force governments to set standard for IoT devices and strict guidelines for security and privacy of data and parties who will be accountable in cases if security is compromised. This has opened the door to innovation and added a new dimension to the global competition among IoT security solutions providers. The role of specialised IoT security solutions will eventually grow as the market matures.

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The Societal Impact of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 settembre 2018

Bruges on 10 October 2018, the Google Chair in Digital Innovation at the College of Europe organizes a seminar dealing with the Societal Impact of Robots and Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with representatives of Waseda University in Tokyo. The event begins with a presentation by Professor Toshie TAKAHASHI of the School of Culture, Media and Society at Waseda University, Tokyo. Professor TAKAHASHI’s presentation starts at 14:00, and will be followed by remarks by Professor Andrea RENDA, holder of the Google Chair, who will illustrate the current state of the debate on artificial intelligence in Europe. Comments will be provided by Professor Shuji HASHIMOTO and Professor Yoshiyuki SHIRAKAWA of Waseda University, followed by a debate with the audience. The event ends at 15:30.

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G7 Speakers: Greater parliamentary scrutiny over intelligence services is needed

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 11 settembre 2018

EP Vice-President Pavel Telička is due to address the G7 Speakers’ Conference in Canada tomorrow on parliamentary oversight of intelligence activities.The Conference, gathering speakers from G7 countries’ parliaments and the European Parliament, is taking place in Halifax, Canada from 6 to 8 September and focussing on “Parliamentary Oversight and National Security”.Vice President Pavel Telička, due to address the Conference tomorrow morning on behalf of EP President Antonio Tajani, will stress the need to extend parliamentary oversight of operations by intelligence services at EU level, following increased cooperation among Member States.He will say:
“Operations of intelligence authorities fall within the competence of Member States”, but “recent events have pointed to the need to increase cooperation between national intelligence services and their supervisory bodies across the Union.” “In the European Parliament’s opinion, national parliaments should ensure meaningful oversight of intelligence activities. This implies that the committees and bodies in charge of such an oversight should have sufficient resources, technical expertise and legal means, as well as access to all relevant documents. At the same time, the European Parliament has consistently insisted, in various resolutions, on the need to strike the right balance between enhancing security, and ensuring democratic oversight.”
“It is our view that proper scrutiny should also be exerted at the EU level. In general, the European Parliament has a range of supervisory and control powers over security institutions such as Europol, Eurojust or the European Union’s Situation Centre (Sitcen). Nevertheless, we could do even more to improve democratic oversight on the European level, including developing rules for the European Parliament to have access to classified information.”

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