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Next week in the committee on foreign interference

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 novembre 2020

Brussels Wednesday, 2 December 2020, 9:00-12:00 and Brussels Thursday, 3 December 2020, 13:45-15:45 Both meetings are held with physical and remote participation (Members are able to view and listen to the proceedings, ask for the floor and intervene in the meeting, and vote).Following Thursday’s meeting, at 16:00 the chair of the committee, Raphaël Glucksmann (S&D, FR) holds a press conference. Venue: Anna Politkovskaya press room, SPAAK 0A50. The press conference will be accessible remotely. On political funding by legal or illegal entities and straw donors from third countries, with freelance journalist Stefano Vergine, Falter chief reporter Nina Horaczek, openDemocracy investigations editor Peter Geoghegan, and Josh Rudolph of the Alliance for Securing Democracy. (Wednesday) With Commission Vice-Presidents Věra Jourová, in charge of Values and Transparency, presenting the European Democracy Action Plan unveiled the previous day, and Margaritis Schinas, discussing, among others, the EU’s response to foreign interference through the EU Security Strategy and ways to make European societies more resilient to hybrid threats. (Thursday) Next meeting on 11 January 2021.

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Friday: meeting of the committee on foreign interference

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 ottobre 2020

Brussels, Antall 6Q1 Friday, 2 October 2020, 9.00 – 11.00 and 12.00-13.00 he meeting is held with remote participation (Members are able to view and listen to the proceedings, ask for the floor and intervene in the meeting, and vote). Exchange of views: • on foreign interference linked to breaches of crucial electoral rules and political financing, with Marie-Hélène Boulanger, Union citizenship rights and Free movement, DG JUST, European Commission, and Raquel Cortés Herrera, Relations with the European Parliament & Consultative Committees, Secretariat-General, European Commission (9:00-10:00) • on foreign interference linked to the use of social media platforms, with Paolo Cesarini, Media Convergence and Social Media, DG CONNECT, European Commission (10:00-11:00), and • with experts at EU DisinfoLab: research coordinator Roman Adamczyk, managing director Gary Machado, and executive director Alexandre Alaphilippe (12:00-13:00)

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Foreign interference committee starts its work, Raphaël Glucksmann presiding

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 settembre 2020

Raphaël Glucksmann (S&D, FR)“In recent years, European democracies have been the target of coordinated attacks from the outside, aiming at weakening our institutions and subverting our public debate. We simply do not have the right to be naïve anymore. In the next 12 months, we’ll work together to precisely identify the threat and will propose efficient responses and new legislation to counter it”, said the Chair upon his election by acclamation. See his press statement here. The first regular meeting of the special committee is on Thursday, 24 September at 13:45. Live streaming of tomorrow’s meeting will be available here.The Committee on Foreign Interference in All Democratic Processes in the EU, Including Disinformation (INGE) was set up at a June plenary session with a mandate to deal with the following: • analysing investigations showing that crucial electoral rules have been breached in circumvented especially in the field of third country campaign financing; • examining national legislation on political funding; • suggesting rules to force social media companies to clearly label posts aimed to undermine democratic processes and spread hate-speech; • exploring how responsibility for countering foreign interference in the democratic processes can be extended to the private sector, including to social media and tech companies; • suggesting coordinated action on EU-level against hybrid threats targeting, among others, lawmakers, journalists and political parties; • countering information campaigns by malign third countries aimed at fostering discord in the EU; and • examining security breaches inside the EU institutions. The 33-member committee will summarize its findings in a report to be adopted by the end of its one-year mandate.

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Recent Advances in Causal Inference for Policy Evaluation

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 23 Maggio 2017

Roma Fino al 31 Maggio 2017 Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, Aula 3B Via Gabriello Chiabrera, 199.The Department of Political Science, University Roma Tre has organized an international workshop: Recent Advances in Causal Inference for Policy Evaluation to be held from May 4th to May 31st. that is endorsed by Italian Association of Regional Science (AISRe). This is an advanced workshop in policy evaluation, focused on several econometric methods used to draw causal claims about the effectiveness of public policies and programs. The topics covered have special salience in the field of program evaluation. Often depending on the identification strategy used, different empirical studies might give different or even opposite answers to the same policy question. For this reason, it is crucial to understand pro and cons of the research designs and the econometric tools employed to generate such findings. To this end, the workshop will present recent advances in the field of casual inference such as mediation analysis, interaction among units, sample selection, and endogeneity in the presence of heterogeneous effects. Schedule: May: 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 30, 31 Weekly Seminars on May 2017 Guest Speakers: Giovanni Mellace, University of Southern Denmark May: 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 30, 31 Laura Forastiere, University of Florence May: 18 The venue is Department of Political Science, University Roma Tre, Via Gabriello Chiabrera, 199 Rome.

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The Economist in edicola oggi

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 21 gennaio 2011

Questa settimana segnalo nella sezione Europe: –  L’editoriale su  Berlusconi: A party Animal – Why the prime minister may yet survive his latest sordid sex scandals   –  L’editoriale sulla Spagna e Zapatero: A great burden for Zapatero to bear – The Spanish prime minister has become reluctant convert reform – but maybe too little, too late  –  L’articolo sulla Francia: Ties across the Mediterranean – A principle of non-interference that is not always applied in practice –  La rubrica Charlemagne sulla crisi dell’euro: The name’s Bond. Eurobond – The European Union finds an unexpected new hero in the financial markets  Mentre nella sezione Leaders:-   Lo special report che si occupa dibattito sull’ineguaglianza e le differenze di reddito: The rich and the rest – What to do (and not do)about inequality. –   L’editoriale sulla valuta cinese: The rise of the redback – China will have to open its financial market if it wants the yuan to rival the dollar –  L’analisi sulla BP e la Russia: How bad is BP? – Russia is an unsavoury place to do business;that does not make BP’s Russian deal wrong
Editor’s highlights  Around the world inequality is once again becoming an issue. China’s president, Britain’s prime minister, America’s second-richest man and the head of the International Monetary Fund have all worried, loudly and publicly, about the dangers of a rising gap between the rich and the rest. A survey of those due to gather in Davos next week named it as one of the two main global problems. This week we have a special report on the new global elite. In our cover leader, we argue much of the recent hand-wringing about widening inequality is based on sloppy thinking. In many cases it is part of a meritocratic process. Rather than attacking inequality itself, politicians should strike at the most pernicious, unfair sorts of income disparity and allow more people to move upwards. That would also boost growthTunisia’s lesson for the Arabs Let the scent of jasmine spread The science of sexual abstinence Restraint can be good for you Could the yuan replace the dollar as the reserve currency? Only if China opens up its markets Black gold and tar sands Alberta’s story Chinese mothers: not that good really Seen from Asia, the tiger mum phenomenon looks rather more complicated.

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