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Monarch Private Capital Tax Equity Investment Helps to Create New Futures for Historic Landmark

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 luglio 2018

Monarch Private Capital (MPC), the most diversified investor in tax credit projects, is pleased to announce the completion of the renovation of the historic Hotel Clermont located in Atlanta, Georgia. The tax equity investment generated tax credits that not only helped to preserve the cultural icon but to help create new futures and vitality to the dynamic Poncey-Highland neighborhood.The famous landmark was initially an apartment complex built in 1924 and converted to a hotel in 1939. It has become popular among the creative, film, foreign and local professionals.
In 2009 the Hotel Clermont fell into foreclosure and sat unoccupied for several years until BNA Associates had the vision to transform and acquire the property in 2012. The innovative plans received overwhelming approval from the community. Everything was moving forward until they hit unforeseen issues, such as replacing a city sewer line, that added millions to the cost of the refurbishment.In 2015, the Georgia Assembly passed House Bill 308, raising the tax credit allowance for historic structures from $300,000 to $5,000,000. That change is what gave the iconic Hotel Clermont a hope for new life.“Bringing back the Hotel Clermont would not have been financially feasible without historic tax credits,” said Philip Welker, Principal for BNA Associates, “The cost to do what needed to be done would not have made sense.”Restoring the Hotel Clermont not only saved it from demolition by another developer but has provided other benefits that also protect the distinctive character of the neighborhood. The boutique hotel has 94 rooms and appealing amenities are drawing crowds, such as French style brasserie restaurant called Tiny Lou’s and rooftop bar with one of the best views of the city. The hotel now employs over 100 direct jobs, plus those employed through ancillary services.“For nearly ten years the vacant Hotel Clermont sat in a state of disrepair and its only contribution to the community was in the form property taxes,” said Welker. “Now, based on our projected revenue from the hotel rooms, bars and Tiny Lou’s, we’re looking at over one million in state & local tax revenues per year and over a hundred jobs & employment taxes.”
“Hotel Clermont is convenient for business travellers, but many Atlantans are staying there for a weekend getaway. The location is close to so many entertainment options. If you don’t have a reservation for Tiny Lou’s, expect a two-hour wait,” said Delmer who has eaten there several times. “The level of service provided by the hotel and restaurant staff is memorable.”

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Cliently Receives SC Launch, Inc. Investment

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 luglio 2018

SC Launch, Inc. recently finalized an investment for Cliently, based in Myrtle Beach, SC. The company was accepted into SCRA’s Entrepreneurial Programs as a Client Company in July 2017.
Cliently is a lead generation and retention platform that helps companies of all sizes engage with potential prospects. The company’s workflow automation creates personalized content, such as emails, postcards, video messages, branded merchandise and even real phone calls, to create opportunities without hours of prospecting. The company received a $50,000 Acceleration Grant in September 2017, which was used to build out version 2.0 and accelerate revenue growth. The $200,000 investment will be used toward continued revenue growth and new product development.
“We are extremely excited to continue the partnership with SCRA,” said Spencer Farber, Cliently Founder and CEO. “With their resources and the SC Launch funding, we will be able to further enhance our clients’ ability to increase engagement with their leads and prospects.”“We look forward to the continued growth of Cliently and their impact in the Myrtle Beach area and beyond,” said Jill Sorensen, SCRA Director of Entrepreneurial Programs. “The team’s innovative technologies are changing the marketplace.”SCRA is a state-chartered organization that fosters job creation and grows South Carolina’s Innovation Economy. Through SCRA’s Entrepreneurial Program, early-stage companies are provided mentoring and grants and may be eligible for an investment from SC Launch, Inc. The program is open to qualified South Carolina companies in the Advanced Materials/Manufacturing, Information Technology and Life Sciences industries.

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“Al via in Italia il fondo Threadneedle (Lux) Global Investment Grade Credit Opportunities Fund”

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 3 luglio 2018

Columbia Threadneedle Investments – società di asset management leader a livello globale appartenente al Gruppo Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE: AMP) – aggiorna la propria offerta nel mercato italiano con l’autorizzazione alla vendita retail del fondo Threadneedle (Lux) Global Investment Grade Credit Opportunities, la nuova strategia di credito a rendimento assoluto globale. Il comparto mira a conseguire rendimenti superiori rispetto alla liquidità investendo principalmente nelle migliori opportunità offerte dai mercati investment grade globali. In particolare, il fondo è in grado di generare rendimenti positivi indipendentemente dall’andamento di mercato, assumendo posizioni corte o lunghe sul rischio relativo al mercato obbligazionario e a esposizioni a singoli emittenti in mercati sia ribassisti che rialzisti. Il fondo ha inoltre la possibilità di investire in asset-backed securities in mercati sviluppati e in obbligazioni societarie di mercati emergenti, nonché nel segmento ad alto rendimento dei mercati sviluppati fino a un massimo del 10%. Tali investimenti sono prevalentemente orientati al debito subordinato di emittenti investment grade.I gestori del fondo, entrambi basati a Londra, sono Alasdair Ross, Responsabile credito investment grade EMEA e Ryan Staszewski, Senior portfolio manager investment grade tra i principali gestori obbligazionari strategici UK ed europei di Columbia Threadneedle. Il team intende emulare l’efficace approccio di investimento già attuato nel Threadneedle Credit Opportunities Fund, la cui sezione Investment Grade ha contribuito a oltre la metà della performance del fondo dal suo lancio più di nove anni fa.”Il nostro approccio alla gestione di strategie di credito poggia su un’intensa attività di ricerca sui fondamentali e ha permesso al team di generare interessanti rendimenti corretti per il rischio lungo l’intero ciclo. Il nostro stile di gestione è avvalorato da un lungo track record di successi nel conseguimento di positivi rendimenti attraverso le tradizionali strategie di credito long-only e absolute return come ad esempio nella sezione Investment Grade del Threadneedle Credit Opportunities Fund, comparto che abbiamo gestito negli ultimi nove anni.” commenta Alasdair Ross, Responsabile credito investment grade EMEA presso Columbia Threadneedle Investments. Ryan Staszewski, Senior portfolio manager investment grade, aggiunge: “La nostra squadra specializzata in investment grade a livello globale è composta da 13 professionisti con una importante expertise nel fornire approfondite due diligence sugli emittenti nonchè una visione chiara delle tendenze settoriali e di mercato sviluppate nel corso di molteplici cicli economici e del credito. Collaboriamo costanemente in un ambiente collegiale e interattivo che aiuta a fare emergere le migliori idee di investimento.” Alessandro Aspesi, Country Head Italy Columbia Threadneedle Investments, conclude: “Riteniamo che il lancio di questo comparto a rendimento assoluto sia quanto più opportuno nell’attuale fase del ciclo economico. Grazie a un approccio long/short e a un sistema di gestione e ricerca a livello globale, il team di investimento godrà di tutta la flessibilità necessaria per mettere a frutto le proprie competenze di investimento nel credito globale, puntando ad ottenere solidi rendimenti corretti per il rischio a prescindere dall’andamento del mercato.”Columbia Threadneedle, operativa in Italia dal 2007, è una tra le principali società di gestione internazionali, con un patrimonio in gestione pari a EUR 395 miliardi al 31 marzo 2018 e soluzioni di investimento che coprono azioni dei mercati sviluppati ed emergenti, reddito fisso, soluzioni multi-asset e strumenti alternativi. La società si avvale attualmente di un team di 450 professionisti ed esperti nelle diverse aree di investimento, distribuiti in Nord America, Europa e Asia.

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A.M. Best to Present at the 2018 AAM Insurance Investment Management Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 giugno 2018

A.M. Best will participate in the 2018 AAM Insurance Investment Management Conference, June 28-29, 2018, at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center, Chicago, IL.Stefan Holzberger, senior managing director and chief rating officer, and Andrea Keenan, senior managing director, industry relations, will hold a session, titled, “A.M. Best Presents: A 25-Year Insurance Industry Look Back & Look Ahead,” on Thursday, June 28, at 8:45 a.m. (CDT). In this session, attendees will receive an informed look at key issues affecting the insurance marketplace in the last 25 years, as well as critical insight to help anticipate and manage challenges in the future—all from A.M. Best’s unique perspective on the industry.A.M. Best provides Financial Strength, Long- and Short-Term Issuer Credit and Long- and Short-Term Issue Credit Ratings for insurers worldwide. Visit for Best’s Credit Ratings and Best’s Credit Rating Methodology, which explains the rating process.

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The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft continues its successful course

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 19 maggio 2018

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V., headquartered in Munich, operates 72 Fraunhofer institutes and facilities throughout Germany. Around 25,000 employees, most of whom have natural science or engineering qualifications, generate an annual financial volume of 2.3 billion euros. Of this amount, almost 2.0 billion euros are attributable to the service area of contract research. With a share of around 90 percent, this area is the core business of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The contract research budget grew in 2017 by 6 percent to 1992 million euros compared to the previous year. Overall, the financial volume in 2017 was more strongly influenced by investments than in the previous year. With a total of 346 million euros, Fraunhofer invested 52 percent more than in the previous year and was therefore able to catch up with the high level of previous years.Among the research institutions in Germany, Fraunhofer remains at the forefront in terms of the number of inventions, newly registered patents and the total number of industrial property rights. Fraunhofer also occupies an excellent position compared to industrial companies. In 2017, the employees of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft applied for patents for 756 inventions. Of these, 602 were filed as priority-based patent applications with the patent offices; this is more than two patent applications per working day.
Fraunhofer is continually developing its own research portfolio and initiating new trends in technology, not only in existing Fraunhofer Institutes, but also through the integration of external facilities as well as the development of new project groups and their transfer to independent Fraunhofer Institutes.In 2017, the integration of two external institutions, the establishment of two Fraunhofer institutes and a Fraunhofer facility was initiated, leading to Fraunhofer operating a total of 72 Fraunhofer Institutes and Research Institutions since the beginning of 2018. After the general election, the promotion of education and research remains an important political focus. The budget of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) rose to 17.6 billion euros in 2017, an increase of 8 percent over the previous year. And the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft was able to benefit from this, too. With effect for the first time in 2017, the Bundestag adopted an increase in basic funding by 60 million euros from federal funds. The federal states of Germany joined the increase and added another 7 million euros as part of the 90:10 financing. As a result of sustained strong growth in project revenues, the share of basic funding in the total budget of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has tended to decline in recent years and has now been increased again to around one third, according to the Fraunhofer model.New developments in the economy, society and technology always present new challenges. This includes the increasing complexity of globally networked value chains as well as the penetration of digital transformation in many sectors of the economy and society.
The investment portfolio was very dynamic in 2017. As of the balance sheet date, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft was involved in a total of 85 companies from a wide variety of industries. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft invested a total of one million euros in the equity of its investments. Eight companies were added in which the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft participates in the share capital/capital stock.After around 15 years in office, Prof. Alfred Gossner concluded his mandate as executive vice president of Finances, Controlling and IT on December 31, 2017. Fraunhofer thanks Alfred Gossner for his many years of successful work. As a successor, the Fraunhofer Senate unanimously elected Diplom-Kaufmann Andreas Meuer as the new executive vice president of Controlling and Digital Business Processes. Andreas Meuer has been with Fraunhofer since 1992 and has held various senior roles ever since. Most recently, he was Director of Finances, Accounting and Economic Planning. The new naming of the division reflects the future focus of the department. Within the Fraunhofer 2022 Agenda, the Fraunhofer Digital project, which is anchored in the Controlling and Digital Business Processes division, is pursuing the strategic goal of establishing at Fraunhofer the most efficient digital administration among the research organizations. (Abstract)

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Nature Nate’s Honey Makes Investment to Save the Bees with Cornell University

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 aprile 2018

Nature Nate’s Honey Co., producer of 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey and the number-one branded honey company in the U.S., today announced its investment in the Department of Entomology at Cornell University. The donation will go toward honey bee health research that is being undertaken by the department.“We’re committed to serving the entire honey ecosystem, from beekeepers to global communities, beginning with the bees,” said Nathan Sheets, Founder and CEO of Nature Nate’s. “We’re proud to support the Entomology Department at Cornell University and their research that will directly impact the health of bees and beekeepers across the U.S. for many years to come.”
The Department of Entomology, part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell, has many programs that support the research of honey bee health under its Pollinator Network. The Pollinator Network is a multidisciplinary group of researchers, extension personnel, and students that collectively work to understand wild and managed pollinators across the world. The Pollinator Network is a leader in bee research and prioritizes working closely with US beekeepers to address real-world problems. Cornell CALS offers more than 20 majors for research and study, ranging from community and rural development and environmental and natural resources to applied economics and the life sciences.“We are so excited to see honey companies passionate about bee research and dedicated to maintaining a sustainable beekeeping industry,” says Emma Mullen, Honey Bee Extension Associate at Cornell University. “This generous support from Nature Nate’s Honey Co. will allow us to investigate the issues contributing to colony declines and develop creative solutions to protect honey bees.” This investment is part of a larger conservation effort by Nature Nate’s. The company provides industry-leading testing capabilities, free of charge, for its network of beekeepers to ensure that their honey is free from adulterants like pesticides. The company will also support other apiary programs at leading universities, including University of Georgia, University of Texas at Dallas and Texas A&M University. “To us, education is the key to finding a solution to the bee population issues and ensuring the health of bee colonies across the world, and we are proud to support the groundbreaking research that these prestigious universities have undertaken,” continued Sheets.

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FLIR Systems Completes Strategic Investment in DroneSense

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 aprile 2018

FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) and DroneSense, Inc. announced today that FLIR has completed a strategic investment in DroneSense, makers of a unique software platform that serves the growing needs of public safety organizations in utilizing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to better perform their missions.The minority investment by FLIR in DroneSense will create opportunities for the companies to collaborate and share their respective expertise and customer relationships to develop and bring to market advanced UAS operating, management, and reporting systems. FLIR’s advanced thermal imaging payloads for UAS platforms provide first responders a new sense of awareness by imaging heat, seeing through smoke, and seeing at night. DroneSense’s comprehensive solution will enable first responders of all types to build and scale their UAS programs with full accountability and transparency. Together, the FLIR and DroneSense offerings will enhance situational awareness, act as a force multiplier, and ultimately save more lives as organizations continue to integrate UAS into daily missions.“This alliance with DroneSense will help bring to market a truly mission-critical solution needed by first responders to effectively deploy a complete UAS program across their organizations,” said James Cannon, President and CEO of FLIR. “We believe this platform is scalable geographically, across multiple markets, and across multiple FLIR Business Units. While focused today on UASs, we see longer term opportunity for the solution to be extendable to other forms of sensing devices.”

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Root Insurance Closes $51 Million Investment to Expand Customized Auto Insurance

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 30 marzo 2018

Root Insurance, the first car insurance company to incorporate individual driving behavior in every quote, announced today the closing of a $51-million Series C funding round led by Redpoint Ventures, with Scale Venture Partners and existing partners Ribbit Capital and Silicon Valley Bank Capital Partners also participating in the round. The company will use the new funding to expand into additional states and continue to invest in technology that significantly improves the customer experience. Root is a full-stack automobile insurance company founded on the principle of fundamental fairness. While most car insurance companies rely solely on demographic data like age, occupation and credit score to set rates, Root leverages its proprietary mobile app to give drivers customized quotes based primarily on actual driving behavior such as hard brakes, aggressive turns, and mileage driven. Because individual driving behavior is the biggest factor in Root’s rating algorithm, good drivers can save significantly—up to 52 percent off traditional insurance rates.”As Root reinvents car insurance, we are excited to have Redpoint and ScaleVP add to the experience and expertise provided by our current investors”, said Alex Timm, CEO and Co-Founder of Root. “Our technology allows us to give drivers rates based primarily on factors they can actually control, bringing fairness to a broken and antiquated industry. We are leveraging mobile technology and artificial intelligence to reimagine the way insurance works.”Since its launch in Ohio in 2016, Root has expanded to eleven additional states and is poised to be nearly national by 2019. The company has also gained national attention for its data-based approach to individualized insurance pricing and embrace of semi-autonomous driving technology—in 2017, Root became the first insurance company in the nation to offer a discount for the use of Tesla’s AutoPilot technology.“Root’s model of using mobile phone data to reward safe driving is fair to drivers, economically rational, and represents an impressive technical accomplishment,” said Elliot Geidt, a partner at Redpoint Ventures who will join Root’s Board of Directors. “Alex and his team have deep domain knowledge and a bold vision to redefine how auto insurance works. I am thrilled to partner with the Root team and look forward to their next phase of growth.”

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Catella Property Investment Management increased AuM 33% in 2017 to EUR 5.6 billion

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 9 marzo 2018

Catella’s regulated fund operations in Germany, CREAG, and the specialised residential and student housing portfolio manager CRIM were the biggest contributors to the growth in assets under management (AuM) and profitability. The capital flows to German funds were strong, totalling approximately EUR 900 million in AuM growth. The fastest growing fund, Catella Wohnen Europa, targets German investors, while its property investments are made throughout Europe. Within two years the fund’s AuM have grown to EUR 590 million, with 3,000 residential units in five European countries. Another successful fund launch was Catella Modernes Wohnen, which has reached EUR 100 million in AuM after only six months of operating. The existing property funds of CREAG executed transactions worth approximately EUR 550 million, with net AuM growth of EUR 320 million, and delivered returns above their target.In the project development service area, Catella’s German project management unit CPM was able to achieve major progress in rezoning an old postal logistics site in Dusseldorf’s central business district. Grand Central is a major urban planning project in Dusseldorf, with approximately 140,000 m2 gross floor area of residential, hotel and mixed-use building rights. CPM operates nationwide in residential and commercial developments, and is managing projects with a total underlying market value of EUR 1.0 billion. In France, Catella Asset Management had a successful year, in particular by closing the acquisition of around 200 office and light industrial real estate assets from EDF Group. The portfolio covers floor space of approximately 400,000 m2. In 2017, Catella started new regional asset management operations in Sweden, Benelux and Germany. After having expanded the regional platform to a total of nine European countries, Catella has now reached the point at which investors are offered a strong local operating partner with European reach. As part of this effort, Catella opened an office in Hong Kong in 2017 to offer Asian investors access to European real estate investments.“Catella’s strategy to offer local investment capacity with European reach to global and local investors has turned out to be highly appreciated. The growth of AuM is a sign of strength and an acknowledgement of confidence in our approach and ability to deliver in local European markets. The increased cooperation between Catella’s business areas has furthermore brought value to both our customers and Catella. We intend to continue this growth in 2018, strengthen our local teams further and leverage on our now pan-European offering,” comments Timo Nurminen, Head of Property Investment Management.

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Aggiornamento sulle elezioni politiche italiane

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 6 marzo 2018

A cura di Marco Piersimoni, Senior Investment Manager. Le elezioni italiane hanno rispettato le previsioni che prevedevano la vittoria del centrodestra, ma hanno sorpreso su due dimensioni: M5S ben sopra il 30% e Lega vicina al 20%. In pratica il voto ‘anti-establishment’ supera il 50%. In questo scenario, non esiste una coalizione di governo naturale (e quella tra M5S e Lega è aritmetica ma politicamente impervia).
Scenari. Almeno in prima battuta, sfuma l’ipotesi di un avere Antonio Tajani o Paolo Gentiloni come premier di governi politici. Inoltre, la forza dirompente del M5S, di gran lunga il primo partito, “impone” la seria considerazione di partecipare al Governo in un ruolo primario. Dato che nessuno dei partiti vincitori ha i numeri sufficienti a governare, saranno comunque determinanti le scelte dei partiti perdenti (PD e Forza Italia): dalla loro reazione (compatta o disgregata) dipenderà la fattibilità di una soluzione incentrata sul Centrodestra o sul M5S. I prossimi sviluppi sono i seguenti: l’elezione dei presidenti di Camera e Senato è prevista per il 27 marzo. In quell’occasione si comprenderà il ventaglio delle soluzioni possibili in assenza di una maggioranza assoluta che possa correre da sola alla guida del Paese. Tre settimane, quindi, durante le quali è lecito attendersi dichiarazioni di ogni tipo da parte di tutti gli attori politici, tranne che dal Quirinale, il quale inizierà le consultazioni per la formazione del nuovo Governo solo ad aprile.
Mercati. Come anticipato la scorsa settimana, immaginando la vittoria del centro-destra come lo scenario più probabile, il dato dirimente per immaginare la reazione dei listini sarebbe stato proprio quello relativo al partito che avrebbe raccolto la maggioranza relativa all’interno della coalizione. Al momento, le reazioni dei mercati sono contenute: Piazza Affari scivola dell’1%, il differenziale BTP-Bund è in allargamento nell’ordine di 7punti base, un atteggiamento più cauto ma ordinato. L’incertezza degli esiti e lassi temporali ignoti difficilmente sono amici dei mercati. Inoltre aumentano al margine le probabilità di instabilità politica (anche se nuove elezioni sono improbabili) e/o di frizioni con l’Europa sulla futura politica di bilancio. Questi fattori possono premere sui premi di rischio richiesti dal mercato sugli asset italiani, in particolare sullo spread BTP-Bund che potrebbe testare 150-160pb prima di rivelarsi occasione d’acquisto. Tuttavia, se l’Europa riprenderà la via dell’integrazione ora che la Germania ha un governo, anche bond ed azioni italiane ne beneficeranno.

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EU Atlantic Action Plan: 6 billion euro of investments and counting

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 28 febbraio 2018

The EU’s 2013-2020 Atlantic Action Plan has spurred over 1200 new maritime projects and nearly 6 billion euro of investments so far, according to an independent consultant tasked by the EU to take stock of the initiative at mid-term. Most of the projects target environmental protection and innovation, as well as improved connectivity and social inclusion.
In 2013 the EU launched the Atlantic Action Plan to boost the maritime economy of its five Atlantic States, i.e. Portugal, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and their outermost regions. By mid-2017, hundreds of initiatives had cropped up and started contributing to these goals, says the independent study:
– 500 projects are investing 2.1 billion euro on the environment – from developing marine renewable energy in France to novel biotechnological applications in Portugal
– 500 projects, worth 750 million euro, target innovations like broadband connectivity in remote areas of Scotland, or maritime spatial planning in Macaronesia
– approx. 100 projects invest 2.4 billion euro to improve accessibility and connectivity, mainly by developing port facilities in Spain and Ireland
– approx. 100 projects, worth 360 million euro, promote social inclusion, for example by improving tourism infrastructure in Wales or remote health monitoring in Ireland
The funding comes from a variety of sources: the EU (funds for regional development, R&D and the blue economy), but also the European Investment Bank, national, regional and private sources. The assessment indeed argues that with the Atlantic plan the community of stakeholders in the Atlantic Ocean area has grown stronger and better at raising funds for marine and maritime projects.Some 20 projects, involving 320 international research teams, are not just European but involve our trans-Atlantic neighbours as well, thanks to the Galway statement and the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance between the EU, the US and Canada.The European Commission will use the results of the independent study – and of the public consultation that was held last year – to fuel a discussion with the countries concerned and improve the plan’s performance even further between now and 2020. This could include more specific objectives and key performance indicators to assess results further down the line, and designing more joint cross-border projects, with greater involvement of coastal regions.At a time when the EU is reflecting on the next generation of EU-funded programmes, such a revised Atlantic Action Plan could prove extremely topical and ultimately shape the countries’ blue growth efforts after 2020.

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Olmsted Chamblee Named Best Apartment Community of Its Size in U.S.

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 gennaio 2018

Olmsted ChambleeOlmsted Chamblee, a new apartment community developed by CF Real Estate Services (CF) with equity partner Origin Investments, is now recognized as the best apartment community of its kind in the U.S. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Pillars of the Industry Awards – often referred to as the Oscars of the apartment industry – recently named Olmsted Chamblee the Best Low-Rise Apartment Community in the nation. “Low-Rise” refers to communities that are five stories or under.
Olmsted Chamblee is the first of the Olmsted branded apartments developed by CF, with the second recently opening in Nashville. Brett Oliver, Director of Development, stated that he and Byron Cocke, the late co-founder of CF, envisioned creating an unconventional concept that would bring the vibe and energy found in boutique hotels, chef-driven restaurants, or your favorite local coffee shop to apartment living. Oliver created the brand and provided the creative direction and leadership for this project. Olmsted Chamblee is CF’s first attempt to create this living environment and the company is thrilled that this initial iteration was recognized by such an influential organization as the NAHB.Olmsted Chamblee stands apart from its peers because of its eclectic and curated interior design and down-to-earth customer service, the latter of which is provided by CF’s in-house property management team. On the design front, Oliver was adamant that the community’s public spaces be warm and welcoming with nothing cookie-cutter, encouraging use and authentic interaction among residents. The unique design has created the stage where CF has attracted an incredible management team at the property that fosters a genuine community spirit with best-in-class service. Oliver credits CF’s willingness to be pioneering and question industry norms as to why they were able to create such a unique and lauded community.The 283 one, two, and three-bedroom apartments have granite countertops, energy-efficient appliances and windows, Nest thermostats, and huge closets. Rentable private co-working spaces have a selection of Wi-Fi providers. There’s also an artist’s studio, an artist in residence and a unique mural in the parking area, plus a neighborhood pool, hammocks, and outdoor grills and smokers. Living room lounges have comfortable seating and hundreds of hardcover books, raked seating for art and photography classes, an indoor bocce ball court, movie room, community kitchen, mailroom, lounge, and 24-hour fitness center with Wellbeats technology. Its 37-foot-wide “CHAMBLEE” rooftop sign at the busy intersection of Peachtree Boulevard and Chamblee Tucker Road is already a neighborhood landmark. Buckhead, Midtown, and Downtown are a few stops away via the Chamblee MARTA rail station, which is one block away. Two-bedrooms have roommate floor plans as well as premium outside corner units with flexible layouts. It has townhouses with 3-bedrooms and 3.5-baths, which are a rare find in the market. (photo: Olmsted Chamblee)

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World Choice Investments Reveals Growth Plans

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 11 gennaio 2018

Pigeon-forgeWorld Choice Investments dinner attractions are stampeding into the future with plans to expand into new communities around the globe in 2018. World Choice Investments, LLC currently operates several dinner show attractions in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Branson, Missouri; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Dolly Parton showcasing show concepts featuring live entertainment from heroic horsemanship to swashbuckling pirates. As the expansion plans take shape, the production team is hard at work updating the existing shows for 2018. “Our shows currently are identified by where they are located,” Dolly said. “Some examples are Smoky Mountain Adventures or Dixie Stampede. We also recognize that attitudes change and feel that by streamlining the names of our shows, it will remove any confusion or concerns about our shows and will help our efforts to expand into new cities.” To that end, WCI’s legacy show, Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, will become simply Dolly Parton’s Stampede for the 2018 season.“There is interest in several parts of the United States and internationally to host one of our unique dinner attraction shows,” Jim Rule, World Choice Investments CEO, said. “We provide spectacular family entertainment at a great value. We continually listen to our guests and our desire to expand coupled with our desire to stay relevant in today’s changing world led us to simplify our shows’ names.” The existing locations re-open for the 2018 season from late January through early spring depending on location. About World Choice Investments: Founded in 1988, World Choice Investments, LLC, doing business as Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction, Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show, operates dinner attraction venues for family fun and adventure in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Branson, Missouri and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our shows feature special effects, musical productions, live animals and a four-course family feast. (photo: Pigeon Forge)

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Capstone Partners and Headwaters MB Join Forces to Create a Middle Market Investment Banking Leader

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 11 gennaio 2018

John FerraraCapstone Partners LLC and Headwaters MB, LLC are pleased to announce that they have completed a strategic transaction whereby Capstone has acquired Headwaters to form Capstone Headwaters LLC. This combination unites two leading middle market investment banking firms into a single platform with 150 professionals, covering 16 dedicated industry groups, spanning 20 offices across the US, UK and Brazil. The transaction creates one of the largest independent investment banks in the United States with comprehensive vertical and product coverage for entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, private equity sponsors and creditors.The transaction represents the culmination of a long-term collaboration between Capstone and Headwaters, and the respective founders, John Ferrara and Philip Seefried. Both Ferrara (CEO) and Seefried (President) will remain in senior leadership positions, together with Paul Janson (COO), Jack Maier (Head of Investment Banking), Jacob Voorhees (Co-Head of Investment Banking), Brendan Burke (Head of Sponsor Coverage), Daniel McBroom (Head of Corporate Development) and Peter Asiaf (Head of Business Development).“Phil and I have discussed this transaction for years and we are very excited to see it realized. Our firms share a common DNA and strategic direction, both equally committed to excellence on behalf of our clients and our people,” commented John Ferrara. He added, “This combination is an exciting operational fit, completes the build out of our sector coverage and greatly expands our geographic presence. For both firms, this transaction accelerates the achievement of many of our growth objectives, and our employees and management team fully support this powerful strategic move.”
Seefried observed, “There are two things that make this combination so special. First and foremost, there is a strong cultural resonance among our professionals. It has been amazing to witness the cooperation and communication between the teams as we worked through our extensive integration planning. Secondly, we share the same vision of how our executive teams should think about building a long-term leadership position in middle market investment banking. The exciting part will be what we can now deliver for our clients and key strategic relationships.” (photo: John Ferrara)

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Bain Capital Establishes Real Estate Business

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Bain Capital, one of the world’s leading private, multi-asset alternative investment firms, today announced the formation of Bain Capital Real Estate, comprised of the professionals currently managing Harvard Management Company’s (HMC) real estate investments. Effective February 1, 2018, the HMC Real Estate Team, which consists of approximately 20 dedicated professionals, will spin out of HMC and become Bain Capital employees.Dan Cummings, an industry veteran and currently Managing Director and Head of Real Estate at HMC, will lead the team which he helped found in 2010. The team, which has invested more than $3.4 billion of equity in its direct real estate investment strategy since its inception, will manage HMC’s direct real estate investment portfolio and HMC will continue to invest in the team’s future strategies.“This talented team of investors will be a great addition to our global partnership, and we are excited to welcome them to Bain Capital. They bring significant expertise and a strong track record, and also share our commitment to a thematic, deeply analytical investment approach,” said John Connaughton and Jonathan Lavine, Co-Managing Partners of Bain Capital. “We believe this builds upon our existing experience, aligns with investment opportunities in several of our business units, and will be an attractive resource for our investment teams and limited partners.” “While we are sad to see Dan and his colleagues depart HMC, we are delighted that we will continue to be partners with them,” said N. P. “Narv” Narvekar, Chief Executive Officer of HMC. “Furthermore, we are excited that they will be a part of Bain Capital, an outstanding investment management firm.”
The addition of the real estate team will also enable Bain Capital to leverage the group’s deep experience for the benefit of the firm’s existing businesses. The firm currently has significant real estate expertise through Bain Capital Credit’s global distressed and special situations portfolio and Bain Capital Private Equity’s consumer, hospitality and retail portfolio. As part of Bain Capital, the real estate team will leverage the firm’s global platform to assist them in sourcing efforts as well as deep industry expertise in life sciences/healthcare, consumer/retail, industrials and other sectors germane to its current portfolio as well as future investment themes.

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Catella Wohnen Europa investment fund acquires 215 residential units in Germany and Netherlands

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 dicembre 2017

berlin-projectBerlin-based investment manager Catella Residential Investment Management GmbH, a subsidiary of the Swedish Catella Group focused exclusively on the residential asset class, has, on behalf of Catella Wohnen Europa investment fund, acquired a total of 215 residential units in Lübeck, Germany, and Den Bosch, the Netherlands, for EUR 27.2 million. “While the structure of each of the properties has evolved over time, the buildings have been brought up to modern standards. This makes them a perfect fit for the long-term focus of our portfolio. In addition, we had already acquired a residential property at the Den Bosch location in 2016, with rentals per square metre almost EUR 2 higher than those for the most recently acquired comparable residential units,” says Benjamin Rüther, Deputy Fund Manager at Catella.
LübeckLübeck – historically evolved location close to the city centre. Built in 1946, this property is located in the St. Lorenz Nord district, close to Lübeck’s city centre. Most of the 149 residential units, with total leasable space of 7,336 square metres, have been renovated in recent years. The average apartment measures around 50 square metres, exactly the size for which there is strong demand at present. The immediate surroundings benefit from generously proportioned green spaces between buildings as well as an organically grown residential area with schools, day-care facilities for children, an indoor swimming pool, a specialist shopping centre and several supermarkets. The purchase price is EUR 15 million.
The residential complex in Den Bosch, the capital of the province of North Brabant, was built in 1975 and measures around 3,700 square metres. The property has 66 apartments and 61 outside car parking spaces. Originally used as a tax consultancy office, the building was converted into apartments with high-quality finishes and fittings in 2016. The apartment sizes range between 25 and 76 square metres. Prins Hendrikpark, a popular local recreation facility with a petting zoo and expanses of water, is located in the immediate vicinity of the property. The city centre is around 2 km away. The purchase price is around EUR 12.2 million.Den Bosch is very centrally located in the Netherlands and has excellent rail and road links. The size of the population is expected to increase from its current 165,000 in the next few years.The Catella Wohnen Europa investment fund is a German open-end mutual real estate fund for (semi-) professional and wealthy private investors wishing to invest at least EUR 500,000. Launched in February 2016, the fund had already accumulated real estate assets under management of more than EUR 415 million by the end of October 2017. It invests in selected European core markets, such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

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SMS Assist Attending IMN’s 6th Annual Single Family Rental Investment Forum

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 3 dicembre 2017

SMS Assist will attend IMN’s Single Family Rental (SFR) Investment Forum West, taking place at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, beginning December 4. Now in its sixth year, IMN’s SFR Forum welcomes more than 1,000 attendees from leading U.S. real estate investment trusts (REITs), funds, aggregators, investors and service providers sharing new strategies, solutions and technology innovations for the fast-growing SFR market. As a repeat attendee, SMS Assist continues its longstanding involvement with IMN’s conferences and builds on its industry leadership and commitment to providing resources and insights to help develop the SFR market.“Single-family rental owners and investors need new tools and strategies that can reduce the costs of maintenance, turns and rehabs while improving the resident experience, and we’re proud to offer proven solutions for our clients,” said Mike Travalini, president of SMS Assist’s Residential division. “More than one in nine homes in the U.S. are listed as single-family rentals, and with almost 40 percent of adults renting instead of owning, this number is growing fast.”Attendees can visit the SMS Assist booth anytime during the conference to learn more about how the company’s proprietary technology, Affiliate advantage and maintenance and turn solutions are disrupting the SFR market and bringing savings and efficiency to a growing list of clients across industries.

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Diamanti Dpi: Intesa Sanpaolo risarcisce soltanto i clienti che protestano

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 21 novembre 2017

diamantiSin dallo scorso febbraio, come da noi evidenziato, i clienti Intesa Sanpaolo che andavano a protestare “con le buone” venivano risarciti dell’intero importo investito nei diamanti Diamond Private Investment (Dpi) venduti tramite la loro rete.Nel tempo, i casi da noi risolti sono aumentati e lo scorso 16 ottobre abbiamo pubblicato anche il documento rilasciato dalle agenzie che prova il risarcimento dei clienti.Documento che è stato poi mostrato anche durante la trasmissione Report della Rai il successivo 30 ottobre, che un anno fa aveva fatto esplodere il caso e che è ritornata sull’argomento lo stesso giorno in cui sono state notificate le sanzioni Agcm alle banche ed alle due società venditrici di diamanti. E’ ora arrivata l’ufficializzazione. Lo scorso 14 novembre, l’agenzia Reuters ha riferito di una circolare di Intesa Sanpaolo nella quale si evidenzia l’impegno irrevocabile al riacquisto dei diamanti, di qualsiasi qualità e dimensione, allo stesso prezzo pagato inizialmente dai clienti nel caso che un precedente tentativo di usufruire dei servizi di rivendita di Dpi sia rimasto inevaso.
Poiché la Dpi non trova più, per fortuna, persone a cui rivendere il diamante a prezzo gonfiato ceduto dal cliente, è ovvio che sia Intesa Sanpaolo a risarcire.
I clienti del Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo, pertanto, devono solo recarsi in agenzia per vedere sistemata la propria posizione. A tal proposito, ancora meglio sarebbe se il Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo avisasse e risarcisse tutti gli ottomila clienti buggerati. Se di mossa reputazionale si tratta, che sia fatta come si deve senza praticare la solita “bella” abitudine di risarcire soltanto i clienti che protestano, contando sulla disinformazione di una bella fetta di essi.
La mossa di Intesa Sanpaolo apre come ovvio un varco nelle vertenze riguardanti le altre banche che hanno piazzato alla clientela diamanti Dpi e Idb (Intermarket Diamond Business). (Anna D’Antuono, Avvocato, consulente Aduc)

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Catella establishes fund manager Catella Residential Investment Management

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 novembre 2017

stoccolmaBirger jarlsgatan 6, Stockholm, 10240 Sverige. Since January 2016 Catella Real Estate AG built up a strong team of residential portfolio managers in Berlin, led by Xavier Jongen and Michael Keune. The team manages two mutual property funds and three special property funds. The total invested capital in the five funds amounts to EUR 1.3 billion and so far the funds have made investments in 8 countries in Europe; Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, France, UK, Poland and Austria.The decision to establish CRIM is another step in Catella’s ambition to build and develop strong and specialized competence centres that manage European residential real estate funds. The whole Berlin team in Catella Real Estate AG, consisting of 18 employees, has moved to CRIM to focus fully on further developing the residential fund management offering. Xavier Jongen and Michael Keune will be managing directors of CRIM. Catella Real Estate AG will continue managing the back office for all residential funds managed by CRIM.

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Optiv Security Acquires Conexsys; Supports Global Business Growth Strategy by Accelerating Investment in Canada

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 15 novembre 2017

victoria canadaOptiv Security, a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, today announced that it is continuing to accelerate its growth strategy by acquiring Conexsys, a Toronto-based security and networking solutions provider. This acquisition increases Optiv’s ability to serve Canadian, U.S. and global clients with expanded skills, knowledge and presence. Additionally, Optiv enhances its vertical presence in government markets, with the strong business relationships Conexsys brings with the Canadian government. The transaction allows Optiv to serve private and public entities in Canada with more local resources and immediate access to Optiv’s comprehensive service offerings that help remove complexity, align the right technology and process to business needs, and optimize security investments to minimize cost and maximize protection. The terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.“Many Canadian organizations have magnified their investment and focus on cyber security but are finding it increasingly challenging to protect against the sophisticated threat landscape,” said Cheryl McGrath, Optiv’s country general manager for Canada. “Canadian companies need the right expertise from a partner that can bring clarity to the cyber security landscape, which can sometimes feel chaotic and complex. Together, Optiv and Conexsys provide expansive local coverage in Canada to help organizations navigate a myriad of products and technologies, and evaluate their infrastructures and operations to develop safer, saner and more strategic paths forward.” “Conexsys has been committed to serving the Canadian government and large Canadian companies with exceptional technical expertise and high-quality services for more than 30 years,” said Michael Yassin, president of Conexsys. “By joining Optiv, we are gaining access to a number of holistic service offerings that enable us to perform comprehensive security optimization—from strategy and planning straight through to implementation and management. We are very excited about this transaction and what it allows us to bring to the Canadian market.”

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