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Where has it all gone wrong for Joe Biden?

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 novembre 2021

After a very bad week for President Joe Biden and his party, our cover looks at the hole they are in. Having received more votes than any candidate in history, Mr Biden has seen his approval ratings collapse. At this point in a first term, only Donald Trump was more unpopular. The Democrats have just lost the three top statewide offices in Virginia, which Mr Biden won by ten percentage points a year ago, and only narrowly won in New Jersey, one of their strongholds. This augurs poorly for next year’s mid-terms, when Democrats will probably lose their congressional majorities. Part of their problem is the inbuilt swing away from the incumbents, part of it the fact that Mr Biden, for all his human qualities, is not a politician blessed with the once-in-a-generation talents that his job demands. But it is also that ordinary voters are alienated by the narrow obsessions and preening presumptions of the Democrats’ left fringe. Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist

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Joe Biden: Announcing more members of Jobs Cabinet

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 10 gennaio 2021

This team will help us emerge from the most inequitable economic and jobs crisis in modern history by building an economy where every American is in on the deal. They share my belief that the middle class built this country and that unions built the middle class. They know how to work with states, cities, small towns, and tribal communities, along with labor, entrepreneurs, and businesses to get things done for American workers.And they will work tirelessly to ensure every American enjoys a fair return for their work and an equal chance to get ahead, and that our businesses can thrive and outcompete the rest of the world: Governor Gina Raimondo as Secretary of Commerce Currently serving her second term as the 75th Governor of Rhode Island — the first woman to hold the position — Gov. Raimondo is known as an effective and innovative executive whose strong management brought her state back from what was, at the time she first ran for Governor, the worst unemployment rate of any state in the nation. A champion of creative, forward-thinking economic initiatives, Governor Raimondo launched successful workforce training programs to prepare Americans for the 21st century economy. She will be a key player in helping position the United States as an exporter of 21st century products and leader in the clean energy economy. Mayor Marty Walsh as Secretary of Labor If confirmed, Mayor Walsh would be the first union member to serve in this role in nearly half a century. Mayor Walsh has worked tirelessly to rebuild the middle class, create a more inclusive, resilient economy, and fight for workers in his hometown — including fighting for a $15 minimum wage and paid family leave. Having served as the head of both Laborers’ Union Local 223 and the Boston Metropolitan District Building Trades Council, Mayor Walsh has the necessary experience, and relationships to help workers recover from this historic economic downturn and usher in a new era of worker power. Isabel Guzman as Small Business Administrator Currently serving as Director of California’s Office of the Small Business Advocate and a key leader in the state’s COVID-19 economic recovery, she works closely with entrepreneurs to help them weather the pandemic and support innovation, job creation, and economic growth in the nation’s largest state network of small businesses. A former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff at the SBA — and a small business entrepreneur herself — she is a passionate advocate for small businesses who knows firsthand the opportunities they create for families and communities. Don Graves as Deputy Secretary of Commerce An experienced public servant who has been my long-time trusted advisor on jobs and the economy, Graves is a widely respected leader who has successfully taken on some of the toughest challenges facing our economy. When Detroit grappled with bankruptcy, President Obama and I put Graves in charge of coordinating the response to bring the city back — working with municipal, state, business, and community leaders, he oversaw the historic effort to revitalize the Motor City. Graves knows how to successfully manage some of the federal government’s most critical and impactful job and small business-focused programs. This experienced team will advance my administration’s Build Back Better agenda, digging us out from the worst jobs crisis in nearly a century by supporting small businesses, dramatically increasing union density, and rebuilding the backbone of America — our middle class.They will usher in a new wave of worker power, help struggling small businesses recover and re-open, and put Americans back to work by creating millions of good-paying union jobs. They will be key in building a stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive economy that delivers every American a fair return for their work and an equal chance to get ahead.

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Joe Biden Announcing Department of Justice nominees

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 8 gennaio 2021

“After an unprecedented assault on our democracy and the certification of the Electoral College votes, I am proud to announce key nominations for the Department of Justice.Our first-rate nominees are eminently qualified, embody character and judgment that is beyond reproach, and have devoted their careers to serving the American people with honor and integrity.They will restore the independence of the Department so it serves the interests of the people, not a presidency, rebuild public trust in the rule of law, and work tirelessly to ensure a more fair and equitable justice system. They will use the full extent of their authority to move us closer to the American ideal of equal justice under law — de-politicizing and rooting out systemic racism from our laws, restoring voting rights, prosecuting hate crimes, eliminating racial disparities in sentencing, ending mandatory minimums, and restoring trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve through reforms that make our communities safer.This tested slate includes some of the nation’s most accomplished public servants: Judge Merrick Garland as Attorney General. Judge Garland is a Department of Justice veteran and independent jurist on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. A consensus-building voice, Judge Garland has worked under Democratic and Republican administrations. He will restore integrity and the rule of law, boost morale of the dedicated career professionals at DOJ, and build a more equitable justice system that serves all Americans. Lisa Monaco as Deputy Attorney General Monaco served in the Department of Justice for fifteen years, as Assistant Attorney General for National Security, a senior official in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General and as a career prosecutor. She has been a trailblazer for women in national security, and she will help manage the Department effectively and with integrity on day one. Vanita Gupta as Associate Attorney General A former Acting Assistant Attorney General and one of the best-known and most respected civil rights attorneys in America, Gupta has spent her career fighting successfully for greater equity in our justice system and advancing the rights and dignity of every American. Gupta served as Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division — the chief civil rights prosecutor for the United States. She is a successful consensus builder on tough issues, with years of experience managing complex settlements and advocacy experience. As the Indian-American daughter of immigrants, she would be the first woman of color to serve in this role. Kristen Clarke as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.Clarke has extensive civil rights experience, starting her career in civil rights as a career attorney in the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice where she handled cases of police misconduct, hate crimes, human trafficking, voting rights, and redistricting cases. She has been a champion of systemic equity and equal justice throughout her career, including in her current role as president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and when she served as the head of the Civil Rights Bureau for the New York State Attorney General’s Office. Kiersten, these leaders will work with the dedicated career professionals at DOJ to restore the mission and independence of the Department, always follow facts and the law, and serve and protect the American people with the integrity they deserve. They are among the most accomplished legal minds in our country who also reflect the best of America’s full range of talents and background. I am honored they accepted this call to serve at such a critical time in our nation’s history”.

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The Economist this week: Joe Biden victory

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 7 novembre 2020

Our cover this week looks at what the election results say about America’s future. As Joe Biden closes in on victory, his success signals a rejection of Donald Trump. Only once in the past 40 years has a president been denied a second term. Mr Trump will lose the popular vote by, we reckon, 52% to 47%—only the electoral college’s bias towards rural voters saved him from a crushing defeat. A Biden White House would also set a wholly new tone. The all-caps tweets and the constant needling of partisan divisions would go. So would the self-dealing, the habitual lying and the use of government departments to pursue personal vendettas. Mr Biden is a decent man who, after the polls closed, vowed to govern as a unifier. His victory would change American policy in areas from climate to immigration. And yet the unexpected closeness of the vote also means populism will live on in America. It has become clear that Mr Trump’s astonishing victory in 2016 was not an aberration but the start of a profound ideological shift in his party. Far from being swept away in a blue wave, Republicans have gained seats in the House and look likely to keep control of the Senate. The Republican Party, which fell under Mr Trump’s spell while he was in office, is not about to shake itself out of the trance now. What does that mean for America and the world? Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist

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The Economist: Our cover this week sets out why, if we had a vote, it would go to Joe Biden

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 30 ottobre 2020

The country that elected Donald Trump in 2016 was unhappy and divided. The country he is asking to re-elect him is more unhappy and more divided. After almost four years of his leadership, politics is even angrier than it was and partisanship even less constrained. Daily life is consumed by a pandemic that has caused almost 230,000 reported deaths amid bickering, buck-passing and lies. Much of that is Mr Trump’s doing and his victory on November 3rd would endorse it all. Mr Biden is Mr Trump’s antithesis. He is not a miracle cure for what ails America. But he is a good man who would restore steadiness and civility to the presidency. Were he to be elected, success would not be guaranteed—how could it be? But he would enter the White House promising the most precious gift that democracies can bestow: renewal. For more on our endorsement and Donald Trump’s record in office please sign up to Checks and Balance, our weekly newsletter on American politics. By Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist

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Il Medicare-for-All di Warren: specifico ma troppo “socialista”?

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 10 novembre 2019

“Lo sta inventando tutto. È impossibile”. Questa la reazione di Joe Biden mentre commentava in un’intervista alla Pbs (Public Broadcasting Service) il piano di Medicare-for-All di Elizabeth Warren, la quale ha recentemente lanciato il programma in tutti i suoi dettagli. L’ex vicepresidente e altri candidati alla nomination del Partito Democratico avevano aspramente criticato la Warren all’ultimo dibattito. La senatrice del Massachusetts era stata attaccata per mancanza di trasparenza nel suo programma. I dettagli svelati da Warren, però, non hanno messo a tacere le critiche. Infatti, la specificità del programma ha magnificato i dubbi, concentrando l’attenzione sulla senatrice del Massachusetts che in parecchi sondaggi nazionali e statali si è conquistata il titolo di frontrunner per la nomination democratica.Il piano della Warren offrirebbe copertura sanitaria a tutti gli americani, usando un approccio già noto in Canada e parecchi Paesi occidentali, dove il governo ha un ruolo fondamentale nella sanità. L’assicurazione privata, secondo Warren, verrebbe eliminata in un periodo di transizione di 5 anni, sostituendola con un programma nazionale. Verrebbero eliminati i ticket e il piano include anche copertura dentale e sanità mentale che non fanno parte del Medicare attuale per gli over 65. La Warren eliminerebbe le grandi disuguaglianze sanitarie che al momento esistono fra ricchi e poveri che influiscono negativamente sulle cure mediche. Va ricordato che il 40 percento degli americani spesso salta test medici a causa degli alti costi e il 32 percento non prende alcune medicine per le spese eccessive.Uno degli attacchi più severi al concetto di Medicare-for-All ha ovviamente a che fare con i costi. Il piano della Warren prevede una spesa addizionale di 20mila miliardi di dollari in 10 anni, cifra molto vicina a quella citata dall’Urban Institute, un think tank basato a Washington, D. C., con tendenze liberal. La cifra totale appare quasi incomprensibile e forse anche spaventosa. La Warren ci spiega però che i fondi per offrire sanità universale verrebbero in parte da aumenti alle tasse ai benestanti ma anche a un consolidamento delle risorse attuali, da risparmi, e anche da una ristrutturazione dell’assicurazione privata offerta dalle aziende ai loro dipendenti. La Warren non aumenterebbe le tasse alla classe media come farebbe invece Bernie Sanders, il quale ha un programma di sanità simile che prevede un aumento fiscale del 4 percento alle famiglie con reddito superiore ai 29mila dollari annui.
Le tasse verrebbero aumentate del 6 percento ai miliardari e grandi corporation, che significherebbero un totale di 6mila miliardi di dollari. Altri 2mila miliardi verrebbero aggiunti da un rigoroso controllo che l’IRS, il fisco americano, metterebbe in atto poiché la Warren aumenterebbe il numero di agenti, che con Trump sono stati ridotti. Un’altra tassa del 6 percento sulla patrimoniale verrebbe imposta a coloro in possesso di beni valutati a un miliardo di dollari o più mentre coloro con meno di un miliardo e più di cinquanta milioni vedrebbero le loro tasse aumentate del 2 percento. Tasse verrebbero anche imposte alle transazioni finanziarie in borsa. Le corporation che cercherebbero di trasferire i loro profitti all’estero verrebbero severamente controllate. Il piano della Warren include anche tagli alle spese militari.Una tassa verrebbe imposta anche alle aziende che al momento offrono assicurazione ai loro dipendenti per un costo di 9mila miliardi. La cifra dipende da quello che queste aziende pagano al momento per la copertura dei loro dipendenti. Le spese dei governi locali e statali (Medicaid) per la sanità, 6mila miliardi, continuerebbero ma verrebbero integrate al programma nazionale. La Warren otterrebbe anche risparmi mediante la negoziazione con le aziende di farmaceutici e anche con gli ospedali e medici. Si otterrebbero anche risparmi dai servizi burocratici che con le aziende di assicurazione attuali usano il 16 percento della spesa totale per la sanità mentre con il programma di Medicare si spende solo il 4 percento.Gli Stati Uniti spendono 11mila dollari a persona per la copertura sanitaria, il doppio di Paesi industrializzati, secondo una ricerca del Journal of the American Medical Association. Il piano sul Medicare della Warren apporterebbe gli Stati Uniti vicinissimi agli altri Paesi industrializzati e offrirebbe copertura universale anche ai milioni che al momento fanno senza. D’altra parte l’ambiziosità e la specificità del piano offrirà facili bersagli agli attacchi non solo dai candidati centristi come Biden e Pete Buttigieg, i due principali avversari di Warren al momento. Gli attacchi diventerebbero più feroci dalle aziende di assicurazione che perderebbero il loro business e i loro profitti.I centristi del Partito Democratico come Biden e Buttigieg preferiscono un sistema sanitario che faccia progressi senza però eliminare la aziende private di assicurazione. Anche Nancy Pelosi, l’efficace ma prudente speaker della Camera, si è dichiarata poco favorevole al Medicare-for-All. La Warren, però, ha capito che nelle elezioni primarie bisogna cercare di “sedurre” gli elettori del Partito Democratico e lei si sta concentrando su di loro. Il fatto che lei abbia avuto il coraggio di fornire dettagli sul suo piano sanitario vuol dire che non è solamente la prima della classe nei sondaggi ma anche nella trasparenza. Biden e Buttigieg hanno attaccato Warren ma loro non hanno ancora fornito dettagli sui loro piani eccetto per il loro tentativo di non virare troppo a sinistra e spaventare gli elettori. Warren però non sembra avere paura. La sua sfida non è stata lanciata solo agli elettori democratici ma anche a tutti gli americani. Si tratta di una sfida già intrapresa da Sanders della quale lei si è impossessata. Nell’elezione del 2016 il senatore del Vermont perse la nomination a Hillary Clinton, una centrista, la quale poi è stata sconfitta da Trump con l’Electoral College, nonostante il fatto che l’ex first lady abbia vinto 3 milioni di voti in più. Forse questa volta i democratici dovrebbero cambiare rotta e nominare un candidato di “sinistra”? (By Domenico Maceri, PhD, è professore emerito all’Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, California)

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We want to say thank you, Riccardo

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 29 dicembre 2010

Letter to editor. I’ve been in Washington for almost 40 years. I’ve seen a lot of Congresses come and go. But I can’t remember a group of lawmakers who accomplished more than the folks who just wrapped up their work.  With their help, we repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and ratified the START arms control treaty. We passed a new law to rein in the abuses on Wall Street and protect consumers. We reformed the health care system and passed the Recovery Act to get our economy growing again.  But do you know why all that happened? Because people like you rolled up your sleeves, dug deep, and decided to make a difference. We had a dedicated group of lawmakers — no doubt — but they were supported every step of the way by folks from all across this country who were ready for change. People like you.  I know how much that means to me. And I can’t even begin tell you how much it means to the President.  So here’s the deal: President Obama wants to send you a note to express how grateful we are for all you did.  Two years ago, we were staring into an abyss. The financial crisis was the worst this country has faced since the Great Depression. But this Congress passed the largest set of tax cuts for the middle class since President Reagan, the largest education reform since President Johnson, the largest infrastructure investment since President Eisenhower, and the largest clean-energy bill ever.  Now — even though we still have a ways to go — the economy is growing again.  Prior to this Congress, lawmakers had talked about reforming health care for almost a century. But with the President leading the way, these folks went out, and — with you at their side — they did it. Now 32 million more Americans will have access to health coverage.  When we came into office, just about the entire country had come to realize that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was wrong. More than 14,000 brave men and women had been discharged simply because of who they were. With your help, we struck down that law and made this country a more just place.  Every lawmaker who worked to accomplish these things will talk about their votes — and the role they played in this progress — for years. The President and I take great pride in those achievements. But each one belongs to you. You believed in them, you fought for them, and we’re darn grateful.  So let the President send you a note to show our appreciation. (Joe Biden)

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 6 marzo 2009

Miami, Fla. – Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and Miami Mayor Manny Diaz  announced the availability of $8.4 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to states and local transportation authorities to repair and build America’s public transportation infrastructure. The announcement took place at the future site of the Miami Intermodal Center, which is slated to serve as a 21st century hub for all types of mass transit.“What’s happening here in Miami, we have happening all over America. Resources are being put to work not only creating jobs now – but also investing in the future. A future that strengthens our transit system, makes us more energy efficient and increases safety,” said Vice President Joe Biden.  “With this recovery package, we will be creating jobs, saving jobs, and putting money in people’s pockets. And with these resources, we’ll not only be rebuilding roads and bridges and schools, we’ll be building new transit centers like this one. And that means we’ll be rebuilding America.“Investments in public transportation put people to work, but they also get people to work in a way that moves us towards our long term goals of energy security and a better quality of life,” said Secretary LaHood.  “That is why transit funding was included in the ARRA and why we think it is a key part of America’s transportation future.”  The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) currently plans to use $2.1 million in ARRA transit funds to relocate an aging Miami Greyhound Terminal from its existing isolated location to become an integral part of the $1.7 billion intermodal center, where it will make connections between all modes of transportation, including transit buses, commuter rail, intercity rail, and airport shuttles. The U.S. Department of Transportation has already committed $540 million in federally financed loans, about one-third of the total cost, for the intermodal center, which is proceeding on time and on budget. The U.S. Department of Transportation will monitor state compliance and track job creation. The projects will be web-posted for the public to see with information on projects accessible at

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