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Korea Launches Fish Product ‘Golden Tongue Sole’ Great for Health in Autumn

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 20 novembre 2019

Ariul Fish LLC, a Korean company specialized in fish, has launched fish product ‘Golden Tongue Sole’ made from Tongue Soles caught in a clean area of Gunsan.Ariul’s carefully selected Korean tongue soles are semi-dried, rapidly cooled, and vacuum packed. Due to the recent air condition with heavy fine dust, the fishes are not dried with sea breeze but hygienic drying machines managed by the HACCP system. This drying method is specifically designed to preserve tongue soles’ freshness and flavor. The tongue sole is a perfect dish to regain the lost appetite caused by recent fine dust.Tongue soles are sea fish that belongs to the family Cynoglossidae in order Pleuronectiformes. They inhabit mudflat and sand. The fishes are abundant in minerals and their flavor is soft and light without the fishy smell.”People are suffering from the rise in prices, so we built various offers to lessen their burden,” Geum-ok Park, the president of Ariul Fish LLC said. “We hope the customers enjoy our fishes and be joyful.” Ariul Fish’s semi-dried tongue soles gain attention from people when they were introduced in a famous TV show, Soomi’s Side Dishes, in which Kim Soo-mi demonstrated a super simple pan-fried tongue sole by grilling the fish on the pan lightly oiled with olive oil.

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A Decade of Innovation and Growth: Cook Korea 10th Anniversary

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 ottobre 2019

Cook Medical celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a special event that marked a major milestone – a decade of successful customer service, innovation and employee development.
Back in 2000, Cook Korea first opened in the country as a distributor partner, before progressing to direct sales in a gradual transition. The Cook Korea company as we now know it was established in 2009. Ten years later, the company is now well known for its ability to serve patients better through direct interactions with physicians.Pete Yonkman, President, Cook Group and Cook Medical, said during the anniversary celebration, “We are incredibly proud of our office in Korea. The team here is committed to patients and to providing customers in Korea with the medical devices they need. They have fully embraced our company values, by engaging with their local community, encouraging their employee development, and working together to overcome the challenges that face medical device companies everywhere. I look forward to seeing what this team is capable of over the next ten years and beyond.” Cook Korea covers a wide range of business lines including reproductive health, urology, endoscopy and interventional radiology. It was the first medical device company in Korea to implement Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology across consignment locations for all products. This advanced technology provides an efficient and accurate solution to count large volumes with greater traceability and better inventory management.When the company started its sales and operations in 2010, there were only 20 people. Now there are 80 based in Seoul to support the fast-growing business with more than 1,100 products and over 40 product family lines across Korea. The company’s patient first culture has transparent communication at its foundation. Employee development is a crucial part to foster such culture that includes language training, to clinical, professional and educational studies.Due to an expansion, Cook Korea moved offices in 2015 in order to fully cater for its employee’s lifestyle needs. The office creates an environment where personal wellbeing is embraced. This included recreation areas, nursing rooms, and panoramic views of Youido.Giving back is an important part of Cook Medical culture across the globe including Korea. The organization supports the community through a variety of fund-raising and volunteer activities. For example, they organize regular volunteering work for employees to take care of orphan babies at the Eastern Social Welfare Association before their adoption. They also raise funds through in-house cafe and gift donation during the holiday season.

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XIX Settimana della lingua italiana nel mondo

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 ottobre 2019

Seoul, Republic of Korea. Enrico Ianniello e Teatri Uniti sono protagonisti, il 24 e 25 ottobre, alla XIX Settimana della lingua italiana nel mondo organizzata in Corea dall’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Seoul. Due gli appuntamenti che impegnano gli artisti napoletani nella grande capitale asiatica. Si comincia giovedì 24 con “Isidoro” il reading che Enrico Ianniello trae dalle pagine del suo primo, pluripremiato, romanzo “La vita prodigiosa di Isidoro Sifflotin” (ed. Feltrinelli) – recentemente tradotto e stampato in coreano – che, dal riso alla commozione, ci porta in uno strambo paesino del sud Italia e nel mondo di un ragazzino molto speciale, nato con una dote unica: fischia come un merlo! Enrico Ianniello, attore, autore, traduttore, scrittore, regista, è noto al grande pubblico per il ruolo televisivo del commissario Nappi nella serie “Un passo dal cielo”. Nel 2015 “La vita prodigiosa di Isidoro Sifflotin”, vince il Premio Campiello – Opera Prima. Ancora per Feltrinelli, a gennaio 2019, pubblica “La Compagnia delle Illusioni”.
Sempre a Seoul ma alla CGV Myeong-dong Cine Library, venerdì 25 il produttore Angelo Curti introdurrà alla visione del film documentario “Il Teatro al lavoro” per la regia di Massimiliano Pacifico con Toni Servillo. Presentato, in anteprima nazionale, alle Giornate degli Autori dell’ultima edizione della Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, miglior documentario alle giornate del Cinema d’Essai (Fice) di Mantova e finalista ai Nastri d’Argento 2019 – propone sul grande schermo l’avventura umana e artistica della creazione di “Elvira”, lo spettacolo prodotto da Teatri Uniti insieme al Piccolo Teatro di Milano, tratto dalle lezioni di Louis Jouvet. La telecamera di Massimiliano Pacifico e Diego Liguori segue Toni Servillo e i suoi giovani compagni Petra Valentini, Davide Cirri, Francesco Marino, dalle prove alla Biennale di Venezia al debutto a Milano, per proseguire con la tournée a Parigi, all’Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet, e nelle successive tappe. Una produzione Teatri Uniti, Rai Cinema, Kio film
Isidoro 24 ottobre 2019 ore 19.30 all’Ilshin Hall, Ilshin Building 1 piano. (98, Hannam-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
Il Teatro al lavoro 25 ottobre 2019 alle 18.00 alla CGV Myeong-dong Cine Library, 10F sala Art 2 (Myeongdong 10-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)

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OurCrowd and Korea’s KEB Hana Bank Sign Investment and Partnership MOU

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 15 gennaio 2019

OurCrowd, a global leader in equity crowdfunding and among the world’s most active venture capital platforms, today announced its latest institutional partner in Asia, with a portfolio investment from South Korea’s KEB Hana Bank (“KEB Hana”), a subsidiary of the Hana Financial Group.Hana Financial Group is one of the largest bank holding companies in South Korea and KEB Hana is the country’s most acclaimed Private Bank. Along with an equity stake for the bank in a cross section of current and future OurCrowd portfolio investments, OurCrowd and KEB Hana have entered into an MOU agreement to pursue cooperation in support of Korea’s innovation ecosystem, aimed at creating key relationships for Korea’s major corporations seeking technology solutions for the future.“The hightech cooperation between Israel and South Korea is quickly evolving into an economic powerhouse,” said OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved. “We are delighted to welcome KEB Hana to a front row seat at the table, as we provide diversification of venture capital opportunities across the globe to the bank, and ultimately to a wide audience of impressive corporations and accredited investors in South Korea. This latest step forward, in addition to the partnerships we have established in Korea, will help leverage incredible commercial potential as we deepen the interface between the two countries’ industrial collaborations in various hi-tech fields.”Last year, OurCrowd and its seed stage incubator Labs/02, signed a collaboration agreement with two of South Korea’s leading venture capital firms, DTNI and Yozma Group Korea. These agreements, facilitated by the Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation, aimed at strengthening bilateral strategic collaboration, supporting investment partnerships, and focusing on rapidly growing deep-tech startups in both countries. OurCrowd plans to feature several innovative startups from South Korea as part of a special pavilion at the upcoming Global Investor Summit on March 7, 2019 in Jerusalem’s International Convention Center.
Since its entry into the Asian market in 2015, OurCrowd has positioned itself as a leading provider to the local market, offering valuable investment opportunities to regional investors, while also delivering global capital via its online platform into several startups from Hong Kong, Singapore, and India. Other current partnerships in the region include United Overseas Bank in Singapore, Shanghai Commercial Savings Bank in Taiwan, Citic Pacific in Hong Kong, Reliance Private Client in India, and National Australia Bank. In May of 2018, OurCrowd announced its most recent investment, from Thailand’s Bangkok Bank. With its rapidly expanding presence, OurCrowd’s network effect has impacted international business development for startups and corporates across the region.

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Korea-Expert, 100 Vietnamese Scientists to Gather in Hanoi

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 23 novembre 2018

The inaugural meeting of the Korea S&T United Alumni Association will be held on November 24, 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam.The alumni association is an organization of Vietnamese scientists who studied at leading educational and research institutions in science and technology in Korea, including University of Science and Technology (UST), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).
UST (President: Dr. Moon Kil Choo) hosts the Korea S&T United Alumni Association meeting to promote exchange among Vietnamese alumni who are serving in Vietnam after studying in Korea.
UST is the only national graduate school in Korea that educate researchers for master’s degrees and doctorates by granting graduate course functions to 32 government-funded research institutions. KAIST (President: Dr. Sung-Chul Shin) and Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST, President: Dr. Seung Hyeon Moon) are typical and research-oriented universities with graduate and undergraduate level programs. KIST (President: Dr. Lee Byung Gwon) is the first government-funded research institution in Korea that conducts research activities in basic and applied sciences.Out of over 400 Vietnamese scientists produced by these four institutions, more than 100 scientists who are engaged in activities in Vietnam are expected to attend the event. The launch of the united alumni association will be led by key members, including Bui Ba Chinh (Executive Director, Vietnam Certification Center), President, Vietnamese Alumni Association of UST; Huong Minh Nguyen (researcher, Institute of Biotechnology in Vietnam), a graduate of KAIST; Do Manh Cuong (vice head, Division of Environmental and Community Health, Vietnam Health Environment Management Agency, Ministry of Health), a graduate of GIST; and Nguyen Duc Luong (professor, National University of Civil Engineering, Hanoi), President, Vietnamese Alumni Association of KIST.The United Alumni Association is expected to make significant contribution to strengthening unity and harmony among ‘Korea-expert’ Vietnamese alumni in science and technology, promoting exchange in science and technology between Vietnam and Korea, and developing these fields of Vietnam.The meeting will be honored by attendance of a number of leaders in science and technology, including Dr. Moon Kil Choo, President of UST, Dr. Kim Soohyun, Vice President of KAIST, Dr. Seung Hyeon Moon, President of GIST, Dr. Yoon Seok-Jin, Vice President of KIST, and Dr. Kum Donghwa, President of Vietnam–Korea Institute of Science and Technology (VKIST).

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EU and the Republic of Korea join forces in fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 19 ottobre 2018

Bruxelles. the EU and the Republic of Korea have pledged to work closely together to fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing with a joint statement signed by European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella, and Mr Kim Young-Choon, Minister for Oceans and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea. The signing took place on the eve of a bilateral EU-Republic of Korea Summit.Commissioner Vella said: “Putting an end to illegal fishing is one of the main objectives of the EU’s international ocean governance agenda. By joining forces with the Republic of Korea, a world player in fisheries, we send a clear message to those breaking international law that there is no place for such products on our markets and we will continue to fight illegal fishing until we have fully eradicated it.” With the new partnership, in line with the objectives of the EU’s Ocean Governance strategy, the EU and the Republic of Korea will:
exchange information about suspected IUU-activities
enhance global traceability of fishery products threatened by Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing, through a risk-based, electronic catch documentation and certification system join forces in supporting developing states in the fight against IUU fishing and the promotion of sustainable fishing through education and training
strengthen cooperation in international fora, including regional fisheries management organisations. The Republic of Korea and the European Union have been working closely together on IUU fishing for several years already. The Republic of Korea is the fourth country with whom the EU signs a joint statement on IUU fishing, following the USA, Japan and Canada. Together, these five economies imported almost 90 billion euros worth of fish and fisheries products in 2017.
Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing constitutes one of the most serious threats to sustainable fishing and to marine biodiversity in the world’s oceans, with devastating environmental and socio-economic consequences. These consequences are particularly challenging for coastal communities in developing countries, who rely on fisheries for food and employment. Globally, IUU fishing is estimated to deprive coastal communities and honest fishermen of up to 20 billion euros of seafood and seafood products per year.

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Korea Week a Milano

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 maggio 2018

Milano martedì 22 maggio ore 12.30 Sala Brigida (Sala Stampa) di Palazzo Marino Piazza della Scala, 2 kermesse organizzata dall’Ambasciata Coreana, dal Consolato Generale della Repubblica di Corea a Milano, in collaborazione con il Comune di Milano.
Una settimana (dal 28 maggio al 1° giugno) di approfondimenti, workshop, degustazioni, musica e cinema, in un perfetto incontro tra culture differenti.
Il calendario degli eventi in programma, tutti gratuiti, è fittissimo. Si va dalle proiezioni cinematografiche in lingua originale alle esibizioni di arti marziali. L’obiettivo è promuovere la cultura del paese asiatico avvicinando gli italiani alla comunità coreana, ormai radicata nel territorio milanese da anni, il tutto in un clima di festa e tolleranza. Cuore pulsante della kermesse sarà il Teatro Burri (Parco Sempione): durante le giornate di martedì 29 e mercoledì 30 maggio, saranno, infatti, allestiti 10 padiglioni dove, dalle ore 15.00 alle ore 19.30, saranno presentate molteplici attività culturali che daranno la possibilità di conoscere in prima persona, la cultura coreana. I padiglioni saranno aperti al pubblico gratuitamente.
Qui nel viale in corrispondenza del Teatro scenderanno in campo numerose maestranze dell’artigianato coreano: K-BEAUTY per conoscere il make up Coreano, divenuto famoso in tutto il mondo in particolare per il rituale di bellezza dello Skin-Care; K-PAPER, giornate dedicate alla carta coreana Hanji con laboratori per creare specchi, ventagli e maschere e K-FOOD, degustazioni di cucina tipica coreana. K- FASHION dove sarà possibile provare i magnifici abiti della tradizione della corea, K-CALLIGRAPHY dove sarà allestito uno stand di scrittura in calligrafia coreana su carta Hanji.
Martedì 29 maggio la giornata sarà dedicata al K-TAEKWONDO, la tradizionale arte marziale coreana. Nato negli anni ’40 e ’50, sport nazionale in Corea del Sud, e arte marziale che conta il maggior numero di praticanti in tutto il mondo, il taekwondo unisce tecniche di combattimento, volte alla difesa personale, alla pratica agonistica come sport olimpico, ma è anche esercizio di filosofia e meditazione. La prima parte della performance (dalle 19 alle 20), organizzata in collaborazione con la Federazione Italiana Taekwondo (FITA), coinvolge le principali Associazioni Sportive della Regione Lombardia, che si esibiranno sul palco del Teatro Burri, subito prima della performance del WT Demo Team. A partire dalle ore 20 invece 14 atleti del World Taekwondo si esibiranno in uno spettacolo intitolato ‘La Mattina dell’Oriente’.
Danze tradizionali e moda si uniranno invece mercoledì 30 maggio nel K-DANCE&FASHION: a partire dalle 20.00 per 30 minuti circa, si esibiranno al teatro Burri musicisti della compagnia ‘Doodulsori’ con la percussione di strumenti tradizionali Coreani. Alle 21.30 andranno in scena le ballerine della compagnia ‘Do dance’ che mostreranno la dinamicità della danza tradizionale coreana. Nella stessa performance, sono previste anche sfilate di abiti tradizionali ‘Hanbok’. Da non perdere, mercoledì 30 e giovedì 31 maggio, K-MODERN PERFORMANCE presso il Teatro No’hma. The “Drawing Show” è il primo tentativo di portare l’arte sul palcoscenico, lanciando un nuovo mondo di performance artistiche. Il pubblico sarà “inghiottito” in straordinarie sessioni di disegno dal vivo.
K-CALLIGRAPHY con una mostra di calligrafia coreana dal titolo “Arte calligrafica, Danza del pennello” si terrà nella galleria del Consolato Generale della Repubblica di Corea a Milano. Il visitatore avrà l’opportunità di conoscere l’antica arte della calligrafia sviluppatasi in Asia Orientale. Il 2018 segna inoltre il 600° anno dall’invenzione dell’alfabeto Hangeul, ad opera del Re Sejong. Per commemorare tale evento, verranno presentate alla mostra delle opere di arte calligrafica in Hangeul del maestro Kim Byeong-gi e di altri artisti di calligrafia italiani. La mostra sarà inaugurata il 31 maggio alle ore 18, e si potrà visitare dal 1° al 11 giugno, dal lunedì al venerdì, dalle 9 alle 12 e dalle 14 alle 18.
Venerdì 1° giugno il film coreano “A Taxi Driver” (2017), sottotitolato in italiano, verrà proiettato presso lo Spazio Oberdan di Milano. L’ingresso è gratuito fino a esaurimento posti.
“A Taxi Driver” è un action drama coreano diretto dal regista Jang Hun, con la partecipazione di Song Kang-Ho nel ruolo principale. Il film è incentrato sulla storia di un autista di taxi di Seoul che casualmente viene coinvolto negli eventi del Movimento di Democratizzazione di Gwangju del 1980.
Infine anche l’incontro a Palazzo Clerici (lunedì 28 maggio ore 17.30), guiderà i visitatori alla scoperta di una nuova cultura: K-UNION, un forum politico sulle due Coree.
Nel 2016, a Roma, apriva i battenti il primo Istituto Culturale Coreano, un luogo per presentare al pubblico italiano la cultura coreana. Sarà proprio l’Istituto di via Nomentana a dirigere Korea Week a Milano. La kermesse vuole essere un’occasione per portare in Italia artisti, artigiani, musicisti, make up artist, chef e atleti coreani, alcuni di loro vere star nel loro Paese, per approfondire ogni giorno un tema diverso della millenaria tradizione di questo paese dell’Estremo Oriente.

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16/ma edizione del Florence Korea Film Fest

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 marzo 2018

Firenze oggi si inaugura la 16/ma edizione del Florence Korea Film Fest, festival dedicato al meglio della cinematografia sud coreana contemporanea, fino al 30 marzo al cinema La Compagnia (via Cavour, 50r). A proposito del film, vincitore di sei premi alla 37/ma edizione dei Critics Choice Awards, poderosa ricostruzione storica ambientata nel 1636 che racconta l’invasione Manciù della Corea del Sud, che costrinse l’imperatore a chiudersi in una fortezza, il regista racconta: “Ho realizzato questo film per dare una possibilità di ripensare al passato anche in termini contemporanei: nonostante sia una storia ambientata molti anni fa, rimane infatti molto attuale. In passato, la Corea era stretta tra forze molto più grandi di lei, come la Cina delle dinastie Ming e Qing. Adesso, la situazione è un po’ più complicata perché ci sono l’America, la Cina, la Russia, la Corea del Nord e il Giappone ma la Corea del Sud rimane sempre al centro di queste problematiche. Per realizzare il film, mi sono ispirato a The Revenant di Alejandro González Iñárritu per la crudità delle scene, la sofferenza dell’attore e la risoluzione dei conflitti, discostandomi dai drammi storici coreani che hanno invece una visione più fusion e mescolano la fantasia con vari generi. A ulteriore riprova dell’ammirazione nei confronti del collega Iñárritu, ho cercato la collaborazione del compositore giapponese Ryūichi Sakamoto proprio dopo averlo apprezzato nella colonna sonora di The Revenant”. Sui progetti futuri, Hwang Dong-hyuk ha detto: “Girare questo film è stato molto impegnativo, così mi sono preso un po’ di riposo. Ho realizzato pellicole di vario genere, ma vorrei cimentarmi con uno ‘science fiction’ e con qualcosa ambientato nello spazio”.
Il Florence Korea Film Fest, ideato e diretto da Riccardo Gelli dell’associazione Taegukgi – Toscana Korea Association, propone oltre 40 titoli tra corti e lungometraggi premiati nei festival di tutto il mondo, tra anteprime, incontri con gli autori, una mostra, eventi collaterali e ospiti tra cui spicca anche il nome di Ha Jung-woo, stella del cinema coreano della sua generazione, che ha messo in mostra la sua versatilità in vari generi cinematografici, interpretando oltre 40 pellicole. L’attore, insieme al produttore Won Dong-Yeon e al regista Kim Yong-hwa presenterà in prima europea sabato 24 marzo l’ultima pellicola di cui è protagonista, il fantasy ‘Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds’, la storia di un vigile del fuoco che perde prematuramente la vita mentre sta salvando una bambina. Durante la serata inaugurale la vicesindaca Cristina Giachi gli conferirà l’onorificenza Le chiavi della città di Firenze. Ha Jung-woo sarà inoltre omaggiato di una retrospettiva di 6 titoli dedicata al suo poliedrico percorso artistico.

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SoundHound Inc. and Hyundai Motor Group starting in Korea

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 dicembre 2017

corea sudSoundHound Inc.®, the leading innovator in voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies, today announced a partnership with the Hyundai Motor Group, South Korea’s leading automobile manufacturing group, to embed the SoundHound music application into select Hyundai Motor Group vehicles worldwide. This partnership began in North America in 2014, with the world’s first in-car implementation of SoundHound, the most advanced music search, discovery, and connected streaming experience. The new global expansion will begin in Korea with the new 2018 Hyundai Veloster model, with additional models to follow.SoundHound Inc. has developed a unique feature set designed specifically for car integration. This integration enables drivers of Hyundai vehicles to identify songs and access SoundHound features directly through the vehicle’s dashboard, without needing their mobile phone. This comes after significant advancements from SoundHound Inc. on its music database, including the integration of KT’s Genie Music catalog to reach a wider audience in Korea, and enabling faster, more accurate music recognition.This partnership highlights SoundHound Inc.’s position as the leading independent platform that enables music streaming services to reach their fans. It also represents a continuing strategic initiative between SoundHound Inc. and KT to bring new technology to Korea. In 2017, SoundHound Inc. raised a Series D round of funding to support further expansion of its voice-enabled AI platform, Houndify, with both Hyundai and KT participating as strategic investors. SoundHound Inc. introduced the Houndify platform in 2015, with the mission of bringing voice-enabled AI to everyone. The platform powers more than 50,000 partners and reaches over 300 million end-users globally. Houndify partners include many automotive companies, as well as industry leaders such as Samsung, NVIDIA, Uber, and Yelp, with thousands of distinct products being Houndified. Houndify is the only AI platform that is fully independent and agnostic, which means companies can integrate it into their full line of products and services, including phones, connected cars, smart home products, and more, while retaining their own brands and users.“We know that music is part of the driving experience and SoundHound is a beloved music search, discovery and play service,” said James Hom, Vice President of Products and co-founder of SoundHound Inc. “It was a natural fit for us to work with Hyundai Motor Group and KT to fully integrate the enhanced SoundHound experience into the automobile and make it as easy as possible for drivers to identify and capture those discoveries. We see even greater potential in the future and plan to continue to make the driving experience more intelligent and productive.” “Hyundai is very focused on bringing innovation to the driving experience,” said Paul Choo, Director of Vehicle IT Development Center at Hyundai Motor Group. “We believe that consumers will become increasingly savvy with the intelligent technologies available to them in the driving experience. We are on the forefront of bringing these innovations to our customers with our deep partnership with SoundHound Inc., the leader in sound recognition and voice technologies.”

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Foot-Mouth-Disease Prompts Korean Pork Imports

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 ottobre 2011

Ruptured blisters on the feet of a pig with FMD

Image via Wikipedia

With domestic hog production reduced 28.6 percent (January-to-July) because of foot-and-mouth disease losses, the South Korean government is stimulating pork imports with a duty-free Tariff Rate Quota. To curb soaring consumer prices, the government is also subsidizing the difference in costs between air freight and ocean freight for chilled pork bellies, reported U.S. Grains Council Director in Korea Byong Ryol Min.
The result is a 91.5 percent increase in Korean pork imports this year, according to Korean customs data. Among major suppliers, the United States gained the largest share of the increase. U.S. sales are up 141.5 percent and the U.S. share of Korea’s pork purchases increased from 27.7 to 35 percent.

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US Administration Reaching Korea Trade Deal

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 7 dicembre 2010

Washington, D.C., “The U.S. Grains Council congratulates the U.S. Administration on achieving a historical and precedent-setting agreement with Korea, the most expansive U.S. trade deal since the North American Free Trade Agreement. The U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement provides significant benefits for U.S. agricultural trade and the U.S. economy. It will immediately open new opportunities for significant increases in U.S. agricultural exports, which will generate income and jobs here at home.  “Korea is an important market for U.S. grains exports, benefiting U.S. producers of barley, corn, sorghum and their co-products. During the first nine months of this calendar year, Korea imported 8.6 million metric tons of feed grains, with the United States enjoying a 70 percent market share. Korea also imported 373,000 tons of U.S. distiller’s dried grains with solubles, a co-product of U.S. ethanol production, a 47 percent increase over the same time period of the previous year. The passage of this agreement will be critical to ensuring the United States’ dominant market share in the face of competition from other sources.  “The U.S. Grains Council looks forward to continuing the strong trade relationship with the buyers of our products in Korea. This agreement is a win-win scenario for all involved and we hope it cements the critical role of trade in achieving economic goals in the United States. We are also hopeful it will influence other trade initiatives with Panama, Colombia and the Trans-Pacific Partnership to move to the forefront of the Administration’s agenda. We look forward to the immediate ratification of the agreement on the hill and a unified political front on trade.”

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