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Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo visited Dolores

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 10 dicembre 2014

Philippine climateGreenpeace makes solidarity visit to Dolores, Samar, ground zero of Typhoon Hagupit Dolores, Eastern Samar, Philippines, Greenpeace has today made a visit of solidarity to Dolores in Eastern Samar where Typhoon Hagupit made landfall in the Philippines before weaving a destructive path across the country and displacing more than a million people.Together with Philippine climate commissioner Naderev ‘Yeb’ M. Sano and Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director Von Hernandez he met with local authorities, visited schools and talked with the public.They had earlier visited the town of Laiya in Batangas province on Monday night local time, sheltering from the storm front in churches and schools with villagers as the storm front made a direct hit on the coastal community.In Dolores, Naidoo was told 7,000 people of the population of 40,800, were still in evacuation centres, while one person was killed. Mayor Emiliana Villacarillo said 80 percent of homes were destroyed and much of the region’s farmland ruined.
“This is ground zero of the destruction caused by Typhoon Hagupit. It’s been an extremely humbling experience to spend time here and witness how the community has risen to address the devastation that they’ve faced. There’s a lot of pain and hardship. One life was lost, homes destroyed, infrastructure ruined and agricultural land damaged.“I’ve been moved by the spirit of the mayor. She is strong and determined but she needs help. All of us need to mobilise to support her when she says she wants to build a more resilient community and to adapt to climate change. The people are resilient, their spirits are strong and the smiles are amazing to see through all this pain, but the truth is they need help. I call upon people all over the world to find ways in which they can support communities like this as we face more and more impacts of climate change.”Greenpeace is calling on delegates at the UN climate talks in Lima to also stand with the people of the Philippines and deliver an ambitious climate solution and end the fossil fuel age.Real action can also be taken by citizens around the world, by the CEOs of major energy companies and by governments to bring about a future based on 100% clean and renewable energy sources, to end tropical rainforest destruction and shift towards ecological agriculture. Every day lost will add to the burden of devastating climate change.Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director Von Hernandez said:“The major oil, coal and gas companies are to blame for the increased likelihood of more intense and destructive storms, and they should pay for the damage and help prevent causing further harm. Like Big Tobacco before them, the Big Polluters are going to have to face the survivors of disasters like those in Dolores who have had their homes destroyed, family and friends killed, and their livelihoods wiped out. Their product is the problem.”

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Kumi Naidoo accompanies many major NGOs in walking out of the UN climate negotiations

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 novembre 2013

warsaw overview

warsaw overview (Photo credit: Nikos Roussos)

 In regards to the massive NGO walk-out today from the UN climate negotiations, Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International said:“The Polish government has done its best to turn these talks into a showcase for the coal industry. Along with backsliding by Japan, Australia and Canada, and the lack of meaningful leadership from other countries, governments here have delivered a slap in the face to those suffering as a result of dangerous climate change. The EU is being shackled by the Polish government and its friends in the coal industry, and must resume leading on the climate agenda if Paris is going to deliver a treaty that matters.” “China, if anyone, can be a game-changer, but it’s not yet capitalising on its potential. It has yet to translate its domestic gains on cutting coal use and other climate action into constructive engagement in these talks. 2014 is a critical year – it must be a year of action and ambition on the road to Paris. Each and every country must table new pollution reduction targets, as well as meeting the promises they have already made.”“We believe in this process. We will never give up on it, because people around the world desperately need a global treaty on climate change. But a new treaty must also be meaningful. Warsaw has simply not been good enough. As civil society, we will be back next year with still more voices behind us, with more determination and with more ambition to succeed. We expect governments to do the same.”

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Warsaw iconic building is stage for call to free activists as COP19 fails to respond to climate emergency

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 novembre 2013

The Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral (Photo credit: Bernt Rostad)

Warsaw. Activists today protested at the iconic Palace of Culture and Science in central Warsaw to demand immediate climate action and to free the climate defenders, known as the Arctic 30. Warsaw is currently hosting the annual UN climate negotiations, which are not delivering the urgent action people and the planet need.
Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International said:
“Typhoon Haiyan reminded the world that we must act without delay, but the governments of countries like Australia, Japan, Poland and Canada are serving their oil, nuke and coal lobbies while condemning many more around the world to suffering. The climate talks are held hostage by these lobbies while brave climate defenders like the Arctic 30 still face several years in jail for taking peaceful action to protect the Arctic from climate change.”A large banner was hung on the side of the Palace facing the National Stadium, where the COP19 talks are being held, which read: “Save the Arctic – Free our Activists”.The protest comes at a moment when the negotiations are at a deadlock. The financing needed for loss and damage, adaptation to the climate impacts and the transition towards renewable energies are not provided by rich countries. Most recently, Australia and Japan stepped back from their previous commitments. Poland and some major emerging economies are blocking a strict timetable for ambitious targets in 2014. The world`s largest emitter China has not been ready to translate its domestic policy progress into constructive engagements here in Warsaw.“This process is sorely lacking in leadership on all sides. China and the EU, if anyone, have potential to be a game-changer in these talks, but they are not capitalizing their potential. ““If governments can’t even agree on a strict timetable for increasing climate ambition and making 2014 a year of increased mitigation and financing commitments, you will see more acts of civil disobedience by ordinary citizens who are frustrated by policy leaders who simply act as puppets of their fossil fuel industries. The movement against coal and oil interests needs the courageous mobilization of people who can act as bravely as the Arctic 30 did,” added Naidoo.

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Greenpeace looks towards the future of climate negotiations

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 novembre 2013

Greenpeace snow man at the G8 Summit. www.gree...

Greenpeace snow man at the G8 Summit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Warsaw on the official closing day of the UN climate negotiations and following yesterday’s civil society walk out, Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace said:“This was a sham. It was supposed to be about increasing emission cuts, but what we saw was the opposite – Japan lowering its target, Australia rolling back its climate legislation and Brazil reporting a 28% increase of its deforestation rate. Furthermore, the complete failure of rich countries to deliver on existing promises on long-term finance is putting the most vulnerable people at risk.” “Too many governments, North and South, continue to block progress towards a new global climate agreement while serving their coal and oil lobbies, rather than their people. Greenpeace, looking into the future, expects to see a new kind of leadership from emerging economies. They have become powerful players in the international community. With power comes responsibility.”Martin Kaiser, Head of the Greenpeace Delegation said:“China is making big strides domestically in tackling pollution from its coal industry and advancing renewable energy, but is not yet translating it into a willingness to lead at a global level. Brazil is promoting the important principle of historical responsibility, but that’s no excuse for Brazil, or anyone to ditch their responsibilities over their current and future emissions,” said Kaiser.Greenpeace will be pushing national governments throughout 2014 so that they come to the Ban Ki-Moon summit in September and later the climate conference in Lima, taking with them meaningful emission reduction offers while being prepared to fill the Green Climate Fund. In particular, Greenpeace is expecting concrete proposals in 2014 for reducing climate pollution from China, the US and the European Union – the three biggest emitters. The EU has to immediately raise its weak climate targets and finally fix its stumbling emissions trading scheme. “People are getting less and less patient with corporate polluters. A growing number of people are prepared to take action against the coal, oil, gas and nuclear industries and demand a different kind of energy system. It was for this cause that our friends, risking their liberty, protested against drilling in the Arctic. The example of the Arctic 30 will continue to be an inspiration to us,” said Kaiser.“We remain absolutely committed to achieving international co-operation at the United Nations, to protect the world’s citizens from the devastating impacts of climate change and its aftermath,” added Naidoo.

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Independent research exposes who is responsible for climate change: Gazprom and Shell star

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 novembre 2013


Gazprom (Photo credit: Thawt Hawthje)

Amsterdam Just five oil companies — Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and ConocoPhilips — are ultimately responsible for emissions equivalent to nearly 12.5 % of cumulative historical global industrial emissions of carbon dioxide and methane, startling new research has shown.This new report exposes the companies that have made major contributions to the climate crisis — and the investors that fund them — and for the first time calculates their contribution to global industrial emissions of greenhouse gases and potentially identifying their measure of culpability for climate change impacts.The report comes as several leading civil society organizations walked out of the UN climate talks in Warsaw, Poland to protest the lack of progress in the negotiations and the failure of several governments to stand up to the fossil fuel industry. A major impediment to progress in the climate negotiations has been the failure of rich countries to provide financing to compensate vulnerable countries for damages caused by the impacts of climate change.“Fossil fuel companies plan to exploit untapped oil and coal reserves while our climate can’t handle the amount of carbon that has already been emitted. These companies must be held accountable for the damages they have caused, and their plans to send us past a point of no return must be stopped,” said Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International. “Until governments finally act, we will have no choice but to continue to intervene to prevent a climate catastrophe, acting as the Arctic 30 did against the most powerful industry on earth.”The peer-reviewed research published in Climatic Change on historic carbon emissions shows that the estimated emissions of 90 entities are equivalent to approximately 63 % of cumulative global emissions of industrial CO2 and methane (calculated as CO2 equivalents) between 1854 and 2010. [2]The 90 entities are made up of 50 investor-owned companies, 31 state-owned enterprises and nine former and current states [3]. Cumulatively, emissions estimated for investor-owned companies amount to 315 Gt CO2 e (21.7%), for state-owned enterprises to 288 Gt CO2e (19.8%) and for former and current states to 312 Gt CO2e (21.5%). Of these emissions estimated for carbon producers, half has been emitted since 1986.The largest 10 investor-owned companies contributed an estimated 229.5 Gt of CO2e, equivalent to 15.8 % of the estimated cumulative historical global emissions through 2010. The 21 U.S. based companies included in this study alone contributed an estimated 172.6 Gt CO2e (12%) of global emissions through 2010. In 2010, investor-owned companies contributed 7,628 MtCO2e or 242 tCO2e per second (equivalent to 27.3%) to the atmosphere.The results are, that the estimated emissions of those 90 entities amount to 914 Gt CO2e of cumulative world emissions of industrial CO2 and methane. The entities are comprised of 83 of the world’s largest fossil fuel entities (crude oil & NGLs, natural gas, and coal) plus cement manufacture´s emissions by 7 entities. The threshold for entities to be included in this study was set at the production of ≥8 million tonnes of carbon (MtC) in a recent year. Some entities have since been added, while others were absorbed through mergers or acquisitions.
“These findings provide a ground breaking development and a new building block in terms of potential legal outcomes to hold fossil fuel producers liable for damage caused by climate change,” said Stephen Leonard, a lawyer and the President of the Climate Justice Programme.The industry ranking was published after 28 Greenpeace International activists and two freelance journalists were detained at gunpoint by Russian security forces who seized their ship the Arctic Sunrise on September 19 after a peaceful protest at a Gazprom Arctic oil drilling platform. Taking action to demand climate protection, these 30 brave men and women have since spent the past two months in detention, charged with a crime they did not commit.St. Petersburg courts have now granted bail to 26 members of the so-called Arctic 30, 15 of whom have been released. But Australian activist Colin Russell has had his bail request denied and the Arctic 30 still face at least one serious charge that could see them spend years in a Russian prison.Gazprom, and its partner Shell, the two companies that are leading the charge to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic, ranked high on the list in the study. Gazprom ranks 5th in the top 20 investor and state-owned entities, while Shell is ranked at number six.“This evidence should be further impetus for people all over the world to follow in the footsteps of the Arctic 30 by standing up to these companies. While those brave people could spend several years in a Russian jail, the real culprits — companies like Gazprom and Shell — are free to keep polluting the planet. They’re the ones who should be held accountable and forced to stop, not the peaceful protestors who stand up to them on behalf of all of us,” said Ben Ayliffe, head of the Arctic oil campaign for Greenpeace International.

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From the Durban conference centre

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 9 dicembre 2011

English: Habour of Durban Deutsch: Der Hafen v...

Image via Wikipedia

Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace has been removed from the Durban conference centre and has been banned from the building.
He, along with nine other Greenpeace activists, has had his UN accreditation badge removed, meaning he cannot re-enter the site during the remainder of the UN climate conference. This afternoon Kumi joined scores of campaigners from across the world at a protest in the conference centre, outside the plenary room. During the protest he accompanied Dr Mohaemmed Shareef Environment Minister from the low-lying island country of the Maldives. After over two hours, along with over a hundred people from many different groups including, Friends of the Earth, AVAAZ, he was escorted out the conference.Before being taken out Kumi said: “We are here to stand with the most vulnerable countries whose basic survival needs have not been met by the men and women in that conference hall. We are here to call upon government minsters to listen to the people and not the polluters. The United States delegation is right now organising, line-by-line, the means by which United Nations member states will be eradicated from the map. We will not tolerate this.”
After being thrown out Kumi added: “While people calling for urgent action to protect the climate and save lives have been thrown out, it is a brutal irony that the US delegation continues to have free reign to continue obstructing any progress. I ask the proud American people, in whose name this is being done, to take just a moment today to consider what they would do if they learned that a conference of powers was plotting to wipe their great nation off the map, because for low-lying islands that is the future they face. “But the United States has allies here, and they are not inconsequential. Obama’s delegation can only destroy this conference if other big polluters join them. I make an appeal here to those nations, do not stand with the U.S. delegation, stand with us, stand with the nations facing eradication.”

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Durban climate talks: Last Chance for the USA

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 28 novembre 2011

central city of Durban, South Africa

Image via Wikipedia

Durban On the eve of the opening of the latest round of climate talks in Durban Greenpeace today declared that it is time for our Governments to stop listening to the carbon-intensive polluting corporations and start listening to the people who want an end to our dependence on fossil fuels and real and immediate action on climate change. This round of the climate talks, the 17th Conference of the Parties, must be the point where our Governments respond to the international climate crisis by adopting a clear roadmap towards a science based, global agreement, which ensures that all countries take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically and that financial and technical support is delivered to the poor countries. The COP is being held on the African continent which bears the greatest social injustices due to the impacts of climate change. South Africa, as the continent’s highest CO2 emitter, must show climate leadership to reach a meaningful outcome at the end of COP.“To be clear, Africa is already bearing the brunt of the climate gone awry but that’s not enough for the US government. When the Mississippi basin turns to dust they can hang their heads in shame for letting this opportunity slip through their fingers,” said Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International Executive Director from Durban.
The argument that the US is a major emitter and must be part of a global agreement is increasingly looking like an excuse for inaction on the part of other governments, such as the EU, and emerging economies including India and China.
If the US still fails to cooperate and engage in a global fight on stabilising the climate, its time for govts such as the EU, and emerging economies including India and stop using the US as an excuse for inaction. “The entire global effort must not fail because of the USA,” said Tove Ryding, Greenpeace International Co-ordinator for Climate Policy.

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Dichiarazione di Kumi Naidoo

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 18 dicembre 2009

Copenhagen Per il direttore di Greenpeace International: “Questo è il più importante pezzo di carta del mondo in questo momento. Mostra in termini chiari che l’accordo sul clima oggi in discussione e Copenhagen metterebbe seriamente a rischio la possibilità della nostra civilizzazione sulla Terra. Un aumento di tre gradi della temperatura media significherebbe la devastazione dell’Africa e il possibile collasso degli ecosistemi che reggono la vita di miliardi di persone. Questo documento è la pistola fumante. E dà il preavviso ai leader mondiali. Hanno solo un giorno per migliorare la situazione, altrimenti verranno ricordati per sempre come coloro che hanno consegnato il Pianeta al caos climatico”

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