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A report card for Mr Trump: Could do better

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 maggio 2017

the-economist-trumpOn April 29th Donald Trump, America’s president, will mark his 100th day occupying the highest office in the land. This period is seen as a high-water mark for presidential power: the time in which presidents enjoy both popularity and momentum from campaigning to set the agenda for the next four years and to push through legislation in Congress.Measuring the performance of presidents is often tricky. But before he was elected Mr Trump helpfully issued a “100-day action plan to make America great again”. These 18 actions and ten congressional bills spelt out Mr Trump’s priorities for his presidency. They included construction of a wall on the Mexican border; suspending illegal immigration from “terror-prone countries”; and labelling China a currency manipulator.By this yardstick, progress has been slow. Although Mr Trump has now issued more than 30 executive orders, ten more than Barack Obama over the same period (see left-hand chart), efforts have not begun on 12 of the issues in his action plan. His presidency-defining health-care legislation and immigration bans have so far been thwarted by Congress and the judiciary, respectively.That has left Mr Trump frustrated, but it might not deter his supporters. A poll conducted by YouGov for The Economist on April 22nd asked 1,500 Americans whether their president had exceeded their expectations or not. Of those who identified as Republican or Democrat, 30% thought that Mr Trump had met their expectations. Yet the remainder were sharply divided: 41% of Democrats thought the president had performed “much worse” than expected; 28% of Republicans thought he had performed “much better”.
These sentiments are reflected in Mr Trump’s approval ratings, which are the lowest of any post-war president. But the country is divided by party loyalties: 88% of Republicans approve of the president, while 82% of Democrats disapprove. Mr Obama, by contrast, was far less divisive. Mr Trump was a polarising figure on the campaign trail; he is no different in office. The correspondence of Nelle Harper Lee and Wayne Flynt by The Economist)

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MEPs call for penalties to tackle human rights flaws in the EU

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 1 marzo 2014

european parliamentThe European Commission must “immediately” set up a system to monitor member countries’ compliance with EU values and accession criteria, says a resolution passed by Parliament on Thursday. This monitoring system should include binding recommendations and penalties for breaches, such as freezing EU funds, MEPs add.The resolution, approved by 312 votes to 244, with 27 abstentions, analyses the respect for fundamental rights in the EU in 2012.”In all EU countries there are breaches of EU values, principles and legislation. There are still too many places in Europe and too many cases that show that there are shortcomings. If the EU wants to be a moral force that will influence the rest of the world in a good way it has to be strict with itself,” said the rapporteur, Louis Michel (ALDE, BE).The European Commission should “immediately” set up a new system to monitor compliance with the EU accession criteria, commonly known as the “Copenhagen criteria”, regularly and in an objective manner, says the text. This new “Copenhagen mechanism” would serve to set indicators, draw up binding recommendations and impose penalties such as freezing EU funding for countries that fail to comply. This should be done in an objective way, avoiding any double standards, it adds.MEPs also suggest revising EU Treaty Article 7 (rules for determining whether there is a clear risk of a serious breach of EU values in a member state). The aim would be to separate clearly the “risk” and “violation” stages. To help prevent breaches of EU values in the long term, MEPs also call for the creation of a “Copenhagen Commission” of independent high-level experts on fundamental rights.Parliament calls on the EU and its member states to review any laws that could be used to punish people assisting migrants in distress at sea. Rescue efforts “should be welcomed and (…) never lead to any form of sanctions”, it says. MEPs also express regret that even under the EU’s new asylum system, children applying for international protection could be put in prison.

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Does Europe need a specific anti-mafia legislation?

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 19 gennaio 2013

The next meeting of the Special Committee on Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering (CRIM) will take place on 23 and 24 January, room PHS 4B001.
The committee will hold a public hearing to discuss criminal law, transnational investigation and prosecution in the fight against organised crime, corruption and money laundering.Particularly, Members will debate with experts on:
– the preservation of individual rights (including defence rights in investigations) and the protection of personal data
– criminal responsibility of corporations and fight against tax fraud and tax evasion (including VAT fraud): Algirdas Semeta, Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, will deliver a speech on the protection of EU financial interests, controlling financial flows and dealing with non-regulated areas.
The meeting will kick off with a debate on the working document drafted by CRIM rapporteur Mr Iacolino, which will serve as a basis for the mid-term paper.

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MEPs decide to postpone the vote

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 17 febbraio 2011

The European Parliament decided on Wednesday to postpone the vote on the proposed “single permit” to live and work in the EU. The vote on the draft directive, which was expected to take place this week, was rescheduled due to procedural issues related to the interpretation of the EP’s rules of procedure. After approving a series of amendments to the Commission proposal on 14 December 2010, MEPs rejected the amended text in their final vote (306 votes in favour, 350 against and 25 abstentions). The key issues disputed among the political groups were the scope of the legislation, equal treatment of third-country nationals and EU citizens and whether Member States should be enabled to issue or require other documents, in addition to the permit. The Commission chose not to withdraw the proposal, so it was referred back to the Civil Liberties Committee, which would have two months to take the issue back to plenary. The Civil Liberties Committee decided to restrict the reopening of amendments to two parts of the draft directive, relating in particular to additional documents. The Employment Committee contested this decision, arguing that, as an associated committee, it should have been involved in it and should have had the possibility to retable amendments on the issues of its competence. The Constitutional Affairs Committee backed on Monday the Employment interpretation of the EP rules of procedure. Consequently, the political groups decided to extend the two-month deadline and postpone the vote to a forthcoming plenary session. The proposed “single permit” directive aims to streamline bureaucratic procedures for all potential immigrants applying to live and work in an EU Member State, by enabling them to obtain work and residence permits via a single procedure. The proposal would also confer a common set of rights to third-country workers comparable to those of EU citizens, such as minimum working conditions, recognition of diplomas and professional qualifications and access to social security

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U.S.A.: Wall street reform

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 23 maggio 2010

Letter to editor “Riccardo on Thursday, the Senate passed historic Wall Street reform. This movement proved again that the strongest special interests, who for so long have called the shots in Washington, can be beat. When opponents in Congress tried to block the legislation altogether, you stood up — and they backed down. When the lobbyists pushed for loopholes and exemptions just before a final vote, you did not relent — and we fought them off. Your support brought us to this day — and, because of that, we’re poised to implement sensible reforms that will provide a stronger foundation for economic growth. Now, the House and Senate must iron out their differences before I can sign it into law. But the financial industry will not give up. They have already spent more than $1 million per member of Congress, lobbying on this issue. And in the coming days, they will go all in. This is their last shot to stall, weaken, or kill reform, and they are not accustomed to losing. But this movement has you — and together, we have beaten the special interests before. Every American has a stake in this bill. If you have ever been treated unfairly by a credit card company, this reform works for you — never again will Americans be duped by fine print or hidden fees. If you ever try to take out a home loan or student loan, this reform works for you — putting an end to predatory and deceptive lending practices. And, if you or your small business relies on credit from community banks that are being punished for playing by the rules while their competitors do not, this reform works for you — reining in the big banks and making sure all our lenders are subject to tough oversight. These reforms would put in place the strongest consumer financial protections in history. And, by helping safeguard our economy from recklessness on Wall Street, it would ensure that a crisis like the one that caused this recession never happens again. This is not a zero-sum game where Wall Street loses and Main Street wins. As we have learned, in today’s economy, we are all connected. When the economy prospers, we all win. Senators of both parties recognize that fact, and that is why lawmakers stood up to the lobbyists and worked across the aisle to ensure that Wall Street reform passed. But this fight is not yet over. And it is up to us to overcome this final test and pass reform into law. When we do, the power of this movement to make change in Washington — despite the best efforts of the special interests — will no longer be up for debate.(President Barack Obama)

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