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The President of Province of Rome Nicola Zingaretti at the Dolce Vita Exhibition to promote food and wine itineraries

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 13 marzo 2012

 (by Cinzia Cerbino Italoeuropeo) The Dolce Vita Exhibition has just concluded its show held from 9 to 11 of march at Business Centre in Islinghton and many visitors has still in memory tastes and flavors of Italian gastronomic fragrances and territories to discover.The London’s largest showcase of Italian food, wine and drink products is the only event designed to recreate the style of Italian life in London. This year the province of Rome and the president Nicola Zingaretti has decided to take part at the exhibition in order to promote the beauty of the territory and the quality of the products of the Roman area.The province of Rome has launched the website http://www.romaepiù.it dedicated to the promotion of the surrounding areas of Rome.Many tourists that travel in the City of Rome ignore the beautiful places loved and depicted by great painters, poets and intellectuals near the Capital.Archeological sites such as Cerveteri, world heritage site, the historical scenery of the Castelli Romani , abbeys , mountains, volcanic lakes and wildlife reserves.The President Nicola Zingaretti claimed that the re-launch of the areas must develop through environmental sustainability, public well-being quality and innovation as the parameters of all the choices of the Government.
When we speak about Italy beautiful territories go together with excellent food and wine.The Province of Rome achieve to promote the DOC labels of many wines producers such as Consortium of Frascati, the “Strada del Vino Cesanese” the “Strada dei vini dei Castelli Romani” and “the Terra Etrusco Romana” that are wine and food itineraries.But also the olive oil from Sabina, The Porchetta of Ariccia, Genzano Bread and Gentilini Biscuits are other brands with DOP or Protected Geographical Indication.The event concluded with a lesson of Roman cuisine of the chef Claudio Ciocca well known for his brotherly friendship with the director Federico Fellini. Ciocca’s Restaurant in Grottaferrata is the most ancient in Rome, it is cited in Pope Bull on 1500 and the restaurant was the destination chosen by Elizabeth Taylor and other famous actors for their dinner in Rome.Passionate admirers of Italian style can taste and discovery personally this wonderful territories with a journey around Province of Rome villages. [ photo Ciocca © by Igor Epis italoeuropeo]

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The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for UK

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 ottobre 2010

London Glazier Hall: On a autumn day, behind the shadow of London Bridge, the most important Italian entrepreneurs and  bankers together with illustrious international economists sat down to assist at the thirty-second annual conference of The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK. The subject under discussion was about the path to recovery through structural changes and investments in infrastructure.  After the greeting of the Italian ambassador Alain Giorgio Maria Economides, the president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK Leonardo Simonelli Santi opened the work session underlining that “recovery” became the magic word in the economic debate. Last year the conference was focusing on the global problem especially about the great discrepancy between the industrial countries and the emerging countries. This year the situation requires to  fix attention on the effective measures necessary to promote the growth of the economy.
In a picture of Italian industry could not miss a report of manufacturing sector. An interesting projections of the situation was explained by Lee Hopley, Chief Economist of the EEF. The analysis registered a fall of the production all around Europe between 2008 and 2010 due to  the crisis and the risk to recovery remains in some strategic decisions about public spending cuts, volatile exchange rates,  difficult credit conditions, skill shortages and supply chain condition. During the second session the main subject under discussion was infrastructure and regulation after Basilee Agreement. The session was opened by the speech of Vincent Boland, Lex Writer of the Financial Times, advising the responsibility of the country in a better understanding of affordable plans for recovery.
The strategic function played by the banks for the recovery of the economy  was underlined by Sir Win Bischoff Chairman of the Lloyds Banking Group. The reasons of stagnation are recognised in a low productivity, a low supply, in a problematic working age population and in a unclear credit problem. The state of works of the energy sector was explained by Simone Urbani Grecchi, the Chief Manager of BIIS (. The suggestions indicated for the path of recovering involve a reliable long term regulatory framework for the investors, the right combination of private and public funds in both PPP and PFI schemes and addressing the “real” economy needs and expectation.
The stimulating meeting was closed by the analysis of Paolo Romiti, Director of Impregilo SpA. “We need to do something useful for the people”. In this sense the reference point remains in the infrastructure because many countries need energy and environment development and alternative energies. Adequate infrastructure mean a very important social measure that eliminate the disomogeneity in the growth of the different countries. (Cinzia Cerbino italo europeo, abstract) (images)

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Le camere di commercio italiane nel mondo

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 27 ottobre 2009

“Il lavoro delle Camere di Commercio Italiane all’Estero ha dimostrato l’importanza strategica delle Camere come intermediarie di fiducia. Gli imprenditori italiani, che all’estero hanno fatto bene, possono e devono fare da tramite, da sostegno  per incentivare la collaborazione di lungo periodo con le aziende estere”. Così esordisce Leonardo Simonelli, Presidente della Camera di Commercio Italiana di Londra, in una lunga intervista a margine dei lavori della XVIII Convention mondiale delle Camere di Commercio Italiane all’Estero, in svolgimento a Salerno fino al prossimo 28 ottobre a Salerno.  Leonardo Simonelli, da oltre 15 anni ai vertici della CCIE di Londra, e da altrettanti membro dei diversi Consigli Assocamerestero, da ieri è Vice Presidente di Assocamerestero. “C’è  la consapevolezza che fare affari è difficile ovunque ma questa difficoltà – continua il Presidente Simonelli – all’estero è ancora più evidente. Questo perché bisogna conoscere bene il territorio nel quale si lavora. Non vale più la pena di fare ‘toccate e fuga’. E’ necessario per le imprese  cercare delle alleanze che permettano una comprensione delle regole del territorio in cui si opera”.  ll ruolo delle Camere di Commercio risulta essenziale in questo senso, come afferma lo stesso Simonelli, aggiungendo che “le Camere sono ben inserite nei territori dove si trovano; addirittura ne fanno parte. Loro stesse cercano delle alleanze con il sistema camerale del paese dove si trovano. Cito Londra perché  è la realtà che conosco meglio. Le Camere di Commercio sono intermediarie  di fiducia, In Italia forse adesso abbiamo perso un pò il senso e l’importanza di questo lavoro. Non ci crediamo fino in fondo. Dobbiamo ritornare a crederci”.  Investire in Italia non è facile e lo evidenzia il Presidente della Camera di Commercio Italiana a Londra ricordando che “spesso i passaggi burocratici sono incomprensibili. Specialmente per le aziende che sono abituate a operare in Paesi dove l’investimento risulta al contrario incoraggiato. In Italia la presenza di diversi enti che si sovrappongono rendono tutto più complicato e incomprensibile per gli imprenditori”. L’importanza delle piccole e medie imprese per l’economia del nostro Paese è un fatto, e favorire il processo di internazionalizzazione di queste imprese  è uno degli obiettivi principali delle CCIE. “Quello che può essere considerato un handicap delle piccole imprese – cioè il non essere sufficientemente strutturate –  è al tempo stesso un punto di forza perché le rende più flessibili. Ma è di vitale importanza per le piccole realtà l’alleanza. Se in Italia l’importanza dell’alleanza, cioè l’importanza di fare sistema, è stata recepita fino a un certo punto, molto si deve fare perché ciò avvenga anche all’estero; la piccola azienda deve trovare un partner che la sostenga  soprattutto all’estero”.

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