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Mobility Is the Heartbeat of Life: Continental at CES 2020

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 5 gennaio 2020

Mobility is a crucial human need and a healthy mobility ecosystem is the driving force behind society, the economy and the entire world. At its press conference on January 6 at CES in Las Vegas, Continental will demonstrate the role the technology company is playing in the development of safe, convenient and efficient solutions in the mobility ecosystem. Based on the pillars of connectivity, data and high-performance computing, as well as automated driving and user experience, Continental will show its latest innovations and technologies in a private exhibition area at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Continental’s “transparent hood” function is first to market globally. Displaying the area beneath the hood, it enables the driver to see terrain and obstacles that would otherwise not be visible. The transparent hood is based on Continental’s Surround View system, which consists of four satellite cameras and an electronic control unit. An intelligent image processing algorithm reconstructs the image below the vehicle and inserts this image exactly into the view displayed to the driver. Continental received the CES 2020 Innovation Award for this innovative technology.

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Donate Life Rose Parade Float, “Light in the Darkness”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 dicembre 2019

Seven men and women whose lives were transformed forever thanks to the generosity of others through cornea and tissue donation will be among the participants on the Donate Life Rose Parade® float Jan. 1, 2020, in Pasadena.The 2020 Donate Life float, “Light in the Darkness,” is the centerpiece of a national effort to reach a broad audience with the simple, life-giving message that organ, eye and tissue donation saves and heals lives. The seven cornea and tissue recipients represented on the 2020 Donate Life float include men and women from around the country and from all walks of life.From corneas that restore sight to skin grafts that heal burned tissue, as well as nerves, tendons and bone allografts, thanks to the power of tissue and cornea donation, these participants are now enjoying a better quality of life.Thanks to tissue donors, millions of people are healed every year and thousands of lives are saved. Tissue from one single donor can touch the lives of more than 75 people. Some of the tissues that can be donated include lifesaving tissues such as heart valves and skin grafts for burn survivors. Other tissues that are crucial to help heal and restore mobility include bone, ligament and nerve allografts, among others.The Donate Life Rose Parade float, produced by OneLegacy, is made possible thanks to more than 45 sponsors. The 2020 Donate Life Rose Parade float will include 70 participants, including 18 riders who are organ, eye or tissue recipients, and eight walkers who are living donors or recipients.The 2020 Donate Life Rose Parade float, “Light in the Darkness,” will highlight the power of unity, light and love as celebrated during Southeast Asia’s Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, a celebration of light shining in the darkness. As the world’s most visible campaign to inspire organ, eye and tissue donation, the Donate Life Rose Parade float inspires viewers to help the over 1 million people in need of organ, eye or tissue transplants each year. Register today to become an organ, eye or tissue donor by visiting

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2019 Organic Bioelectronics for Life Science and Healthcare

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 dicembre 2019

The “Organic Bioelectronics for Life Science and Healthcare” book has been added to’s offering. Novel bio-electronic devices have a great potential for gathering biological information such as vital signs, cell behavior, protein and DNA molecule concentrations. The book presents concrete examples and shows that there are lots of sensing targets still remaining to be handled. Organic materials offer high sensitivity, flexibility and biocompatibility, and can be prepared by novel fabrication methods such as printing and coating at low cost.

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Life Sciences to create new opportunities for regenerative tissue manufacturing

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 dicembre 2019

GE Healthcare Life Sciences and Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (ASLS) will enter into a strategic R&D and distribution partnership that sets out to personalize tissue regeneration. The integration of IN Cell Analyzer and BioAssemblyBot® systems technologies will embed cellular-level assessments into the 3D-bioprinting workflow used to create human tissue models.
Bioprinted tissues are small in size and die quickly, due to an inability to engineer small blood vessels – the body’s supply network. ASLS’ patented Angiomics® technology enables bioprinted microvessels to self-assemble into functional capillary beds, which deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to the 3D tissue model and remove waste. This partnership would allow life scientists and tissue engineers to quickly design, build and image living, vascularized 3D tissues in a single, agile process.Emmanuel Abate, General Manager of Genomics & Cellular Research, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, says: “Printing multi-material 3D objects inside of microwell plates allows scientists to efficiently move away from traditional 2D monocultures on plastic, to 3D discovery and cytotoxicity models that more accurately reflect native biology and disease. By combining this flexibility and precision of the BioAssemblyBot® with the image quality and speed of the IN Cell Analyzer 6500 HS confocal screening platform, the prospect of automating high content screening in 3D models can become a reality.” Currently, biopharmaceutical companies test their drugs in 2D models and animal models. Precise 3D models provide a more physiologically relevant environment for drug testing because they mimic human reactions.

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Christie’s to Offer Marina Abramović’s Mixed Reality Work ‘The Life’

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 24 novembre 2019

London – Christie’s will offer Marina Abramović’s seminal performance piece The Life – the world’s first Mixed Reality artwork – as a major highlight of its Frieze Week 2020 auction programme. Coinciding with Abramović’s show at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, which is also the first time a woman has been selected for the main galleries in the institution’s 250+ year history, The Life is expected to be the first work of its kind to be presented at auction and is offered by Tin Drum, inc. in association with Abramović LLC. A ground-breaking fusion of art and technology, The Life was premiered at London’s Serpentine Gallery in February 2019. The 19-minute performance offers an intimate digital encounter with Abramović herself, experienced via wearable spatial computing devices. A hologram of the artist appears, proceeding to pace around a roped off five-metre circle before evaporating into thin air. Unlike Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality allows the other visitors and gallery space to remain visible at the same time, creating a unique interactive experience. Abramović’s pioneering use of this evolving technology reflects her longstanding interest in the limitations of the human body and mind: an enquiry that, since the 1970s, has given rise to one of the world’s greatest performance art practices. An international tour of the artwork will be announced by Christie’s in early 2020.Katharine Arnold, Co-Head, Post-War and Contemporary Art, Christie’s Europe: “We are thrilled to offer The Life by Marina Abramović as a key highlight of the Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction during London’s Frieze Week. Abramović has long been considered a ground-breaking artist whose performances push boundaries and this is expected to be the first Mixed Reality artwork to come up for auction. Following an international tour in 2020, visitors to our King Street galleries will have the opportunity to experience, via wearable spatial computing devices, the artist walking in and around them virtually. The presentation will coincide with Abramović’s show at the Royal Academy of Arts.”Marina Abramović was recently interviewed by Christie’s Magazine about The Life where she stated that the theme of the work is immortality: “because you are there, preserved forever,” she says. Director of The Life, Todd Eckert, adds that “A hundred years beyond when anybody who ever knew [Marina] is alive, there will be people that will see her walk into the room and will feel that sense of connection, of human experience”.Eckert is the founder of Tin Drum, inc., the Mixed Reality production team behind The Life. Tim Drum, inc. specialises in using “volumetric photography of real people to create presentations of performance.” For The Life, Abramović was filmed with 32 cameras against a green screen, creating an authentic representation of the human form in motion. This process is currently only possible in a few studios worldwide.Todd Eckert gave a keynote speech to delegates at Christie’s Art + Tech Summit, held in Hong Kong on the morning of 21 November 2019.

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L’e-commerce nel Life Sciences

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 14 novembre 2019

Milano Mercoledì 20 novembre 2019 17:30 – 19:00 Piazza Borromeo, 12. Il seminario si propone di discutere, con taglio pratico e operativo, delle peculiarità normative dell’e-commerce di farmaci, dispositivi medici e integratori alimentari. Si parlerà dei soggetti che lo possono effettuare e delle modalità e limiti con cui può essere svolto, soffermandosi sulle differenze tra i vari tipi di prodotti. Si prenderanno in considerazione alcuni modelli di business che si stanno diffondendo nella prassi (uso di app, consegna a domicilio, etc.) per evidenziarne gli aspetti più critici e fornire possibili soluzioni. La discussione sarà arricchita dalla presenza dell’avvocato tedesco Karolin Hiller dello studio legale McDermott Will & Emery, con pluriennale esperienza nel settore, che potrà allargare la prospettiva alla Germania, evidenziando le principali caratteristiche del quadro normativo tedesco in una ottica comparativa con l’ordinamento italiano. Il seminario si terrà interamente in lingua italiana.

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Frazier Healthcare Partners Adds Experienced Human Capital Professional to Life Sciences Team

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 8 novembre 2019

Frazier Healthcare Partners announced Danica Elliott has joined the Frazier Life Sciences team as Director of Human Capital. She will focus on executive-level talent assessments, organizational diligence, development programs, and alignment of talent strategies and resources that accelerate growth for Frazier’s investments. Ms. Elliott joined Frazier as Director of Human Capital on the Frazier Growth Buyout team in 2018. Prior to Frazier Ms. Elliott worked in management consulting, leading extensive interviews and special initiatives with executive teams, board members, employees, and external partners followed by specific strategies for membership, portfolio, and funding growth. Ms. Elliott also ran a marketing consulting company for many years that provided solutions for growing businesses at all stages.
Founded in 1991, Frazier Healthcare Partners is a leading provider of growth and venture capital to healthcare companies. With nearly $4.2 billion total capital raised, Frazier has invested in over 170 companies, with investment types ranging from company creation and venture capital to buyouts of profitable lower-middle market companies. The firm’s Growth Buyout team invests in healthcare and pharmaceutical services, medical products and related sectors. The Life Sciences team invests in therapeutics and related areas that are addressing unmet medical needs through innovation. Frazier has offices in Seattle, WA and Menlo Park, CA, and invests broadly across the US, Canada, and Europe. For more information about Frazier Healthcare Partners, visit the company’s website at

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Nasce Startup Your Life

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 17 settembre 2019

Quanti talenti possono emergere dalla Generazione Z? isapiens, società che opera nel settore della Digital Learning, grazie alla partnership con Unicredit, gruppo bancario paneuropeo, ha dato vita al progetto Startup Your Life per coinvolgere, insegnare e avvicinare gli studenti al panorama bancario e finanziario attuale.
Più di 15.000 studenti coinvolti e 2.000.000 di ore certificate all’interno di 860 classi aderenti nei soli primi due anni, hanno portato i due partner a salire sul podio degli Excellence Awards promossi dal Gruppo Brandon Hall e ad essere premiati con la medaglia d’oro per “The Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program”. Inoltre, il programma triennale di alternanza scuola-lavoro è stato riconosciuto da un protocollo d’intesa tra Unicredit e il Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (MIUR).
L’obiettivo di tale percorso didattico è quello di creare un social impact banking, ossia supportare i giovani studenti (16-19 anni) nel loro orientamento post maturità, sensibilizzarli su tematiche economiche e finanziarie e cercare di far emergere una loro propensione all’imprenditorialità. Tutto questo è reso possibile grazie all’innovativa piattaforma online creata e gestita da isapiens. L’agenzia di formazione digitale, conosciuta con il marchio esclusivo AliveLearning, ha infatti messo a disposizione un team di oltre 40 consulenti.Impegnati in differenti ambiti, dal design all’implementazione, gestione, monitoraggio e rendicontazione dell’offerta di educazione finanziaria, i coach isapiens hanno supportato in modo costante gli studenti e i più di 600 educatori Unicredit. L’85% degli studenti che ha compilato il questionario di gradimento ha dichiarato di essere soddisfatto del progetto promosso da isapiens e Unicredit e delle competenze apprese.

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2nd Annual Real-World Data and Life Science Analytics Congress

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 settembre 2019

With the increasing recognition of real-world data opportunities and challenges within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, life sciences organizations face clear decisions on how specifically to put resources into real-world evidence capacities. Real-World Evidence can possibly change the way life sciences associations use advancements to increase further clinical bits of knowledge and enable them and payers to collaborate like never before. After the successful inaugural, this year’s congress will hold discussions on accelerating the adoption of Real-world Evidence within the industry while understanding the capabilities of newer technologies for evidence generation.Learn how the adoption of real-world evidence can be accelerated across pharmaceutical industry users. Explore capabilities of using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in taming scientific research users. Understand the impact of innovative real-world evidence partnerships for better data.

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Cribs for Kids® Announces Eleventh Annual Breath of Life Stroll

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 29 agosto 2019

The sudden, unexplained loss of a seemingly healthy infant incites a unique pain, a deep grief and an incomprehensible void only truly understood by those who have experienced it. That’s why hundreds of family members who have lost infants to SUID (Sudden Unexplained Infant Death), SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), miscarriage, or stillbirth deaths will come together to walk in Cribs for Kids® Eleventh Annual Breath of Life Stroll on Sunday, September 22, 2019, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. along the North Shore Trail. The Breath of Life Stroll begins at 810 River Avenue (near the 16th Street Bridge) and progresses toward PNC Park on the North Shore.The Breath of Life Stroll is a fundraiser for Cribs for Kids®, and walkers are encouraged to walk in teams and raise money to help Cribs for Kids® fulfill its mission. All money raised during this event supports the Cribs for Kids® program to help continue the life-saving mission of helping every baby sleep safer. Every $50 raised provides a safe sleeping environment for a family in need.“Every $50 that a team raises can make a difference and help save a life,” said Bannon. “It’s a day to work toward our ultimate goal: to eliminate infant sleep-related deaths. But it’s also a day to celebrate and we intend to make it an unforgettable event for all who participate.”

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Colonial Life leads voluntary benefits industry in sales growth – again

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 12 giugno 2019

For the second straight year, Colonial Life has been named the fastest-growing voluntary benefits company among large carriers by Eastbridge Consulting Group.
Colonial Life’s voluntary sales grew 8 percent in 2018, totaling $561 million. That’s the biggest growth of any company with more than $150 million in annual sales that has exceeded the industry average each of the past three years, according to Eastbridge. The performance earned Colonial Life the 2018 Voluntary Sales Growth Leader recognition.
“Growing faster than the industry average for three years in a row is not easy for any company, but it’s especially difficult in the large carrier category,” said Gil Lowerre, president of Eastbridge. “We commend Colonial Life for this achievement.”
Voluntary sales totaled $8.5 billion in 2018, according to Eastbridge’s annual U.S. Voluntary/Worksite Sales Report. Voluntary benefits include any financial protection that employees can choose at the workplace, including life insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance, critical illness insurance and cancer insurance.
“Escalating healthcare costs are burdening U.S. employees like never before. Our 1,400 home office employees and the 14,000 members of our sales organization are helping millions of consumers realize they can affordably protect their finances, their families and their futures with voluntary benefits,” according to Colonial Life President and CEO Tim Arnold.“Colonial Life’s growth is just a sign that we are helping America’s workers understand voluntary benefits and that, in turn, helps them better engage with their employers.”

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The JMP Securities Life Sciences Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 6 giugno 2019

New York 20, 2019 10 a.m. ET Horizon Therapeutics plc (Nasdaq: HZNP), today announced that the company will participate in the following conference in June:The JMP Securities Life Sciences Conference.
Horizon is focused on researching, developing and commercializing medicines that address critical needs for people impacted by rare and rheumatic diseases. Our pipeline is purposeful: we apply scientific expertise and courage to bring clinically meaningful therapies to patients. We believe science and compassion must work together to transform lives. For more information on how we go to incredible lengths to impact lives, please visit

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AM Best Revises Outlooks to Stable for Mountain Life Insurance Company

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 14 aprile 2019

AM Best has revised the outlooks to stable from negative and affirmed the Financial Strength Rating of B+ (Good) and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating of “bbb-” of Mountain Life Insurance Company (Mountain Life) (Lexington, KY).The Credit Ratings (ratings) reflect Mountain Life’s balance sheet strength, which AM Best categorizes as strong, as well as its marginal operating performance, limited business profile and appropriate enterprise risk management.The revised outlooks to stable from negative reflect the continued progress regarding the integration of Mountain Life into the Kentucky National Insurance Group (Kentucky National). At this time, AM Best’s concern over execution risk leading to a deterioration in Mountain Life’s ratings has been reduced based on discussions with the new management team and Mountain Life’s results since the time of the transaction close in early 2018. AM Best has held discussions with the new management team related to business plans, strategy, and the integration of Mountain Life into the Kentucky National organization. Mountain Life’s ratings continue to be supported by solid risk-adjusted capitalization, as measured by Best’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR), and its strong liquidity afforded by the company’s conservative investment portfolio. Offsetting factors include Mountain Life’s modest overall earnings and declining premium trends, and its concentrated business profile in the credit insurance arena. AM Best will continue to monitor Kentucky National’s business plan for Mountain Life and the company’s ability to carry out its stated plans and projections.

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EU Research and Innovation in our daily life

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 novembre 2018

Bruxelles i terrà il 27 novembre 2018 a Bruxelles, presso la sede del Parlamento Europeo, la Conferenza congiunta di Parlamento europeo e Commissione europea EU Research and Innovation in our daily life, che riunirà ricercatori, politici, rappresentanti delle istituzioni e dell’industria e vedrà la presenza di personalità come Antonio Tajani, Presidente del Parlamento europeo, Carlos Moedas, Commissario europeo per la Ricerca, la Scienza e l’Innovazione e Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Presidente del Consiglio europeo della Ricerca.
L’incontro intende stimolare gli investimenti nella ricerca, dando uno sguardo ad alcuni tra i maggiori traguardi che l’Unione Europea ha raggiunto in tema di ricerca e innovazione e che sono il risultato di un continuo dialogo tra le istituzioni europee, gli stati membri, le loro università e i centri di ricerca più importanti.A rappresentare la ricerca italiana di eccellenza il professor Luigi Naldini e il professor Alessandro Aiuti, direttore e vice direttore dell’Istituto San Raffaele-Telethon per la Terapia Genica (SR-Tiget), che presenteranno, attraverso il racconto dei genitori, la storia di Margaux, una bambina belga affetta da ADA-SCID, rara malattia genetica che compromette gravemente il sistema immunitario, e curata con successo grazie alla terapia genica sviluppata presso il SR-Tiget di Milano.Margaux oggi ha 5 anni ed è una dei 31 piccoli pazienti affetti da ADA-SCID trattati ad oggi con la terapia genica sviluppata dall’Istituto San Raffaele-Telethon, dal 2016 è divenuta un farmaco e la prima terapia genica con cellule staminali ematopoietiche a essere disponibile sul mercato.

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Exercise after a heart attack. It could save your life

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 aprile 2018

Ljubljana, Slovenia Becoming more physically active after a heart attack reduces the risk of death, according to research presented today at EuroPrevent 2018, a European Society of Cardiology congress.1 The study, which followed more than 22,000 patients, found that those who became more physically active after a heart attack halved the risk of death within four years.
“It is well known that physically active people are less likely to have a heart attack and more likely to live longer,” said lead author Dr Örjan Ekblom, associate professor, Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, Stockholm, Sweden. “However, we did not know the impact of exercise on people after a heart attack.” This study, which was a collaboration between the GIH and Centre for Health and Performance at Gothenburg University, Sweden, assessed the association between physical activity and survival after a heart attack. The study included 22,227 patients in Sweden who had a myocardial infarction between 2005 and 2013. Data was obtained from the RIKS-HIA registry, SEPHIA registry, and Swedish Census registry.Levels of physical activity were reported 6–10 weeks and 12 months after the heart attack. The difference between answers was considered a change in physical activity over the year following the heart attack.
On both occasions, patients were asked how many times they had exercised for 30 minutes or longer during the previous seven days. Patients were categorised as constantly inactive, reduced activity, increased activity, or constantly active.A total of 1,087 patients died during an average follow-up of 4.2 years. The researchers analysed the association between the four categories of physical activity and death, after adjusting for age, sex, smoking, and clinical factors. Compared to patients who were constantly inactive, the risk of death was 37%, 51%, and 59% lower in patients in the categories of reduced activity, increased activity, or constantly active, respectively.Dr Ekblom said: “Our study shows that patients can reduce their risk of death by becoming physically active after a heart attack. Patients who reported being physically active 6 to 10 weeks after the heart attack but became inactive afterwards seem to have a carry-over benefit. But of course the benefits for active people are even greater if they remain physically active.”Dr Ekblom said the study provided additional evidence for healthcare professionals and policy makers to systematically promote physical activity in heart attack patients. He said: “Exercising twice or more a week should be automatically advocated for heart attack patients in the same way that they receive advice to stop smoking, improve diet, and reduce stress.”“Our study shows that this advice applies to all heart attack patients,” he continued. “Exercise reduced the risk of death in patients with large and small myocardial infarctions, and for smokers and non-smokers, for example.” Dr Ekblom said the study did not investigate what type of exercise patients undertook. “More research is needed to find out if there is any type of activity that is especially beneficial after a heart attack,” he noted, “Should patients do resistance exercise, aerobic training, or a combination, for example? Is walking sufficient or do patients need more vigorous exercise which makes them short of breath? Answering these questions will help us to give more specific advice.”

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TUI Magic Life inaugura il suo primo club in Italia

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 aprile 2018

Hannover. IL TUI Group apre il suo primo club “all inclusive” in Italia. Il futuro TUI Magic Life Calabria sorge sulla “punta dello stivale”, in un luogo baciato dal sole. La struttura già esistente, dotata di 641 stanze, sarà ristrutturata nei prossimi mesi e aprirà le proprie porte a maggio 2019. Il nuovo club rappresenta una pietra miliare nel processo di espansione di TUI Group, impegnato ad ampliare costantemente l’offerta di hotel con il proprio marchio. Nel solo inverno 2017/18 TUI Hotels & Resorts ha proseguito l’espansione con otto nuove aperture, mentre altre sette sono in programma per questa estate.“Con il TUI Magic Life Calabria inseriamo nella nostra gamma di proposte un pezzo di spiaggia e di cultura italiana. I grandiosi impianti sportivi del club costituiscono la premessa ideale per proporre anche nel sud dell’Italia la nostra filosofia “all inclusive” con tantissime attività” ha dichiarato Andreas Pospiech, amministratore di TUI Magic Life. Un’ampia offerta per gli amanti del ciclismo, dodici campi da tennis, quattro da pallavolo e un centro di sport acquatici attireranno in futuro soprattutto i vacanzieri appassionati di sport. Il club è adatto sia alle famiglie che alle coppie. Mentre i bambini si divertono nel parco giochi acquatici “Splashworld”, gli adulti (a partire dai 16 anni) possono godere la tranquillità dell’area Private Lodge, prenotabile in esclusiva. Una pineta incontaminata collega il complesso TUI Magic Life Calabria alla lunga e ampia spiaggia sabbiosa. Il marchio TUI Magic Life è noto per i suoi svariati servizi all inclusive e per il suo ricco programma di sport e intrattenimento. Possiede in totale 13 club in Spagna, Grecia, Italia, Nord Africa e Turchia. A partire dalla stagione in corso entra a far parte del gruppo un altro nuovo complesso: il TUI Magic Life Masmavi, sulle coste della Turchia.

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The MENA region’s first ever ‘Global Relay for Life,’

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 21 novembre 2017

MENA's first Global RelaySharjah, the third largest of the United Arab Emirate’s seven emirates, was the host for the MENA region’s first ever ‘Global Relay for Life,’ (RFL) a 24-hour walkathon that is the biggest fundraising event for cancer in the world. Conducted in conjunction with the American Cancer Society, the event was organised by Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP), a non-profit organisation that supports cancer patients and their families. Taking place November 17-18 at the American University Sharjah, the inaugural UAE RFL saw more than 2,000 relayers participating in the overnight event, with a large number of individuals and institutions involved including 52 schools, six universities, eight partners, in addition to 37 institutions from the public and private sectors and 67 cancer survivors.
Included in the programme for the 24 hours was an extensive array of activities in a kids’ fun area, a ‘Luminaria’ candle illumination event to remember loved ones who had died of cancer and a ‘Survivors’ Tent’ that saw a number of those who had defeated the disease address audiences. Participants’ hunger was kept assuaged by a host of food and refreshment stands, all of which donated their proceeds to FoCP.
The first UAE RFL was launched by Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi, Founder and Royal Patron of FoCP, International Ambassador of the World Cancer Declaration for the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and International Ambassador for Childhood Cancer for UICC. Her Highness joined cancer survivors in the first lap of the walkathon, highlighting the importance of raising awareness of the disease and the necessity of screening for its early detection – the most important factor in survival and recovery.
The 24 hour nature of RFL is designed to highlight that cancer is a disease that doesn’t sleep and to show solidarity with cancer patients who can feel a sense of loneliness during the small hours.
RFL has its roots in the USA when in 1985 Dr. Gordon Klatt, a colorectal surgeon, raised $27,000 for his local cancer charity by walking for 24 hours. The event currently takes place in 29 countries, with the UAE the most recent addition to the global network. To date RFL raised more than $5 billion in support of cancer patients worldwide. (photo: MENA’s first Global Relay)

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In uscita: La principessa, l’aquila e Life Animated e Zero Days

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 12 dicembre 2016

mongoliaLa principessa e l’aquila del regista premio Oscar® Otto Bell, uscirà il prossimo 23 marzo. Sulle montagne della Mongolia, l’addestramento dell’aquila è una tradizione millenaria esclusivamente maschile che si tramanda di padre in figlio. Ma Aisholpan non ci sta: ha solo tredici anni, eppure ha già deciso di diventare la prima addestratrice di aquile del Paese. Sotto la guida esperta di suo padre, la ragazza supererà ogni ostacolo che le si porrà di fronte, imparerà ad accudire la sua aquila e a farla volare, fino a dimostrare tutto il suo talento partecipando al Festival annuale che mette in competizione i più grandi addestratori della Mongolia. Di grande potenza visiva e ricco di sequenze di forte impatto, girato con tecniche innovative che ci portano a contatto con la magica natura delle montagne e dei cieli della Mongolia, La principessa e l’aquila racconta un’incredibile storia vera, un’emozionante avventura per tutta la famiglia sull’amicizia, la ribellione e il coraggio che ci vuole per spiccare il volo.
Life Animated tratto dal best seller del premio Pulitzer® Ron Suskind, sarà in sala dall’8 febbraio in co-distribuzione con Fil Rouge Media. La Sirenetta, Il Re Leone, Aladdin… i classici Disney hanno scandito l’infanzia di noi tutti, ma per qualcuno hanno avuto un significato particolarmente importante. È il caso di Owen, che all’età di tre anni ha iniziato a manifestare i sintomi di una grave forma di autismo. Chiuso in se stesso, incapace di elaborare le proprie emozioni, Owen trova proprio nei film Disney un tramite per fare breccia nella barriera che lo separa dal mondo, sviluppando un modo del tutto alternativo ed eccezionale di esprimersi attraverso la voce dei suoi eroi. Dal regista premio Oscar® Roger Ross Williams, una storia universale che testimonia come le opere di fantasia non servano solo a fuggire dalla realtà, ma abbiano un potere segreto ben più importante: quello di aiutarci ad affrontarla.
Anche ZERO DAYS, diretto dal premio Oscar® Alex Gibney, sarà nelle sale italiane a febbraio 2017. Stuxnet è un aggressivo virus informatico autoreplicante scoperto nel 2010. Commissionato anni prima dai governi degli Stati Uniti e di Israele per sabotare il programma nucleare iraniano, questo complesso malware si è però diffuso in maniera incontrollabile, ben al di là del suo iniziale target designato. Zero Days racconta a passo di thriller un passaggio storico cruciale: la prima volta che uno Stato sovrano ha creato un virus informatico con lo scopo esplicito di usarlo come arma contro una nazione ostile. È l’ora zero di un nuovo modo di fare guerra, lo spostamento dal confltto del campo di battaglia all’anarchia virtuale di Internet. È l’inizio delle cyberwar.

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Did comets kick-start life on Earth?

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pianeta terraThe origins of life on Earth are still shrouded in mystery. One compelling possibility may be that comets delivered the building blocks for life billions of years ago. This week, Speaking of Chemistry explains the chemistry behind how these icy, lumpy space rocks might have seeded life on Earth.
Speaking of Chemistry is a production of Chemical & Engineering News, a weekly magazine of the American Chemical Society. It’s the series that keeps you up to date with the important and fascinating chemistry shaping the world around you. Subscribe to the series at, and follow us on Twitter @CENMag. The American Chemical Society is a nonprofit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress. With nearly 157,000 members, ACS is the world’s largest scientific society and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences. Its main offices are in Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio. Check out the video here:

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Personal Insights into the Life & Work of Titans of Impressionist & Modern Art

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christiesLondon – A much anticipated highlight in the two weeks of 20th Century auctions this summer (20 June to 30 June), Christie’s Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale will take place on Wednesday 22 June. The sale includes 36 lots, providing personal insights into the life and work of titans such as Monet, Modigliani, Picasso, Kandinsky and Klee. The sale is led by a portrait of Madame Hanka Zborowska, 1917, by Amedeo Modigliani (estimate: £5-7 million, illustrated above left), which appears at auction for the first time, and a plein-air masterpiece by Claude Monet, painted in Argenteuil during the lead up to the landmark first Impressionist exhibition (estimate: £4.5-6.5 million, illustrated above right). A remarkable private Swiss collection of seven works by Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, many dating from their time working together at the Bauhaus, provide an abstract conversation illustrating one of the most fruitful and lasting friendships in modern art and including the first work by Kandinsky acquired by Solomon R. Guggenheim (estimates from £200,000 to £3 million, including Mit und Gegen (estimate: £2-3 million, illustrated above centre). Two still lifes by Pablo Picasso from 29 December 1946 capture a single day in the life of the artist (each with an estimate of £2-3 million).This sale opens a week of five Impressionist & Modern art sales at Christie’s King Street, South Kensington and online. With estimates starting from £500 up to £7 million, the auctions provide collectors at every price level with a wealth of opportunities to acquire captivating and important works by masters of the period. (photo: christies)

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