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Leveraging the rail sector for green growth at local and regional level

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 8 dicembre 2019

The potential of the rail sector in delivering EU policy priorities is the main topic and title of the opinion adopted by the members of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) during their December plenary session. Pascal Mangin (FR/EPP), Regional Councillor of Grand Est, highlights in his opinion ways to make the transport sector greener by making better use of rail and how rail can contribute to greater economic and social cohesion in Europe’s regions.The new Commission has placed decarbonisation and climate-change mitigation at the very top of its political priorities as part of the “European Green Deal”. The transport sector as a whole is responsible for about 27% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. The rail sector has one of the lowest emission rates of all transport modes and is also the only sector whose overall emissions are in decline, despite increasing transport volumes. Regional and local rail lines in particular have the potential to serve not only decarbonisation and climate change mitigation but also to support other overarching EU policy priorities.”Trains offer a good combination of speed, safety, comfort, efficiency and environmental performance. Yet rail still only accounts for 12% of freight transport (road 50%) and less than 10% of passenger transport. One big issue is that connectivity is not evenly distributed across EU regions – even though secondary regional lines are very important for connecting the main transport routes with the EU’s rural areas and peripheral regions and territories. Providing the necessary infrastructure will not only connect cities, peri-urban regions and rural areas better it will also reduce the economic and social disparities between them, strengthen the internal market and improve the free movement of people and goods”, said Pascal Mangin (FR/EPP), rapporteur on “the potential of the rail sector in delivering EU policy priorities”.To make the modal shift happen a number of strategic measures could be activated at EU level in the context of the European Green Deal (polluter pays principle, more balanced charging systems, investment in digitalisation, etc.). In parallel, the rail sector must commit to further enhancing the reliability, comfort and affordability of trains for passengers and freight. Together the rail sector and the EU’s public authorities should also reflect on how best to meet the growing demand for a renewal of night trains in the EU as citizens increasingly seek more climate-conscious solutions for long-distance travel in Europe. Local and regional authorities have an important role to play in driving discussions with both public and private operators concerning funding and solutions offering a real alternative to more polluting transport modes at affordable prices.He also called for acknowledgement of the special role of passenger stations as cultural platforms. “Passenger stations are important vectors of culture with an extensive outreach. Particularly in medium-sized towns and cities stations are an often untapped resource as alternative cultural venues to museums or festivals”, said Mr Mangin. He also suggests lifting the popular #DiscoverEU programme and Interrail trips to the next level with a dedicated programme of events in Europe’s cities and regions focusing on local train stations

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Brazilians Lead List of Global Consumers Searching Miami Properties

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 marzo 2015

Miami-skyline-for-wikipediaMiami – The nation’s largest local Realtor association registered 192,987 visits to its website,, in January, a 46.8-percent increase compared to the same month last year, according to the 36,000-member MIAMI Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI). had 66,222 unique visitors searching for properties and information about the South Florida real estate market in January, a 39.3-percent rise compared to January 2014. Brazil topped the list of foreign countries conducting searches on the MIAMI site in January. Colombia, Russia, Venezuela, and Canada were the next top-four searching nations. The countries differ from those who led the search on in January 2014, when Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, Bolivia and Colombia comprised the top-five.
“The Miami real estate market continues to attract buyers and investors from around the world,” said Christopher Zoller, 2015 MIAMI Residential President. “Miami remains affordable compared to other world-class, global cities and offers many benefits and amenities, including strategic location, moderate year-round weather, multicultural environment, and an exciting lifestyle.”

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OPP and Miami Association of Realtors Lead China Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 20 ottobre 2014

Miami-skyline-for-wikipediaMiami, FL – The largest local real estate association in the U.S. has partnered with OPP to foster closer ties between the real estate communities of Miami and China.The Miami Association of Realtors (MIAMI) is coming together with OPP to create a Mission to China this October to coincide with OPPLive China, which is being held from Thursday, October 23 – Friday, October 24 at the China World Hotel, Beijing.Established in 2004, the business to business media, OPP, will be working closely with MIAMI and several other influential organizations to create a week of networking events in the build up to OPPLive and at the show itself. Beginning in Shanghai and then moving on to Beijing the Mission is all about creating long lasting partnerships with leading real estate companies with the clear goal of creating more Chinese incoming business for MIAMI Realtors and Developers. Participation is limited to members of MIAMI and of other approved participating associations.OPPLive was established in London in 2005 and is the trade event for the global cross border residential property industry. It is there to connect and inform professionals. OPPLive China is a launch event, following on from its Asia debut in Singapore this spring, which was hailed as a “spectacular success”.OPP Group Owner, Xavier Wiggins, says, “Working with such an incredibly powerful and forward thinking organization with massive membership (32,000) in an area of the USA that is already very attractive to the Chinese is an honor and an exciting challenge. The potential for a further drastic uplift in real estate buyers from China is there for all to see and it is our job to help MIAMI members forge relationships that count and that can be measured in sales”.The agreement will see OPP offering a package of events to MIAMI members that include educational presentations and seminars on the Miami and Chinese markets for global real estate as well as pre-qualified meetings. OPP will be giving much exposure to the MIAMI delegates on the trip in the build up to the event, raising awareness of the opportunities in Miami real estate to the eager Chinese real estate companies, professionals, and organizations.In turn, MIAMI will be promoting the Mission extensively to its membership as well as informing MIAMI members on the wide offering of OPP that is geared to driving global real estate alliances including the imminent launch of a major new online platform launch.MIAMI, a leader in international real estate business, has 120 foreign partners worldwide and is often recognized for its leadership and remarkable business results, including generating greater exposure for Miami and the local real estate market, increased business opportunities, and fueling a stronger local economy.MIAMI is the only association to be honored three times as a platinum international council by the National Association of Realtors since the inception of the Global Achievement Program in 2011 and has been recognized three times with the prestigious International Business Leadership Award by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.Teresa King Kinney, CEO of MIAMI, speaking after a meeting in the association’s Headquarters with Xavier Wiggins added: “Miami is the top choice for foreign buyers in the U.S. At MIAMI, we are committed to positioning the Miami real estate market at the forefront of international expansion, and we are excited about partnering with OPPLive to further our members’ exposure in Asia, which is rapidly emerging as a strong market for Miami and South Florida. We continue to capitalize on Miami’s position as a leading global destination to further promote the local real estate market worldwide.”
OPP (Overseas Property Professional) Group provides essential news, information, insight, data and connections for businesses in the international property sector. Many successful Missions have already been organized to China and South East Asia but this is the first for one specific area.
As well as organizing the OPPLive shows, OPP Group publishes OPP Magazine and OPP Connect and has offices in Beijing, the Philippines, the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Spain and Canada.Since OPP Group was established in 2004, it has generated business worth an estimated US$7billion for overseas property companies in more than 100 countries around the world.

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Objet Establishes Local Presence in Japan

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 17 maggio 2012

Rehovot, Israel and Tokyo,(PRNewswire) Objet Ltd, the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing today announced the establishment of Objet Japan KK (‘Objet Japan’), a new joint venture formed together with the 3D Printer division of Fasotec Co. Ltd (‘Fasotec’), Objet’s longstanding distributor in the region. The new entity is established in line with Objet’s global strategy to offer local support in key strategic markets, meeting the increasingly intricate requirements due to complexity of product portfolio and adapting to suit unique local conditions. Objet holds majority of ownership share of the new entity.Objet has been providing the Japanese market cutting-edge 3D printing technology since 2003. Demand for the latest technology and advanced applications have been growing steadily over the years, and are expected to continue. Driven by the advanced requests, the new entity is established to be closer to the market for better understanding of specifications and to keep with the pace of the fast-changing Japanese market. Combining the experience of market knowledge and industry best-practices, Objet Japan is committed to satisfy both partners and customers on both products and services. Registration of the new entity was completed on April 20, 2012 and commencement of business operation is set to be in effect from July 1. Eric Goguy is appointed as the CEO of Objet Japan.
Objet Ltd, is a leading provider of high quality, cost effective inkjet-based 3D printing systems and materials. A global company, Objet has offices in North America, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and India.
Objet’s 3D printing systems and 3D printing materials are ideal for any company involved in the manufacture or design of physical products using 3D software or other 3D content. Companies using Objet’s solutions can be typically found in sectors such as consumer goods & electronics, aerospace & defense, automotive, education, dental, medical and medical devices, architecture, industrial machinery, footwear, sporting goods, toys and service bureaus. Founded in 1998, the company has thousands of customers worldwide including a substantial share of the relevant Fortune 100 and Fortune 500. Its award-winning technology (13 awards in 8 years) is based upon over 110 patents and patent pending inventions.Objet’s 3D printers are available in a range of form-factors, from cost-effective desktop 3D printers ideal for entry-level professionals all the way to industrial-scale multi-material machines for front-line designers and top manufacturers. Objet’s 3D printers feature the industry’s highest-resolution 3D printing quality, based on 16-micron (0.0006 in.) super-thin layering, wide material versatility, office friendliness and ease of operation.For more information, visit us at, and for more about 3D printing industry-related news, business issues and trends, read the Objet blog.
Fasotec Co., Ltd. is engaged in the PLM (Product Life Cycle) business as a provider of engineering solutions, mainly CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM systems, through technology and know-how regarding 3D digital data utilization. Fasotec is also involved in the CAP (Computer Aided Prototyping) business, offering 3D printers and prototyping materials from Objet along with maintenance services, as well as offering prototyping outsourcing services. Fasotec’s main customer base comprises the automotive industry, plus a wide range of other sectors including electrical/electronics, aerospace, and consumables. Recently, the company has also entered new sectors such as healthcare, by combining digital data processing with 3D printing and prototyping technology. Fasotec was established in 1983, and currently has subsidiaries in Japan and China. For more information, visit us at

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