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Long-term EU budget: Parliament wants safety net for beneficiaries

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 18 maggio 2020

MEPs adopted a legislative resolution by 616 votes in favour, 29 against and 46 abstentions, requesting that the European Commission submit a proposal for an MFF (Multiannual Financial Framework) contingency plan by 15 June 2020.While current budgetary ceilings would be automatically extended if no new MFF is in place next year, nonetheless many programmes will expire at the end of 2020, like cohesion, Erasmus or research programmes. The aim is to provide a safety net for citizens, regions, cities, farmers, universities or businesses who benefit from EU programmes, and rule out any risk of the current MFF and programmes being discontinued or extended in a disorderly way.MEPs say the plan should refocus the budget temporarily on addressing and mitigating the immediate economic and social consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak and on helping in the recovery by adding flexibility and funding, as was already done under this year’s budget.On 17 April, the EP called for a massive recovery and reconstruction package that involves increasing the MFF. According to today’s resolution, the contingency plan would provide a better basis than a late or inadequate MFF for the European Union’s recovery and political priorities.
Jan Olbrycht (EPP, PL), co-rapporteur: “The current situation needs extraordinary solutions. We are afraid that the new MFF 2021-2027 will not be ready on time due to accumulated, severe delays. Therefore, we urge the European Commission to propose a contingency plan for next year’s budget. In times of crises and instability, beneficiaries of the EU budget should have a clear vision of the next year. Members of the European Parliament are searching for all possible solutions to secure the stability of the EU budget.”Margarida Marques (S&D, PT), co-rapporteur: “Citizens, businesses and civil society would not understand why on 1 January 2021, we don’t have an EU Budget in place. If it was already difficult to accept this before this pandemic, it is much more difficult now with the severe impact of COVID-19 on families, schools, businesses and economies.
We call on the European Commission to present an ambitious EU budget proposal on time for the next seven years, with an anchored Recovery Fund that meets citizens’ expectations. The Commission is already delayed in presenting its new proposal; the European Council must reach an agreement and the European Parliament must give its consent. But we cannot take any further risks. We call once more on the European Commission to present a Contingency Plan. This plan must be effective and provide a safety net for beneficiaries of EU programmes.”

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The Economist di domani

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 gennaio 2011

Questa settimana nella sezione Leaders:  –  l’analisi sull’Euro:Time for plan B – The Euro area’s bail-out strategy is not working. It is time for insolvent countries to restructure their debts –  l’articolo sui bonus delle banche nel Regno Unito: Do the maths – Britain’s approach to bonuses should be ruled by its head, not its heart –  l’articolo sulla fine della crisi nel settore automobilistico: Danger ahead – The car industry’s crisis is over. Its long-term problems are not
Mentre nella sezione Europe  sisegnala: – la rubrica Charlemagne: Mr China goes shopping – China’s buying spree raises hope, and fear Europe
Editor’s highlights  We have different cover stories in America and the rest of the world this week. The Tucson shootings, and the question of whether the nature of political discourse in the country encourages violence, are preoccupying America. We take the view that, while the nastiness of American politics is to be deplored, lax gun control not vicious words are to blame. Elsewhere we look at the euro crisis, which is back after a reprieve over the holiday period. We think the rescue plan for the weakest countries has failed, the costs of their debt burden will continue to rise, and Greece, Ireland and Portugal should restructure their debts sooner rather than later.
Also in this week’s issue China’s charmless offensive,  Relations with America reach a ten-year low Inside Iran,  The regime tightens its belt and its fist,   Wikipedia’s birthday,  A celebration and a few worries,  The car industry: The crisis is over, but the long-term problems are not, “The King’s Speech”: A movie that succeeds by flattering British vanity

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Report analyzing long-term development trends

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 ottobre 2010

On 4th November 2010, at 10 a.m. EST, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will publish on line, in print and in 10 languages the 20th anniversary edition of the annual Human Development Report, The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development.  The Report provides new insights into the trends and patterns of development and introduces measurement innovations on inequality, gender and acute poverty. The 2010 Human Development Report will be launched at the UN by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, who helped conceive the Human Development Index (HDI) and the overall human development approach. Lead author Jeni Klugman will present the main findings of the 2010 Report.  The original 1990 Human Development Report, written by a team of independent experts led by the late economist Mahbub ul Haq, argued that “people are the real wealth of a nation,” and introduced the HDI – a composite measure of health, education and income – as an alternative to purely macroeconomic assessments of national progress. The 2010 Report celebrates and continues that legacy of innovation.  The 2010 Report will be available on line and in print in Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Summaries of the Report will be available in additional languages, including Basque, Italian, Polish, Swedish and Vietnamese. A full press kit will be available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.  Six broadcast quality videos accompany the Report and will be freely available for use by broadcast outlets. Five of the videos portray multi-generational families from Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Kenya and Morocco telling how their own lives and countries have changed over the past 40 years. The sixth video features an interview with Amartya Sen discussing the HDI’s impact and origins. The Report’s multilingual website will be re-launched on 4 November, with extensive, interactive new data resources covering most of the world’s nations, which can be used to track changes in countries over time. Visitors are invited to create their own development indices using the latest statistics.  The full series of Reports since 1990 will be available on the Human Development Report website in the latest PDF formats, for review and free downloading, along with all the indices and other statistical tables produced for the 2010 Report. The site will include new country profiles for all UN Member States.

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Tecnologia Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 25 agosto 2010

Telecom Italia, insieme a Nokia Siemens Networks, ha avviato a Torino la sperimentazione della tecnologia Long Term Evolution (LTE).  Con la rete mobile di quarta generazione i clienti TIM potranno usufruire dei servizi avanzati quali il video streaming ad alta definizione, la videoconferenza, l’online gaming e molte altre applicazioni multimediali che rispondono alle aspettative del consumatore più esigente. Telecom Italia sperimenterà direttamente sulla propria infrastruttura di rete gli apparati di Nokia Siemens Networks e il loro l’impatto con l’adozione della tecnologia LTE, per poter affinare e migliorare la futura transizione verso il 4G.  L’efficiente soluzione end-to-end LTE di Nokia Siemens Networks si basa sulla “base station Flexi Multiradio” e sulla propria evoluta tecnologia packet core (EPC), che consiste negli apparati Flexi NG (Network Gateway) e Flexi NS (Network Server). La soluzione LTE di Nokia Siemens Networks, basata su hardware già commerciale, consente alti volumi di traffico in “real time” che permettono all’operatore di controllare agevolmente l’utilizzo delle proprie risorse di rete e supportare così l’accesso ad Internet degli apparecchi “smart” portatili e sempre connessi.
Nokia Siemens Networks è tra i principali gruppi al mondo fornitori di servizi e soluzioni per telecomunicazioni. Con una grande attenzione all’innovazione ed alla sostenibilità, Nokia Siemens Networks offre un portfolio completo di tecnologie per reti fisse, mobili e convergenti oltre a servizi professionali quali la consulenza, l’integrazione ed il rilascio di sistemi complessi, la manutenzione e la gestione globale. E’ una delle maggiori aziende di telecomunicazioni al mondo nell’offerta di hardware, software e servizi. Opera in 150 Paesi ed ha sede a Espoo in Finlandia.

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Incisionless Operating Platform

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 13 aprile 2010

San Clemente, Calif., April 12, 2010 — USGI Medical, Inc.(USGI) announced today that European regulatory authorities have granted the CE Mark to the instruments that make up its ™ Incisionless Operating Platform (IOP). The IOP consists of the Transport™ Multi-lumen Access Platform, the g-Lix™ Helical Endoscopic Tissue Grasper, the g-Prox® Grasping/Tissue Approximation Device, and the g-Cath™ Tissue Anchor Delivery Catheters with Expandable Tissue Anchors™. Each instrument received individual CE Mark certification. USGI has developed the first durable suturing system for use in Incisionless Surgery. Recent publications confirm that the Expandable Tissue Anchors exceed surgeons’ expectations for tissue remodeling, long-term tissue compatibility and durability. The lack of a proven durable endolumenal suturing technology had limited the growth of incisionless surgery.  Incisionless Surgery is the next wave in minimally invasive surgery and is rapidly becoming an option demanded by patients and healthcare providers for its potential to minimize pain, shorten hospital stays, lower treatment costs and eliminate visible external scars. Incisionless Surgery, which encompasses Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), endolumenal and single-port techniques, can be applied to bariatric surgery, cholecystectomy, appendectomy, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), gastrointestinal cancer and urological and gynecological procedures.
USGI Medical designed the Incisionless Operating Platform™ (IOP) to enable Incisionless Surgery. Combining the flexibility of endoscopy with the therapeutic benefit of laparoscopy, the IOP offers a stable operating platform, access for multiple, robust, flexible surgical tools and durable tissue anchors to approximate and permanently affix tissue – important requirements for Incisionless Surgery that traditional endoscopes and endoscopic instruments do not provide. The IOP incorporates the TransPort™ Operating Platform and instruments for cutting, suturing and grasping tissue.

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