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Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2019

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 18 ottobre 2019

Pivotal Commware – the recognized pioneer of 5G platforms, systems and applications for increasing, speed, capacity and spectral efficiency – announced today the company will conduct live demonstrations of its Echo 5G products, solving key challenges for 5G wireless access at millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies during Mobile World Congress Los Angeles at the Luxe Hotel on October 22-23, 2019. The Echo 5G Subscriber is a self-installable, on-the-window, precision beamforming repeater designed to counteract mmWave penetration, reflection, and structural shadowing losses so it can gently flood an interior with mmWave signal. Essentially, the Echo 5G acts as a portal between indoor and outdoor worlds. For fixed wireless access (FWA) providers serving homes and enterprises, the Echo 5G facilitates Gigabit speeds and introduces superior broadband choice and experience to cable and DSL end users. For 5G connected devices, the Echo 5G enables outdoor-to-indoor signal transitions so users can ubiquitously enjoy the immersive 5G experiences that only mmWave capacity can deliver.
The Echo 5G product line accomplishes this using Pivotal’s patented Holographic Beam Forming® (HBF) technology whose cost, size, weight and power consumption (C-SWaP) profile is significantly lower than phased array beamformers; specifically, an order of magnitude less cost, less than half the weight and less than one third the power consumption.
Lacking line-of-sight to the nearest 5G base station, the demonstration Echo 5G Subscriber unit will be assisted by the Echo 5G Network device, which, as an outdoor network repeater, captures and redirects mmWave signals from the 5G base station around obstacles like buildings and guides the coverage to extend the range of 5G base stations. By doing so, the Echo 5G Network reduces base station CAPEX, ongoing OPEX, siting costs and deployment time, while growing network coverage organically along with revenue.“During live 5G field trials, the Echo 5G Subscriber reliably demonstrated Gigabit+ ubiquitous connectivity indoors (residential buildings, office spaces, retail stores, stadium skyboxes), showcasing its ability to overcome the last obstacle to delivering 5G broadband access to homes and businesses with mmWave – in-building penetration,” said Brian Deutsch, CEO of Pivotal Commware. “Meanwhile, we expect Echo 5G Network to off-load the mmWave coverage burden from base stations, minimizing siting costs and deployment time while reducing CAPEX and with it, ongoing OPEX,” added Deutsch.

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Online School Year Underway at iQ Academy California – Los Angeles

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 30 agosto 2019

Students logged onto the first day of school at iQ Academy California – Los Angeles (iQLA) on August 26. A full-time online public charter school authorized by the Rowland Unified School District, iQLA provides a tuition-free public education option for students in kindergarten through 12th grade who reside in Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.Combining innovative technology with a rigorous curriculum, iQLA provides each student with a personalized learning experience. Students in all grade levels take a full course load in the core subjects of math, science, history and English/language arts, as well as world languages, music and art. Electives are available to high school students, offering exposure to academic and career-focused content as they work towards their high school diploma. Students enroll in online school for a variety of reasons, including advanced learning, a bullying-free environment, and the ability to balance academic goals with extracurricular pursuits or medical needs. For many students, iQLA offers an education they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. iQLA’s California-credentialed teachers facilitate lessons during live, interactive online classes, allowing students to enjoy a safe learning environment anywhere with an internet connection. In addition to scheduled classes, teachers offer one-on-one instruction and support, online chat sessions, and family phone calls to build close partnerships in support of academic success.Throughout the year, iQLA fosters a sense of community through in-person field trips and social outings and celebrates graduating seniors with a commencement ceremony in the spring. Virtual clubs and organizations also allow students to further explore shared interests together in an online setting. iQLA is accepting enrollment applications for the 2019-2020 school year. To learn more about enrollment or for a schedule of upcoming information sessions, visit or download the K12 mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

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Esposta nella mostra “Buried by Vesuvius: Treasures from the Villa ei Papiri” la fontana dell’Idra di Lerna

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 Maggio 2019

Los Angeles dal 26 giugno 2019 al 28 ottobre 2019 Getty Museum sarà esposta nella mostra “Buried by Vesuvius: Treasures from the Villa ei Papiri” la fontana dell’Idra di Lerna all’ingresso dell’Antiquarium. Al posto della Demetra i visitatori aell’Antiquarium potranno scoprire la fontana in bronzo dell’Idra di Lerna, il mostro serpentiforme con molteplici teste che Ercole affrontò nella seconda delle sue dodici fatiche.La fontana – posta al centro della Piscina a forma di croce nel cortile centrale della Palestra della città di Herculaneum, dove ora è esposta una copia – sarà per la prima volta presentata al pubblico che visita gli scavi al pianterreno dell’Antiquarium. L’Idra ercolanese, realizzata con la tecnica a cera persa, raffigura il mostro stretto intorno ad un tronco d’albero all’interno del quale passava una conduttura collegata alle cinque teste dalle quali fuoriuscivano scenografici getti d’acqua.Agli occhi dei giovani ercolanesi che frequentavano la Palestra, la monumentale presenza dell’Idra doveva rievocare le gesta dell’eroe fondatore della città, Ercole, esempio di virtus per i futuri cittadini.
L’Idra di Ercolano è molto probabilmente ispirata ad un celebre monumento di Roma, ricordato dallo scrittore latino Festo: la fontana dell’Idra che ornava il Lacus Servilius nel Foro Romano, donata da Agrippa, amico e fedele collaboratore dell’imperatore Augusto.“ Il Parco coglie questa partenza come occasione – dichiara il Direttore Francesco Sirano – un’ occasione per proseguire con la sperimentazione di soluzioni espositive e di monitoraggio e per condividere con il suo pubblico l’eccezionale patrimonio conservato nei depositi nella prospettiva del Museo del sito. L’Idra, simbolo di forza selvaggia e distruttiva domata grazie alla mutua cooperazione tra l’eroe Ercole e suo nipote Iolao, celebra la comunità solidale e la reciproca umana comprensione che il Parco intende promuovere verso tutti i portatori di interesse”. L’Idra ercolanese restituisce dunque una testimonianza di raro pregio della bronzistica della prima età imperiale quale espressione della capacità da parte della comunità di Herculaneum di aderire alle politiche sociali e culturali di avvio dell’Impero, senza però rinunziare ad operare scelte consapevoli e appropriate al contesto urbanistico locale. Protagonista di questa politica del consenso ad Ercolano fu, come noto, Marco Nonio Balbo, cittadino benemerito la cui famiglia da lunga data era legata ad Augusto.?

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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles ‘From Paris With Love’

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 22 ottobre 2018

In recognition for their compassion and dedicated support of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), late night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, legendary Dodgers play-by-play announcer Vin Scully and global play and entertainment company Hasbro were awarded the Courage to Care award at CHLA’s ‘From Paris With Love’ gala Saturday. More than 1,400 prominent philanthropists, local dignitaries and supporters gathered at The Event Deck at L.A. LIVE for an event that raised $5.5 million to support the patient care and medical research that children who visit the hospital need.“We won’t rest until every child has access to the care they need to set them on the path to a healthy and successful life,” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles President and CEO Paul S. Viviano told the audience. “Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is incredibly grateful to each of you for your support, which helps our hospital provide transformative compassionate care at more than half a million patient visits per year.”Late night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel touched millions of viewers around the world when he bravely shared the story about his son, William “Billy”, who was 3 days old when he received open-heart surgery at CHLA for tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, a rare congenital heart defect. Kimmel has been a stalwart advocate for health care coverage for all children and families in America.Billy’s surgeon, Vaughn A. Starnes, MD, was the evening’s special guest and mission ambassador. Dr. Starnes, co-director of the Heart Institute and founder of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, lauded the Kimmel family for their “bravery and sense of purpose” during Billy’s health challenges.
For 67 years Vin Scully delighted baseball lovers with his one-of-a-kind play-by-play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Since retiring in 2016, Scully has gained a new generation of listeners at CHLA by reading storybooks to patients in the hospital’s Literally Healing room. He’s also the voice of public service announcements supporting Proposition 4, the bond initiative to raise funds for children’s hospitals throughout California.
Emmy-nominated actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson hosted the event, which celebrated the ongoing support from the evening’s honorees. Entertainment included Foo Fighters, who performed “Learn To Fly,” “My Hero,” and “Times Like These,” and Pharrell Williams, who concluded the evening with a set that included hit songs “Get Lucky,” and “Happy.” Williams danced onstage with 9-year-old CHLA patient Eliana Georges, who basked in the moment with her favorite singer, whispering in his ear and sharing a warm, tearful embrace.Each honoree was presented with a one-of-a-kind hand-blown artisan glass award created by Cheryl Saban, PhD, an honorary director of the hospital’s Board of Directors and a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees. Television personality Mary Hart, an honorary director of the hospital’s Board of Directors and a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees, presented the award to Scully; Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, presented to Kimmel; and Jennifer Page, a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees, presented to Hasbro.They were joined at the event by Heidi Klum, Josh Gad, John Stamos, Teri Hatcher, Megan Henderson, Nikki DeLoach, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Daisy Fuentes, Richard Marx, Luc Robitaille, Dustin Brown, Victoria Arlen, Mark Hoppus, Malin Akerman, Italia Ricci, Robbie Amell, Alex Meneses, Colleen Ballinger, Lake Bell, Heather Parry, president of Live Nation Productions, and Jeff Shell, chairman of NBC Universal Filmed Entertainment Group.

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“Secret Collection of the de’ Medici Royal Family” Will Go To Auction in Los Angeles for First Time

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 18 Maggio 2018

Saturday, May 26 at 10 AM online and at the Hilton Universal City in Universal City, CA. For centuries, the powerful de’ Medici family dominated Italy’s political, religious and cultural landscape, ushering in the Renaissance, serving as patrons of artists and scientists like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo, and producing four popes. GWS Auctions offers a rare and exciting opportunity to own a piece of their legacy through “The Secret Collection of the de’ Medici Royal Family.” Highlights will include exclusive properties, like the Machiavelli home, and one-of-a-kind art, jewelry and precious collectibles—many never before publicly displayed and on the market for the first time. The collection speaks of the fascinating lives of this influential family. The auction items come from the modern descendants of the Calabrian branch of the dynasty, today headed by Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici along with his mother Krystyna and sister Princess Caterina.
“On every level, this is an unparalleled sale,” says GWS Auctions owner Brigitte Kruse. “We have the matchless real estate, exceptional personal possessions and artifacts of one of the world’s most iconic families.” The auction has Pop Art inspired works by Lorenzo—a Prince of Italy.
For impressive history, it’s hard to beat Machiavelli’s Florence villa, a landmarked property located next door to the Ferragamo mansion, which comes with Renaissance art and frescoes that can never be removed from the restored 16th century palazzo. In addition to the extraordinary artifacts, Princess Caterina is offering the winning bidder her design expertise to help a new owner balance modern amenities while preserving the past in the 640 square meter (close to 7,000 square foot) home overlooking the city.Another unique piece of real estate is the family’s “summer castle” in Calabria, the birthplace of Versace, a picturesque compound with luxurious gardens and a massive pool. The entry to the nine-bedroom, 1097 square meters (approximately 11,800 square foot) is a 15th century pharmacy.The auction will offer a 54,880 square meter (13.5+ acres) of oceanfront property at the southernmost tip of Italy that, by virtue of the family’s standing, remains the only buildable lot in the region. Additionally, the sale includes 11 two-bedroom, furnished apartments in a resort condo near the sea and a de’ Medici home in Rome.The de’ Medici treasures in the auction include an Antiphonarium Cisterciense, a hymnal in the family since the 18th century; a portrait of Cesare Borgia attributed to Raphael; Jacobus Buys’ 1769 “Bacchanal” and James Millar’s 1804 “Blind Belisarius,” both oils on canvas; a collection of engraved portraits of de’ Medici aristocrats by Adriano Haluech circa 1700s; a 1650s family crest painting on linen that stretches over nine feet; and a pre-1815 kingdom map of Italy with the de’ Medici crest.Among the royal jewels for sale are stunning GIA certified diamond, emerald and sapphire rings, necklaces and earrings set in solid platinum and gold, many custom designed for the de’ Medicis. Buyers can also bid on two Bruno Caputo watches made especially for the Prince.Vehicles in the sale include a 1999 Jaguar with a paint job by graffiti artist Risk, a super cool Polaris Slingshot three-wheeled motorcycle prototype with Lorenzo’s signature; a sporty yellow 1995 Alfa Romeo Roadster Zagato convertible, one of fewer than 300 produced; and a fully restored turquoise 1956 Lincoln Premier two-door hardtop coupe.

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Bright Star Secondary Charter Hosting Cultural Awareness Event

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 23 gennaio 2018

los angelesLos Angeles. Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy is planning an event promoting cultural awareness at 1:30 p.m. on January 25, 2018 in the quad area of the academy located at 5431 West 98th Street in Los Angeles. Students who have demonstrated the school’s core value of awareness will be honored. The event is timed with National School Choice Week 2018 – the nation’s largest-ever celebration of educational opportunities that will take place January 21 to 27, 2018. More than 32,000 events are planned nationwide.The goal of the event is to celebrate great education choices in California and raise awareness among parents about school choice.“We participate in School Choice Week to highlight our academic, athletic and extracurricular opportunities for students. We want families to know they have a choice in us,” Corey Taylor, principal at Bright Star, said.Media are encouraged to attend – contact Corey Taylor to make arrangements.Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy is a charter school serving 550 students in grades 9 to 12. Learn more about the school by visiting BSS Held every January, National School Choice Week is an independent public awareness effort designed to shine a positive spotlight on effective education options for every child. Through more than 32,000 independently planned events across the country, National School Choice Week raises public awareness of all types of educational choices available to children. These options include traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, online learning, private schools, and homeschooling.

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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Tech Team Receives National Ranking for Best Hospital IT Department

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 dicembre 2017

The Children's Hospital Los AngelesLos Angeles. Whether repairing a doctor’s iPhone or setting up a massive, secure networking infrastructure in multiple locations across the nation’s second largest metropolitan area, the Information Services (IS) Department at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) is up to the task. It’s the reason CHLA’s IS team is ranked this year as one of the nation’s Best Hospital IT Departments by Healthcare IT News. These awards, published annually by the magazine, are an employee-driven benchmark recognizing how well hospitals and health systems integrate and innovate technology to support physicians and hospital staff in providing the best care possible.”I’m so proud of our team and what they’ve been able to accomplish – and I’m even more excited for the amazing IT projects underway,” says Steve Garske, PhD, CHLA senior vice president and chief information officer. “This award affirms our goal that Children’s Hospital Los Angeles be a leader in the health care technology sphere, and the best part is knowing that programs we implement will dramatically impact our patients, their families, and our amazing caregivers. Our IT team is the best in the country – this is because we live our mission every day to create hope and build healthier futures for our children.”In particular, Healthcare IT News highlighted a few of CHLA’s implementation goals for the year ahead:A first-in-the-nation deployment of the Cerner Oncology platform, integrating the department’s health records and even allowing doctors to electronically write complex pharmacy orders for chemotherapy.
A goal to attain Stage 7, the highest level, on the HIMSS Electronic Medical Records Adoption model, the industry gold standard for how health care institutions adopt and utilize digital record keeping tools. Rolling out a 24/7 internal mobile app that facilitates staff communication with the IS team and between hospital divisions. Also recognized – the IS team’s work integrating CHLA’s technology infrastructure with the new CHLA Health Network, an association connecting more than 100 community pediatricians and pediatric specialists throughout Los Angeles County with the hospital’s care delivery model for infants, children and young adults. Part of that implementation includes ambitious projects to improve digital health models and telemedicine, even one day creating a “virtual los angeleschannel” for children and families to engage doctors even if they’re not physically able to come to CHLA’s main campus or outpatient centers.”We’re a mission-driven organization,” said Dave Abbott, CHLA’s vice president of IT operations. “We have laid a strategy for the next three to five years: technology, process, people, and how it all works together. Whether we’re expanding the CHLA Health Network for the Los Angeles area and beyond, or developing better inpatient entertainment systems right here at the hospital so kids have richer content to access, our team is really moving the needle for CHLA.”This year, employees from 91 different hospitals filled out anonymous Best Hospital IT Department surveys, which measured workplace satisfaction on factors like day-to-day experience; workplace culture; senior management and leadership; professional development opportunities; pay and benefits; and more, according to Healthcare IT News, who says more than 3,300 hospital IT employees took part.
From these results, Healthcare IT News and research partner HIMSS Analytics awarded Best Hospital IT Department status to the top five hospitals in each of four size categories based on the size of the IT team. CHLA was awarded ranking in the “super” category (200+ employees).

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Boston Private Opens New Downtown Los Angeles Office

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 8 novembre 2017

los angelesLos Angeles. Boston Private, a leading provider of fully integrated wealth management, trust and private banking services, today announced the opening of its downtown Los Angeles location at 801 S. Figueroa Street. The office is the private bank’s sixth office in Southern California. The new office will provide clients with a wide range of services including commercial lending, community development lending, business loans, residential mortgages, and personal and business deposit and cash management solutions and services.“Having invested over $2 billion in the communities we serve, Boston Private looks forward to growing our efforts in Los Angeles, especially financing affordable housing, businesses and nonprofit organizations,” said Esther Schlorholtz, Director of Community Investment at Boston Private. “The new office will help us to promote greater vitality in the city and stimulate economic opportunity.”
“Our new office in Los Angeles further enhances our ability to provide individuals and businesses in Southern California with a differentiated client experience that addresses all of their financial needs,” said George Schwartz, President, Boston Private Bank. “We are excited to add our presence to Downtown LA and look forward to serving the surrounding community.” Boston Private also has Southern California offices in Beverly Hills, Encino, Pasadena, Santa Monica and Westlake Village.

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The Overwatch League™ Adds New Teams for London, Los Angeles

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 13 agosto 2017

los angelesLos Angeles. The Overwatch League™ today announced its latest team sales, with esports organization founder Jack Etienne of Cloud9 purchasing the team for London, and sports industry leaders Stan and Josh Kroenke purchasing a team for Los Angeles. The Overwatch League is the first major global professional esports league with city-based teams, and will showcase world-class competitive play in Blizzard Entertainment’s hit game Overwatch®. Last month the League announced its first team sales to seven leading entrepreneurs and organizations from traditional sports, esports, and the technology sector, representing major global cities from Boston to Shanghai. With today’s announcement, the League now includes teams from Asia, Europe, and North America, including two teams for Los Angeles.“The Overwatch League continues to have great momentum,” said Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. “We’re thrilled to add Jack Etienne of Cloud9 and Stan and Josh Kroenke of the Los Angeles Rams, Arsenal Football Club, Denver Nuggets, and Colorado Avalanche to our group of extraordinary Overwatch League owners around the world. They will enhance our ability to celebrate and reward players and fans in Los Angeles, London, and beyond.”
“Overwatch is a global game, with heroes – and players – from around the world, so it’s important to us that as many Overwatch League fans as possible have local or regional teams to root for,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “In addition to broadening the competitive field for Season 1, we’re excited that today’s announcement helps set the stage for more epic intercontinental rivalries.”“Building communities around the best competitive experiences in the world is incredibly rewarding, and the Overwatch League offers the chance to create something special,” said Josh Kroenke, cofounder of KSE Esports. “We’re impressed by the vision and strategy for the League, and we’re going to build a great team for Los Angeles that inspires fans near and far.” “We applaud the creation of the Overwatch League, and couldn’t be happier partnering with an organization that shares our values and vision of serving athletes, teams, and fans,” said Jack Etienne, founder and CEO of Cloud9. “We are thrilled that Cloud9’s formidable fan base throughout Europe and the UK now has a local team to call their own, and can’t wait to start representing London in the Overwatch League.” The Overwatch League is slated to begin later this year, with an official player signing window for Season 1 now open from August 1 to October 30, 2017. Details on player signings, salaries and benefits have been announced, with players earning a minimum of $50,000 each year, and at least 50 percent of team performance bonuses from winning playoffs and other League events going directly to players. Teams will provide players with health insurance and a retirement savings plan, as well as player housing and practice facilities during the season which will meet professional standards set by the Overwatch League.

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I tesori del Jean Paul Getty Museum di Los Angeles tornano a splendere

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 23 luglio 2017

Donazione GettyLo si deve ad un innovativo trattamento laser con tecnologia Made in Italy donato al museo californiano che permetterà di riportarle al loro antico splendore preziose sculture e arti decorative. Utilizzando le stesse tecnologie Q-Switched impiegate per la medicina, sarà possibile operare garantendo una elevatissima precisione, selettività e rispetto delle superfici originarie senza danneggiare il reperto. Un intervento rivoluzionario reso possibile dal laser Thunder Compact donato dall’azienda italiana Quanta System facente parte del gruppo El.En., leader a livello mondiale nella fabbricazione di laser specifici per operazioni di restauro di opere d’arte, all’ Antiquities Conservation Department del Getty Museum. La consegna del laser è avvenuta a Malibu alla presenza di Paolo Salvadeo, Direttore Generale del Gruppo El.En., Girolamo Lionetti, Direttore Generale di Quanta System, Alessandro Zanini, Direttore Scientifico per la Restaurazione di El.En., le autorità del Getty e il Vice Console d’Italia a Los Angeles, Valentina Gambelunghe.
Il laser sarà anche utilizzato anche in speciali partnership con altri musei di tutto il mondo e per la formazione di futuri professionisti della conservazione delle opere d’arte. Il Direttore del Dipartimento per la conservazione delle antichità del Getty Museum, la Dott.ssa Susanne Gänsicke, ha infatti sottolineato come la donazione del laser sia estremamente toccante e, oltre ad essere di grande aiuto al museo, potrebbe essere messa a disposizione degli altri musei di Los Angeles affinché lo utilizzino per le loro opere.
Quanta e El.En sono già stati protagonisti nella donazione di laser per il restauro di opere d’arte ad importanti musei di tutto il mondo. In passato le donazioni sono state fatte al Metropolitan Museum of Art di New York e ai Musei Vaticani della Città del Vaticano. I laser di Quanta e El.En hanno fatto tornare al loro splendore pezzi inestimabili realizzati da alcuni dei più grandi Maestri, da Michelangelo a Leonardo, Verrocchio, Canova, Bernini, Giotto e Brunelleschi. Inoltre, hanno anche restaurato antichi affreschi a Pompei e Ercolano e sono stati coinvolti per progetti di restauro tra cui la Torre pendente di Pisa, il Duomo e il Battistero di Firenze e, più recentemente, le catacombe di Domitilla a Roma.
Una delle sedi del Getty Museum è la Villa Getty, che si trova all’estremità orientale della costa di Malibu. La Villa, ospitata in un edificio strutturato come un’antica villa romana, è un centro didattico oltre che un museo dedicato allo studio delle arti e delle culture dell’antica Grecia, di Roma e dell’Etruria e vanta più di 44.000 opere di arte antica, principalmente di arte romana, greca ed etrusca, che coprono un periodo che parte dal 6500 a.C. fino al 440 d.C. Opere di inestimabile valore molte delle quali, a causa del passare del tempo, si sono deteriorate anche per via di precedenti interventi troppo aggressivi che hanno ulteriormente danneggiato i rivestimenti in marmo. Adesso, grazie al nuovo laser Thunder Compact, molte statue, bassorilievi, medaglie e pezzi architettonici di uno dei più importanti musei del mondo torneranno a splendere e rivivere per essere ammirate anche dalle generazioni che verranno. (foto. donazione getty)

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Interoute inaugura la tratta transpacifica Hong Kong – Los Angeles

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 agosto 2015

interouteLos Angeles / Londra. Interoute, l’operatore proprietario della più grande piattaforma di servizi cloud in Europa, annuncia oggi di aver compiuto l’ultimo passo nella realizzazione di un network globale a diffusione capillare con due nuove diverse tratte tra Los Angeles (LA) e Hong Kong. Con questo nuovo ampliamento da una parte all’altra del Pacifico, la rete a bassa latenza di Interoute corre ora lungo tutto il globo, e offre ai suoi clienti una via di accesso più rapida tra gli Stati Uniti e l’Asia. Interoute è ora in grado di offrire ai propri clienti enterprise servizi pan-pacifici a bassa latenza, realizzati su rete proprietaria MPLS totalmente privata e sicura. Il tutto con la garanzia della massima affidabilità, e l’utilizzo simultaneo di due vie diversificate a coprire la distanza. Interoute ha integrato la propria rete MPLS con la sua infrastruttura cloud, il Virtual Data Centre (VDC) progettato su scala globale per aiutare le aziende a espandersi su più mercati in maniera semplice e veloce. Il potenziamento di rete annunciato oggi segue il lancio dei PoP IP e dei nodi VDC di Interoute a Los Angeles e Hong Kong; in questo modo, le aziende potranno realizzare una propria infrastruttura cloud privata e ibrida a livello globale, il tutto interconnesso in modo sicuro su rete MPLS ad alta velocità. Inoltre, questo annuncio segue la recente apertura di un nuovo PoP di Interoute a Singapore, rafforzando la posizione dell’azienda in uno dei più grandi centri finanziari al mondo, nonché importante destinazione di affari della regione Asia-Pacifico. Mark Lewis, VP Communications & Connectivity di Interoute, ha dichiarato: “Il nostro investimento nella realizzazione di nuovi collegamenti tra l’Asia e gli Stati Uniti segna una nuova fase nello sviluppo dell’infrastruttura globale di networked cloud di Interoute. Per espandere il loro business in tutto il mondo, i nostri clienti hanno bisogno di una piattaforma di rete e di servizi in grado di supportare perfettamente le loro attività digitali. Con il lancio di questi nuovi collegamenti, Interoute è in grado di offrire una capacità di rete e piattaforme di servizio indispensabili per quelle aziende che vogliono crescere da una parte all’altra del Pacifico e in tutto il mondo.”La nuova tratta sarà disponibile nel mese di settembre 2015.
Interoute Communications Limited è l’operatore proprietario della più grande piattaforma di servizi cloud in Europa, che comprende 12 Data Centre, 14 Virtual Data Centre e 31 collocation centre, con collegamenti ad altri 195 data centre di terze parti in tutta Europa. La sua piattaforma full-service Unified ICT offre servizi alle imprese internazionali, ai più importanti operatori internazionali delle telecomunicazioni, ai governi e alle università. La strategia Unified ICT di Interoute si è rivelata importante per quelle aziende che cercano una connettività scalabile e sicura e una piattaforma senza vincoli su cui poter costruire i loro servizi voce, video, computing e data service, ma anche per quei service provider che necessitano di una elevata capacità di trasporto dati a livello internazionale e infrastrutture. Con sedi in Europa e negli Stati Uniti, Interoute possiede e gestisce anche 24 reti metropolitane nei principali centri di business europei. (foto: interoute)

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“The Story of Disneyland”

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The Story of Disneyland1Los Angeles, California Van Eaton Galleries, one of the world’s premier animation artwork and collectible galleries held the highly-anticipated “The Story of Disneyland” auction this weekend in Sherman Oaks, California. Bidders gathered each day under a tent, constructed specifically to hold the hundreds of anxious bidders who showed up for the two sessions, in hopes that they would take home a piece of Disneyland magic. Bidders from around the globe bid online and by phone in a fast and furious pace all day.The collection which represented close to 1,000 pieces is said to be the largest and most historical collection ever to be offered. Many of the items up for bid exceeded pre-sale estimates including a Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room Animatronic® Tiki Bird which sold for $153,400. Opening in 1963, the Enchanted Tiki Room was the first attraction to use Audio-Animatronic® characters in the park. The Pirates of the Caribbean remained a hit throughout the auction event with the Original Skeleton prop selling for $129,800 and the Pirates of the Caribbean E-Ticket Sign selling for $47,200. A Marc Davis Signed Original Pirates Concept Art piece sold for $70,800. Other highlights of this weekend’s historical and unprecedented auction included the Original Cigar Store Indian from Frontierland which sold for $44,250, a Construction Used Disneyland Brownline Plot Plan sold for $29,500, a Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room Flower Boat sold for $22,420, a Mark Twain Riverboat Life Preserver Prop that hung on the Mark Twain Riverboat in the 1960s sold for $11,800, a Sam McKim Kodak Camera Shop Presentation Artwork sold for $20,060 and the Main Street Entrance Flag used in the Main Street entrance station sold for $7,670.Betty Taylor, who performed at the park for 30 years as the popular “Slue Foot Sue” at the Golden Horseshoe Revue, still drew applause for a series of costumes that were available at theThe Story of Disneyland auction. Her “Slue Foot Sue” original costume dress, complete with black Egret feather headpiece, sold for $15,340. The Walt Disney signed Opening Day “Story of Disneyland” Guidebook (1955) which was signed by Walt in the inside cover sold for $13,275. Even a Disneyland Record Album Display Rack from the 1960s went high with a final bid of $5,900.Other highlights from the two-days included a Mickey Mouse Character Costume Head which sold for $29,500, An “It’s A Small World” doll figure which sold for $41,300, the Bruce Bushman Original Tomorrowland Concept Art which sold for $55,460, the Adventure Through Inner Space Atomobile Prop which sold for $41,300, a Disneyland TWA Travel Poster which sold for $12,980 and Original Captain EO Poster Painting which sold for $47,200. “The Story of Disneyland” Auction raised over $1.7 million. “The Story of Disneyland” Collection Exclusive Catalogs may be purchased at (photo:The Story of Disneyland)

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Kitschy Tourist Souvenirs and Vintage Photos Announced Story of Disneyland Auction NEWS

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los angelesLos Angeles, California Van Eaton Galleries, one of the world’s premier animation artwork and collectible galleries located in Sherman Oaks, California has announced a vast array of sensational tourist photos from Disneyland’s past. In addition, the gallery has highlighted a large assortment of vintage tourist-related souvenirs, games, toys and collectibles from the famous park bearing Walt Disney’s name.The Story of Disneyland auction will take place February 28th and March 1st at Van Eaton Galleries, 13613 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA and offers collectors a wide range of items to choose from. The collection, which numbers close to 1,000 pieces, is the most comprehensive and complete collection to ever come to market and provides an unprecedented narrative into the story of Walt Disney’s beloved Disneyland theme park. With memorabilia dating from the very beginning of Walt’s planning to his expansions in Florida and beyond, this one-of-a-kind rare collection has been amassed over thirty years and includes an extraordinary glimpse into the life of Walt Disney, his close group of original Imagineers, the initial plans for Disneyland and the amazing legacy he left behind. Collectors and fans will have the chance to experience the magic of Disneyland through the variety of items being offered while being entertained at the sheer nostalgia some of the original tourist photos from the 1960s and beyond bring to life.Along with the highly anticipated items to be auctioned, which include the original audio-animatronic skeleton from The Pirates of the Caribbean, an original Bob Bushman concept drawing for Tomorrowland, an original Cigar Store Indian from Frontierland and many larger scale items, the collection also offers a glimpse into tourists and visitors from an era past, a trip down memory lane through various photographs and smaller collectibles that were available in the early years of the Disneyland park.“This collection is beyond extraordinary,” said Mike Van Eaton, Founder & President of Van Eaton Galleries. “But the breadth of this vintage collection offers every collector an opportunity to bid and own a piece of Disneyland history. It tells the story of Disneyland from the beginning like we have never seen before and I am sure we won’t ever see again.” Highlights that will appeal to every tourist and fan of Disneyland include and a rare Upjohn Drugstore Complimentary Vitamins in a Box (Disneyland 1957) which was given away at the Upjohn Pharmacy Drugstore . The original vitamins intact and unused in original box (Estimate: $75-150), A Fantasyland Souvenir Cigarette Box with four ashtrays (Disneyland 1955) which is a very unusual ceramic 3D cigarette box (Disneyland 1955) featuring an image of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (Estimate:$250-$350), a Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant Food Tray (Disneyland 1957) which is a rare piece from the famous restaurant and features an image of the restaurant on the front (Estimate:$800-$900), an Aunt Jemima’s Pancake House paper placement (Disneyland 1955) which is unused from the Pancake House in what is now the River Belle Terrace (Estimate $100-$200), a Submarine Voyage Bath Toy (Disneyland 1959) which is a rare toy from the opening season of the Submarine Voyage attraction (Estimate: $300-$400) and an Original Disneyland Popcorn Box (Disneyland 1956) with simple graphics that represented the charm of iconic Disneyland design (Estimate: $200-$300). Other Main Street tourist related items in the collection include a Randotti Haunted Mansion Souvenir Skull (Disneyland 1970s) made of solid plaster that glows in the dark (Estimate:$100-$200), a Disneyland “Tinkerbell” uncut air-freshener (Disneyland 1956) which is an unusual uncut sheet of images used for hanging in a car to freshen it featuring “Tinkerbell” holding a paper scroll with the Disneyland logo (Estimate: $150-$250), a Jimmy Stewart signed Autopia Driver’s License (Disneyland 1955) signed by the famed actor Jimmy Stewart (Estimate:$200-$400) an Art Corner Souvenir Photograph Mailer from The Jungle Cruise (Disneyland 1958) which was from the park’s section that featured plywood cut-out scenes from around the park where guests could choose a themed cartoon cut out to peek out from and have their photo taken (Estimate:$100-$200) and so many more amazing collectibles. All can be seen via the online catalogue at of photographs that bring along the sense of retrospective and a time gone past are available for auction in The Story of Disneyland collection. From quirky and funny to mysteriously interesting the collection of authentic tourist photos offers a story of Disneyland in and of itself. These photographs will be auctioned in group lots and feature various attractions, tourists posing in front of Disneyland landmarks and the candid shots which could only happen in the most magical place on earth – Disneyland. There are even original photographs showing Walt Disney himself in the park or at various points of building and planning Disneyland.

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Co-produzione USA-ITALIA: Delta Star Pictures incontra a Los Angeles i produttori di Hollywood

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produttoriLOS ANGELES – Si sono svolti in questi giorni a Sherman Oaks, Studio City di Los Angeles, diversi incontri di business. Per l’Italia era presente all’incontro statunitense il regista 3D e producer Jordan River (AD della Delta Star Pictures) che ha illustrato la volontà nel collaborare per creare un ponte tra USA e Italia per nuovi progetti innovativi in 3D e destinato al mercato internazionale, con particolare riguardo al sistema IMAX 3D. La Delta Star Pictures è nata infatti come azienda “Start-up innovativa” riconosciuta in Italia ai sensi del Decreto Crescita 2.0 e opera nel campo dell’audiovisual high technology – specializzata proprio nella produzione 3D Stereovision; a Roma il suo quartier generale che, proprio in questi giorni, si sta traferendo al Parco Tecnologico, Tiburtino Valley. Alla serie di incontri a Los Angeles erano presenti fra gli altri Mr. Michael I. Levy (da oltre 40 anni nel cinema USA, collaborazione per FOX-CBS Tri-Star Motion Pictures/Columbia Pictures etc. e una dozzina di film con la 20th Century Fox statunitense), Mr. Steve Braun (casting director di Hollywood e titolare della BGB Studio), Ms Julia Robertson (produttrice americana della Golden Dragon) e il presidente della Y.F.F. Shi Yanfan. (foto produttori)

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Louis Theroux a Los Angeles: reati sessuali

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Louis TherouxLunedì 13 ottobre, ore 22:00. La California ha un atteggiamento duro nei confronti dei colpevoli di reati sessuali, anche una volta usciti di prigione. Sotto una stretta libertà condizionata, sono controllati e sottoposti a restrizioni draconiane, vengono iscritti in un registro pubblico da cui chiunque può ottenere informazioni sulla loro identità e sul crimine commesso. Inoltre, non possono vivere nei pressi di parchi e scuole e molti vengono allontanati dalla propria famiglia. Louis entra nel mondo dei dormitori e dei senza tetto e indaga sugli scopi e sui reali effetti di queste leggi. È giusto eliminare qualsiasi chance di redenzione oppure uno stretto controllo operato su persone malate e spesso pericolose è veramente un servizio utile che viene reso alla comunità?

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Louis Theroux a Los Angeles: lotta per la vita

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Louis Theroux 1Lunedì 6 ottobre, ore 22:00 Louis si reca al Cedars Sinai Medical Centre di Los Angeles, l’ospedale migliore della città, per capire quale sia il rapporto degli americani con la morte. Un dato è certo: in America si spende un’enorme quantità di soldi per trattamenti che riguardano gli ultimi anni di vita. Louis segue le storie di tre pazienti mentre lottano contro condizioni che sembrano terminali. Devono accettare l’inevitabile cercando di morire nel modo più dignitoso possibile? O devono continuare a lottare tentando ogni cura – indipendentemente dalle chance di ottenere un risultato positivo o dagli effetti collaterali? Sembrerebbe che si propenda più per la seconda soluzione, considerato l’ammontare di denaro che il sistema sanitario americano continua a spendere in trattamenti che sono i pazienti a richiedere. Grazie a una straordinaria vicinanza ai pazienti e alle loro famiglie, Louis riuscirà a cogliere ogni aspetto della loro lotta e, almeno in un caso, sarà testimone di un’incredibile svolta.

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Winner of PubWest Best Holiday Book King of Style Special Holiday Promotion

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The Guthrie Theater & Gold Medal Park

The Guthrie Theater & Gold Medal Park (Photo credit: jpellgen)

The 2013 PubWest Winner for Best Holiday Gift Specialty Book King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson Is A Must-Have Holiday Gift
Special Offer for the Holidays from Dec 2-24th Includes Reduced Shipping Worldwide and Autographed Copies from Fashion Designer
Los Angeles, California….Dec 2, 2013 …..This year’s 2013 Gold Medal PubWest Award Winner for Best Holiday Gift Specialty Book, The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson, authored by fashion designer Michael Bush who served as Michael Jackson’s longtime personal designer for 25 years, has announced a special holiday promotion for Holidays 2013. The book which has gone on to become a best-seller and a favorite for fans around the world won the 2013 Gold Medal at this year’s PubWest Awards for Best Gift-Holiday-Specialty book. In celebration of the award, Michael Bush, the author, will personally autograph and date each book ordered as a Christmas or holiday gift. In addition to the exclusive offer, all books ordered for the holidays will receive reduced international shipping. The promotion runs from December 2, 2013 through December 25, 2013 at midnight ESTThe King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson, is the first art-driven book about the costumes, apparel, shoes and accessories created and worn by Michael Jackson includes hundreds of lavish photographs and a behind-the-scenes-look into the process of collaborating with the world’s most legendary and powerful entertainer of our time. The book includes personal stories from the author, never before seen photographs and a fascinating look into the world of fashion that only Jackson could have created. It has gone on to win rave reviews from fans, critics and media from around the world. In addition to the PubWest Award the book has also been awarded the Independent Publishers 2013 Gold Medal Award.“I am beyond thrilled that the book has won the Gold Medal at the PubWest Design Awards this year for best Holiday Specialty Gift book,” said author Michael Bush. “Working with Michael Jackson for as long as I did was inspiring, fascinating and remarkable. Having now received two Gold Medal Awards from two different award programs only reiterates what a tribute this book is to Michael’s enduring legacy and what a fantastic holiday gift it would make for any fan”

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Property from the estate of phyllis diller the first lady of stand-up comedy

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Phyllis Diller research.

Phyllis Diller research. (Photo credit: Jeff Tidwell)

Beverly Hills, California .Julien’s Auctions, the world’s premier celebrity and entertainment memorabilia auction house, announced the exclusive auction of property from the life and career of the first lady of stand-up comedy, Phyllis Diller on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The pop culture icon and comedian was known for decades for her self-deprecating humor. In the 1960s her fame skyrocketed appearing on several of Bob Hope’s television specials, USO tours and three movies. Her signature blonde wig, long cigarette holder and loud cackling laugh has yet to be duplicated giving her a place in comedic history as the very first female trailblazer of her time. Her jokes and gags played off of a persona of dreadful cook and eccentric, disheveled housewife to “Fang,” her imaginary husband. In real life, Diller was very attractive and once was photographed for Playboy magazine, although the photos never went to print. The auction will include extraordinary costumes, wigs and jewelry from her professional stage and television appearances, together with outstanding antiques, artwork, and memorabilia from her longtime residence on South Rockingham Avenue in Los Angeles. Diller’s outlandish trademark props are well represented in this auction which includes her hilariously funny and wild wigs, jeweled dog collars, feather boas, gloves, cigarette holders, ankle boots, colorful housecoats, and chunky costume jewelry. Many items representative of the fruitful alliance she had when collaborating with Bob Hope are also included. These highlights include a camel colored coat and dress ensemble that Phyllis Diller wore to the Bob Hope Airport dedication ceremony (estimate $1,000-2,000), a black chiffon dress ensemble worn by Phyllis Diller to the Bob Hope Memorial Tribute at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (estimate $600-800), a half-length portrait of Bob Hope from the eponymous “Bob Hope Salon” in Diller’s Brentwood estate and numerous photographs, documents, and mementos from their long friendship. It is a story of Hollywood’s golden era of comedy, representative of two of the most famous names to ever capture the hearts of audiences around the globe. Other highlighted costumes and accessories from Diller’s stage performances and television work include: a velvet robe worn on The Love Boat (estimate $800-1,200); a performance worn pink sequined dress (estimate $800-1,200); and many of Diller’s Omar of Omaha dresses designed, in reality, by Gloria Johnson including the dress worn on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour ($600-800) during a discussion of marriage with Cher; along with Diller’s costume wigs, jewelry and footwear (various estimates). Personal clothing including designer dresses worn for events and award shows include Christian Dior ($600-800), Guy Laroche ($600-800), Versace ($600-800) and others. As Diller’s success rose to soaring heights, so did her ability to collect and purchase nice things. She bought a beautiful estate in tony Brentwood, California and decorated it with many items once belonging to Marjorie Merriwether Post. Antiques and furniture highlights in this sale include a Kashan Persian rug (estimate $60,000-80,000), a Georgian style mahogany secretary breakfront (estimate $25,000-35,000), multiple lots of fine china dish sets and Bohemian cut crystal stemware, and a Reed & Barton sterling flatware service in the Florentine Lace pattern (estimate $6,000-8,000). Also featured is an Andy Warhol colored screenprint, “Cow,” signed and inscribed H.B. P.D. (Happy Birthday Phyllis Diller) Love Andy Warhol (estimate ($4,000-6,000).
Additionally, this auction includes a number of pianos played by Diller, an accomplished concert pianist, and many selections of paintings and prints from her own secondary career as studio painter. Highlights include a black lacquer Chickering Grand Pianoforte, signed “Phyllis Diller” in silver marker pen (estimate $10,000-15,000), a custom made Cannon Guild Harpsichord (estimate $5,000-10,000), and an oil on canvas painting of a stage with curtains and a shining spotlight from the foyer of her house (estimate: $2,000-$3,000). It was this painting in which she had each houseguest pose in front of upon entry to her home. Awards, personal mementos, photographs, scripts, handwritten letters, personal clothing and other remarkable collectibles from Diller’s life and career are included in this auction. Her personal artwork which was very much a reflection of her soul and her bright, whimsical approach to life are included amongst the highlights.
Diller was born Phyllis Ada Driver in Lima, Ohio in 1917. She had six children with her first husband, Sherwood Diller, whom she married in 1939. She later married Warde Donovan in 1965, only a month after divorcing Diller. The second marriage lasted 10 years. Her very first stand-up comedy appearance was as a contestant on Groucho Marx’s show “You Bet Your Life” in 1957. She hosted her own variety show on NBC, had a run on Broadway and created several comedy albums. She officially retired from comedy in 2002 and focused on her creative passion, which was painting. It was Phyllis Diller who became one of the worlds most adored female comics whose accomplishments open doors for generations of women entertainers who followed. She died in August of 2012 at the age of 95.

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“The best art re-invents art for the next generation, but in addition, it references the long tradition that goes before.”

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brooklyn-street-art-alice-pasquini-jessica-stuart-sydenham-london-web-1Jeffrey Deitch for President! In this new video interview with the departing director of Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), film maker Jesse Dylan (yes) creates a warm and human six minute re-iteration of Deitch’s core appreciation for the magnificence of art and its power to transform. The video, popping somewhat out of nowhere a week after his announced cordial departure, is not quite “A Town Called Hope”, but you can imagine this running over a bed of thoughtfully plinking piano keys just before soaring with the eagles and the candidate emerging onto a starkly lit stage to the swelling of applause.
A polarizing figure in the art world for people who questioned his appointment there frombrooklyn-street-art-Miss-Van-Ciro-Schu-Sheryo-Yok-Mateus-Bailon-jessica-stewart-london-web-3 the beginning and the appropriateness of a commercially successful gallery owner/showman taking over the helm of such an institution, from this perspective it looks like Deitch has stayed true to one of his core interests – exposing new work to new audiences and challenging conventional wisdom on how to engage, and who with. Much of our own abiding love for Street Art and graffiti is based on the concept that traditional purveyors of wisdom or art criticism have no place in its curation whatsoever.
“Art in the Streets”, although obviously a programmed exhibition, succeeded in mowing down the protests of many who steadfastly resisted giving such formal recognition to the impact and backstory of graffiti and Street Art on the culture and accepted canons of art. Everyone knew it would be a messy endeavor, and given the entrenched classism, racism, and gatekeeping that tripped wires for months, it succeeded on many levels nonetheless. So, this marriage didn’t work out, and in this country more than half of them end. No one will deny his unique vision and given his comfort with discomfort and curiosity for how people can engage with art, only a fool would think Deitch won’t be breaking new ground for exploration in the future.
“Art creates community experience, spiritual experience. The best art absolutely affects the way people see, understand the world and builds a sense of tolerance, openness, appreciation for different points of view.”
– Jeffrey Deitch

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EL AL Launches Economy Class Plus

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EL AL (Photo credit: caribb)

New York EL AL, the national airline of Israel, today announced the launch of Economy Class Plus, a new class of service offering passengers more legroom, more seat recline and preferred seating in the economy cabin.Economy Class Plus also offers an improved atmosphere, a comfort kit (with eyeshades, socks, earplugs, toothpaste and a toothbrush), a business class pillow and blanket, a wider seat cushion, plus additional relaxing amenities such as a foot rest and a curtain for privacy. Installation of laptop and cell phone electrical outlets at every seat will be completed by year end.
EL AL passengers can now reserve Economy Class Plus seating for travel as of July 1 on all state-of-the-art 747-400 jumbo aircraft flying between New York (JFK and Newark) and Israel. The fare for this preferred seat is an additional $150 per person above the economy class fare, each way. In the future, Economy Class Plus will be offered to passengers travelling on state-of-the-art 777 aircraft.EL AL Matmid frequent flyers who travel the most (Top Platinum, Platinum and Gold members) receive a complimentary Economy Class Plus seat when purchasing an economy class ticket. A travel companion of a Top Platinum member in economy class also receives a free Economy Class Plus seat. In addition, EL AL passengers purchasing select economy class tickets are entitled to receive a free Economy Class Plus seat. Every other Matmid frequent flyer has the option of exchanging points for one of these seats.
For more information and to book an Economy Class Plus seat, visit, or call EL AL at (800) 223-6700 or any travel agent. You can also learn more about Economy Class Plus, special promotions, as well as special events in Israel and useful travel tips by joining the airline’s Facebook (EL AL Israel Airlines USA) and Twitter (@ELALUSA).EL AL USA Facebook fans can have free membership to the EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club to earn bonus tickets and upgrades to premium classes, priority seat selection, and other exclusive member-only offers. Matmid Members have the opportunity to enroll for free in the EL AL GlobaLY program, whereby EL AL is donating the equivalent of 5% of earned points to charitable organizations: Taglit/Birthright, The Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Israel, helping to bring deserving individuals from around the world to Israel.
Celebrating more than 60 years of service, EL AL, Israel’s national airline, offers the most nonstop flights between New York (JFK/Newark) and Israel as well as the only nonstop service from Los Angeles. Worldwide, EL AL flies to 35 destinations from Israel and serves dozens of other destinations throughout the world (including the USA) via partnerships with many other leading carriers. Only EL AL has first class service on nonstop flights between the U.S.A. and Israel. The airline has annual revenues of about $2 billion and carries 3.6 million passengers every year. EL AL embodies Israel’s values of innovation and the promise of a genuine Israeli welcome.

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