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Press Statement by Commissioner Vella following the AGRIFISH Council in Luxembourg

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 31 ottobre 2019

Tonight we have taken some very difficult, but much needed decisions concerning fishing in the Baltic Sea.Indeed, many Baltic fish stocks and ecosystems are in an alarming situation. This is not only a concern for the environment, but also a concern for the many local communities whose livelihoods depend on these ecosystems.There was broad agreement around the table that if we do not address the root causes of this worrying situation, both nature and fishing businesses stand to lose.Therefore, first, we agreed on a very significant reduction of fishing opportunities for key stocks. This will ensure that six of the eight fully assessed Baltic stocks are managed in line with maximum sustainable yield.For two stocks, western herring and eastern Baltic cod, unprecedented reductions were agreed that are in line with the Baltic Management Plan. For western herring, a reduction of 65% will set the stock on path to be no longer threatened in 2023. For eastern Baltic cod, all targeted fishing will be banned and only a limited quota will be allowed for unavoidable by-catches, in order not to choke other fisheries.However, we also agreed that a significant reduction of total allowable catches was not in itself sufficient to protect some stocks. Therefore, as a second category of action, we agreed on a number of measures to close areas for several months in order to protect the spawning periods of vulnerable stocks.Third, and very importantly, Baltic Member States – for the first time – made a clear written commitment to effectively and urgently address at source other causes of unhealthy fish stocks (such as pollution, eutrophication and habitat degradation resulting from industrial and agricultural activities), through the implementation of EU rules and, where appropriate, through additional measures. This is crucial as fishing is only one – and sometimes not the main – cause of poor stock status.Finally, we recognised that, without appropriate financial support, this year’s decisions may have serious short-term socio-economic consequences for some fishermen, even if the majority of the fleets will remain profitable. Therefore, the Commission will urgently consider all possible initiatives in order to achieve the economic, social and sustainability objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy, of the Baltic Management Plan and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, and in particular to achieve and maintain a balance between the fleet and fishing opportunities. The necessary restructuring of these fleets will be an immediate priority in this context, including through funding support. I would like to thank the Finnish Presidency for an excellent cooperation. I am convinced that the package of measures agreed today will put the Baltic Sea on a path to sustainability. To the benefit of fishermen and coastal communities.

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Northern Trust Establishes EU Bank in Luxembourg and Celebrates 50 Years in EMEA

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 5 marzo 2019

Northern Trust (Nasdaq: NTRS) has today established its EU bank in Luxembourg, marking a significant milestone in the expansion of the company’s 50-year presence across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).The establishment of Northern Trust Global Services Societas Europaea (NTGS SE) underscores Northern Trust’s strategic focus and growth strategy in continental Europe. Headquartered in Luxembourg and with branches in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Abu Dhabi, Northern Trust’s EU bank will ensure continuity of the financial institution’s global products and services after the UK leaves the European Union. Northern Trust’s EMEA headquarters will remain in London, UK
Northern Trust Corporation (Nasdaq: NTRS) is a leading provider of wealth management, asset servicing, asset management and banking to corporations, institutions, affluent families and individuals. Founded in Chicago in 1889, Northern Trust has a global presence with offices in 20 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., and across 23 locations in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. As of December 31, 2018, Northern Trust had assets under custody/administration of US$10.1 trillion, and assets under management of US$1.1 trillion. For more than 125 years, Northern Trust has earned distinction as an industry leader for exceptional service, financial expertise, integrity and innovation.

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TRALUX and FINALCAD Sign a Strategic Partnership for the Digital Transformation of Construction Sites in Luxembourg

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 ottobre 2017

lussemburgoLuxembourg. Established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1975, Tralux Construction, a subsidiary of the Demathieu Bard Group, has positioned itself as a leading contractor in the G.D of Luxembourg.
Over the years, Tralux Construction has gained a reputation of innovator, and recognition from the peers. As such, the topic of digital transformation has naturally emerged in a process of continuous innovation. “Tralux has historically been a significant driver of innovation within the Demathieu Bard Group, it became obvious that we should address the topic of digital transformation sooner or later,” said Franck Becherel, CEO, Tralux Construction.In 2015, Tralux Construction set up a working group on the digitization of construction sites. The outcome of this study identified FINALCAD as the most relevant solution for Tralux Construction’s business needs, with an end-to-end coverage of quality controls, defect management and progress monitoring.As part of this benchmark, FINALCAD has been trialed on several projects, both standard and complex, such as the Lycée Vauban, the Royal-Hamilius mixed development project or project Altitude, future headquarters of Tralux Construction. Change management for digital transformation has also been key for end-user validation.”Beyond the software, I see our relationship with FINALCAD along the lines of change management for digital transformation. And
this partnership is meant to stay on the long term,” says Franck Becherel.The aim of the strategic partnership is indeed to deploy FINALCAD on all projects on a company-wide basis, with all people on the field to be equipped in the coming months.”We are delighted to see market leaders like Tralux Construction positioning themselves as pioneers in the digital transformation of construction sites. Such a partnership is an additional demonstration of our value proposition for the global digitization of contractors,” said Jimmy Louchart, co-founder and President of FINALCAD.

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L’Institut Jacques Delors dans les médias en 2014

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 febbraio 2015

Institut Jacques DelorsAu cours de l’année 2014, les présidents, le directeur et l’équipe de l’Institut Jacques Delors ont totalisé près de 400 apparitions médiatiques, tous médias et pays confondus.Cette revue de presse de Stéphanie Baz fait état de ces apparitions selon trois catégories :
– 249 apparitions en France ;
– 79 apparitions dans 21 des autres pays de l’UE : Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, Danemark, Espagne, Estonie, Finlande, Grèce, Hongrie, Italie, Luxembourg, Pays-Bas, Pologne, Portugal, République tchèque, Roumanie, Royaume-Uni, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Suède ;
– 69 apparitions à l’international et dans 13 pays: Arabie saoudite, Australie, Brésil, Canada, Colombie, États-Unis, Israël, Japon, Macédoine, Norvège, Russie, Serbie, Suisse.
Les apparitions médiatiques de l’Institut Jacques Delors peuvent prendre des formes différentes, également présentées par cette revue de presse :
– 187 apparitions dans la presse écrite ;
– 99 apparitions dans les médias en ligne, dont 81 dans la presse en ligne, 18 dans des blogs ou sites internet de médias ;
– 111 apparitions dans les médias audiovisuels, dont 67 passages à la radio et 44 passages à la télévision.

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Seven capital management granted alternative investment fund management (aifm) approval

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 3 settembre 2013

Seven Capital Management became one of the first French asset management companies to be granted AIFM approval by the AMF Board. Seven also received the AIFM “Asset Management” passport on 13 August, allowing it to directly manage a Luxembourg alternative investment fund (SIF) from France.AIFM approval is intended to strengthen monitoring of companies managing alternative investment funds, and the benefits for Seven Capital Management are two-fold. The first benefit concerns marketing, as it allows alternative investment funds (AIFs) to be distributed to retail and professional clients in France and Europe. The second benefit relates to management, as it means that this French company can directly manage an international range of investment funds (particularly in Luxembourg) from France without any additional cost or risk for its investors.“Receiving this approval is a major milestone for Seven Capital Management. It allows us to step up the pace of our European and international development and to launch new alternative investment products in the near future”, noted Johann Schwimann, CEO and founder of Seven Capital Management.“This approval is made all the more important for our strategic development by the fact that BaFin, the German financial markets authority, is now likely to require it for all AIFs marketed to German investors”, added Johann Nouveau, Founding Partner of Seven Capital Management. “This approval has also strengthened our desire to ensure that Seven Capital Management adheres to the highest international management, monitoring and procedural standards.”Seven Capital Management is advised by Reinhold & Partners for obtaining AIFM approval and also concerning the creation of European investment vehicles.

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