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InfoTech to Expand Privileged Access Management Across United States and South Asia

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 9 giugno 2019

Senhasegura, a leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, and OneWorld InfoTech announced at the Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC) 2019, the largest security conference in the Rocky Mountain region, held at Colorado Convention Center, that OneWorld InfoTech has been appointed as a value-added distributor to promote senhasegura’s award-winning PAM solution in the United States.
Both organizations have already been working under a strategic alliance agreement and recently further strengthened the relationship by establishing a Center of Excellence in Bangladesh to serve the South Asia region.Privileged access management is now considered as one of the most critical security controls which can significantly reduce the overall risk surface. Privileged account misuse is often the cause for the growing number of data breaches around the world.“Privileged credentials are by far the most common entry point that threat actors target to unlock security controls and move laterally within an organization to steal its crown jewels and hence it is paramount for organizations to implement a well-designed next-generation PAM solution such as senhasegura,” said Maruf Ahmed, Global Director of Technology and Services at OneWorld InfoTech.
Marcus Scharra, CEO of senhasegura, commented that “we are delighted to announce our global strategic partnership with OneWorld InfoTech and keen to leverage their vast experience in PAM practice to help businesses restrict and protect privileged accounts to increase security, reduce enterprise risk and ensure regulatory compliance utilizing our best-in-class solution.” Senhasegura has always been at the forefront of innovation. “We are the only PAM manufacturer with certificate management offering in the world. We are designing new ways of protecting systems and data at all levels. We saw in OneWorld a mix that started with ‘the right foot,'” concludes the CEO of senhasegura.

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AI-powered knowledge management solutions

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 1 giugno 2019

MindTouch, a leading provider of enterprise-grade, AI-powered knowledge management solutions for mid-size to large organizations, is celebrating training manager Shelley Reyes for being honored by ICMI with its Best Contact Center Trainer Award.Shelley’s success in helping trainees quickly achieve their unique goals has garnered her an average customer satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5.Shelley’s more than 10 years of training, technical support and customer success management experience includes certification as a Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6 trainer. KCS is a methodology for creating and maintaining knowledge that enables service and support organizations to deliver greater value with more efficiency.“The KCS methodology is especially critical to organizations that want to use knowledge to improve their self-service initiatives,” Etheridge said. “Shelley’s KCS certification means she can uniquely help our customers more quickly find ways to capture, use and reuse knowledge, thus making it available to drive improved self-service experiences. The result is increased ROI through lower customer service costs, increased agent productivity and better customer retention.”Shelley’s approach has also helped reduce agent attrition. “Shelley empowers trainees with the skills needed to ease the burden of agents having to search for and retrieve answers,” Etheridge said. “This makes their jobs easier and sets them up for success, which positively impacts morale and retention.” MindTouch training services include one-on-one, group, remote and onsite options, along with supplemental online video tutorials. Customers can also get trained and certified on KCS. Whatever the training format or tools customers require, Shelley remains fiercely committed to a personalized approach that keeps it human.

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I sindacati della dirigenza s’incontrano a Palermo in un convegno sul middle management nella scuola italiana

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 maggio 2019

Palermo 24 maggio 2019 dalle ore 8 alle 14 presso l’Aula Magna dell’IC A. UGO Via E. Arculeo, 39. Anche Udir ha risposto all’invito dell’Associazione Nazionale Collaboratori Dirigenti Scolastici e presenterà la sua proposta su un tema così cruciale come valorizzare il ruolo dei collaboratori dei dirigenti scolastici, per migliorare la scuola dell’autonomia. Come riporta la rivista specializzata Orizzonte Scuola, “il convegno sarà l’occasione per chiedersi se il riconoscimento dei “quadri intermedi” – che ai sensi dell’art. 25 comma 5 delD.lgs. 165/2001 e dell’art. 1 comma 83 della Legge 107/2015 operano nella visione dell’autonoma Istituzione scolastica al fianco dei dirigenti scolastici, dei docenti, dei DGSA e del personale non docente – possa considerarsi una necessaria innovazione contrattuale o rimanere un’utopia nel sistema scolastico italiano”, oltre a essere un importante “momento di confronto unitario per capire se è arrivato il tempo per sostenere nelle sedi proprie quelle azioni giuridiche e contrattuali finalizzate all’istituzione delle figure quadro nella scuola italiana attraverso la determinazione di procedure di accesso, di selezione, di carriera, di formazione”. Tante le varie sigle della dirigenza scolastica, prenderà la parola anche la giovane Udir, nella persona del suo presidente nazionale, Marcello Pacifico, che affronterà il cuore del tema nella relazione su “Come riconoscere il middle management nel Ccnl 2019/21”, perché possa avviarsi anche per via contrattuale il pieno riconoscimento della vice-dirigenza e del lavoro svolto dai tanti collaboratori del preside e si possa superare l’attuale impasse dovuto anche alla spending review. Presente anche l’ANCI Sicilia piccoli Comuni, “poiché è nelle piccole realtà locali che le relazioni istituzionali in prima istanza vengono tenute dai Collaboratori Fiduciari di plesso che quotidianamente si adoperano in tutti i modi per consentire all’Istituzione scolastica di espletare al meglio il proprio servizio per alunni e famiglie”, dopo il processo di dimensionamento delle scuole autonome che ha falciato negli ultimi dieci anni un quarto delle sedi di presidenza. Prenderà parte anche il Miur con un rappresentante del ministro Bussetti.

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Improving scientific advice for the conservation and management of oceanic sharks and rays

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 30 aprile 2019

Publication metadata. The purpose of this specific study is to provide the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) with: Updated information regarding the association or occurrence of pelagic sharks and rays in different fisheries; Updated information regarding data collection and methodological approaches for the assessment of conservation status of sharks; A critical review of existing Conservation and Management Measures (CMMs) for sharks and of the current conservation status of the species concerned; and Proposals to improve and/or provide alternative options for conservation and management of sharks taking into account any recent methodological advances and new data or information. The species of interest are the main pelagic sharks caught by pelagic fisheries, including under Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (longline and purse seine fisheries). The study also considers some pelagic elasmobranchs included in Article 13 (species prohibitions) of the Council Regulation 2016/72 fixing for 2016 the fishing opportunities for certain fish stocks. The main regions focused are the oceanic regions covered by tuna-RFMOs where those species of elasmobranch are represented in the catches, specifically the Atlantic (ICCAT region), the Indian Ocean (IOTC region) and the Pacific (WCPFC and IATTC regions)

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Elliott Management Supportive of SAP Initiatives

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 aprile 2019

Elliott Management Corporation (“Elliott”), which manages funds that collectively own €1.2 billion in common stock and economic equivalents of SAP SE (the “Company” or “SAP”), today released a statement supporting SAP’s initiation of a comprehensive review, formation of a Special Executive Board Committee and implementation of new, multi-year operational targets. In the statement, Elliott Partner Jesse Cohn and Portfolio Manager Jason Genrich also praised CEO Bill McDermott and CFO Luka Mucic on the Company’s commitment to these initiatives:“Elliott is highly supportive of the initiatives announced today, and we commend CEO Bill McDermott, CFO Luka Mucic and the entire SAP team for taking these steps. SAP is one of the great technology franchises in the world and one of the only scale software businesses with growing on-premise revenue alongside 30%+ growth in cloud revenue. The Company’s stock has been consistently undervalued relative to its revenue growth, and today’s announcement lays the groundwork for substantial value realization.“With SAP’s key strategic acquisitions in place and a multi-year S4/HANA product cycle ahead, now is the time for focused execution on these operational opportunities. SAP has set the right targets with a 75% cloud gross margin and 500 basis points of operating margin improvement. These targets balance continued revenue growth and accelerating profitability. The operational review and Special Executive Board Committee should ensure that these targets are achieved, and we look forward to hearing further details and a specific timeline at the Special Capital Markets Day later this year. We believe SAP’s management team can drive toward a highly successful result.“The combination of SAP’s growth profile, operational targets and forthcoming share repurchase analysis can generate tremendous earnings growth over the next several years. Elliott sees the potential for the Company to achieve earnings per share of €8.50 in 2023. This level of earnings growth can yield substantial returns to shareholders and realize a value-creation opportunity that is rarely available at SAP’s scale.”

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Summit Health Management (SHM)

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 14 aprile 2019

Which offers a physician-led, professionally-managed model of management services for Summit Medical Group in New Jersey and physician practices across the US, and KLAS-rated today announced that SHM will be working with Arcadia to drive value-based outcomes for health care provider groups. SHM entered into a multi-year contract with Arcadia to use its enterprise population health management platform and integrated tools for benchmarking, clinical outcome improvement, and financial performance.
Arcadia Analytics will support SHM’s independent physician-led multispecialty medical practices which include Summit Medical Group in New Jersey, Summit Medical Group Oregon and Summit Medical Group Arizona. With over 900 providers in New Jersey, Summit Medical Group, P.A. is one of the largest physician-owned multi-specialty groups in the country.“Summit Health Management manages the cost and quality of care for over 115,000 patients currently attributed in ACO contracts in New Jersey, and we’ve exceeded benchmarks in several value-based contracts,” said Jamie Reedy, MD, MPH, Chief of Population Health. “Our mastery of developing effective clinical programs, meaningful analytics and comprehensive provider and patient engagement programs has been essential to our sustained successful ACO performance. To provide accountable care in an innovative, scalable fashion, we are accelerating our ability to take on better value-based contracts.”SHM embarked on a multi-year search for a comprehensive solution that could scale to the needs of a growing physician group and ensure the quality, accuracy, and insights of its data analytics capabilities.“Over the course of our search, we saw Arcadia launch new products, and form deep partnerships with their customers to develop innovative solutions,” said Dr. Reedy. “Arcadia has shown from the outset of our discussions that they were committed to us and our vision. The combined strengths of their people and platform made us feel very comfortable with Arcadia as our partner.”The partnership with Arcadia will help SHM successfully execute on value-based care initiatives as it continues to expand across the country, enabling care teams to fundamentally transform patient management and care. Arcadia Analytics will provide near-real time reporting and analytics for SHM’s administrators and actionable insights at the point of care for 1,000+ providers.

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Bank of Singapore Officially Launches European Wealth Management Subsidiary

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 5 aprile 2019

Bank of Singapore, the private banking arm of Southeast Asia’s second largest financial services group OCBC Bank, officially launched its wealth management subsidiary, BOS Wealth Management Europe S.A. (“BOSWM”) that further positions Bank of Singapore to capture opportunities in Europe.This ushers in a new growth phase to its presence in Europe which has the largest population of ultra-high net worth individuals in 2018 worldwide – 35% of the global population – with an expected increase of 24% over the next five years1.
Heading the Luxembourg-headquartered subsidiary is Chief Executive Officer Mr Anthony Adriano Simcic. Ms Liz Bottomley is the General Manager of the UK branch of BOSWM, based in London, reporting to Mr Simcic.BOSWM presently has 30 employees across its Luxembourg and London offices and plans to continue hiring strategically.
On 1 April 2019, BOSWM held the official opening of the business in Luxembourg, officiated by the Finance Minister of Luxembourg Mr Pierre Gramegna. Singapore’s High Commissioner to the UK Ms Foo Chi Hsia graced the opening of BOSWM’s UK branch in London on 2 April 2019.
Mr Samuel Tsien, the Group Executive Officer of Bank of Singapore’s parent company, OCBC Bank, Ching Wei Hong, Chief Operating Officer of OCBC Bank and Chairman of Bank of Singapore, and Bahren Shaari, Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Singapore, as well as 400 guests were present at both events.Commenting on the official launch of BOSWM, Bank of Singapore Chief Executive Officer, Mr Bahren Shaari, said, “This is an important milestone for Bank of Singapore. Europe has always been an integral part of our business. The setting up of BOS Wealth Management Europe in two leading financial hubs further deepens our commitment to serving the ultra-high and high net worth individuals in this region.”
Luxembourg’s Minister of Finance, Mr. Pierre Gramegna, said, “The launch of BOS Wealth Management Europe is an important occasion. It is the first Singapore financial institution to establish a presence in Luxembourg. The fact that Bank of Singapore has chosen to set up its European hub in the Grand Duchy confirms Luxembourg’s role as one of Europe’s leading wealth and asset management centres.” Prior to the set-up of BOSWM, Bank of Singapore had been serving its European clients from its Singapore headquarters and through its parent company OCBC Bank’s London office.

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TMD Security Launches the First Integrated Access Management Solution for the Financial Industry

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 4 aprile 2019

TMD Security announced today that it will launch Access Management, the first integrated secure access provision and scheduling solution for ATM top box, ATM safe, secure room, data centre, safety deposit access, server room and branch at RBR’s Self-Service Asia conference in Bangkok. ‘Developing a ‘game-changing’ integrated access management solution is not easy,’ said Cees Heuker of Hoek, CEO, TMD Security. ‘That is why the banking industry and ATM deployers have been using the same locks and manual processes for the past twenty years. The impact on ATM availability and the hidden costs are significant but someone is paying the bill. Our priority is to help to reduce operational costs for deployers, CITs and service providers, improve ATM up-time and effectively protect the ATM and the cash inside it.’
Together with sister company TMS ATM Software, TMD Security has partnered with the world’s leading providers of certified lock technology and combined high-security locks with intelligent software and encrypted one-time-codes and mobile app instead of physical keys.
‘Real-time, efficient state-of-the-art Access Management for an ATM deployer or bank is more than just a lock,’ added Cees. ‘We have integrated a wide variety of high-security certified key-less locks with secure user-friendly software into a single Access Management solution for ATMs and other access points such as secure room and branch. That is what makes us unique.’ TMS ATM Management and Monitoring software will also be demonstrated. The suite includes Security Management Software, Cash Management and Transaction Management.
‘ATM deployers like the modular flexibility of our software, its low cost of ownership and user-centric architecture and design,’ said Mike van der Wal, Managing Director, TMS ATM Software.TMD Security’s Global Product Management Director, Bastiaan Beens, will present the latest ATM security threats and best practice defences including Card Protection Plate with Tamper Switch and Note Staining Kit.

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UniCredit: tensioni nel top management, voci uscita capo corporate Italia

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 marzo 2019

(Fonte: Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) Tensioni nella prima linea manageriale di UniCredit. Secondo indiscrezioni raccolte da Radiocor, il responsabile corporate per l’Italia della banca, Giovanni Ronca, sarebbe in uscita per contrasti con i vertici poche settimane dopo il riassetto manageriale deciso dall’amministratore delegato Jean Pierre Mustier, in vista del nuovo piano industriale da varare a dicembre. Ronca era stato chiamato nel luglio del 2016 proprio da Mustier a guidare le attività corporate in Italia lasciando la filiale di New York. Al suo fianco era stato nominato Andrea Casini, responsabile delle attività retail italiane secondo lo schema caro a Mustier: due co-responsabili per ogni attività e non un solo capo in grado di farsi una propria squadra e creare potenziali ostacoli all’amministratore delegato. La riorganizzazione del 2016 era quella che aveva portato all’uscita della prima linea più vicina all’ex amministratore delegato Federico Ghizzoni, quella composta da Paolo Fiorentino, Gabriele Piccini e da Bernardo Mingrone che era da poco rientrato dall’esperienza di cfo al Monte Paschi. Ronca, genero dell’ex ministro Elsa Fornero, secondo le indiscrezioni raccolte non sarebbe stato valorizzato dalle scelte manageriali di Mustier che il mese scorso ha rinnovato la primissima linea, ignorando i due responsabili dell’Italia e mettendo a capo del Commercial banking per l’Europa occidentale Francesco Giordano e Olivier Khayat a diretto riporto dell’amministratore delegato e quindi con la supervisione anche dell’Italia. Le nomine varate a febbraio, ha spiegato Mustier, sono finalizzate a far partire il nuovo piano industriale 2020-2023 con una squadra già rodata con la responsabilità di attuarlo fin dall’avvio della pianificazione.

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Change in Catella AB’s (publ) Group Management

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 marzo 2019

Johan Nordenfalk, Chief Operating Officer (COO), will leave his employment and thereby Catella’s Group management for engagement outside of the company.”I would like to thank Johan for his long time and valuable efforts at Catella during the process of change that has been going on in recent years and I wish him all the best with new challenges,” Catella’s CEO Knut Pedersen comments.Johan Nordenfalk remains in his position in order to ensure an orderly handover.

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Cape Cove Financial Management Recruits Industry Leader as It Rapidly Expands across Canada

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 18 marzo 2019

As Cape Cove Financial Management solidifies its position as one of the premiere Exempt Market Dealers in Canada, it is proud to announce the addition to its Western Canada Team of one of the most influential certified financial planners in Canada.Marvin Nickel has been featured in the media consistently for his outstanding ability to grow money for clients. For more than 25 years, Nickel has been a trusted financial advisor, senior sales consultant in wealth management and branch manager in securities. It is his perspective on investing and persistent market cycle research that earned him a place as a trusted advisor. He will continue his illustrious career as an exempt market dealing representative with Cape Cove, which will enable Nickel to offer unique and alternative private investments to his growing client base.Nickel says, “I have chosen to join Cape Cove because its values and client-centred approach resonate with me as it’s been my exact approach for my entire career. My job in the media has been to make highly complex wealth management concepts easy for investors to understand and consequently enables them to grow their wealth. Joining Cape Cove will simply make it easier to help people achieve their objectives.” CEO of Cape Cove, Robert Audet, says, “With Cape Cove growing so quickly, we are delighted to attract people of Nickel’s calibre, to serve clients who are also attracted to our value-based approach to business. Nickel will be an extraordinary addition to our team.”
Nickel holds the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designations. Nickel is also licensed as an Insurance Advisor. For more than 27 years, he has pursued a singular mission – to develop retirement plans to help clients ensure their “golden years” are just that, truly golden. In 2007 he founded “The Wealthy Edge®”, to enhance the financial planning process, weaving solutions together into an integral plan, so all aspects work harmoniously together.

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Legal & General Investment Management delivers consistent growth in 2018

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 14 marzo 2019

Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) today announced that it has surpassed £1tn in assets under management (AUM), following another strong year of growth in 2018 and despite a volatile market backdrop. LGIM had external net inflows of £42.6bn, driving a 3% increase in total AUM to £1,015bn (2017: £983bn).LGIM has continued to focus on gradually expanding its international presence, extending its investment capabilities as well as making several senior hires in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. International assets grew by 13% to £258bn in 2018, up from £228bn in 2017, a trend LGIM expects to continue as it successfully embeds the business in international markets. In the US, LGIM saw net inflows of $15.2bn, £6.8bn in the Gulf and £3.0bn in Asia.Mark Zinkula, CEO of LGIM, commented, “2018 was a pivotal year for the business, surpassing £1tn in assets under management and building on the momentum of recent years in which we have delivered consistent growth. International expansion has been a strategic priority and we have made significant investments and key hires to ensure we have the right platform for long-term growth in all of our key markets.
The defined contribution (DC) business continued to grow rapidly, with total net inflows of £8.4bn (2017: £3.0bn) and an 18% increase in total UK DC AUM to £70.8bn (2017: £60.1bn). LGIM has experienced a 19% increase in customers on LGIM’s Workplace pension platform, with the number of members now at 3.1m (2017: 2.7m). The UK Master trusts recently surpassed £5.5bn in assets under management, reflecting the continued appeal of the structure for DC schemes wishing to outsource their governance, investment and administration.
The retail business saw net inflows of £2.8bn (2017: £3.0bn) with AUM increasing to £25.5bn (2017: £24.2bn), following growing demand for multi-asset and index products. The business was ranked second in both gross and net UK retail sales in 2018 (Pridham report), a significant achievement in volatile markets. The acquisition of Canvas completed in March 2018, with the European ETF platform now fully integrated. Total AUM for the ETF business is £2.3bn.LGIM’s personal investing business, launched in 2017, currently has AUM of £5.1bn (2017 £5.5bn), and has reduced core fund prices and minimum investment amounts.Net external inflows into LGIM’s Solutions business – which includes liability-driven investment (LDI) and multi-asset solutions – grew to £47.6bn (2017: £44.8bn), driven by DB pension schemes implementing a broad range of liability driven investment (LDI) strategies and high demand for multi-asset strategies from DC schemes and retail and European customers. External net inflows into multi-asset funds were £7.5bn (2017: £7.2bn). Net external inflows into Global Fixed Income of £9.5bn (2017: £8.7bn) were driven by continued strong performance across the range of funds.The Real Assets business has continued to expand, with good growth in private credit of £3.1bn across corporate and infrastructure debt and real estate lending in 2018. The business also saw continued success with its Build to Rent business and Real Assets where AUM has grown to £27.1bn (2017: £23.8bn).
In February 2019, LGIM announced that Michelle Scrimgeour would succeed Mark Zinkula as CEO of LGIM, subject to regulatory approval. Michelle will work closely with Mark to ensure a comprehensive handover before he retires from the company later this year. Michelle will join LGIM from Columbia Threadneedle Investments, where she is currently Chief Executive Officer with responsibility for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.Mark Zinkula, CEO at LGIM, continued: “The business is in a good position to continue the pattern of growth we’ve seen over the past eight years and I’m confident that Michelle is the right person to steer the business through this next stage.”

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The Global Medical Waste Management Market to 2024

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 marzo 2019

The rising population giving rise to a greater number of patients would increase the medical waste driving the growth of the global medical waste management market in the forecast period. Furthermore, the government initiatives regarding the safe disposal and management of medical waste will drive the market growth in the coming years.This research study examines the current market trends related to the demand, supply, and sales, in addition to the recent developments. Major drivers, restraints, and opportunities have been covered to provide an exhaustive picture of the market.The analysis presents in-depth information regarding the development, trends, and industry policies and regulations implemented in each of the geographical regions. Further, the overall regulatory framework of the market has been exhaustively covered to offer stakeholders a better understanding of the key factors affecting the overall market environment.Identification of key industry players in the industry and their revenue contribution to the overall business or relevant segment aligned to the study have been covered as a part of competitive intelligence done through extensive secondary research. Various studies and data published by industry associations, analyst reports, investor presentations, press releases and journals among others have been taken into consideration while conducting the secondary research.Both bottom-up and top down approaches have been utilized to determine the market size of the overall market and key segments. The values obtained are correlated with the primary inputs of the key stakeholders in the global medical waste management value chain. The last step involves complete market engineering which includes analyzing the data from different sources and existing proprietary datasets while using various data triangulation methods for market breakdown and forecasting.Market intelligence is presented in the form of analysis, charts, and graphics to help the clients in gaining faster and efficient understanding of the global medical waste management market.

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2-Day Course on Credit Risk Management

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 febbraio 2019

London United Kingdom – May 16-17, 2019 The objective of this course is to give participants an overview of the end to end approach to credit analysis from origination through to documentation signing.By attending this practical 2-day course, you will gain the skills to analyse the specific risks applicable to an individual business, and how to establish tools and methods to protect the lender’s position against those risks. You will also gain the ability to develop a strategy to effectively monitor transactions to capture early warning signals of credit quality deterioration. Through a wide variety of case studies and exercises, from a number of industries and geographical locations you will reinforce the major learning outcomes. The course is highly practical and participants will be encouraged to share their experiences through exercises and group discussions. For more information about this training visit

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2-Day Course on Credit Risk Management

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 febbraio 2019

The objective of this course is to give participants an overview of the end to end approach to credit analysis from origination through to documentation signing.By attending this practical 2-day course, you will gain the skills to analyse the specific risks applicable to an individual business, and how to establish tools and methods to protect the lender’s position against those risks. You will also gain the ability to develop a strategy to effectively monitor transactions to capture early warning signals of credit quality deterioration.Through a wide variety of case studies and exercises, from a number of industries and geographical locations you will reinforce the major learning outcomes. The course is highly practical and participants will be encouraged to share their experiences through exercises and group discussions.

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Catella’s divestment of Wealth Management operations in Luxembourg concluded

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 13 febbraio 2019

On October 26, 2018, Catella Bank S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Catella AB (publ), announced that it had entered into an asset transfer agreement to divest its Wealth Management operations in Luxembourg to VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA. The transaction is now completed and the final consideration amounts to SEK 95 million.The consideration was dependent on certain conditions related to assets under management on the transaction date, and as the transaction is completed, the final purchase price has been set at SEK 95 million against previously communicated approximately SEK 110 million. The difference is mainly due to the fact that the assets under management decreased due to the weak market development.
The divestment of the Wealth Management operations in Luxembourg is a result of the now completed strategic review of Catella’s banking operations. The purpose of the strategic review was to exit the consolidated situation due to the extensive regulatory framework and inefficient capital structure it entails.

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Sixth Annual Cybersecurity & Data Management Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 febbraio 2019

Turbonomic CEO, Benjamin Nye, has been invited to speak at Citi’s sixth annual cybersecurity and data management conference, Protecting the Connected World: Latest Developments in Cybersecurity & Data Management, in Boston on February 6, 2019. This year’s annual forum of investors, chief information security officers, IT managers and leading experts will discuss the business implications of a world that is increasingly reliant on, and connected through, technology. Nye will participate on the “What’s Next in Cloud Infrastructure & Storage” panel alongside other technology industry experts.“The rush to the cloud is well underway, creating opportunity and disruption. Customers who aren’t continuously optimizing their workloads before and after migrating to the cloud face risk in the forms of compliance, cost overruns and application performance,” said Nye. “Our real-time, continuous analytics and actions maintain all workloads in an optimal state. ‘SMART’ workloads that self-manage, anywhere, in real-time, is the only way to effectively manage IT resources amid the complexity created by hybrid and multi-cloud environments.”The world’s most advanced and complex customers run their hybrid and multi-clouds with Turbonomic, including eight of the 10 largest financial institutions, and more than 20 percent of the Fortune 500. Turbonomic’s AI-powered decision engine abstracts hybrid and multi-cloud environments into a supply chain market and applies the economic principles of supply and demand to manage IT resources. This common abstraction allows the software to automate resource decisions that are far beyond human scale, in real-time, enforcing IT policies at the lowest cost while ensuring application performance.The platform is architected to automate workload management spanning all environments – from physical to virtual to cloud, and more recently, containers which enable cloud native and micro-services architectures. Turbonomic helps customers mitigate risk to business critical applications, modernize data center infrastructure and operations, accelerate responsible cloud strategies, optimize cloud spend, and scale self-managing production Kubernetes environments.

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Progress on fisheries management in the South Pacific Ocean

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 31 gennaio 2019

The 7th annual meeting of the Commission of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO), hosted by the European Union in The Hague, The Netherlands, concluded with good progress made on fisheries issues, compliance and the fight against IUU fishing.
The SPRFMO adopted a new bottom fisheries framework based on a spatial management approach, which will ensure the long-term conservation and sustainable use of deep-sea fishery resources. The EU has successfully negotiated that the new framework will prevent negative impacts on vulnerable marine ecosystems and that management approach and measures will be timely reviewed.The EU has set aside 150 000 euros to support the newly adopted regional Observer Programme, which ensures that observers deployed in the Convention Area meet agreed minimum standards.Agreement was also reached on EU proposals to strengthen compliance and reinforce the fight against IUU fishing, notably by taking action against nationals involved in IUU fishing activities and aligning port inspection provisions with the FAO Port State Measures Agreement. Moreover, the SPRFMO also adopted an EU proposal to prevent marine plastic pollution.Despite these positive developments, the EU regrets that no progress could be made on its proposals on the cross-listing of IUU vessels and on transhipment. Also disappointing is the failure of the SPRFMO to establish its own high seas boarding and inspection procedures for the Convention Area.The EU is concerned by the limited financial resources put at the disposal of the SPRFMO. The EU calls on all SPRFMO members to consider increasing their contribution to the SPRFMO budget to ensure that the SPRFMO has the means to fulfil its mandate.

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Freestone Capital Management Opens Application Period for its Future Leaders Scholarship

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Freestone Capital Management, a West Coast wealth management firm, has opened the application period for its second-annual Freestone Future Leaders Scholarship, which seeks to award five college-bound students with a $5,000 tuition scholarship for the fall 2019-2020 school term.This is the second year Freestone has offered the Future Leaders scholarship program, which reflects the firm’s commitment to provide $100,000 in financial support for 20 students who are dedicated to pursuing higher education and becoming leaders in their communities.
“We know that students in our community are working hard to pursue their ambitions, and we want to help empower them to reach their goals,” said Gary Furukawa, founder of Freestone Capital Management. “That’s why Freestone is committed to investing in the next generation of leaders by recognizing their talent and helping to support their educations in a meaningful way.”The organization is currently accepting scholarship applications from graduating high school seniors, or undergraduate college students currently enrolled full-time in an accredited two-year, four-year, technical college or university. The deadline to apply is April 1, 2019.Strong candidates will be those who demonstrate a commitment to improving their communities and who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. To determine the finalists, Freestone’s selection committee will evaluate applications for the strength of response to an essay prompt, among other criteria.“We understand the challenges of paying for college and we want to help more students pursue their dreams and benefit their communities,” said Erik Morgan, a senior partner at Freestone Capital Management. “We believe that higher education unlocks the doors to opportunity, and we are excited to see how our scholarship helps these deserving students thrive.”
Freestone launched the Future Leaders scholarship program in 2018, and in its inaugural year awarded $25,000 in scholarships to five students in Washington, Oregon and California. Scholarship recipients expressed outstanding community involvement, aptitude and entrepreneurial skillsets. The recipients’ community involvement included leading youth organizations, supporting people experiencing homelessness, mentoring disadvantaged students and more.

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Triodos Investment Management entra nel mercato italiano

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Triodos Investment Management, la società di asset management – leader mondiale nell’impact investing, interamente controllata dalla banca sostenibile Triodos Bank, annuncia l’ingresso sul mercato italiano con i propri fondi di investimento a impatto.La mission di Triodos Investment Management è di utilizzare il denaro per favorire un cambiamento positivo, generando al contempo un ritorno equilibrato.Da oltre 25 anni, la società gestisce investimenti diretti attraverso diverse strategie che spaziano dalle infrastrutture per le energie rinnovabili, alle aziende alimentari biologiche e alle istituzioni di microfinanza. Oltre agli investimenti a impatto diretto in questi settori, Triodos Investment Management investe anche in società quotate che contribuiscono materialmente alla transizione verso una società sostenibile.Triodos Investment Management ha come obiettivo di utilizzare il denaro come mezzo per un cambiamento positivo attraverso investimenti in tutto il mondo, nei mercati sviluppati ed emergenti, attraverso diversi profili di rischio/rendimento e utilizzando una vasta gamma di strumenti finanziari. L’azienda è cresciuta sulla base di profonde conoscenze settoriali e di relazioni a lungo termine con clienti con i quali ha una visione condivisa del futuro. Attualmente gestisce 4,2 miliardi di euro di asset under management.Per il mercato italiano è disponibile una selezione di fondi Triodos Investment Management di investimento a impatto per gli investitori che intendono generare un ritorno positivo attraverso i propri investimenti.

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