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Matter Communications Adds UniFocus to Robust B2B Technology Client Roster

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 18 novembre 2019

Matter Communications — a Brand Elevation Agency specializing in PR, social media, creative services and digital marketing — has been named the agency of record (AOR) for UniFocus, the industry leader in workforce optimization. Through a specially curated program, featuring media relations, awards, events and content, Matter will help cement UniFocus as the leading authority in the space.UniFocus’ labor management solutions give managers in service industries the tools they need to significantly reduce labor costs while improving service quality. With UniFocus, brands get advanced technology that enables managers to forecast, plan and schedule with precision in a fraction of the time, coupled with expertise and training to help managers expand their skills in labor management and productivity.
In addition to promoting the company’s solutions, Matter will also leverage speaking opportunities, awards and events to amplify UniFocus CEO, Mark Heymann’s thought leadership. By staying on top of labor trends, laws and regulations news, the team will promote Heymann as a key source for commentary in national business press publications. With more than 180 professionals across offices in Boston and Newburyport, MA, Providence, RI, Pittsburgh, PA, Boulder, CO, and Portland, OR, Matter is one of the fastest-growing public relations, social media, creative and digital marketing firms in the country. Matter has won 12 “Agency of the Year” accolades in the past three years and has been recognized as a best place to work.

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Desso Highlights the Danger of Particulate Matter at World Asthma Day 2012

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 29 aprile 2012

Indoor Air Pollution Monitor

Indoor Air Pollution Monitor (Photo credit: kqedquest)

Waalwijk, the Netherlands, (PRNewswire) On 1 May 2012 – World Asthma Day – the European carpet manufacturer Desso will be highlighting a global problem: the poor indoor air quality in many homes and public buildings. An excessive quantity of dust particles and particulate matter in indoor air can cause serious health risks, especially for people who suffer from asthma. Asthma is a global problem the consequences of which are suffered by more than 300 million people worldwide. In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) sounded the alarm by reporting that more than 2 million people1 die every year as a result of pollution of indoor and outdoor air. Collot d’Escury (CCO Desso): “In the home, in offices, schools and other public buildings, the quality of indoor air is often below the required standard. The excessive amount of particulate matter within a room plays a decisive role in this.” Research conducted by the WHO in 1100 cities worldwide reveals that a significant majority of the population has average annual exposure to particulate matter (PM10) that significantly exceeds the standards set by this organisation1. Desso has made a commitment to improving people’s health and welfare. For Desso, World Asthma Day presents an important opportunity to highlight the seriousness of the situation and, more importantly, to put forward solutions. Back in 2010, concerns about the quality of indoor air prompted Desso to develop the AirMaster. This revolutionary carpet is eight times more effective in absorbing and retaining particular matter that hard floors and four times more effective than a standard carpet2, as demonstrated in research by the independent German Test Institute GUI. This means it significantly improves the quality of indoor air, reducing the risk of health problems. Collot d’Escury: “As early as in 2005, the DAAB, the German Asthma Fund, confirmed that the use of carpet in indoor areas reduces the concentration of particulate matter in the air3.” Good air quality inside buildings is essential because people spend much of the day indoors. For example, people with a full-time office job spend an average of 1880 hours in the office every year. Collot d’Escury: “In recent years, we have also been drawing the attention of schools to the dangers of poor indoor air quality. The fact that children spend a higher proportion of their time in an environment that is unnecessarily unhealthy cannot be a good thing.” Desso has already fitted AirMaster carpet in a large number of European schools. It also works in close alliance with the organisations Frisse Scholen, Gezonde Scholen and Vitaal Lokaal, all of which are committed to a healthy environment in schools. “The response has been extremely enthusiastic. It couldn’t be simpler: the air in the classrooms becomes cleaner, helping to create a better learning environment. For children and teachers with asthma or other respiratory problems, it is like a breath of fresh air.” For more information about AirMaster, visit or

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Gas Reductions

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 luglio 2009

Rome July 7th 10 a.m. Via di Ripetta 231 Residenza di Ripetta A conference involving speakers from the industry (BASF, DOW, SUMITOMO), from professional organizations, from the IEA, from the European Commission, the Italian government and from the Italian Parliament will be organized on the occasion of the publication of this report.  The report’s objective is to provide reliable, independently reviewed facts and analyses upon which the industry and regulators can base decisions that improve chemicals’ emissions impact. It analyzes the chemical industry’s global GHG emissions “from cradle to grave”, or through the entire life cycle of chemical products and the applications they enable. The chemical industry is the first global industry to embark on this initiative.  Covering 102 products from three regions (USA, Europe and Japan), this report will explain where the chemical products can deliver the most efficient solutions to the reduction of Greenhouse gases. To be efficient, public policy and purchase behaviours have the duty to reach the target. This report provides tools, figures and proposals to find some appropriate solutions in the everyday life, from green tires to insulation foams, from packaging to renewable energies and innovative lightings… Climate change solutions need to be concrete. The aim is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas Giga tons. But who knows for example what a Giga ton is? A Giga ton (1 billion) is equivalent to 35% of global gasoline combustion emissions (transport). It is also 132 times the amount of CO2 that the first UK large scale Carbon Capture & Storage will be able to sequester (planned for 2015). And it would have been traded in 2008 for EUR 18 billion. In 2005 GHG savings due to chemical products amounted to 5.2 GT: for each unit of emitted GHG because of chemicals production, there are in fact 3 units that are saved during the lifetime of  products. This ratio could be 1:5 if special measures were to be taken.This report and this conference will help to better understand the climate change solutions, and to interview key speakers involved in that matter.

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