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Medical Devices and clinical investigations

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 24 aprile 2018

Milan May, 9th 2018 – Piazza Borromeo 12, 17:30 – 19:00 Seminar. This seminar is aimed at medical device and medical technology companies or organisations that are planning to develop new medical devices that will need to undergo clinical investigations.
The seminar will explore the new trends with respect to clinical investigations on medical devices in the light of the application of the EU medical devices regulations.We will discuss the main challenges to be faced by companies in order to comply with the new regulations, both in Italy and in the UK, whilst considering the context of the evolving legal and regulatory landscape (e.g., recent legislative changes to the ethics committees system in Italy, Brexit, etc.). Moreover, we will provide recommendations in relation to clinical investigation contracts and the processing and possible uses of patients’ sensitive personal data.The Portolano Cavallo’s Life Sciences team will discuss with Richard Dickinson and Jackie Mulryne from the EU life sciences London based practice of Arnold & Porter.This seminar will be held in English.This event has limited seating.

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Toshiba Medical Introduces New Entry-Level Addition to Premium Aplio i-series Ultrasound Platform

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 novembre 2017

radioterapiaDemonstrating continued leadership in radiology with development of new technologies for today’s busy imaging departments, Toshiba Medical, a Canon Group company, showcases the AplioTM i600 (pending 510(k) clearance), the newest addition to the premium Aplio i-series ultrasound platform. The Aplio i600 is the entry-level system in the Aplio i-series family and offers enhanced workflow and performance features that help improve diagnostic confidence and enable physicians to deliver safe and fast exams for patients.The Aplio i600 provides intuitive ergonomics to help boost productivity during daily routine and complex exams with iSense, while iPerformance delivers advanced imaging capabilities and applications that helps health care providers to give more confident diagnoses. The system offers an image-guided user interface, which visually guides the clinician through the exam to simplify system operation and help improve efficiency. Additionally, the Aplio i600 uses the same transducers from the current Aplio Platinum Series, making migration to this new system even easier.“We designed the Aplio i600 as a fundamental building block of the Aplio i-series platform,” said Dan Skyba, director, Ultrasound Business Unit, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. “The Aplio i600 offers tools that help clinicians improve productivity and can deliver optimal images and definition for quick and confident diagnoses, while maintaining a cost-effective solution for today’s health care environment.”Toshiba Medical is showcasing the new Aplio i600 at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago, November 26 – December 1, 2017 (Booth #7335, North Hall B).

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Trilux Medical® Honored with Prestigious Red Dot Design Award for the Paramon OR Integration System

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 13 agosto 2017

arnsberg-germany-3ARNSBERG, Germany 2017/PRNewswire/The Paramon OR Integration System has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award in the category of Product Design – Life Sciences and Medicine. Developed by Trilux Medical, a subsidiary of Mizuho OSI, the Paramon is intuitive, user-friendly and designed to maximize efficiency in the operating room. The Red Dot Award in this category is presented to products that display innovative design features recognized by independent and international judges. Increasing specializations of integrated operating rooms require technologies that can meet the demands of the surgical staff. The Paramon OR Integration System was designed to reduce the complexity of the environment and help the entire surgical team work more safely, efficiently and reduce operating time.The Paramon System leads the industry in terms of flexibility and image quality as well as ergonomics. With its 4K and 3D power video cards, the system unites top performance, versatility and cost efficiency.”When designing the Paramon, our goal was to create a system that was intuitive and user-friendly. With the understanding that the operating room is a complex environment, we wanted to design a central device to control all aspects of the OR that was also as self-explanatory and straightforward to use as a smartphone,” said Steve Lamb, Trilux Medical’s Managing Director. “We are proud of this accomplishment and the recognition of the Red Dot Award for high design quality and innovation. This award is a direct result of excellent teamwork, dedication, and commitment to developing a product of the highest standards that differentiates itself from the competition.”The Red Dot Award is established internationally as one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design and is organized by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen Germany. In order to assess the diversity in the field of design, the award breaks down into three disciplines: Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. This year participants from 54 countries submitted over 5,500 products and innovations for the Product Design Award.

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Toshiba Medical Represents Attractive Investment in Diagnostic Imaging Market, says GlobalData Analyst

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 26 febbraio 2016

londonLONDON, UK (GlobalData) Investing in Toshiba Medical, which is seeking potential partners, is likely to deliver strong returns for companies looking to expand into the diagnostic imaging space, particularly in the Japanese market, according to an analyst with research and consulting firm GlobalData.Thanks to a growing population with a steady demand for non-invasive diagnostic procedures, imaging devices have remained a lucrative investment and GlobalData forecasts that the global diagnostic imaging market will be valued at $42.4 billion by 2020.As Sarah Janer, GlobalData’s Analyst covering Medical Devices, explains: “Toshiba Medical is a steady performer and its sales make up 10% of the thriving global market, which is tempting for companies looking to break into diagnostic imaging.
“Japanese firms are especially interested, as Toshiba Medical possesses 19.2% of the diagnostic imaging market in Japan. Canon Inc. and Fujifilm are stepping up to bid, and while both offer digital radiography devices, heavy investment in Toshiba Medical could expand their range to computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems.” GlobalData estimates that the current markets for CT and MRI devices are expanding at compound annual growth rates of 14.3% and 10.4%, respectively.Janer notes: “Investment opportunities are so attractive that Toshiba’s CEO Masashi Muromachi has hinted at already receiving opening bids significantly higher than the reported asking price of $3 billion for an 80% share. Canon and Fujifilm have partnered with other firms to improve the strength of their bid, demonstrating a strong eagerness to invest.“Certainly, as both companies have less than a 3% share of the global diagnostic imaging market, a buyout could significantly boost their chances of competing with imaging titans like Siemens or GE Healthcare.”
Although Toshiba ranks fourth for global market share, collaboration could lead to innovation and some fierce competition down the road, depending on what percentage of Toshiba Medical is sold off.Janer continues: “A 51% percent company share could result in some collaboration, but Toshiba’s restructuring plans would need to succeed. Full investment would result in a more stable outlook and a market share increase of up to 20% for the successful buyer, according to GlobalData.”

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Louis Theroux a Los Angeles: lotta per la vita

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 4 settembre 2014

Louis Theroux 1Lunedì 6 ottobre, ore 22:00 Louis si reca al Cedars Sinai Medical Centre di Los Angeles, l’ospedale migliore della città, per capire quale sia il rapporto degli americani con la morte. Un dato è certo: in America si spende un’enorme quantità di soldi per trattamenti che riguardano gli ultimi anni di vita. Louis segue le storie di tre pazienti mentre lottano contro condizioni che sembrano terminali. Devono accettare l’inevitabile cercando di morire nel modo più dignitoso possibile? O devono continuare a lottare tentando ogni cura – indipendentemente dalle chance di ottenere un risultato positivo o dagli effetti collaterali? Sembrerebbe che si propenda più per la seconda soluzione, considerato l’ammontare di denaro che il sistema sanitario americano continua a spendere in trattamenti che sono i pazienti a richiedere. Grazie a una straordinaria vicinanza ai pazienti e alle loro famiglie, Louis riuscirà a cogliere ogni aspetto della loro lotta e, almeno in un caso, sarà testimone di un’incredibile svolta.

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Medipoint: A clearer picture of the service organization with ORTEC and Sigmax

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 aprile 2014

medical equipmentMedipoint, suppliers of medical equipment and adaptation aids and part of Medux, has realized significant efficiency savings with Field Service Suite. “We chose to implement this solution in order to benefit from ORTEC’s know how in planning and Sigmax’s expertise in mobility”, according to project and program manager Klaas Berends of Medux. The solution, that is currently only being used for the deliveries side, is set to be rolled out to the advice and service departments. Medipoint needed to gain a clearer overview of work processes and gradually optimize these processes. To achieve this, Medipoint sought the help of ORTEC and Sigmax and, in implementing Field Service Suite went over to a completely new, standardized way of working. Medipoint gets requests for medical equipment, which lead to around 3000 deliveries a day from 10 distribution centers to 1500 delivery locations using 70 vehicles.  A total of 1600 people work at Medipoint/Medux, of which 400 work in the field organization. The field organization consists of three services: equipment deliveries, service (repair equipment) and specialist advisers (who visit clients at home and might measure up for an adapted wheelchair, for example)When clients place an order with Medipoint they are assured of next day delivery, providing the order is placed before 16.00. “This means planning is tight. Field Service Suite has enabled us to be much more flexible. In the past, a driver would ring up and say he wasn’t going to make all his deliveries; then you would go into overtime hours. Now we can adapt to developments on the ground, since we can anticipate better and see who can make the delivery quickest. We are able to compare the schedule to the reality and, in this way, plan more accurately and dynamically on the actual day. This has had a tremendous knock-on effect in terms of overtime hours, since we are able to reassign tasks in order to avoid using overtime hours. We normally get quite a few urgent orders each day, for example for people who have just come out of hospital. Field Service Suite gives us a better insight into who might be able to make these urgent deliveries. Because drivers log their hours in real time on the handheld device we really do have a better picture of what is happening in the field.” “Previously, the time allowed for the delivery of equipment varied significantly depending on the location. This meant we were working inefficiently: we did not have a clear, overall picture of what was going on and could not adapt to changes on the ground, which was very wasteful in terms of time and money. Moreover, delivery schedules were planned in very different ways at the different sites, for example in Outlook, Excel and on paper”, explained Klaas Berends. This new approach has standardized planning at Medipoint thru the implementation of the Field Service Suite advanced planning system. Drivers have a mobile device on which they can view their schedule, log hours and notify deliveries as complete. Klaas Berends: “We have achieved hefty savings since the introduction of Field Service Suite. The planning component in particular has enabled us to significantly reduce kilometers driven and CO2 emissions. Since corporate responsibility is important to us, we are happy with this result. We are also completing more work orders per day. In addition, setting standard times for deliveries means we are working much more efficiently. It is all very much interconnected. As a consequence, the service to the client has improved since we can now plan much more accurately.” Klaas Berends explains: “Now, our planning process is truly automated. In effect, this means you press a button at 4.30 in the afternoon and at 5 p.m. the delivery schedule is ready. Where in the past planners spent 3 to 4 hours on planning tasks, it now takes just one hour a day. We can spend the time saved on other – mainly administrative – activities. The new system also avoids any question of unfairness on the part of the planner. Previously, there were two planners at one site who took a different approach to the planning process. Having a standardized approach has contributed to greater harmony on the workfloor.”Klaas Berends speaks in particularly glowing terms about the partnership with ORTEC and Sigmax. “Their experts are always on hand to help with questions, and the arrangement works really well. It was a straightforward matter for ORTEC and Sigmax to draw up a business case for us. We are currently carrying out a postcode study with ORTEC looking at the location of distribution centers and postcode distribution. The results of this are expected soon; I’m fascinated to see what the study will show.”In the future, Medipoint plans to roll out the mobile application for its service technicians. They will be able to log work carried out using a digital work sheet, view all work instructions, as well as record materials used, and have the customer sign their work sheet, all on the handheld device.

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Aeon Astron Europe B.V., Receives Grants Up to EURO 500,000 from AgentschapNL

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 febbraio 2012

Leiden Netherlands (PRNewswire) Aeon Astron Europe B.V., has been awarded a governmental grant up to EURO 500,000 from AgentschapNL, Dept. of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands for its Biolens projects to begin development of a multipurpose collagen-based ophthalmic lens for use in refractive correction, corneal repair and drug carrier. The AgentschapNL program is an initiative of the Dept. of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands to encourage development of bold and unconventional global health solutions. Aeon Astron Europe B.V. was encouraged to propose a breakthrough development for the production of a unique multipurpose ophthalmic lens, which is made from naturally occurring collagen into a transparent and biocompatible form of a contact lens that can easily be placed on the surface of the eye. The future of this collagen-based Biolens is highly promising. The unique feature of providing corneal protection, refractive correction, drug delivery and the potential for better and faster wound healing may eventually make this Biolens a standard part of ophthalmic practice.
Aeon Astron Europe B.V. is a privately held international biotech company based in the Netherlands. At Aeon Astron, we are dedicated to discovering, developing, producing and marketing of state-of-art regenerative solutions to save lives and restore health. We serve the medical community around the world to help medical professionals advance the standard of care to meet unmet medical needs for patients. As a global provider of regenerative solutions, our product pipeline expands across the fields of ophthalmology, dentistry, orthopedic and general and plastic surgery, including Biocornea, Biolens, Biobone, long-lasting dermal filler and 2-in-1 dental plug membrane among others.

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Il sito produttivo di Janssen Italia

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 maggio 2011

Latina (Lazio) “Ha visto negli anni una progressiva e continua evoluzione. Nato nei primi anni ’80, su una superficie di 122.000 mq, vanta una storia di innovazione e di competitività su qualità e costi di produzione, che da sempre sono un punto chiave della nostra attività – afferma Luca Fogolari, Direttore dello stabilimento di Latina”.
Lo stabilimento ha una spiccata vocazione all’export: solo il 15% di quanto prodotto, infatti, è rivolto al mercato italiano, il restante è indirizzato a più di 100 Paesi tra cui Giappone e Stati Uniti, che diventeranno il primo mercato estero di destinazione”.
A Latina, nello specifico, è situato lo stabilimento produttivo di Janssen-Cilag, uno dei sei siti di produzione farmaceutica del Gruppo Johnson & Johnson in Europa, insieme a quelli situati in Belgio, Francia, Svizzera e Irlanda. Sorto nei primi anni ottanta, su una superficie di 122.000 mq, rappresenta un centro di innovazione farmacologica e tecnologica. E’ l’unico polo produttivo nel mondo a poter soddisfare le esigenze in campo farmacologico di tutti i settori di J&J (Pharmaceutical, Consumer e Medical Devices & Diagnostics).
L’impianto di Latina ha ottenuto la certificazione dell’FDA, che attesta il rispetto dei più severi standard produttivi e si avvale di sistemi di automazione industriale evoluti, che permettono la semplificazione delle attività, un miglior controllo di processo e la garanzia di un’eccellente qualità della produzione. La garanzia della qualità della fase produttiva e del prodotto finito sono, del resto, i principi guida cui si ispira il Gruppo Johnson & Johnson. Il felice connubio tra questa cultura d’impresa e l’elevata competenza dei collaboratori, per i quali sono previsti programmi specifici di formazione, si è rivelato un fattore di fondamentale importanza per i risultati raggiunti oggi. Parallelamente allo sviluppo della produzione, lo stabilimento di Latina ha lavorato attivamente sul fronte della protezione ambientale, sviluppando in collaborazione con il Ministero dell’Ambiente e l’Università di Roma La Sapienza un progetto di valutazione dell’impatto delle sostanze attive utilizzate nello svolgimento della propria attività produttiva. Sulla base di quanto emerso è stato elaborato un efficace sistema di gestione ambientale, che gli è valsa già nel 1999 la certificazione ISO 14001, riconfermata poi negli anni seguenti.
L’impianto produce e confeziona specialità farmaceutiche sia in forma solida (capsule e compresse) sia in forma liquida (soluzioni e shampoo), utilizzando principi attivi sviluppati dalle strutture di ricerca europee. Tra queste specialità farmaceutiche ci sono trattamenti altamente innovativi per patologie quali HIV e malattie oncologiche. La produttività annuale dell’impianto è cresciuta costantemente: dai circa 10 milioni di unità prodotte nel 1983 per il solo mercato italiano, si è passati agli oltre 110 milioni degli ultimi anni, di cui il 15% viene distribuito nel nostro Paese e il rimanente 85% all’estero. A partire da Maggio 2011 la produzione subirà un nuovo incremento ed entro il 2012 arriverà a raddoppiare: da 1 miliardo e mezzo di compresse a circa 3 miliardi per poi raggiungere il volume di 4,5 miliardi di compresse entro il 2014. Questo ulteriore incremento della produzione è tutto destinato ai mercati esteri. Lo stabilimento ha attualmente in organico 350 dipendenti (dei quali una elevata percentuale ha qualifiche quali laurea o diploma), ed occupa, a livello di indotto, circa 100 persone. A partire da Maggio 2011 il raddoppiamento della produzione porterà ad un incremento del 30 % del numero dei dipendenti, che diventeranno così oltre 450. Il sistema produttivo si avvale di un meccanismo di automazione industriale fondato in larga parte sulla robotizzazione delle operazioni. Le avanzate tecnologie impiegate permettono la semplificazione delle attività e un miglior controllo di processo, garantendo così un’eccellente qualità della produzione, fattore rilevante nell’ambito della concorrenza internazionale. L’impianto di Latina ha ottenuto la certificazione dalla Food and Drug Administration (FDA), che attesta il rispetto dei più severi standard di processo e assicura all’Azienda l’accesso privilegiato ad un mercato di importanza strategica, quale quello nord-americano.
Parallelamente allo sviluppo della produzione, lo stabilimento di Latina ha lavorato proattivamente sul fronte della protezione e del rispetto dell’ambiente. Ha sviluppato, in collaborazione con il Ministero dell’Ambiente e l’Università di Roma, un progetto di valutazione dell’impatto delle sostanze attive utilizzate nello svolgimento della propria attività produttiva. Sulla base di quanto emerso, è stato elaborato un efficace sistema di gestione ambientale. A riconoscimento dell’impegno profuso, l’impianto di Latina è stato uno dei primi del Gruppo Johnson & Johnson, nonché del settore farmaceutico in generale, ad ottenere già nel 1999 la certificazione ISO 14001, riconfermata poi nel 2006. La garanzia della qualità del processo e del prodotto finito, della sicurezza delle persone e del rispetto dell’ambiente sono, del resto, i principi guida cui si ispira il Gruppo Johnson & Johnson. Il felice connubio tra questa cultura d’impresa e la spiccata sensibilità delle persone che lavorano a Latina, si è rivelato un fattore di fondamentale importanza per i risultati raggiunti oggi. In un’ottica di miglioramento continuo, la missione che lo stabilimento di Latina continua a perseguire è quella di offrire valore aggiunto al Gruppo Johnson & Johnson, puntando sui seguenti fattori critici di successo:
• dedizione al Cliente; compliance;
• competitività dei costi;
• sviluppo delle persone e dell’organizzazione;
• tecnologia e innovazione. (fonte Stefano Sermonti) precedenti qui, qui

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