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Frank Elderson recommended as member of European Central Bank Executive Board

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 novembre 2020

On Tuesday, Frank Elderson from the Netherlands received Parliament’s green light to sit on the ECB’s Executive Board, despite misgivings about gender imbalance.The plenary voted by 319 votes in favour, 202 against and 171 abstentions to give its approval to Mr Elderson, following a hearing two weeks before in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee where he received a positive recommendation.Mr Elderson’s appointment now needs to be formalised by the European Council. He is due to take over from Yves Mersch on 14 December when the latter’s term of office ends.Notwithstanding the positive opinion on Mr Elderson, Parliament has repeatedly expressed its disaffection regarding the appointment procedure for members of the ECB’s Executive Board. MEPs have called for better procedures in this regard – including that they be sent a gender-balanced shortlist of at least two candidates. They also deplore the fact that member states have not taken this request seriously and call on national and EU institutions to work actively towards achieving gender balance in the next nominations.

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Frank Elderson recommended as member of ECB executive board

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 novembre 2020

Bruxelles. Dutchman Frank Elderson on Tuesday received the green light from the Economic and Monetary affairs committee to sit on the ECB’s executive board.Following a hearing with the candidate on Monday, committee MEPs on Tuesday voted 33 in favour of Mr Elderson occupying the post. 21 voted against and 3 abstained.This positive opinion will now be tabled for a plenary vote at the next plenary session of the European Parliament in the last week of November.Following the vote, the Chair of the committee, Irene Tinagli (S&D, IT) said, “I welcome that Frank Elderson was supported by a clear majority of the ECON committee, following his public hearing in ECON yesterday. Nevertheless, I would like to highlight the Parliament and the economic and monetary committee’s general concerns in relation to appointment procedures for positions on the ECB’s Executive Board, in particular as regards the issue of gender balance. I reiterate that Parliament has called for improved procedures in this regard and, in particular, for gender-balanced shortlists of candidates for future appointments.” During the hearing, various MEPs in fact expressed displeasure at having again not received a shortlist of candidates which included women. Some MEPs however also said that individual persons with the right credentials should not pay the price for an institutional dispute. MEPs also discussed the most pressing issues which face the ECB in the coming months and sought Mr Elderson’s views on these. These issues included the role of the ECB in greening the economy, the possibility of the ECB to think outside of its policy box in light of stubbornly low inflation, and the need to address state aid which continues to be delivered to struggling banks despite political will and legislation to avoid this. Questions were also put to Mr Elderson on whether the ECB’s target should be widened to include other goals than price stability, and on the role for the ECB in a single supervisory structure of the Capital Markets Union.

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Member states must stop selling EU passports immediately, MEPs demand

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 23 ottobre 2020

EU citizenship cannot be traded as a commodity, according to a majority of speakers, who want to end the “golden passports” schemes currently in place in some member states.In a plenary debate with Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders, MEPs stressed the inherent risks that these programmes give rise to, namely money laundering, tax evasion and corruption. They insisted that Europe must not have “a fast-track entrance for criminals”.MEPs underlined that granting EU citizenship to third-country nationals without proper checks and transparency has negative consequences in other member states, eroding mutual trust and undermining common values.Several speakers referred to the recent scandal in Cyprus, where high-ranking officials – including the Speaker of the national parliament – were secretly recorded offering to assist a fictional Chinese executive with a criminal record in getting a Cypriot passport through the national “citizenship by investment” scheme. They also acknowledge the Commission’s decision to open infringement procedures against Cyprus and Malta, though some complained that it has taken too long to act. Some MEPs noted that the share of revenues from these programmes is significant for countries such as Cyprus, whilst many argued that EU values and rights should not be for sale.

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PESCO: MEPs call Member States to deepen defence cooperation at EU level

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 ottobre 2020

Bruxelles. The EU’s overall level of security and defence would be higher if an effective EU system for the coherent, strategic and joint use of resources would be in place, say MEPs. No member state can protect itself alone against the common multifaceted threats that the EU faces in its security and defence today, warn MEPs in the resolution on the implementation and governance of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).In their recommendations to the Council and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, adopted on Wednesday by 464 votes in favour, 90 against and 137 abstentions, MEPs stress that member states participating in PESCO projects should be encouraged to evolve from a strictly national focus on defence to a stronger European one and prioritise using a more European collaborative approach. An effective EU system for efficient, coherent, strategic and joint use of resources would be advantageous for the EU’s overall level of security and defence and is necessary, more than ever, in a security environment that is quickly deteriorating, point out MEPs. They warn that member states should not reduce their defence spending in the coming years, and especially their financial involvement in European cooperative projects. There should be more ambition in the EU budget to strengthen defence capabilities, they say, by sufficiently financing the future European Defence Fund (EDF) and the military mobility project in the upcoming Multiannual Financial Framework.MEPS note that several of the 47 PESCO projects, if funded accordingly, could strengthen member states’ preparedness, should another massive public health crisis occur. They also stress that, in order to better counter the hybrid threats, increasing efforts to cooperate on cyber defence are needed, such as information sharing, training and operational support.

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Parliament calls on member states to fully exploit the European Youth Guarantee

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 12 ottobre 2020

Bruxelles. In a resolution adopted on Thursday with 574 votes to 77 and 43 abstentions, the European Parliament urges member states to ensure that young people who register for the Youth Guarantee schemes are offered “good-quality, varied and tailored jobs, training or internships”. With the youth unemployment rate at 17.6% in the EU in August 2020 (up from 14.9% before the COVID-19 crisis) and expected to continue rising, Parliament calls for more funds to strengthen the Youth Guarantee scheme for 2021-2027. MEPs deplore that in July the European Council significantly reduced, from 15 to 10%, ESF+ resources under shared management earmarked to support action to boost youth employment, which is “contradictory to the Union’s ambition to invest in young people”.Parliament condemns the practice of unpaid internships, traineeships and apprenticeships, which exploit young people’s work and violate their rights. It calls on the Commission to table a legal framework for an effective and enforceable ban on these practices. MEPs stress that the Youth Guarantee should be embedded in a coherent set of social and welfare policies to ensure that the various subgroups of young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs) have access to it. “Any discrimination experienced by young people on any grounds must be actively combatted in Youth Guarantee schemes”, they say.

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New mandate for MEPs to assess EU values in Member States

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 19 settembre 2019

The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee has renewed and expanded the mandate of its working group on rule of law issues, which has been renamed the Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights Monitoring Group. The new Group will continue on the work completed in the previous parliamentary term by the Rule of Law Monitoring Group. According to the new Group mission, its MEPs will have to focus on threats to democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, as well as the fight against corruption within the EU, across all Member States.
The working group will be able to recommend specific actions that Parliament can undertake in view of these objectives, such as meetings with stakeholders, hearings and missions, as well as to make suggestions for Civil Liberties Committee proposals for resolutions and reports. The Group’s mandate will remain in force until 31 December 2021, at which point a mid-term review will be carried out. Specific situations in one or more EU Member States will be addressed by the Group if deemed necessary by a majority of its Members, weighted according to the number of full Members of their group within the Civil Liberties committee. In case of objection by a political group, the Committee’s coordinators will decide on whether to take action.

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EU fundamental rights under threat in several member states

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 18 gennaio 2019

MEPs condemn the rise of far-right movements and trivialisation of hate speech Migrants and asylum seekers’ fundamental rights violated in some EU countries. The European Parliament denounces gender violence and discrimination, breaches of rule of law and hate speech in its assessment of fundamental rights in the EU in 2017. In a non-legislative resolution adopted on Wednesday with 390 votes to 153 and 63 abstentions, MEPs call on EU institutions to effectively assess member states’ respect for rule of law and condemn limitations imposed on freedom of speech, as well as violations against migrants and asylum seekers’ fundamental rights in some EU countries.
The text condemns all forms of violence against women and urges member states that have not yet ratified the Istanbul Convention to do so “without delay”. It supports the 2017 demonstrations against the regression of women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as the extensive media coverage of sexual harassment cases.MEPs strongly condemn the actions taken in some EU countries to weaken the separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary, and denounce the EU institutions’ “ineffectiveness in putting an end to the serious and persistent breaches” of the European Union’s values. The rule of law must be regularly and impartially assessed based on objective criteria in all the member states, the resolution stresses.
The EP denounces the increasing restrictions to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in the EU, and highlights that whistleblowing is crucial for investigative journalism and press freedom. It also expresses its deep concern over the threats, pressures and risks journalists face in the EU.
MEPs warn that hate speech is being trivialised and strongly condemn the rise of far-right movements. They also underline the need to combat the rise of antisemitism and islamophobia, as well as the persistent discrimination and stigmatisation against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people (LGBTI) in the EU. Parliament also regrets that in 2017 there was “no major improvement” concerning integration and the fundamental rights of Roma people.
It finally urges Council to put an end to the current impasse on the Dublin Regulation reform. MEPs also encourage national authorities to facilitate the granting of humanitarian visas to those seeking international protection. They point to violations of migrants and asylum seekers’ rights in some EU countries, such as failing to provide migrants with effective access to asylum procedures or to give them clear information on legal remedies following a return decision.

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QatarDebate Centre, member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 gennaio 2019

Development, concluded the European Arabic Debating Championship in Vienna, Austria. The championship, which took place from 3-5 January 2019, featured 20 universities representing 15 European countries.Dr. Hayat Abdullah Maarafi, Executive Director of QatarDebate Center, praised this milestone that marks an outstanding achievement for the center and ushers a successful new year. She reiterated QatarDebate Center’s keenness, through this championship, to promote the Arabic language among speakers and spread the culture of positive debate and dialogue as an effective skill.European Institute of Human Sciences Team, Winner of the European Debating Championship. The European Institute of Human Sciences (EIHS) from Germany team, namely Mounir Rabeh, Salima Ahwazi and Mounir Al Bayk, bagged the championship’s title in the inaugural edition of the European Arabic Debating Championship.
Yalova University team, from Turkey team which included Mansour Bikir, Mohamed Olgak and Khalid Akmen came in second position.The Center also honored the Championship’s Best Speakers, namely; Student Mounir Rabbah from European Institute of Human Sciences; Anis Francis from the Institut Europeen Des Sciences Humaines; Areej Mohamed Amin from University of Strasbourg; Students Yaseen Yildrem and Mustafa Esk from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Waqf University.

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EU Member States are stepping up measures to protect seas and oceans, but more improvements are needed

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 21 settembre 2018

The European Commission published a report on the implementation of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive assessing the measures put in place by EU Member States[1] to achieve ‘good environmental status’ by 2020. This concept is defined by measures conserving biodiversity and tackling pressures like overfishing, seabed damage, marine litter and contaminants.Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, said: “Oceans and seas are essential to the well-being of our planet, and we cannot compromise on their protection. This is why the EU has one of the most ambitious marine environment policies in the world. Over the last years, Member States have put a lot of effort to ensure that the seas’ resources are used and managed sustainably, relying a lot on regional cooperation. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, the measures taken so far are not yet sufficient to achieve good, healthy and productive seas by 2020. I therefore urge Member States to take heed of the recommendations made by the Commission to move a step closer to achieving this goal.”
The programmes of measures set up by Member States under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive are the last step of 6-year strategies. In their programmes of measures Member States have relied on regional cooperation more than ever before, and integrated different national, EU and international policies. For example to fight overfishing and reduce the negative impacts of fishing, Member States have reported measures taken under the EU Common Fisheries Policy, in regional and international agreements, as well as new measures, such as introducing the use of specific and less damaging fishing gear.One in four measures announced by Member States has been developed specifically for the purposes of this Directive to target pressures on the marine environment that would otherwise not be covered. Nevertheless, the assessment shows that the goal of ‘good environmental status’ of European marine waters by 2020 will not be achieved without further improvements. In some cases, such as marine litter, where Member States lacked coordinated measures, this shortcoming is partly addressed at EU level, through the EU’s Strategy on plastics and its subsequent actions.

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European Protection Orders must be fully implemented by member states, say MEPs

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 marzo 2018

European Protection Orders can neither function correctly nor safeguard victims until fully enforced by all member states, say Gender Equality and Civil Liberties MEPs.In a report assessing the implementation of the European Protection Order (EPO) Directive, adopted on Tuesday by the Gender Equality and Civil Liberties Committees (by 54 votes in favour, 6 against and 1 abstention), MEPs express their concern that, since the Directive was transposed into national laws on January 2015, only 7 EPOs have been identified across member states, to be compared with the thousands of national protection orders issued in members states in recent years.MEPs underline that the wide variety of protection orders across the member states and the different judicial systems (for instance, stalking is not recognised as a criminal offence across all EU countries) have created obstacles for EPOs.They also deplore that the Commission did not submit a report to Parliament and Council on the application of the Directive by 11 January 2016 and call on the Commission to meet its reporting obligations, to monitor the application of the Directive and to launch infringement proceedings against member states that breach it.In the report, MEPs also urge the Commission to coordinate programmes to initiate awareness-raising campaigns to inform victims of crime of the possibility of applying for an EPO and about cross-border protecting measures.They also call on member states to provide mandatory practical and intersectional training courses for all public servants involved with EPOs and stress the need for regular training and courses for the police, the personnel of national competent authorities, legal practitioners, social workers, associations and NGOs dealing with victims of violence in all member states.

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With EU prisons overcrowded, Member States should favour alternatives if possible, MEPs say

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 giugno 2017

carcereAccording to the Council of Europe, the number of detainees exceeds the number of available places in a third of European penitentiary institutions. Civil Liberties MEPs warn that prison overcrowding impacts the safety of inmates and staff, has adverse effects on health conditions, obstacles rehabilitation and may contribute to radicalization.
They insist that imprisonment, including pre-trial detention, should only be used in legally justified cases, and alternatives, such as home detention or non-custodial punitive measures (e.g., community service work, electronic bracelets), should be prioritized in the case of persons who do not present a serious danger to society.In the case of juvenile offenders, they should always be entitled to access alternative measures to detention regardless of the offence they have committed, according to MEPs. In case of detention, they should be kept separately from adults. The Civil Liberties Committee backed on Wednesday, with 44 votes in favour, four against and three abstentions, an own-initiative report prepared by Joelle Bergeron (EFDD, FR) on prisons’ systems and conditions. The text will be put to a vote in plenary in a future session.Among other ideas, MEPs demand special attention to vulnerable detainees, such as elderly and disabled people. They also point to the specific needs of women, particularly during pregnancy and after they have given birth. They also condemn the prison dispersal policy applied by a number of states, which they see as an added punishment for prisoners’ families.They show concern about the increase of prisons systems’ privatization and underline that staff serving in prisons should have adequate remuneration, proper working conditions and systematic training. In 2014, prisons across the EU were holding over half a million inmates, including both convicted persons, serving their final sentence, and persons accused of a crime who were on remand.

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Miami Single-Family Home Sales and Prices Rise in April

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 Maggio 2015

Miami-skyline-for-wikipediaMiami’s single-family home market registered its most robust sales month since December, and median sales prices for all housing types rose in April, according to a new report by the 35,000-member MIAMI Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI) and the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system.
Miami sold 1,247 single-family homes in April 2015, the most transactions for the market in the month of April since the 2007-09 global recession. In comparison, Miami had 950 sales in April 2012, 1,094 in April 2013, and 1,155 in April 2014. Last month’s sales total marks the most single-family transactions in a month since December 2014 when Miami had 1,250 sales.“The continued stability in Miami’s job market and low interest rates are improving buyer confidence,” said Christopher Zoller, a 27-year Miami-based Realtor and the 2015 Residential President of the MIAMI Association of REALTORS. “Not only are we seeing more single-family home sales in Miami, but we are seeing more homes and condos listed as seller confidence grows.”
Single-family home transactions — which set an all-time Miami annual record in 2014 — increased 8.0 percent year-over-year in April 2015, from 1,247 to 1,155. Existing condominium sales — which posted the second best year in Miami history last year despite an increase in new condo construction — declined 6.8 percent from 1,557 in April of last year to 1,451 last month. Combined, Miami-Dade County residential real estate sales decreased 0.5 percent to 2,698 last month compared to 2,712 a year ago.Access to mortgage loans for existing condominium buyers remains limited. The lack of Federal Housing Administration loans for a large number of existing Miami condominium buildings is preventing further market strengthening. Of the 8,523 condominium projects in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, only 29 received FHA loans, according to statistics released earlier this year from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and FHA. Just .0034 percent of local condo projects are getting FHA loans. The U.S. average is 30 percent.
“The MIAMI Association of REALTORS has created several initiatives to expand financing options for existing condo buyers, as we believe this could significantly increase the ability for many qualified prospective buyers to purchase a home,” said Danielle Blake, MIAMI’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs & Housing.
Nationally, sales of existing single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and co-ops declined 3.3 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.04 million in April from an upwardly revised 5.21 million in March, according to the National Association of Realtors. Despite the monthly decline, sales have increased year–over–year for seven consecutive months and are still 6.1 percent above a year ago.Statewide, closed sales of existing single-family homes totaled 25,206 last month, up 17.9 percent over April 2014, according to Florida Realtors. Florida’s closed sales for condominiums totaled 11,643 last month, up 8.1 percent compared to April 2014.The national median existing-home price for all housing types in April was $219,400, which is 8.9 percent above April 2014. This marks the 38th consecutive month of year–over–year price gains and is the largest since January 2014 (10.1 percent. The statewide median sales price for single-family existing homes last month was $195,000, up 11.4 percent from the previous year. The statewide median price for townhouse-condo properties in April was $155,000, up 10.3 percent over the year-ago figure.Cash deals represented 51.9 percent of Miami’s total closed sales in April 2015, down from 59.3 percent in April 2014. Nationally, just 24 percent of all national housing transactions are made in cash. Since 82 percent of foreign buyers in Florida purchase properties all cash, Miami’s high percentage of cash buyers continues to reflect South Florida’s ability to attract international buyers.Condominiums comprise a large portion of Miami’s cash purchases as 65.8 percent of condo closings were made in cash in April compared to 35.7 percent of single-family home sales.
New listings of Miami single-family homes decreased 3.6 percent from 2,150 in April of last year to 2,072 last month. New condominium listings declined 1.0 percent to 3,051 last month, compared to 3,082 during the same time period in 2014.Nationally, total housing inventory at the end of April increased 10.0 percent to 2.21 million existing homes available for sale, but is still 0.9 percent below a year ago (2.23 million). Unsold inventory is at a 5.3–month supply at the current sales pace, up from 4.6 months in March.
Strong sales in the preconstruction condominium Miami market east of Interstate 95 continue to reflect significant demand for new properties, according to the latest New Construction Market Status Report released by and MIAMI.
Since 2011, 12 towers with 313 floors and 1,977 units have been completed in Miami-Dade County east of I-95 since 2011, according to and MIAMI’s May 18 report. There are 75 towers with 1,644 floors and 9,399 units under construction in Miami east of I-95. About 71 towers with 1,731 floors and 11,130 units are planned, but have not begun development. There are also 57 towers with 1,472 floors and 9,024 units that have been proposed in Miami east of I-95.
Overall in Miami-Dade County, developers have announced 215 towers with 5,160 floors and 31,530 units since 2011. Of the above projects in Miami-Dade:
▪103 projects with 119 towers comprising 17,199 units are currently selling.
▪71 percent of units have been sold.
▪The mean minimum price per square foot of these units is $949, compared to $952 last month.Access April 2015 Miami-Dade Statistical Reports:
Statistics in this news release may vary depending on reporting dates. MIAMI reports exact statistics directly from its MLS system.

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MEPs urge end to Roma discrimination and recognition of Roma Genocide Day

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 aprile 2015

HolocaustParliament called for more efforts to end discrimination, hate crime and hate speech against Roma people and for 2 August to be recognised as Roma Holocaust Memorial Day, to commemorate the Roma genocide in World War II, in a resolution passed on Wednesday. In the resolution MEPs express their “deep concern at the rise of anti-Gypsyism, as manifested inter alia through anti-Roma rhetoric and violent attacks against Roma in Europe”. Anti-Gypsyism is “incompatible with the norms and values of the European Union” and “constitutes a major obstacle to the successful social integration of Roma”, they stress. They call on EU countries to effectively implement the Racial Equality Directive (2000/43/EC) in order to “prevent and eliminate discrimination against Roma, in particular in employment, education and access to housing.” Parliament recognises the historical fact of the genocide of Roma that was perpetrated during World War II as well as other forms of persecution such as deportation and internment and calls on the member states to do likewise. According to estimates, at least half a million Roma were exterminated by the Nazi and other regimes and their allies and in some countries more than 80% of the Roma population was killed.
On the night of 2 to 3 August 1944, 2,897 Roma, mostly women, children and elderly people, were killed in the Gypsy camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. To commemorate this atrocity, 2 August should be recognised as “European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day” and dedicated to commemorating the victims of the genocide, MEPs say.Roma people are Europe’s largest ethnic minority. Some 10 to 12 million are estimated to live in Europe, including around six million in the EU. International Roma Day was celebrated on 8 April.

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Approval of Payment Accounts Directive is huge step in fight against financial exclusion

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 aprile 2014

parlamento europeoToday’s vote in the European Parliament is the final step in the process which will guarantee access to a basic bank account for everybody legally resident in the EU. MEPs overwhelmingly voted to pass the proposal into law with 603 votes for and 21 against.  EU citizens will have binding right of access to a basic bank account, not only in their own member state but in other member states where they may need such an account. This is very good news for up to 30 million EU residents who want an account but do not have one, in particular marginalised groups and vulnerable consumers.  Some are refused because they are not considered profitable by banks (e.g. some students, elderly, and migrants); others might not be able to meet the administrative requirements to open a payment account (e.g. migrants, exchange students, trainees, seasonal workers and workers in other Member States). Holders of a basic account will be able to lodge and withdraw money at bank branches and ATMs, transfer money and make payments online free or at reasonable (low) cost.   Overdrafts may be an optional extra and the costs and penalties, if any, must be reasonable.  Member states must designate a range of payment institutions to ensure full access everywhere to basic payment accounts. There will be appeal procedures, of which consumers must be informed, if a basic payment account is refused. The directive also provides for better information for all account holders. Consumer choice will be enhanced by making it easier for consumers to switch to another bank. EUFFI president Jim Murray warmly welcomed the vote and said “For most people a payment account is a gateway to other services and an essential element for full participation in modern society. This directive will help the excluded and those who are ‘living the single market’ by studying, working or living cross-border.   Member states should implement the directive as speedily and effectively as possible, designating national competent authorities, monitoring coverage and costs and intervening as needed. There should also be a positive “reach out” to the unbanked, together with support for those working with the financially excluded. The directive prohibits discrimination against basic account holders as compared to holders of non-basic accounts. Access to a wide network of ATMs is particularly important: holders of basic accounts should have access to the same range to ATMs as holders of non-basic accounts.”

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Non-EU skilled workers: common rules to ease intra-corporate transfers

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 15 marzo 2014

commissione europeaNon-EU skilled employees working for multinational companies should be easier transferred from a branch outside the EU to a division or subsidiary within the EU, under a draft law backed by the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday. The new rules would make it easier to move transferred workers between EU Member States and entitle their relatives to work in the host country, too. The new EU directive would introduce a common set of rules to make it easier for companies outside Europe to send key staff to their branches within the EU (so-called “intra-corporate” transfers). It would be addressed to non-EU managers, specialists and trainee employees who live outside the EU and possess knowledge specific to the company. “With this text, Parliament is giving a clear answer to the need to boost legal migration linked to the European labour market needs. This constitutes an opportunity for growth through high-skilled workers’ competences and talents. The intra-European mobility scheme is an innovative tool, not linked to Schengen, laying down clear rules and faster procedures for near 15,000 non-EU nationals that are transferred to the EU every year. Managers, specialists and trainee employees, as well as their family members, will be finally protected under a balanced legislative framework”, said rapporteur Salvatore Iacolino (EPP, IT) after the committee vote.
“Despite this, the European Parliament’s Employment Committee did not support a compromise text which I trust it could be adopted in plenary in April”, he added.EU countries would have to accept or reject a transfer application as soon as possible and, at the latest, within 90 days after the complete application was lodged and they would retain the right to decide on the number of third-country nationals admitted to their territory.Successful applicants would obtain a combined residence and work permit in a Member State. They would also benefit from rights comparable to those of nationals of the host EU country regarding remuneration, freedom of affiliation to a trade union, recognition of diplomas, some branches of social security (unless the laws of the country of origin apply as established by a bilateral agreement with the host Member State) and access to public goods and services, except housing. National governments may decide not to grant family benefits to those employees staying less than 9 months in the EU.Working conditions would be comparable to those of posted workers, the agreed text says.
Under the text resulting from the negotiations, the permit would be valid for a maximum of 3 years in the case of managers and specialists and 1 year for trainee employees.

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Congress Gil 2010 Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 9 Maggio 2010

London Members of a global community of today’s best thinkers, visionaries and thought leaders will gather 17 – 19 May, 2010 at the Emirates Stadium in London for Frost & Sullivan’s annual flagship client event, GIL 2010: Europe – The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership. Together, the members of this community will engage, inspire and provoke candid discussions as they explore leveraging innovation as a resource to shape a better future for their companies. PSA Peugeot Citroën, Europe’s second largest automaker and one such member company and forward thinking business, will be offering GIL 2010: Europe participants a preview of their Citroen C-Zero electric passenger car. The C-Zero, along with the Peugeot iOn, will be the first mass-produced electric vehicles available in Europe when launched later this year. This year’s congress will also feature seven other industry think tanks focusing on Frost & Sullivan’s areas of industry specialisation – Aerospace & Defence; Chemicals, Materials & Food; Energy & Environment; Building Technologies & Security; Healthcare & Life Sciences; Information & Communication Technologies; and Industrial Automation. Each think tank will afford participants the opportunity to brainstorm on how to shape a better future for their companies by driving innovation while developing and strengthening their company’s growth strategies.
Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. The company’s Growth Partnership Service provides the CEO and the CEO’s Growth Team with disciplined research and best-practice models to drive the generation, evaluation, and implementation of powerful growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan leverages over 45 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies, emerging businesses and the investment community from 40 offices on six continents. To join our Growth Partnership, please visit

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Advancements in social networking internet

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 7 agosto 2009

On Thursday 6th July, ITV reported they had sold FriendsReunited for £25million, a fraction of the £175million they purchased it for in 2005. Less than 10 years ago FriendsReunited possessed a market dominance but it’s refusal to abolish fees and the arrival of numerous free sites like Facebook, Myspace and Talkbiznow, which offer advanced features, led to a dwindling member base. “Social networking is moving at a lightening pace and it’s imperative that providers keep up with the needs of their users”, says Martin Warner, co-founder of free business social networking site, “The advent of free sites means that if you are unable to react to member demands and stay ahead of the game, your members will migrate to another site. Whilst it encourages healthy competition, it can also be a brutal place to exist.”    It is now commonplace on social networking sites to be able to search for view and contact other members completely free of charge, with the ability to also create events, join groups and post comments in forums. Meanwhile, the latest Ofcom report shows that 50% of internet users in Britain now has an online social networking profile. “Having an online profile now is becoming as normal as having a mobile phone; those that don’t have one are missing out on a new level of communication,” says Martin.
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