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Allied Wallet Reaches 1,000 Live Merchants in Thailand

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 19 dicembre 2019

Allied Wallet Inc, a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing, and Founder Andy Khawaja recently reached 1,000 live merchants in Thailand after opening a new office in Bangkok to support the growing demand.The demand and adoption of e-commerce in Thailand has seen steady growth thanks to the support of the Thai government. Their “Thailand 4.0” policy allocates a budget to construct a broadband network for villages across the country.As one of the largest e-commerce markets in Southeast Asia, the region needed support for its new and existing online businesses. Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet opened a Bangkok office to support these business owners and their need for secure payment processing.Recently, Allied Wallet reached over 1,000 merchants and this is due, in large part, to the fact that they accept and process the preferred payment options of the region such as PAYSBUY, 123, TrueMoney, and Easy2Pay.Between these cash-based, bank transfer type payments and e-wallet type solutions as well as other major payment options, Thai online shoppers and merchants are finding their e-commerce needs fulfilled with Allied Wallet.Dr. Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet’s Founder, commented, “We’re very happy to be able to support e-commerce growth in the region. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect business owners and consumers across the world.”Founder Andy Khawaja added, “This new milestone in Thailand is a sign that we’re doing something right, and we’re very happy for the support that Thailand has shown us.”They expect to see continued growth and success in Thailand and welcome new business owners to see why they are a leading payment solution in Southeast Asia.

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ClearSale to Visit Mexico to Meet with Merchants on Fraud Prevention

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 28 agosto 2017

messicoWhile 4 of every 5 online purchases from Mexico are legitimate, issues with high chargeback rates and declines have created issues for e-commerce merchants and customers alike. ClearSale, pioneers in fraud protection and with extensive experience in the Latin American market, will be addressing these challenges during a roadshow to Mexico the week of August 28th, 2017.Executive Vice President Rafael Lourenco will be visiting Mexico during the last week of August to meet with merchants and payment companies with the intent of educating companies on how ClearSale’s industry-leading fraud prevention tools can help build consumer confidence in the region, while gaining a greater understanding of the challenges facing e-commerce in Mexico.The Mexican market has been a challenge for online merchants, due to a poor reputation for fraud. Chargeback rates from the region are 2.8 times higher than the global average, with decline rates in 2015 being as much as twice that of the global average.As a result, fear of fraud can lead some merchants to avoid transactions with customers whose purchases originate from Mexico. Worse, false declines can damage a merchant’s reputation, with 32 percent of customers refusing to return to a vendor where their purchase was erroneously declined.ClearSale is looking to change that, starting with Mr. Lourenco’s visit. The company already has extensive experience in high risk markets in Latin America, where ClearSale holds an 85% market share. The company uses a unique and innovative review process that has led to the lowest false positives and the highest levels of approval in the industry. No transaction is ever declined without it being manually reviewed by one of ClearSale’s on-site team of seasoned analysts.

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Merchants of Doubt or investigating Corruption

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 24 aprile 2017

MerchantsStrasbourg from Monday 24 to Friday 28 April – members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will meet in Strasbourg and decide whether their institution has a future. The question is whether there is a majority of members in PACE prepared to act in the face of what German daily Der Tagesspiegel called “the biggest corruption scandal in the history of the Council of Europe” and launch an independent investigation.
The Sawicki proposal remains contested. For weeks now, those opposed to an independent investigation have tried to muddy the waters, divert attention and change the subject – merchants of doubt, trying to argue away the accumulating evidence of a major crisis. They ignore the most obvious argument for a serious investigation, as explained to the Guardian by former Swedish minister of justice Tobias Billstrom (EPP). According to the paper:
bureau“Billström said it would be inconceivable for the Council of Europe to turn down a request for an independent investigation when it faces ‘so many serious allegations… which concern the ability of the parliamentary assembly to function as it was intended, as a watchdog against corruption.’ He urged MPs in the assembly to endorse ‘very good’ proposals drawn up by its most senior official, Wojciech Sawicki, setting out the terms for an independent inquiry.”The first confrontation will take place in the Bureau of the Assembly – a body of 33 members – on early Monday morning in Strasbourg. The issue before the Bureau is not to declare whether the government of Azerbaijan or members of its delegation have indeed for many years tried to corrupt individual members of PACE, something that has become known as Caviar Diplomacy. The issue is whether there is a majority in PACE that is willing to find out and to investigate the allegations. (Photo: Merchants, bureau)

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