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EU fleet maintains high profits mainly thanks to sustainable fishing methods

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 2 settembre 2019

The 2019 annual economic report on the EU fishing fleet shows that the high levels of economic performance in 2016 have continued into 2017. The report links this success to the use of sustainable fishing methods.
Commenting on the report, European Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella stated that: “this report on Europe’s fishing fleet shows that good results come with good practices. Over the course of my mandate, I have emphasised the fundamental importance of sustainable fishing. Europe’s fishers are seeing the benefits”.
In 2017, the EU fleet registered a net profit of EUR 1.30 billion, only slightly lower than the record EUR 1.34 million registered in 2016. The continued strong performance was the result of higher average fish prices, continued low fuel prices, and the improved status of some important stocks. This trend is expected to continue into 2018 and 2019 despite some fluctuations in fuel prices.The sustainable exploitation of fish stocks was identified as an important foundation for the strong performance. The report indicates that economic performance tends to stagnate where fleets depend on stocks that are still overfished or overexploited. While the entire EU fleet was profitable, the results varied by scale of operation and by fishing region.
As expected, the large-scale and the distant-water fleet segments registered higher economic performance than the small-scale coastal fleet segments. Furthermore, the fleet segments operating in the North Eastern Atlantic, where most stocks being fished at sustainable levels, registered higher economic performance than the fleet segments operating in the Mediterranean, which has a continued (although improving) problem of overfishing or overexploitation of a number of stocks.
In 2017, the EU fleet’s gross value added (i.e. the contribution of the fishing sector to the economy through wages and gross profit) amounted to EUR 4.5 billion, stable in comparison to the record-breaking 2016. The improved efficiency of the fleet has resulted in a decrease in repair and maintenance costs, as well as other variable costs. Despite a small increase in energy costs (fuel), the average salaries in the sector increased in 2017, continuing a trend that started in 2012.The Annual Economic Reports on the EU Fishing Fleet provide an overview of the structure and economic performance of the 23 coastal EU Member State fishing fleets. It is the result of combined work by economic experts from the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee of Fisheries (STECF) and the European Commission.

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“Europe Online Payment Methods 2019”

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 febbraio 2019

Credit or debit cards and PayPal were the top two payment methods accounting for nearly three-quarters of E-Commerce sales in Europe in 2018, according to recent data cited in the report. However, there was also a significant variance in online shoppers’ preference for payment methods by country. In the Netherlands, for example, online banking method iDEAL beat both digital wallets and cards in terms of usage in E-Commerce and in Poland, local fast transfer services such as PayU and Przelewy24 were in the lead.
Although Europe lags behind other global regions, such as Asia-Pacific, in terms of mobile payment adoption, the use of payments on smartphones, tablets and wearables is rising, as the report shows. Scandinavian nations and the UK are among the leaders of this trend, especially when it comes to making mobile payments in-store. Also, consumers in emerging economies across Europe show interest in mobile wallets. In Russia, the use of Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay by connected consumers is already in the double-digits.
Overall, surveys cited in the report indicate that digital buyers across Europe want online sellers to offer a variety of payment methods at the checkout. More than one in five online shoppers in France are more likely to visit an online store that supports alternative payment methods to credit cards. Additionally, three-quarters of UK buyers prefer E-Commerce websites with a range of payment options.At the same time, shoppers are wary of the safety of their payment details on the Internet. A double-digit share of online buyers in Spain value security over both the speed and comfort of the payment process, and more than 50% of shoppers in Sweden try to avoid entering card details on E-Commerce sites.

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“Marital Love and Responsible Parenthood”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 25 settembre 2015

marital loveThe Pontifical Council for the Family today presented at the Philadelphia World Meeting of Families a video-summary on “Marital Love and Responsible Parenthood”. It has been produced by Goya Producciones under the patronage of the Council.
Over 15,000 people are attending the WMF, which is scheduled to be closed on Sunday by Pope Francis.
The new video summarizes a ten-part series of short documentaries to be released by the producer early next year in different languages. Featuring are international experts on debated matters such as marriage, responsible parenthood and natural family planning.
Gynecologists and other experts explain in the video that the natural methods effectiveness is equivalent to any artificial method. They are not, however, “a catholic system of contraception”. They are rather a way of living love based on the respect to nature and to human dignity. The natural methods of fertility regulation keep the espouses closer together. According to US experts, the rate of divorce is less than 3% among users of natural methods, whereas it reaches up to 50% among those using contraception.
The video also shows that the natural methods are good for health, compared with the numerous side effects of the pill and other contraceptives. The natural methods are not only effective for spacing births but also to achieve them in case of infertility. The Natural Procreative Technology is becoming as effective as any Assisted Reproductive Technology techniques, but with lower cost and with healthier pregnancies, and healthier babies, the experts claim.The video shows that the natural methods are being successfully used in many countries of different cultures and religions worldwide. They are however not widely spread because of lack of financial resources.The last part of the video comments on Pope Paul VI encyclical “Humanae Vitae” and the development of his teaching by John Paul II, Benedict XVI and pope Francis. The video was made in cooperation with the UCAM and the ACN. (foto: marital love)

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