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Interior Design App Planner 5D Offers More Building Options than Minecraft and Integrates VR

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 2 agosto 2017

Interior DesignPlanner 5D, which has already helped more than 18 million homeowners, architects and renovators to design their new home, office, or restaurant, is now attracting also those who love games – or those who want to use games in order to design their homes. Users of Planner 5D can visualize and adjust various colors, materials and décor details, see designs in 2D and 3D, create renders, and share them with friends or on social media.
So those who love designing, and feel that Minecraft is not enough, now have an even better tool that offers more options to choose shapes, textures and colors of furniture, walls, and interior design details.For example, Minecraft allows to build in blocks and cubes only, and Planner 5D gives offers various options: a user starts within a block, which is actually a room, and can use their fantasy and integrate whichever shapes they want.A feature called magic cube allows to change the size of an object and morph it into other shapes – and not necessarily buildings.In addition, Planner 5D is already using or working on enhanced reality features that make interior design even more exciting. These features are:
1. Virtual Reality (VR). Virtual reality option, currently available on Android, gives an opportunity to see how the designed house will actually look. After downloading the app and creating a project, users put on VR goggles, turn virtual reality mode on and can “step into” their new house. Virtual reality allows people to really feel what their dream home would look like.
2. AI (Artificial Intelligence). When it comes to interior design, in the near future virtual reality will be closely connected with AI to create life-like user experiences. With the help of AI, users’ wishes will be guessed before they even think about a solution, and reflected through virtual reality goggles. Machine learning algorithm will travel through someone’s projects looking for patterns. For example, some people tend to lean towards lighter wall colors and Italian-style furniture. So when a person chooses their wall color, the system will suggest furniture that they might like – and everything will be shown in real-life virtual reality technology.
3. AR (Augmented Reality). Planner 5D’s AR app, coming in the fall, will automatically recognize walls, furniture and house design model created with the app by using image recognition technology. The AR app would also create a 3D model of the house from a simple photo. A user would only need to snap a photo with their smartphone, which would be sent directly to a server, resulting in a 3D model of the house. The 3D project would be easy to edit and would allow to rearrange furniture, change textures, virtually add new furniture or to delete old furniture and exchange it with new options. AR technology, which will eventually move from smart devices into AR glasses, will change the way we view interior design, making it accessible to anyone.
Planner 5D is already being used in classrooms to help kids learn STEM subjects, such as math skills and interior design, through interactive experiences and games. Gamification is becoming one of the major trends in education this year, and will continue to attract bigger amounts of people who want to build, learn or design – the fun way. To learn more, please visit Planner 5D’s website.
Originally a startup company founded by Alexey Sheremetyev and Sergey Nosyrev, Planner 5D has a community of over 18 million users with more than 100,000 users daily. It’s a free cross-platform application which supports in-app purchases. It can be used on a browser, Android and iOS. The app offers customization of furniture with the ability to change textures, colors and size, a VR tool and creative suggestions for home design. (photo: Interior Design)

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“Minecraft Hour of Code Designer”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 5 dicembre 2016

Online Banking ComputerDal 5 all’11 dicembre, 20 scuole ospiteranno i tutorial “Minecraft Hour of Code Designer”, una versione di Minecraft realizzata da Microsoft and per permettere agli studenti di acquisire, divertendosi, competenze fondamentali per il loro futuro. La settimana di programmazione si apre lunedì prossimo, 5 dicembre, a Roma, presso l’Istituto comprensivo Via Latina 303, con la partecipazione dell’assessore a Roma Semplice Flavia Marzano.
Sono oltre 3.000 gli studenti nelle scuole primarie e secondarie e nella Palestra dell’Innovazione di Roma che partecipano ai laboratori di coding, organizzati da Microsoft e Fondazione Mondo Digitale, in collaborazione con De Agostini, per contribuire alla campagna globale Hour of Code, promossa a livello globale all’interno della Computer Science Education Week (5-11 dicembre 2016).Al centro dei laboratori “Minecraft Hour of Code Designer”, una versione del noto videogioco appositamente realizzata dai game designer di Mojang e Microsoft, in partnership con, per offrire a studenti e docenti un’opportunità unica per misurarsi con le tecniche alla base della programmazione, attraverso l’uso di uno strumento semplice e familiare come Minecraft, già utilizzato e apprezzato nelle scuole di tutto il mondo.

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