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Nuova realtà di system integration nel mondo delle comunicazioni mission-critical

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 settembre 2019

L’operazione di merger avviata nel 2018, si è completata il 31 luglio 2019. A darne l’annuncio sono i membri del board, i legali rappresentanti Cesare Migani ed Elisabetta Cadonici, il Direttore Generale Sabrina Vescovi e il Direttore Vendite Fabio Cadonici. La nuova società metterà a fattor comune persone, competenze, prodotti e modello di go-to-market per dare vita a un nuovo operatore di riferimento in Italia nel settore della system integration ad alta specializzazione.

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Ohio City and County Select Mission-Critical Technologies from Motorola Solutions

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 marzo 2019

When a 9-1-1 call is placed, information needs to be shared quickly and accurately with first responders who are dispatched to the scene. Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) was selected by Springfield, Ohio and Clark County, Ohio to provide command center software to take incoming 9-1-1 calls, share and manage critical incident information, and communicate across agencies to coordinate a response.“There is no doubt in our minds that Motorola Solutions’ integrated software offers the best options for our first responders,” said Paul Hicks, communications manager, City of Springfield. “Through the state’s trusted partnership with Motorola Solutions, we are confident that they will deliver the best end-to-end solutions for our command center.” Motorola Solutions technologies selected by Springfield and Clark County work together to share information seamlessly during every step of an incident response.
Motorola Solutions is a global leader in mission-critical communications. Our technology platforms in communications, software, video and services make cities safer and help communities and businesses thrive. At Motorola Solutions, we are ushering in a new era in public safety and security. Learn more at

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Joint Whitepaper Explores Increase in DMR Tier III Adoption for Mission Critical Communications

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 settembre 2018

Hytera, a leading provider of innovative Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications solutions, jointly announced the release of a new white paper entitled “DMR Trunked: Next Generation of LMR Technology” with IHS Markit, a global analysis firm specializing in the critical communications industry. The white paper outlines the steady growth and evolution path of DMR Tier III technology and provides a comprehensive analysis on its market demand and future adoption in vertical sectors such as Enterprise, Transportation, Utilities and Public Safety.
DMR Tier II conventional technology has traditionally been a business-critical technology, supplying communications for enterprise users. With the introduction of DMR Tier III trunking, the public safety and security markets are recognizing DMR as a viable technology for mission-critical applications. With a full complement of features designed with mission-critical users in mind, DMR Tier III trunking is gaining a global foothold in the Public Safety and security markets. By the year 2021, the Public Safety vertical is expected to account for nearly 35% of all DMR Tier III shipments worldwide. According to the white paper, a key driver in the adoption of DMR technology is the rapid worldwide migration to digital technology. Historically, LMR (licensed mobile radio) communications technologies utilized analog operation. However, today’s LMR market is advanced, forward-thinking and fast-paced, with innovative technologies, concepts, and integrations hitting the market regularly. Recent technology announced by leading players for DMR Tier II, NXDN and dPMR have incorporated equipment supporting communications on both analog and digital networks – thus facilitating this transition. DMR Tier III technology has benefited from the transformation, growing as a competitive protocol for the Public Safety sector and becoming a mainstream technology for Utilities, Transportation, and Enterprise industries worldwide. Convergence is anticipated to be the future of the critical communications industry. As more countries begin considering their roadmap to broadband LTE communications systems, hybrid solutions will form a large part of the transition economy. In short, LTE will complement critical voice with data, rather than replacing PMR altogether. With enhanced system design, security protection and encryption, DMR Tier III technology provide a clear evolution path to LTE migration in the form of a converged PMR + LTE solution, which will ultimately be required to make any LTE transition viable. A converged DMR and LTE solution includes a dual-mode radio which can connect to a cellular network in addition to the DMR network, which allows video uploading and video calls via the commercial network while connecting to the DMR network for mission and business-critical voice.

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Mission to Libya: the EP ready to support the national dialogue amongst Libyans

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 Mag 2018

For the first time since 2012, an official delegation of the European Parliament carried out a mission to Libya.Led by Inés AYALA-SENDER (S&D, Spain), Chair of the Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries (DMAG), and composed of Claude MORAES (S&D, UK), Chair of the Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE), and Fabio Massimo CASTALDO (EFDD , Italy), Vice-President of the European Parliament and DMAG Member, the mission went to Tunis and Tripoli from the 20th to the 23rd of May 2018.In Tunis, the EP delegation, which had initially planned to travel to Tobruk, held talks with a delegation of their counterparts from the House of Representatives, led by Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Yousef Aghouri. In Tripoli, it met with Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maitiq, Foreign Minister Mohamed Taha Siala, and a delegation of the High State Council led by Deputy Chairman Fawzi Oqap.The EP delegation also held talks with UN Deputy Head of UNSMIL Maria do Valle Ribeiro and senior UNSMIL officials, with representatives from the IOM and UNHCR, as well as with civil society representatives and EU Heads of Mission to Libya.At the press conference held at the end of the EP mission, Chair Ayala Sender stated: “We conclude today a friendship visit to Libya, whereby we intend to send a strong message of support from the European Parliament to all the Libyan people. The UN-facilitated, Libyan-owned transition process aims at bringing about reconciliation, peace and security which all Libyans hope for and deserve. After all the pains and difficulties they have so courageously endured, the vast majority of Libyan citizens longs for a return to normal life within a framework of democratic institutions that ensure the respect for human rights and rule of law. Only such an environment will allow for the sustainable provision of goods and services and restore the social and economic conditions of a country so plentiful of resources. The European Parliament has started to engage with all Libyans and stands ready to support the national dialogue amongst them”.

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Food Innovation Global Mission 2018

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 aprile 2018

Roma 10 aprile 2018 ore 10.30 Camera di Commercio di Roma – Sala del Consiglio – Via de’ Burrò 147 Future Food Institute in collaborazione con Maker Faire Rome presenta la seconda edizione della Food Innovation Global Mission che partirà il 12 maggio da Bologna.Per due mesi 16 studenti- ricercatori del “Food innovation program 3.0” organizzato in collaborazione con l’Institute for the Future di Paolo Alto visiteranno i principali food hub del mondo: da Mumbai a Shanghai passando per New York e la Silicon Valley per promuovere un approccio più consapevole all’alimentazione, sviluppare nuove tecnologie e formare i future food leaders. I risultati raccolti durante i due mesi della Global Mission saranno presentati durante l’edizione 2018 di Maker Faire Rome.Intervengono alla conferenza:
● Sara Roversi, Founder Future Food Institute
● Matteo Vignoli, Direttore Food Innovation Program
● Marc Buckley, Climate Reality Project di Al Gore, World Economic Forum e ANJA. Marc è anche il testimonial della campagna social “Future Food for Climate Change – #FF4CC”.
● Paolo De Castro, Vicepresidente della Commissione Agricoltura del Parlamento Europeo
● Giovanni Umberto De Vito, Cons. Amb. Ministero Affari Esteri
● Diana Battagia, Direttore UNIDO ITPO (Agenzia delle Nazioni Unite per lo Sviluppo Industriale dei Paesi in via di sviluppo)
● Raffaele Maiorano, Vicepresidente GFAR FAO
● Francesco Loreto e Roberto Reali, Dipartimento Scienze Bio-Agroalimentari del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – CNR

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Air France: la migliore compagnia aerea per i viaggiatori d’affari

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 13 marzo 2018

Si è svolta ieri presso l’Excelsior Hotel Gallia di Milano la Serata di Gala della quinta edizione di IMA, ITALIAN MISSION AWARDS 2018, il premio italiano dedicato al business travel organizzato da Newsteca, casa editrice della testata MISSION – La rivista dei viaggi d’affari. Air France si è aggiudicata il premio come Miglior compagnia aerea per i viaggiatori d’affari.
Alla presenza di oltre 250 professionisti del mondo del business travel, operatori del settore turistico e travel manager, in rappresentanza di 100 aziende, sono stati premiati – e festeggiati – i vincitori delle 26 categorie in gara.
La giuria ha aggiudicato il premio come Miglior compagnia aerea per i viaggiatori d’affari ad Air France con la seguente motivazione: per il vasto network globale e per la capillare presenza nei dieci principali scali italiani. Per i rilevanti investimenti nel miglioramento del comfort a bordo, testimoniati dal rinnovamento delle quattro classi di servizio. “Siamo davvero orgogliosi di questo nuovo riconoscimento assegnato al Gruppo Air France-KLM nel settore del business travel” ha detto Nadia Azale, Direttore Vendite Italia di Air France-KLM “Air France è già stata premiata nel 2015 da Skytrax come compagnia aerea che ha registrato il maggior miglioramento e questo nuovo premio è la dimostrazione del nostro continuo impegno ad offrire servizi e prodotti sempre rinnovati per tutti i nostri clienti”.

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Sailing in the dark – 300 with a mission Visa, terror and the Aegean refugee agreement

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 Mag 2016

sailingThe EU-Turkey agreement on the refugee crisis in the Aegean entered into force two months ago. Legally it is no more than a non-binding “statement”, but its strength derives from a clear and powerful objective:”In order to break the business model of the smugglers and to offer migrants an alternative to putting their lives at risk, the EU and Turkey today decided to end the irregular migration from Turkey to the EU.”
In 2015 more than 500,000 people arrived from Turkey on the Greek island of Lesbos – close to the total number of irregular crossings into the whole EU in five years (2009-2013). In 2015 more than 800,000 people crossed the Aegean. In autumn 2015 ESI argued that the right plan might lead “within six weeks to a dramatic fall in the number of crossings.” After the Aegean agreement entered into force it took only two weeks for the number of daily crossings to fall from more than 1,100 a day in March to one tenth that number in April. And while 805 people died in the Aegean in 2015 (IOM), following the entry into force of the agreement the number of people who drowned fell sharply
In short: so far the agreement is delivering more than expected. And yet, there are dark clouds on the horizon, reasons to fear that in the next weeks, even before the end of the Dutch EU presidency bad management, bad faith, negligence and recklessness might sink this ship. The question today is: what can be done to prevent this?
sailing1A few numbers reveal how the Aegean agreement is currently failing: the number of people who have been stuck on the Greek islands since 20 March; the capacities to accommodate these people on these islands; the number of those returned to Turkey; and the (unknown) number of asylum applications that have been decided.The total number of people on the Greek islands (Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Leros, Kos, Rhodes, Kalymnos) on 17 May was 8,511. According to UNHCR the capacities to accommodate them are as follows:
Lesbos: 3,500 places for 4,207 people
Chios: 1,100 places for 2,276 people
Eight weeks after the agreement entered into force there were three Greek asylum case workers for 2,276 people on Chios and none at all for 500 people on Leros. And yet, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) argues that there is no need for more asylum case workers from the EU as the mission would not be able to absorb them.This is not the only indication of terrible mismanagement. Another is a striking lack of transparency about what is happening on the islands. Journalists spend many days on Lesbos or on Chios and struggle to get basic information. Regular reporting by the European Commission leaves out some of the most important information (how many cases have been resolved? How many Greek case workers are deployed?).
sailing2And yet, Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker continues to refer to the implementation of the Aegean agreement as mainly a burden for the Greek Asylum Service: “This is a Herculean task facing us, especially Greece is facing a Herculean task.” But evoking ancient heroes, even Hercules, will not help without better management. To pretend that this agreement can be implemented by Greece alone, with support from the European Commission as currently organised, puts everything achieved so far at risk again.
It is crucial that the EU demonstrates that it means it, and organises itself for this to happen. This would be a huge help for Greece. It would be a very important success for the European Commission. It would also be a crucial step towards a credible European asylum policy. As Robert Schuman put it: “Europe will not be built all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements.” Today, the road to a credible EU policy on asylum passes through Lesbos.
Inadequate implementation of the agreement’s provision concerning asylum and readmission on the Greek islands is not the only shortcoming, however. There is also the fact that everyone seems to have forgotten about point 4 of the EU-Turkey agreement:
“Once irregular crossings between Turkey and the EU are ending or at least have been substantially and sustainably reduced, a Voluntary Humanitarian Admission Scheme will be activated. EU Member States will contribute on a voluntary basis to this scheme.”As the numbers of crossings continue to fall, the moment has arrived to prepare for this scheme. But is anybody doing so?
Since 20 March only 177 Syrians have been resettled from Turkey. With such low numbers the promise that the EU is going to offer asylum seekers “an alternative to putting their lives at risk” rings hollow.For serious resettlement to happen EU member states must find a quick way to resettle Syrian refugees from Turkey, leaving out unnecessary intermediaries. The current “fast track Standard operating procedures,” adopted at the end of April, are neither fast nor appropriate.
Since 20 March only 389 migrants have been returned from Greece to Turkey. And yet, instead of these readmissions being carefully monitored so as to dispel doubts about Turkey as a safe third country and safe country of asylum, the lack of transparency, lacking follow up and overall absence of accountability has undermined not just the rights of those returned, but also prospects for the whole agreement. For its implementation it is vital that international law is upheld on both sides of the Aegean; that refugees’ rights are respected and that their circumstances are adequate. Shortly after the first migrants were returned to Turkey on 4 April, press reports emerged that 13 non-Syrians had been sent back who had not been given the opportunity to apply for asylum in Greece. More than a month later, there has been no official confirmation or rebuttal of this claim.
The likely consequences of not offering visa liberalisation in June are the following:
The – legally non-binding – EU-Turkey statement is – perhaps fatally – undermined. This allows Turkey to walk away from other demanding parts of the Aegean agreement. Without visa liberalisation readmission is at risk.
Ordinary Turks will not be able to travel easily. However, over 2 million Turks with special/green passports – state officials and their families – will continue to travel visa free to most EU member states.
In fact, for the EU the 72 roadmap benchmarks are not legal criteria, but political. The EU offers visa free travel to many countries with human rights problems. (foto: sailing)

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The Lean IT Association Launches with Mission to Set a Global Standard for Lean IT Education and Certification

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 marzo 2015

RotterdamRotterdam, The Netherlands – The Lean IT Association – a consortium of global leaders in the IT Training and Certification Industry – today announced its formation and revealed its newly developed Lean IT Certification Scheme. The Certification Scheme sets out an important reference for professionals in several degrees of knowledge and competence.
The Lean IT Association (LITA) is led by a Board comprised of Senior Directors of its founding members, including Nick Houlton (APMG), Bernd Taselaar (EXIN), Byron Nicolaides (PEOPLECERT), David Ratcliffe (Pink Elephant), Maurice Boon (Quint) and Sukhbir Jasuja (ITpreneurs). According the Association’s Manifesto, the Consortium was founded to set a global standard for Lean IT education and certification.Lean is about making the organization more efficient and to effectively respond to external demand. Incremental and radical change methods such as Agile Scrum can be used to transition the organization to Lean principles in production and management. IT Service Management can get a huge benefit out of Lean IT, by removing waste and optimizing the value of the IT services. Nick Houlton, Chief Operating Officer at APMG states: “Lean principles have been used in a variety of industries for some years now. The IT industry has embraced these principles using the term “Lean IT”, but while there have been some fragmented initiatives for education & certification in Lean IT, there is no universally accepted program or thought leadership. The Lean IT Association is aiming to remedy that”.The Lean IT Certification Scheme consists of 4 distinct certifications for various levels. Starting at an entry level with Lean IT Foundation and moving into Lean IT Kaizen Lead, climbing further up the ladder to Lean IT Leader or Coach. Each level introduces more knowledge and skills, eventually leading up to competences that enable a professional to support corporate introduction or further development of Lean IT initiatives.Training providers can apply for accreditation by one of the Exam Institutes liaised to LITA, through the Lean IT Association website. The quality of their training program, materials and trainers will be assessed against and accredited according to LITA standards.

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Royal Technology Mission with His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden visits Planmeca

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 novembre 2014

Planmeca1The Royal Technology Mission, with His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden as its patron, visited Finnish healthcare technology manufacturer Planmeca in Helsinki on November 27th. His Majesty, along with 30 other top representatives from Sweden’s government, private sector and academia were introduced to the healthcare technology leader’s growth story and innovations.The Royal Technology Mission is visiting Finland to become inspired by the country’s innovative companies, initiatives and growth strategies. Planmeca Oy is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dental care technology, with an unmatched product portfolio that has placed it at the vanguard of the industry. Known for 80e50139868fe403_800x800arits strong commitments to research and design, Planmeca continuously collaborates with e.g. leading dental universities to elevate the standard of dental care.“We received a unique opportunity to share our growth story with the Swedish leaders and to introduce to them our newest dental and healthcare innovations, such as combinations of patient 3D data and patient-specific 3D implants. Thanks to the emergence of 3D technologies and applications, dental care is undergoing a remarkable change”, says Tuomas Lokki, Senior Vice President of Planmeca. “A great deal has been done in Finland to promote innovation. One of our country’s main strengths is the active dialogue between companies, academia and the government. Healthcare technology has recently become Finland’s largest high tech export, and we’re proud to be forerunners in the field”, Lokki says.The Royal Technology Mission visit is organised by IVA, The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. IVA has organised similar excursions around the world since 1984. In addition to Carl XVI Gustaf, the mission is formed by business executives and other influential figures from Sweden’s private and public sectors.

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Following arrest of suspect in Jewish museum attack, WJC brings solidarity mission to Brussels

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 2 giugno 2014

BRUSSELS – A solidarity mission of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) to Brussels will take place next Monday (2 June) following the terrorist attack last Saturday at the city’s Jewish Museum, in which three people were killed and one gravely wounded. On Sunday, police announced the arrest of the suspected killer in France.  The mission will be led by WJC President Ronald S. Lauder and include 25 senior representatives of Jewish communities from around the world. The delegation will hold talks with Belgium’s Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, Foreign Minister Didier Reynders, Interior Minister Joëlle Milquet, Justice Minister Annemie Turtelboom, the head of Cabinet of the King of the Belgians, Frans van Daele, and the heads of the Jewish Museum, Philippe Blondin, and the Jewish community umbrella body CCOJB, Maurice Sosnowski.Lauder and Sosnowski will also give a WJC press conference on Monday at 13:00 (changed from 12:15), at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Brussels and brief the media about the impact this attack has on the Jewish community, the arrest of the suspected killer, and what lessons need to be learned from the incident. Ronald S. Lauder declared: “The entire Jewish world has been shocked by the horrible attack in the center of Brussels last week. We must now stand united with the community, and we also expect to get answers from Belgium’s politicians what will be done to ensure that the safety of Jews and Jewish institutions is improved and that Jews do not feel threatened.”

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U.S. Fertility Center on Mission to Educate, Give Hope, to Europeans Wanting Children via Surrogacy and Egg Donation

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 Mag 2014

The legal landscape around IVF (in vitro fertilization) and surrogacy in European countries cuts off hope for many singles and couples wanting to start or grow their family with the help of a doctor. But an increasing number of Europeans are coming to the United States to seek treatment, giving them hope in the face of significant opposition from their own country’s government. Two leaders in reproductive medicine via surrogacy, New England Fertility and Extraordinary Conceptions, will be visiting Europe in June to meet with potential patients.“Yes, we are eager to grow our business,” Gad Lavy, MD, founder and medical director of New England Fertility, says. “But we are on an educational mission to let people living abroad know that they have options if they want a family,” he adds.Gay couples are taking note, following American gay couples, and heading West to pursue family building via surrogacy. And not far behind are an increasing number of heterosexual couples.“They need treatment that just are forbidden in Europe.  And they go home with their families in tact and are happy they found this option,” Lavy says.Lavy and representatives from Extraordinary Conceptions, including a lawyer specializing in surrogacy, are available for interviews about surrogacy, IVF, their experience working with European patients and clients, and their upcoming trip. A gay German couple, patients of New England Fertility, also are willing to be interviewed.

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Les structures de gouvernance de Caritas Internationalis vont discuter des nouveaux décrets du Saint Père

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 7 Mag 2012

Le Saint Père a fait remettre hier au Cardinal Président de Caritas Internationalis par le Cardinal Secrétaire d’Etat et son équipe deux décrets : l’un approuve les nouveaux statuts et règlement intérieur de Caritas Internationalis, avec quelques modifications significatives apportées à ceux adoptés par le Comité exécutif de l’organisation en novembre dernier ; l’autre précise la nature des relations entre Caritas Internationalis et les différents organes de la Curie avec lesquels il doit coopérer. Ceci est l’aboutissement d’un long processus engagé en 2004, quand le pape Jean Paul II a doté Caritas Internationalis d’un statut de personnalité juridique publique, en faisant ainsi une entité du Saint Siège. Cet aboutissement était attendu et Caritas Internationalis se réjouit de ce moment important dans son histoire. Sa mission est confirmée, dans un cadre institutionnel plus ecclésial, incarnant sa double nature de confédération de 164 organisations nationales et d’entité du Saint Siège. Le Conseil représentatif de la Confédération et son Bureau exécutif se réunissent dans leur nouvelle forme du 15 au 17 mai à Rome, comme programmé de longue date. Cette réunion sera en partie consacrée à étudier les changements apportés aux nouveaux statuts par rapport à ceux votés par le Comité exécutif en novembre dernier et qui avaient été transmis à la secrétairerie d’Etat pour approbation par le Saint Père, et à leur application. Caritas Internationalis est confiante dans l’avenir : sa mission de lutte contre la pauvreté et de promotion de la justice sociale a été renouvelée en tant que service de l’Eglise universelle, et après plusieurs années de travaux sur la rénovation de ses statuts, tous ses efforts seront dorénavant concentrés sur cette mission.

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AMRI Announces Preferred Provider Agreement with BioPontis Alliance LLC

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 6 gennaio 2012

English: The University at Albany's College of...

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Albany, New York. AMRI (NASDAQ: AMRI), a global contract services organization, announced today that it has entered into a preferred provider agreement with BioPontis Alliance LLC. The agreement is aimed at supporting BioPontis’ mission to bridge the gap between early-stage research and technologies being discovered and developed in academia and other research entities. AMRI will provide its services in small molecule discovery, development, and manufacturing in BioPontis’ drug discovery research programs. The agreement also supports the need for proof-of-concept data that is required in the current pharmaceutical company licensing environment. The goal of BioPontis Alliance is to identify promising early stage product opportunities and utilize a preferred network of CROs and leading research companies to apply appropriate expertise to develop these opportunities enough to attract pharmaceutical company licensing partners. BioPontis Alliance has established research alliances with a number of the nation’s leading academic-research institutes, in which BioPontis searches for innovative science that has the potential to be translated into new treatments for cancer, neurology, inflammation, and infectious diseases. BioPontis Alliance currently has agreements with a consortium of leading universities and research institutions, including New York University, Columbia University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), University of Virginia, University of Kansas, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Florida. In addition to partnerships aimed at identifying early technology, BioPontis has entered into preferred partnership agreements with leading pharmaceutical companies, including Janssen Biotech (wholly owned by Johnson & Johnson), Pfizer and Merck.
Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (AMRI) is a global contract research and manufacturing organization with more than twenty years experience providing customers fully integrated drug discovery, development, and manufacturing services. AMRI supplies a broad range of services and technologies that support the discovery and development of pharmaceutical products and the manufacturing of API and drug product for existing and experimental new drugs. With locations in the United States, Europe, and Asia, AMRI maintains geographic proximity and flexible cost models. AMRI has also historically leveraged its drug-discovery expertise to execute on several internal drug discovery programs, which have progressed to the development candidate stage and in some cases into Phase I clinical development. AMRI has successfully partnered certain programs and is actively seeking to out-license its remaining programs to strategic partners for further development.
BioPontis Alliance, LLC (BPA) is an asset-based investment capital fund combined with a research and development company created with established economic and scientific alliances with leading research universities and other institutions that collectively comprise the BioPontis University Alliance (the “University Alliance”). BioPontis Alliance is designed to facilitate efficient access to early-stage innovation by the medical industry, and to manage investment funds that identify, invest in, and develop a portfolio of technologies accessed by BPA through the University Alliance.

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BroadVision lancia il programma Clearvale Social Enterprise Transformation

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 novembre 2011

Sunflower Social Business Model

Image by Intersection Consulting via Flickr

Redwood CITY, California, BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq:BVSN), l’azienda leader per soluzioni nel campo del social business, ha annunciato oggi alla conferenza Enterprise 2.0 a Santa Clara la disponibilità immediata del programma Clearvale (TM) Social Enterprise Transformation (SET), un processo della durata di 90 giorni per valutare come approntare, pianificare, stabilire e perfezionare un ecosistema di social network per le aziende. Mediante l’utilizzo di tecniche e strumenti per il social network, BroadVision aiuta aziende di tutto il mondo a trasformare in modo efficace il modo in cui operano. Queste tecniche fanno di SET un programma facile da seguire progettato per aiutare le aziende a evitare le trappole di iniziative di social network deludenti. Il programma SET aiuta le organizzazioni a garantire il mandato esecutivo, a pianificare la strategia prima di implementare la tecnologia, a stabilire delle comunità per la creazione dei contenuti, a promuovere la partecipazione e stimolarne l’adozione, e a valutarne il successo per mezzo della piattaforma di “social enterprise” Clearvale.
Attraverso il programma SET, un team di Clearvale lavorerà in collaborazione con le organizzazioni tenendo regolari incontri nella fase della loro trasformazione sociale. Grazie al sostegno del team di Clearvale, le organizzazioni potranno completare un’autovalutazione per esaminare il modo in cui lavorano attualmente e stabilire, inoltre, se l’azienda è pronta per una trasformazione sociale. Per stabilire i requisiti aziendali, le organizzazioni possono usare come modello uno dei casi di utilizzo di social network prefabbricati di Clearvale, oppure possono creare dei piani di trasformazione in social enterprise personalizzati su misura in base alle loro specifiche esigenze di social network. Allo scadere dei 90 giorni, il team di Clearvale svolgerà un’analisi di follow-up per mostrare il livello di social network raggiunto, usando una serie di valori basati su connettività, attività e popolarità.Come parte del programma SET, BroadVision sta svolgendo un’indagine intesa a stabilire una baseline di dati del settore relativi al modo in cui le aziende stanno lavorando e collaborando al presente, per valutare quanto siano pronte a una trasformazione sociale e in che modo questi sforzi incidano sulle loro attività. Per partecipare, visitare la pagina dell’indagine sulla trasformazione in social enterprise nel sito di Clearvale.
Clearvale è una soluzione di social network per le aziende basata su cloud che sfrutta al meglio la più recente tecnologia e le prassi enterprise 2.0, aiutando le aziende a coinvolgere e a interagire con dipendenti, clienti e partner. Solo Clearvale consente alle aziende di creare network sociali per ognuno di questi gruppi, pur gestendoli tutti insieme come un’unica entità, creando quindi un ecosistema di social enterprise.
All’avanguardia dell’innovazione fin dal 1993, BroadVision (Nasdaq:BVSN) è un fornitore innovativo di soluzioni per e-business e social network per le aziende in cerca di una crescita dei profitti tramite il miglioramento dei processi commerciali online per mezzo di partecipazione sollecitata e interazione sociale. Le nostre soluzioni – tra cui Clearvale, la prima rete al mondo tra le reti per aziende orientate al social network – consente di realizzare e-business mission-critical per le organizzazioni di prossima generazione in tutto il mondo. Tra i clienti che stanno traendo vantaggi dalle soluzioni BroadVision(R) citiamo Baker Hughes, Canon, Epson, Fiat, W.W. Grainger, Hilti, Iberia, Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Company, SINA, SOFTBANK TELECOM Corp, Sony, U.S. Navy, Vodafone, e altre ancora. Per ulteriori informazioni visitare il sito
BroadVision e Clearvale e tutte le diverse grafie con distinzione tra lettere maiuscole e minuscole dei loro nomi sono marchi commerciali o marchi depositati di BroadVision, Inc. negli Stati Uniti d’America e in altri paesi.

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Nato: Counter piracy mission

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 17 dicembre 2010

London – Yesterday, Commodore Michiel Hijmans, Commander of NATO’s counter piracy mission, Operation Ocean Shield, met with his CMF counterpart Commodore Abdul Aleem.  The two commanders met on board HNLMS De Ruyter (Royal  Netherlands Navy) in the Gulf of Aden to discuss matters of mutual concern, including cooperation in the deployment of ships and aircraft in the Gulf of Aden and Somali Basin.  SNMG2 commanded by Commodore Hijmans has recently taken over from SNMG1 and is now in the area with ships from Denmark, The Netherlands, Turkey and the U.S. The commodore and his staff were very pleased to meet some of their CMF counterparts.  “Piracy is a common problem that directly effects the world economy, to counter it international cooperation is essential. In maritime cooperation personal relations have proven one of the keys to success. The visit of commodore Abdul Aleem SI(M) was therefore very useful and appreciated. It strengthens our relationship and allows us to counter piracy to the maximum of our abilities as naval forces” stated Commodore Hijmans.  Speaking after the three hour meeting, Commodore Aleem said: “Today was a chance to renew the mutually beneficial and productive relationship between Combined Maritime Forces and NATO. Our area of operation is simply huge, so by coordinating the activities of our warships and aircraft, we can ensure they are deployed in the most effective way. The pirates are resourceful and capable of adapting their behaviour. Therefore it is essential that counter-piracy operations share their intelligence and develop their strategies in order to remain one step ahead”.  The Pakistan Navy has been in command of CTF 151 since the end of  November, when Commodore Aleem relieved Rear Admiral Sinan Ertugrul of the Turkish Navy. In recent months the multi-national force has included ships from Australia, Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and U.S. In addition to Pakistan, the command team includes staff from Canada, Netherlands and U.S.
Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 is permanently assigned to NATO. It is a multi-national Naval Group that provides the NATO Alliance with the ability to quickly respond to crisis situations anywhere in the world. A capable, stand-alone task group and one of four standing maritime elements that form a flexible core around which NATO can build a larger force to meet a wide range of missions that will include non-combatant evacuations, consequence management, counter terrorism, crisis response, embargo operations, etc.   CMF’s counter-piracy mission is known as Combined Task Force 151 (CTF151) and its mission is to deter, disrupt and suppress piracy, protecting maritime vessels of any nationality and securing freedom of navigation in the Gulf of Aden and Somali Basin. In conjunction with NATO and EU Naval Force Somalia (EUNAVFOR), CTF-151 conducts patrols in the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) and supports Best Management Practice (BMP) methods for piracy avoidance that are promoted to the shipping industry.  CTF 151 is one of three task forces operated by Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), a 25-nation coalition based in Bahrain. Its main focus areas are defeating terrorism, preventing piracy, reducing illegal activities and promoting a safe maritime environment.

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New situation of the Ad Gentes mission

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 6 novembre 2010

St Gallen/Accra, Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM). The Seminar forms part of the CCEE-SECAM five-year joint projects (2007-2011) which began following the First joint CCEE and SECAM Symposium that took place in Rome, Italy, in November 2004. The project focuses on collaboration between European and African bishops and aims to deepen their common responsibility for evangelisation and the human promotion of their respective continents in particular  and the world in general. The bishops of the two continents have in the past years held Seminars on a) Slavery and the new forms of slavery in November 2007 in Elmina, Ghana; and b) Migration as a new opportunity for evangelisation and solidarity in November 2008 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. The forthcoming Seminar which is being organised by the CCEE and SECAM in collaboration with various Partner Agencies will be hosted by the His Grace Mgr Jean Pierre Kutwa, Archbishop of Abidjan. About 40 participants, representatives of European and African Episcopates, Vatican Dicasteries and Partner Agencies, will reflect in particular on the following themes: – Theological and Biblical introduction on the missionary dimension of the Church and the significance of cooperation among the particular Churches.; – The new situation of Ad Gentes mission; – Priests and religious vocations;  – Training of pastoral agents and of seminarians in Africa and Europe; – African priests in Europe; – Priests studying in Europe; – African priests in Europe for African communities – African priests in Europe as missionaries – European missionaries in Africa – Collaboration between the Churches of Africa and Europe.

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L’associazione genitori a Palermo

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 26 Mag 2010

Insieme ai giovani “ambasciatori della legalità” provenienti da tutta Italia anche l’A.Ge., insieme alle altre associazioni genitori del FoNAGS (Forum nazionale Associazioni Genitori nella Scuola), ha fatto rotta, sulle Navi della Legalità, verso Palermo, giungendovi proprio il 23 maggio.   “Un’esperienza – è detto in un comunicato dell’A.G.E. – che abbiamo avuto l’onore di condividere con il procuratore nazionale antimafia Piero Grasso, straordinario compagno di viaggio, che abbiamo ascoltato attentamente in ogni dichiarazione. Una in particolare, ci sembra importante sottolineare e salvare da ogni rischio di dispersione, perché intimamente connessa alla nostra mission ed essenza associativa”.
Nel 18° anniversario della data in cui Giovanni Brusca (lo “scannacristiani”) mandò a morte Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo, Rocco Di Cillo, Antonio Montinaro e Vito Schifani si è levata alta la voce del Capo dello Stato, Giorgio Napolitano: “il ricordo dell’appassionato, eroico impegno di Giovanni Falcone nella difesa delle istituzioni e dei cittadini dalla sopraffazione criminale costituisce prezioso stimolo per la crescita della coscienza civica e della fiducia nello stato di diritto”.   “La fiducia nelle pubbliche funzioni – ha affermato – si coltiva nelle mura domestiche, è assorbita dai figli che la apprendono dagli atti dei genitori, prima che dal loro pensiero. Insostituibile è poi il ruolo della scuola, ma solo se sinergico con quella prima base che si fonda nel nucleo affettivo ed esperienziale primario. “Nessuno di noi è escluso dalla ricerca della verità – ha aggiunto – ma bisogna guardarsi dall’identificare lo Stato con personaggi indegni”. Quel “dovere” che bisogna conoscere e fare, poiché, lo diceva Falcone, “nel cammino verso un domani migliore, basta che ognuno faccia il suo dovere” s’impara da giovani, se non da bimbi.  Delle persone convenute a Palermo, più di mille hanno preso parte al convegno organizzato nell’aula-bunker dell’Ucciardone per la commemorazione di “tutte le famiglie di quanti hanno sacrificato la loro vita – ha detto Davide Guarneri, Presidente nazionale dell’A.Ge., intervenuto in rappresentanza delle associazioni dei genitori – facendo al contempo risuonare l’appello alla vigilanza, all’impegno civico ed educativo: perché l’affermazione di sé ad ogni costo, la violenza, la prevaricazione sull’altro, l’indifferenza si annidano sempre nel cuore umano, e sono radice di ogni illegalità”.  Insieme al ministro dell’Istruzione Mariastella Gelmini, i ministri dell’Interno e della Giustizia, Roberto Maroni e Angelino Alfano, il procuratore nazionale antimafia, Pietro Grasso e il procuratore di Palermo, Francesco Messineo, c’erano gli studenti, affiancati da insegnanti, genitori, associazioni.   “Li abbiamo – è scritto in una nota dell’Age – particolarmente a cuore. Concordiamo con Maria Falcone cui è piaciuto affettuosamente definirli “seme di rinascita”.

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Il Pd “si lecca le ferite”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 16 aprile 2010

Non cessa, all’interno del Pd il dibattito sull’entità della recente sconfitta elettorale e che, in qualche modo, coinvolge la stessa leadership di Bersani. Molto apprezzato è stato l’intervento di Dario Franceschini. Per lui “La mission del Pd non può essere costruire alleanze, ma l’idea che siamo nati per cambiare il Paese. Ora non si capisce qual è il messaggio del Pd e dobbiamo tornare allo spirito originario”. E soggiunge: “La gestione unitaria non significa sostenere chi ha vinto, ma che insieme si definisce la linea del partito”. Perché, incalza Fioroni, “noi non siamo figli di un Dio minore”. Altri sono stati ancora più espliciti affermando come Soro: “Noi non dobbiamo appiattirci su una linea, quella di Bersani, che ha vinto il congresso ma è stata sconfitta alle elezioni.” Per gli osservatori esterni si è notata molta amarezza e un senso di sconforto per il come è stata affrontata la campagna elettorale delle regionali. E’ mancato quel mordente necessario per risvegliare l’attenzione dell’opinione pubblica sulla validità di un impegno politico che sapesse fare la differenza rispetto ad una maggioranza costruita sugli annunci e sulle parole. Ma vi è anche un’altra insidia che bussa alle porte del Pd. E’ il vento di fronda che proviene dagli amici di Francesco Rutelli e dalle suggestioni per la nuova stagione animata dai centristi che si riconoscono nell’area Fini – Casini – Rutelli e che paventano la possibilità di costituire un nuovo gruppo parlamentare. Ci si chiede quanti del Pdl e del Pd sono intenzionati a lasciare i rispettivi partiti per iniziare l’avventura nel nuovo movimento che si profila all’orizzonte?

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Finanza agevolata e finanza ordinaria

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 aprile 2010

Gem Consulting e Capital Money Corporate hanno siglato a Roma un accordo per la costituzione di una joint venture al fine di convogliare contemporaneamente i servizi di finanza agevolata e finanza ordinaria sulle piccole e medie imprese dell’intero territorio nazionale.  La joint venture mira ad assumere un ruolo di primo piano nel contesto finanziario italiano unendo l’esperienza e le competenze delle due società. Oggi in Italia mancano infatti società ben strutturate e pronte ad offrire alla piccola e media impresa servizi particolari in ambito finanza e management aziendale.  Il gruppo Gem da anni si è dotato di queste professionalità per le PMI non essendo presenti in Italia molte strutture consulenziali di questo tipo e con questa mission.  Diverso è il discorso per Capital Money che è leader nel settore dell’erogazione di finanziamenti a privati ed aziende, nelle operazioni legate alla fornitura ed all’ erogazione di servizi in ambito finanziario e in tutte le operazione commerciali ad esse connesse.  La partnership di due società così complementari darà vita a una struttura estremamente innovativa e fornire al mercato una nuova opportunità nel settore finanziario. Di fatto la partnership nasce da una esigenza di mercato: in un periodo di forte contrazione del mercato finanziario e di estrema difficoltà per gli imprenditori nell’accesso al credito, la presenza sul territorio nazionale di un network in grado di offrire un’attività consulenziale orientata alla fornitura di servizi quali finanza agevolata, management aziendale e credito bancario allo stesso tempo, permetterà di soddisfare le esigenze di liquidità di gran parte delle imprese italiane che oggi non trovano più un referente capace di  risolvere le loro problematiche aziendali. I nuovi servizi veicolati da tutta la rete diretta e partecipata saranno leasing, factoring, fidejussioni, cauzioni, servizi per il credito agevolato e per il fondo perduto nell’intento di offrire strumenti di business coordinato all’operatività e alle attività della piccola e media impresa.

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La politica in “pausa armata”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 27 marzo 2010

Editoriale fidest. I commentatori politici i loro referenti e tutto il popolo degli elettori e la schiera dei candidati si stanno concedendo un momento di “silenzioso agitarsi” a caccia discreta dell’ultimo voto, dell’amico o conoscente trascurato, della telefonata di sostegno. E’ un qualcosa che ha niente a che fare con una scelta ideologica. Si tratta solo di avvicinare l’amico, il conoscente, e tramite loro gli altri amici e conoscenti in una sorta di “catena di S. Antonio” dove si parla del candidato, di una persona affidabile, degno d’essere votato. Non è più il momento di identificarlo nell’ambito di una coalizione, di sottolinearne la sua mission politica, il suo profilo culturale, in suo impegno civile. Si pensa ad un elettore mosso dal sentimento più che dalla ragione. Vi è persino chi indugia nel richiamo ad una militanza politica che lo avvicina al “capo”, ne fa un seguace fedele. Tutto sembra voglia farci dimenticare quella stagione dei diritti che la “guerra fredda” ci regalò e imposta dai timori che lo scontento popolare potesse spingere un popolo tra le braccia del socialismo reale. Ora che questi timori “corporativi” sono svaniti si passa ad un altro clima dove si instaura la stagione dei doveri e con la conseguente perdita dei diritti e senza che possa verificarsi un doveroso bilanciamento tra i due. Siamo quindi in caduta libera dove, purtroppo, cedono i più deboli: famiglie monoreddito, pensionati, giovani precari, cassa integrati, disoccupati, ecc. Costituiscono la stragrande maggioranza del Paese eppure non riescono ad esprimere una forza capace di rappresentarli e, soprattutto, sostenerli concretamente. In queste scadenze elettorali costoro sono i più esposti al canto delle sirene perché chi li tiranneggia è ben consapevole di doverli ingannare in favore dei poteri forti che dettano le loro regole e che non hanno bisogno del necessario per vivere e si adagiano nel superfluo. C’è chi allora azzarda qualche ricetta: non andate a votare o votate scheda bianca. E’ un errore. Il votare è l’unica e più efficace arma di contrasto che resta nelle mani dell’elettore. Ma è anche un’arma a doppio taglio. Se non si usa bene si rischia di farsi male. Significa che dobbiamo smettere di pensare che la politica la fanno gli altri e noi dobbiamo solo subirla. La politica fa parte della nostra vita, della nostra democrazia, della nostra libertà. Occorre prestarvi più attenzione e sapere chi è stato e resta dalla parte vostra e non è figlio di interessi mercenari. E’ il tempo di pensare che noi siamo quel che siamo, nel bene e nel male, perché è il risultato di scelte sbagliate o giuste e che queste scelte, in ogni circostanza, non sono il frutto di sentimenti o di umori del momento, ma dalla capacità di saper discernere il buono dal cattivo, il giusto dall’ingiusto da parte di chi riesce ad entrare nelle nostre case anche se non è invitato. Tocca a noi giudicarlo per quello che è e non per quello che sembra. (Riccardo Alfonso

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