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Joie De Vivre: Modern Art on the French Riviera

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 luglio 2020

London – As part of the expanded online programme to accompany ONE: A Global Sale of the 20th Century, Christie’s presents Joie de vivre: Modern Art and the Riviera, which is open for bidding from 30 June to 17 July. The auction offers an eclectic selection of 42 colourful artworks that evoke the spirit of the iconic Côte d’Azur. The south of France and the Mediterranean coasts have long held an allure over artists, providing a constant source of inspiration, respite and escapism, especially during times of historic turmoil or uncertainty. Starting at the turn of the century, generations of artists have fallen in love with the delights of this Mediterranean idyll, intoxicated by the dazzling colours and bright light as well as the palpable presence of the classical past, spending sun-soaked summer sojourns in Nice, Antibes, Golfe-Juan, among the many other towns and villages nestled along the coast and in the hills above.Highlights include Raoul Dufy’s Le théâtre antique de Taormina which was painted as the artist journeyed to Sicily in 1923. Attracted by the light that bathed the buildings, the work glorifies the beauty and nobility of Sicily (estimate: £150,000-180,000). La plage à Nice by Carlos Nadal (1989, estimate: £30,000-50,000) is the quintessential embodiment of Mediterranean joie de vivre. The influence of Picasso is clear in the sensual, humorous nudes while the boats and huts on the beach are reminiscent of Braque’s 1920s beach scenes. Pablo Picasso’s Service visage noir (conceived in 1948 and executed in an edition of 100, estimate: £40,000-60,000) is one of the first ceramic editions Picasso created at the Madoura Pottery in Vallauris. The deliberate choice to decorate the service with the mischievous and playful motif of fauns’ heads is emblematic of Picasso’s fiery and irrational desire – of a Dionysian sort – to aspire to simple joys and to live intensely. In Promeneuse au bord de la rivière (circa 1918, estimate: £40,000-60,000), Maurice de Vlaminck has mastered the post-Fauve stage of his artistic trajectory. The painting embodies the artist’s characteristic energetic and lively brushwork: the fiery orange roofs of the riverside houses, the vigorous brushstrokes of blue-green shadow on the towpath, the dark verticals of the leaning trees, the sudden red roofs of the riverside cottages, and the thick impasto of the clouds reflected on the river. Albert Marquet’s La Square au drapeaux (1944-45, estimate: £80,000-100,000) impresses with the exuberant green of the exotic vegetation of the Square Guynemer, a small garden at the end of the Boulevard Carnot in Algiers. Predominant are the palm-trees that are typical for the warm Mediterranean climate.

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Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 3 giugno 2019

London Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale will take place on 18 June 2019, part of ‘20th Century at Christie’s’, a series of auctions taking place from 17 to 26 June 2019. Fernand Léger’s Femme dans un fauteuil (1913, estimate on request, illustrated above) and Picasso’s Homme et femme (1968, estimate: £10,000,000-15,000,000) will lead the auction, both offering radical visions of the female form as the artists pushed the boundaries of representation during the 20th century. The Landscape of a Mind: A Private Collector’s Surreal Vision, a group of 13 Dada and Surrealist works, will include paintings by Yves Tanguy and René Magritte as well as a major drawing by Salvador Dalí. Henri Matisse’s Le collier d’ambre (1937, estimate: £5,000,000-8,000,000) is a further highlight. An odalisque painting, it is amongst the most rigorously designed and strikingly orchestrated compositions Matisse painted after the First World War. Henri Laurens’s Homme à la pipe (1919, estimate: £700,000-1,000,000) and Otto Dix’s Soldat mit Tabakspfeife (1918, estimate: £500,000-800,000) are both presented to the market for the first time since the early 1960s when they were separately acquired for private collections. The sale consists of 34 works, many of which have been in revered private collections for many years and are being offered at auction for the first time. All works will be exhibited in the King Street galleries, London, from 13 to 18 June 2019.

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Impressionist & Modern Art Catalogues Now Live

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 febbraio 2019

London – Christie’s 20th Century Season will launch on 27 February with Hidden Treasures: Impressionist & Modern Masterpieces from An Important Private Collection, a prestigious collection of 23 seminal works by the leading Impressionist and Modern artists. Hidden Treasures will be led by Claude Monet’s Saule pleureur et bassin aux nymphéas (1916-19, Estimate on Request, illustrated above, left). Further highlights include Paul Cézanne’s Nature morte de pêches et poires (1885-87, Estimate on Request, illustrated above, centre) and Vincent van Gogh’s historically important Antwerp period portrait Portrait de femme: buste, profil gauche (1885, estimate: £8,000,000-12,000,000), one of only two works painted in Antwerp specifically mentioned in correspondence with his brother Theo. The collection precedes the Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale on 27 February 2019. The series of 20th Century auctions will take place from 21 February to 7 March 2019.The Evening Sale will be led by a group titled An Adventurous Spirit: An Important Private Collection Sold to Benefit a Charitable Foundation. The group consists of six paintings of rare importance and quality by Paul Signac, Gustave Caillebotte, Félix Vallotton, Édouard Vuillard and Giovanni Boldini. Further highlights include Claude Monet’s Au bord du fjord de Christiania (1895, estimate: £4,500,000-6,500,000), Deux figures au tronc d’arbre jaune by Le Corbusier (1937, estimate: £2,000,000-3,000,000), Edgar Degas’s Danseuses dans une salle d’exercice (Trois Danseuses) (1873, estimate: £800,000-1,200,000), Pablo Picasso’s Nature morte au crâne de taureau (1942, estimate: £4,000,000-6,000,000) and Alexej von Jawlensky’s boldly coloured Blaue Schürze (1909, estimate: £2,000,000-3,000,000).The Impressionist & Modern Art Works on Paper and Day sales will follow on 28 February. These are complemented by the biannual online-only sale dedicated to Picasso Ceramics, which is open for bidding from 22 February to 2 March 2018. Estimates begin at £600, offering works by the artists that shaped the history of art during the 20th century to collectors of every level.

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Impressionist And Modern Art Evening Sale

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 5 giugno 2018

Impressionist.pngLondon Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale will take place on 20 June, part of 20th Century at Christie’s, a series of auctions that take place from 15 to 29 June 2018. A group of masterpieces from the late 19th and 20th century will lead the auction, including La Gare Saint-Lazare, vue extérieure by Claude Monet (1877, estimate on request, illustrated above, top centre), Femme dans un fauteuil by Pablo Picasso (1942, estimate on request, illustrated above, left) and Landscape by Kazimir Malevich (1911, estimate: £7,000,000-10,000,000, illustrated above, right). Further highlights include a rare Fauvist landscape by Georges Braque; a vibrant gouache depiction of horses by Franz Marc; a rare and early lifetime cast by Auguste Rodin; Paul Cézanne’s fantasy view of modern life; and one of the earliest representations of René Magritte’s recognisable motif, the leaf-bird. Leading female Impressionists will also be represented with four sculptures from Camille Claudel and works by Eva Gonzalès and Berthe Morisot. Property from the Personal Collection of Max G. Bollag, the influential Swiss dealer, will also be offered, including paintings by Pablo Picasso and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. The Impressionist and Modern Art Day and Works on Paper sales will follow the Evening Sale on 21 June. A focused online-only auction, Picasso Ceramics, will open for bidding alongside the live auctions from 15 to 22 June 2018. All works will be on view at Christie’s King Street from 15 to 20 June 2018. (photo copyright Christie’s impressionist)

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Modern British Art Evening Sale

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 1 giugno 2018

London – Christie’s Modern British Art Evening Sale on 19 June 2018 will launch ‘20th Century at Christie’s’, a series of auctions that will take place in London from 15 to 29 June 2018. Coinciding with the centenary of the end of the First World War, two paintings by one of the leading Official War Artists, Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson will demonstrate the power of figurative painting, the development of which can be traced in the work of L. S. Lowry and Stanley Spencer later in the 20th century. Icons of British Modernism, including a unique carving by Henry Moore and two sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, will be showcased alongside a group of artists representing Op Art and Pop Art as the pictorial landscape in the UK transformed. Comprised of paintings by Richard Hamilton, David Hockney, Allen Jones, Richard Lin, Victor Pasmore, and Bridget Riley, the group is highlighted by a rare portrait by one of the founding members of Pop Art, Pauline Boty.The Modern British Art Day Sale will follow on 20 June. The sales are complemented by the second edition of the exhibition Sculpture in the Square, an outdoor sculpture garden set within St James’s Square, London. It features nine works that will be offered in the Evening Sale by Lynn Chadwick, Tony Cragg, Barry Flanagan, Dame Elisabeth Frink, William Turnbull, and Emily Young. Estimates in the Modern British Art season range from £2,,000 to £3,000,000, offering collectors of every level an opportunity to acquire pieces by the celebrated masters of the 20th century.

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Claude Monet’s Gare Saint-Lazare to Lead Impressionist and Modern Art

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 13 Maggio 2018

London – Claude Monet’s iconic La Gare Saint-Lazare, Vue extérieure of 1877, will lead Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale on 20 June 2018. This magnificent painting, executed in 1877 as part of Monet’s celebrated ‘Gare Saint-Lazare’ series will be offered for sale from ‘The Collection of Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass’ (Estimate on Request). Works from this esteemed collection were sold in New York in November 2017 where a highlight was Vincent van Gogh’s Laboureur dans un champ, which sold for $81,312,500, the second highest price achieved for a work by the artist at auction.The present work, La Gare Saint-Lazare, Vue extérieure, belongs to a series of 12 canvases painted in 1877 depicting the busy railway station which had been modernised and extended in the late 1860s. By 1870 the Gare Saint-Lazare was handling over 13 million passengers a year and had become a major transit point for the vibrant city. The modern age of steam trains, iron railway bridges and extensive public transport was perfectly captured in this remarkable series of Monet’s steam-filled, atmospheric impressionist masterpieces. Gare Saint-Lazare paintings are frequently shown in major retrospectives, are much reproduced, and are included in the permanent collection of many of the most celebrated museums in the world. Of the 12 Monet painted in 1877, three still remain in private hands and nine are in public institutions. These include: The Fogg Art Museum; The Art Institute of Chicago; The National Gallery, London; The Musée Marmattan, Paris; and The Musée d’Orsay, Paris. Two of these museum works are currently included in London’s National Gallery exhibition Monet & Architecture, a pioneering show that examines Monet’s career through the lens of the architecture that he painted. La Gare Saint-Lazare, Vue extérieure was recently on loan to the Kimbel Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Pablo Picasso’s ‘Mousquetaire et nu assis’ will be a leading highlight of the Impressionist and Modern Art

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 3 febbraio 2018

picasso pabloLondon – Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece Mousquetaire et nu assis (1967, estimate: £12,000,000-18,000,000) will be a leading highlight of Christie’s Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale, in London on 27 February 2018, part of ‘20th Century at Christie’s’, a series of sales that take place from 20 February to 7 March 2018. Painted with gestural, lavishly and passionately applied brushstrokes, it is among the first of the triumphant musketeers that appeared in Pablo Picasso’s art in 1967. This iconic figure is accompanied by a sensuous, seated nude. With her shock of dark hair, hieratic posture, and her large, all-seeing almond-shaped eyes, there is no question as to the identity of this woman: she is Jacqueline, the artist’s final, great love, muse and wife, whose presence permeated every female figure in this final chapter of Picasso’s life. With one eye towards the Old Masters and another towards contemporary art, Picasso shows himself still challenging the history of art, carrying out iconoclastic attacks, plundering the past and doing so in a strikingly fresh, gestural way. Steeped in eroticism, a sense of painterly bravado, and pulsating with a vital sense of energy, this painting paved the way for the themes, style and execution that would come to define this late phase of Picasso’s oeuvre. Mousquetaire et nu assis will be on view in Hong Kong from 5 to 8 February and New York from 12 to 14 February 2018 before being exhibited in London from 20 to 27 February 2018.
Keith Gill, Head of Sale, Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale, Christie’s, London: “Picasso’s late career was defined by sensuous paintings in which he cast himself as the virile artist alongside his voluptuous lover. The allegorical figures were used by Picasso not only to reference fictitious characters but were a means by which he could situate himself firmly within the art historical canon alongside the likes of Rembrandt, El Greco, Velázquez and Goya. He seemed to have a sense of urgency to his work in this period, as if trying to beat the passage of time, a feeling that is evidenced by the dense brushwork and bold gestures of ‘Mousquetaire et nu assis’. It is a privilege to present the painting as a leading highlight in the Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale.” (photo: picasso pablo)

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The Eye Of The Architect: A Collection That Captures The Synergy Between Painting And Architecture

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 febbraio 2018

Francis BaconChristie’s will offer The Eye of the Architect, a diverse collection of Modern and Post-War art, during ‘20th Century at Christie’s’, a series of sales that will take place in London from 20 February to 7 March 2018: Impressionist and Modern Art and The Art of the Surreal Evening Sales (both 27 February), Impressionist and Modern Art Day Sale (28 February) and Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale (6 March). Focusing primarily on figurative compositions, this tightly curated group of works not only reveals the collector’s discerning eye and architectural mind, but also a passion for artists who continuously sought to push the boundaries of tradition in their art. Including works by some of the most celebrated masters of the twentieth century avant-garde, from Pablo Picasso to Francis Bacon, Giorgio de Chirico to Joan Miró, and Fernand Léger to Giorgio Morandi, this varied group is united in their intimate scale and exploration of similar thematic concerns. The group will be led by Francis Bacon’s Three Studies for a Portrait (1976, estimate: £10,000,000-15,000,000), the artist’s penultimate ode to his great muse Henrietta Moraes, whose stark depiction of facial features and realist palette reveal the influence of Picasso on Bacon’s work. Further highlights include Pablo Picasso’s Figure (1930, estimate: £3,000,000-5,000,000), a portrait that plays with form to give the face a sculptural quality reflected in Bacon’s deconstruction of human form in Three Studies for a Portrait. These are offered alongside Giorgio de Chirico’s rare and early, melancholic mannequin-figure portrait Testa di manichino (1916-17, estimate: £800,000-1,200,000), Fernand Léger’s visionary, machine-inspired portrait L’usine (Motif pour le moteur) (1918, estimate: £900,000-1,200,000), Giorgio Morandi’s highly subtle, architectural still life Natura morta (1942, estimate: £600,000-900,000), and Joan Miró’s sharply defined geometric painting Tête d’homme (1931, estimate: £700,000 – 1,000,000). The works will be on view in Hong Kong (5 to 8 February 2018) and New York (8 to 15 February 2018) before being exhibited in London from 20 February to 6 March 2018.

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Abstraction Beyond Borders, Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale, 27 February 2018

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 5 gennaio 2018

Impressionist and Modern ArtLondon – Christie’s will offer a collection that traces the development of abstraction as artists across Europe redefined art in the 20th Century. Abstraction Beyond Borders will be included in the Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale and The Art of the Surreal on 27 February 2018, launching ‘20th Century at Christie’s’, a series of sales that will take place in London from 27 February to 7 March 2018. A total of ten works represents the diversity of artists working in different cities across the continent, such as Georges Braque, František Kupka, Francis Picabia, Kurt Schwitters and Georges Vantongerloo, who shunned pictorial representation, instead creating unprecedented works that pushed the boundaries of what art could be. This group demonstrates the idiosyncrasy of these artists’ restless invention. From line, colour and form, to medium and material, their curiosity, daring eclecticism and pioneering spirit of exploration nearly 100 years ago paved the way for artists and collectors today. Highlights include Francis Picabia’s Peinture (Pot de fleurs) (circa 1924-26, estimate: £900,000-1,200,000, illustrated, above), an example of the series of ornate collaged paintings which occupied the artist during the mid-1920s and Iris (1929, estimate: £800,000-1,200,000). Composition émanante de l’équation y=ax2+bx+18 avec accord de l’orangé-vert-violet by Georges Vantongerloo (1930, estimate: £800,000-1,200,000) encapsulates his individual approach to the ideals of the De Stijl movement, adopting a mathematically constructed composition to explore the inter-relationship of a carefully selected group of colours. Das Richard-Fretiag-Bild by Kurt Schwitters (1927, estimate: £500,000-700,000, illustrated, above) is a rare Merz relief that dates from the height of his involvement with the International Constructivist movement, while Series C, III, Elevation (1935-38, estimate: £500,000-700,000) by František Kupka, one of the first truly abstract artists, establishes the radical simplification of form that characterises his late work. Georges Braque’s cubist composition, Cartes et cornet à dés (circa 1910-11, estimate: £500,000-800,000), originally owned by the pioneering early modern collector Wilhelm Uhde, presents the origin of this move towards a new, non-representational artistic language. Highlights from Abstraction Beyond Borders will be on view in Hong Kong (10-12 January) and Taipei (15-17 January) before being exhibited in London from 20 to 27 February 2018.

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Pablo Picasso’s ‘Femme écrivant will be a leading highlight of Christie’s Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 28 Maggio 2017

Femme écrivantLondon – Pablo Picasso’s tender portrait Femme écrivant (Marie-Thérèse) (1934, estimate: £25,000,000-40,000,000) will be a leading highlight of Christie’s Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale, in London on 27 June 2017 as part of 20th Century at Christie’s, a series of sales that take place from 17 to 30 June 2017. Painted on 26 March 1934, Pablo Picasso’s Femme écrivant (Marie-Thérèse) is a joyous, colour-filled and deeply personal portrayal of Marie-Thérèse Walter, the young, blond-haired woman who, when she entered the artist’s life in January 1927, influenced the course of his art in an unprecedented manner. Femme écrivant is one of the greatest portraits of Marie-Thérèse, a radiant and intimate depiction of Picasso’s lover, which, along with the preceding paintings of the early 1930s, epitomises one of the finest phases in the artist’s career. The painting will be on view in Hong Kong from 5 to 9 of June 2017 before being exhibited in London from 17 to 27 June 2017.Giovanna Bertazzoni, Deputy Chairman, Impressionist & Modern Art, Christie’s: “Femme écrivant (Marie-Thérèse) was created in 1934 at the height of Picasso’s admiration for his youthful and captivating muse Marie Thérèse. The impact she had on his creative process began when they first met but truly took hold of his heart and hand in the portraits he executed in his studio in Boisgeloup. This portrait remained in the artist’s collection until 1961, demonstrating the deep affection he held towards Marie Thérèse and the emotional significance it had for the artist. Picasso’s portraits of his muses capture the imagination and attention of collectors worldwide, now more than ever. Picasso represents a truly global phenomenon in the present art market, attracting buyers from Europe, America and Asia. Mainland Chinese collectors are, in particular, very aware of the power of his revolutionary style, and the significant role he occupies in the canon of modern Western Art. It’s an exciting time to offer such a strong, iconic and private painting by Picasso on the open market, and we are eager to see how it will touch and move collectors around the world in the forthcoming weeks ahead of the auction.” (photo: Femme écrivant)

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Bird’s Hell By Max Beckmann to Lead June Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 11 Maggio 2017

Bird's Hell By Max BeckmannLondon. Max Beckmann’s Bird’s Hell (1938, estimate on request) will lead 20th Century at Christie’s, a series of sales that take place from 17 to 30 June 2017, in the Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale on 27 June 2017, when it will be offered at auction for the first time. One of the most powerful paintings that Beckmann created while in exile in Amsterdam it presents a searing and unforgettable vision of hell and is poised to set a world record price for the artist at auction. Begun in Amsterdam and completed in Paris at the end of 1938, this work ranks amongst the clearest and most important anti-Nazi statements that the artist ever made, mirroring the escalating violence, oppression and terror of the National Socialist regime. The painting will be on view in New York until 17 of May, Hong Kong from 25 to 29 May and London from 17 to 27 June 2017.
Adrien Meyer, International Director of Impressionist & Modern Art, Christie’s New York: “Bird’s Hell was painted in 1938 in Amsterdam as a direct attack on the cruelty of the Nazi regime. A year earlier, Hitler’s government had confiscated over 500 of his works from German museums, and included some of these in the notorious Degenerate Art exhibition. This emblematic picture has since been unanimously recognized as the Guernica of Expressionism. The grasping composition echoes the fantastical world of 16th century master Hieronymus Bosch. The current owner first attempted to buy this masterpiece in 1956 and succeeded thirty years later, lending it since to the most prestigious exhibitions around the world. Its upcoming sale represents a unique opportunity to acquire not only a Beckmann monument but also a true piece of history.”
Jay Vincze, Head of Impressionist & Modern Art, Christie’s, London: “We are honoured to present such a seminal work by Max Beckmann at auction for the first time. Bird’s Hell stands alongside Picasso’s Guernica as one of the most politically charged paintings of its time and it is a rare opportunity to offer a work of such historical significance by Beckmann. For the artist there were two worlds, one of spiritual life and the other of political life. In this painting he is asking the viewer to decide which is more important. It is a terrifying, yet timeless history painting and a masterpiece of the artist’s oeuvre.” (photo: Bird’s Hell By Max Beckmann)

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Christie’s Announces Rare Henry Moore Masterpiece ‘Reclining Figure: Festival’

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 10 giugno 2016

Susan YoungLondon – Henry Moore’s ground-breaking 1951 modernist sculpture Reclining Figure: Festival, commissioned for the Festival of Britain in 1951, will lead the sculpture section of Christie’s 250th anniversary auction, Defining British Art, in London on 30 June (estimate: £15-20 million). It will be offered alongside further large-scale major British sculptures by Dame Barbara Hepworth, Sea Form (Atlantic), 1964 (estimate: £3-5 million) and Lynn Chadwick, Back to Venice, 1988, which is offered from the artist’s estate (estimate: £1.4-1.8 million).Cyanne Chutkow, Deputy Chairman, Impressionist & Modern Art, Christie’s: “Reclining Figure: Festival is one of the great masterpieces of Moore’s oeuvre and is arguably his most masterful and elegant sculptural synthesis of form and space. Privately held in an American collection for almost a half century, this work is a testament to the owners’ discerning and sophisticated artistic sensibility.” (photo: Susan Young)

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Mostra Sebastián Matta

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2011

Roma dal 26 maggio al 22 giugno 2011 Inaugurazione giovedì 26 maggio ore 18.30. Dalle 15 alle 20 – domenica e lunedì su appuntamento Galleria Marino Salita di San Sebastianello 16b (Piazza di Spagna) Le opere di Matta sono esposte nei più grandi musei del mondo. Per il suo centenario dalla nascita sono previste mostre negli Stati Uniti e in Sudamerica. Tra le sue mostre più importanti, vanno ricordate le retrospettive tenute al Museum of Modern Art di New York nel 1957 e al centro Pompidou a Parigi nel 1985. Oltre ad essersi dedicato al libro d’artista, Matta è conosciuto anche per le sue acqueforti, tra cui si ricordano le famose serie: “Transports” e la serie erotica fatta per l’editore Franco Maria Ricci oltre alla famosa suite “Così fan tutte”. Le opere di Matta hanno fatto registrare un’importante ripresa nelle quotazioni di mercato, tanto che in un anno sono addirittura raddoppiate, dopo che la famiglia si è accordata sulla successione. In mostra alla Galleria Marino, alcune opere su tela, due poltrone in bronzo, acqueforti e litografie eseguite tra gli anni ’60 e ’80.

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The Marrakech Art Fair

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 25 dicembre 2009

From October 9 to 11, 2010 at the Es Saadi Palace (Opening day October 8) Some forty European and Moroccan galleries will be meeting with collectors and art aficionados for three days to present their discoveries. On the agenda: modern art, contemporary art, and design, a moment’s stroll staged between the patio and garden through creations and works of art from the 20th and 21st centuries.  The launch of the Marrakech Art Fair will be accompanied by a program of cultural and artistic events: exhibitions at cultural centers, visits to artists’ workshops, discoveries of private collections, etc. An educational program on art market trends will round off these events.  To give ample attention to art de vivre, the Marrakech Art Fair is also preparing a “Tournament of the Galleries,” an art-milieu golf tournament in which the winner will receive a trophy made by a Moroccan artist.  The Marrakech Art Fair will become the main annual art market event in the Kingdom of Morocco, thus reaching beyond its borders and appearing on the international calendar of contemporary art fairs. This event was born out of collaboration between Moroccan and French players on the art market, who joined forces in order to provide Morocco with an exchange platform for gallery owners, artists, and collectors. Caroline Clough Lacoste, Henri Jobbé Duval, Brahim Alaoui, and Hicham Daoudi partnered to make this unprecedented artistic event a reality. They have the support of an honorary committee consisting of players from the local and international cultural scene. Application packets will be available starting on February 1, 2010.

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Susan Philipsz: You are not alone

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 5 novembre 2009

susanOxford until 3/12/2009 (United Kingdom) Radcliffe Observatory, Green Templeton College Woodstock Road,  This autumn Modern Art Oxford presents a new work by the Berlin-based artist Susan Philipsz, entitled ‘You are not alone’, specially commissioned for the Radcliffe Observatory, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford. Built in the 18th century, the Radcliffe Observatory was modelled on the Tower of the Winds in Athens, a first-century BC clock tower embellished with sundials and crowned with a weather vane. Taking the original function of the building as her starting point, Philipsz has developed a new sound work that, with remarkable potency, engages with the uniqueness of this historical site.  In her work, Philipsz recalls Guglielmo Marconi’s suggestion that sounds, once generated, never die; they fade but continue to reverberate as sound waves around the universe. A pioneer of radio technology later used in radio telescopes, Marconi may have been driven by this thought to investigate the potential of wireless telegraphy; to literally tune into the universe. In her evocative new commission, Philipsz elicits something of the existential and philosophical concerns present in Marconi’s proposition and in the nature of the Observatory itself, as metaphorical frontier to the stars. (susan)

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Richard Avedon: Photographs 1946-2004

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avedonSan Francisco until 29/11/2009 151 Third Street SFMoMA As a highlight of its summer exhibitions schedule, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is pleased to present Richard Avedon: Photographs 1946-2004, on view from July 11 through November 29, 2009.  Widely celebrated as one of America’s preeminent photographers, Avedon was among the first to challenge the conventional boundaries between studio photography and reportage. Some of his best-known portraits-a young Bob Dylan standing in the rain, Marilyn Monroe caught in a vulnerable moment, Andy Warhol and his Factory cohorts-are the most iconic of the 20th century.  The exhibition was organized by Helle Crenzien for The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, in cooperation with The Richard Avedon Foundation. Its San Francisco presentation is overseen by SFMOMA Senior Curator of Photography Sandra S. Phillips and is made possible by generous support from the Bernard Osher Foundation and Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC.
Richard Avedon was born in 1923 in New York City to Russian Jewish parents; he died in 2004 of a cerebral hemorrhage in San Antonio, Texas, where he was on assignment for The New Yorker. He first began taking pictures at the age of 19 in the U.S. Merchant Marine, where his role was to take identity photographs of servicemen with the Rolleiflex he had been given by his father when he left home. Upon his return to New York in 1944, he began working as an advertising photographer for a department store, but he was quickly discovered by the legendary Alexey Brodovitch, at that time artistic director of the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Soon he was delivering photographs to Harper’s regularly, as well as to Life, and Look. By 1946 he had established his own studio. For the next six decades, Avedon had an enormously successful career, making pictures both for magazines and artistic display, bridging journalism and the art world, insiders and outsiders. (Avedon)

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The exhibition Aernout Mik

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exhibitionsNew York from May 5 to 30/11/ 2009 The Museum of Modern Art – MoMa 11 West 53 Street –  The Museum of Modern Art presents the exhibition Aernout Mik, the first North American survey of the artist’s work. Mik (Dutch, b. 1962) is distinguished for his ability to combine, shift, and transform artistic practices by creating installations that integrate moving images, sculpture, and architecture into single constructions. Eight of the artist’s works are installed in gallery and non-gallery spaces throughout the Museum, ranging from Mik’s first filmed work Fluff (1996) to Schoolyard (2009), which was commissioned by the Museum for the exhibition. Aernout Mik is organized by Laurence Kardish, Senior Curator, with Kelly Sidley, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Film, The Museum of Modern Art, and is on view from May 6 to July 27, 2009.  The installation Vacuum Room (2005) is on view in the Special Exhibitions Gallery on the second floor..
Raw Footage (2006) is on display in the Museum’s Roy and Niuta Titus 1 Theater Lobby Gallery. This two-channel film installation marks a turn for the artist. Instead of devising scenarios and shooting the imagery himself, Mik used materials from newsreels documenting the civil war in Yugoslavia. Mik often pairs related subjects side-by-side, ranging from soldiers loading and firing their guns to visual records of their off-duty hours as they nap and listen to music. At mid-century, The Museum of Modern Art played a leading role in the definition and dissemination of ‘Good Design’, a concept that started taking shape in the 1930s and emerged with new relevance and currency in America and Europe in the decades following World War II. What was Good Design? MoMA’s Message 1944-56 presents over 100 selections from the Museum’s collection-ranging from domestic furnishings and appliances, to textiles, sporting goods, and graphics-to illuminate the primary values of Good Design as promoted by MoMA within an international debate conducted by museums, design councils, and department stores. Iconic pieces by designers including Marcel Breuer, Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, and Hans Wegner are shown alongside more unexpected items such as a hunting bow and a plumb bob, as well as everyday objects including an iron, a hamper, a rake, a cheese slicer, and Tupperware. The exhibition is organized by Juliet Kinchin, Curator, and Aidan O’Connor, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Architecture and Design, The Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition is made possible by Design Onscreen, the Initiative for Architecture and Design on Film, Denver. Media support provided by Modern Magazine.
The Museum of Modern Art presents Polish Posters 1945-89, an installation drawn from the Museum’s collection of 24 posters from the Cold War era of the Polish Poster School, which attracted international attention and admiration. Drawing on a rich Central European tradition in graphic arts, designers like Henryk Tomaszewski, Roman Cieślewicz, Jan Lenica, and Franciszek Starowieyski developed a sophisticated visual language characterized by surreal and expressionist tendencies, a bold use of color, and macabre, often satirical humor. Polish posters were generally created to promote cultural events-opera, theatre, films and exhibitions.  Organized by Juliet Kinchin, Curator, and Aidan O’Connor, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Architecture and Design.
Early cinema posters are distinguished by their vivid color lithography and astonishing range of oversized formats. This exhibition includes posters-selected from a recent acquisition from the renowned collection of Dutch film distributor Jean Desmet (1875-1956)-for American, British, German, French, and Italian films dating from 1912 to 1914. Organized by Ron Magliozzi, Assistant Curator, Department of Film. Image: Aernout Mik (photo exhibitions)

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