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Rules on the free movements of workers and services

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 novembre 2020

Brussels, Tuesday 1 December 2020, 09.00 – 11.00, 11.30 – 12.30, 13.45 – 15.45 József Antall building, room 6Q2, and by videoconference VotesAccess to decent and affordable housing for all. Rapporteur: Kim Van Sparrentak (Verts/ALE, NL). Adoption of draft report.The right to disconnect. Rapporteur: Alex Agius Saliba (S&D, MT). Adoption of draft report. Presentations and debatesImpacts of EU rules on the free movements of workers and services: intra-EU labour mobility as a tool to match labour market needs and skills. Rapporteur: Radan Kanev (PPE, BG). Consideration of draft report. 09.05 – 10.00Commission Delegated Regulation supplementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1700 of the European Parliament and of the Council by specifying the number and the title of the variables for the income and living conditions domain on health and quality of life. Presentation by the Commission. 10.40 – 11.00Child guarantee. Exchange of views with Mr Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, Scientific Advisor of the Director of EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. 13.45 – 14.40 ILO Global Wage Report 2020-21: Wages and minimum wages in times of COVID-19. Presentation by Patrick Belser (ILO Senior Economist and Wage Specialist). 14.40 – 15.25Improving the quality of public spending in Europe – Budgetary ‘waste rates’ in EU Member States. Presentation of an EPRS study

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Eternal September

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 agosto 2014

madcatladyThe Rise of Amateur Culture, a group exhibition curated by Valentina Tanni for Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana (2 – 26 September 2014). Produced by Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, in collaboration with Škuc Gallery and Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age, Brescia, the show features a rich accompanying programme, including the launch of a new online project on Link Cabinet, the Link Art Center online gallery, and the publication of a catalogue that will be made available by Link Editions shortly after the show’s opening.
Eternal September is a group exhibition that aims to explore the relationship between professional art making and the rising tide of amateur cultural movements throughout the Web, a historical event that has triggered a huge, fascinating shift in every field of culture, especially the visual one. The exhibition includes works by 15 authors and artistic groups (professionals and amateurs alike) and a series of special projects and accompanying events that will take place both offline and online. Featuring: Anonymous (The Game Pro), Tymek Borowski & Pawel Sysiak, Mauro Ceolin, Paolo Cirio, Paul Destieu, Electroboutique, Matthias Fritsch, Colin Guillemet, David Horvitz, Maskull Lasserre, Aled Lewis, Dennis Logan (Spatula007), Valeria Mancinelli & Roberto Fassone, Mark McEvoy, Casey Pugh et al., Steve Roggenbuck, Smetnjak Collective, Helmut Smits, Phil Thompson, Wendy Vainity (madcatlady).

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Anti Design Festival

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 25 agosto 2010

London. In the late 70s mainstream French punk was played out for socialites and was resultantly impotent of any real social consequence. Meanwhile on the fringes of the artworld Bazooka channeled New York and London energies into some of the most politically subversive work on the planet. This work, in the summer of 1977, saw Bazooka shoot to infamy when they were invited to art direct Libération – France’s original leftist Newspaper founded in 1973 in the wake of the 68’s protest movements. At just 21 years of age and splitting their salary 6 ways, their nocturnal missions started at 6pm and ended at 10pm. They would subvert every inch of white space, often sending it to print at the last minute so their plans couldn’t be foiled. Their direct communication with the Baader-Meinhof gang (aka the red army faction) made for gripping next day reading. Their fascination with Suprematism, Constructivism and totalitarian propaganda upset more than just the leftist hippies, the paper’s photography department and France’s war veterans (as planned), quickly reaching fever pitch. In the end a beating ensued for Kiki and Loulou Picasso and the publisher thought it best to give them their own magazine, reclaiming control of the paper after about 6 months.
For their first ever show in London, Loulou and Kiki have dug deep into the Bazooka archive to present some legendary works from the Libération and Punk period. They will also show some of their new illustrations and paintings and collaborate for the first time with Neville Brody on a series of works to be displayed as a unique installation “Decoration Kit for Disturbed Teenager”, aiming to show the relevance of free expression and instinctive graphic design in a world of outdated communication.

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