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World Bank Group Launches New Country Partnership Strategy for the Republic of Moldova

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 6 settembre 2013

WASHINGTON.A new Country Partnership Strategy for the Republic of Moldova for 2014-17 was discussed today by the World Bank Group’s Board of Executive Directors. The four-year strategy will guide the World Bank Group’s support to the country.The new strategy foresees total financial support by the World Bank Group of US$570 million, with access to the International Development Association (IDA), International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) funding. The strategy is fully aligned with the country’s development goals and will help address key challenges to unlock the potential for sustainable economic development, shared prosperity, and poverty reduction.The strategy will support Moldova across three main pillars:
Increasing competitiveness by: i) improving the business environment and infrastructure for business operation; and ii) boosting competitiveness in agriculture;Enhancing human capital and minimizing social risks by: i) improving quality of access to health and education services; and ii) strengthening a fiscally sustainable and equitable pension and social assistance system; andPromoting a green, clean and resilient Moldova by: i) enhancing adaptation and resilience to climate change; ii) improving natural resources management, and iii) increasing energy efficiency and security.IFC’s operations in Moldova will continue to focus on investment and advisory activities that enable private sector growth and diversification in support of the main strategy pillars.A major focus of the strategy will be to address governance issues that affect public sector performance and accountability, and business environment. A gender focus will aim to increase the number of female beneficiaries of World Bank Group projects.Since Moldova joined the World Bank in 1992, over US$1 billion has been allocated to 49 operations in the country. Currently, the World Bank portfolio includes 11 active projects with total commitments of US$205.7 million. Areas of support include regulatory reform and business development, education, social assistance, e-governance, healthcare, water and sanitation, agriculture, and others. The International Finance Corporation has provided total investments in the amount of US$191 million and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency has provided guarantees totaling US$95 million. Both institutions are members of the World Bank Group.

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World Bank Group Continues Strong Partnership with the Russian Federation

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 dicembre 2011


Image by didkovskaya via Flickr

Washington, The World Bank Group’s Board of Executive Directors today discussed a new Country Partnership Strategy (Strategy) for the Russian Federation for the period 2012 – 2016. The Strategy serves as the business plan of the World Bank Group in support of Russia’s own development agenda. Following the previous Strategy, it also continues the shift to innovative modalities of engagement at the global, regional (i.e., less developed countries in ECA), and national (federal and sub-national) levels. It aligns the World Bank Group’s program with the emerging Russia’s “Strategy 2020” update and other strategic documents, which have already made progress towards a consensus view in the country. It has been designed to be a demand-driven and flexible document to enable the World Bank Group to provide a timely and sustainable response to changes in Russia’s economic priorities. A Country Partnership Strategy Progress Report in 2014 will take stock of implementation and will allow the World Bank Group, in consultation with the authorities and other partners, to make mid-term adjustments in the strategy to ensure continued alignment with government priorities.
The Strategy was prepared in close dialogue with the Government of Russia and in consultation with the representatives of federal and local governments, civil society and business communities, think-tanks, academia, and other stakeholders. The main purpose of the consultations was to discuss progress achieved during the last Country Partnership Strategy period, to identify existing successful approaches to socio-economic development in Russia’s regions, and to learn in which areas or sectors the authorities would desire the most support. The 2012 – 2016 Country Partnership Strategy will support Russia’s efforts to:
1. Increase growth and diversification through better management of public finances, improved investment climate and innovation, a stronger financial sector, better infrastructure, and more effective protection of the environment;
2. Expand human potential by strengthening skills and social services through improvements in education, health, and social protection;
3. Deepen Russia’s global and regional role related to its aspirations as a donor and the provision of global public goods; and
4. Improve governance and transparency through more accountability and better service standards in public administration, procurement, and financial management (as a cross-cutting theme).
Russia is an extremely important partner for the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), and is a country where MIGA has a long history of providing guarantees for private sector projects. Looking ahead, MIGA remains committed to encouraging developmentally sound foreign investments in Russia. It will also keep providing investment guarantees to Russian companies going to invest overseas.

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