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1.37 billion students now home as COVID-19 school closures expand, ministers scale up multimedia approaches to ensure learning continuity

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 aprile 2020

Paris. As school closures impact nearly 80% of the world’s student population, UNESCO on Monday convened an online meeting of an ad hoc group of education ministers who shared information about scaled-up measures deployed in their countries to support teachers, parents and students in coping with home learning. They also pointed to emerging challenges that require global cooperation. The ad hoc Group, set up after the first online meeting of education ministers organized by UNESCO on 10 March, consists of 11 countries from all regions: Costa Rica, Croatia, Egypt, France, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru and Senegal.Over the past 10 days, the number of students affected by school and university closures in 138 countries has nearly quadrupled to 1.37 billion, representing more than 3 out of 4 children and youth worldwide. In addition, nearly 60.2 million teachers are no longer in the classroom.Opening the meeting, UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay stressed that the “the responsibility to act is a collective one,” and announced the forthcoming establishment of a Global Covid-19 Education Coalition to further mobilize the expertise of multiple partners and strengthen support to national educational responses.While the focus during the early days of school closures was on deploying distance learning solutions, the spotlight has shifted to supporting teachers and families. “More than ever, learners need to be accompanied as much academically as emotionally,” said Stefania Giannini, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Education. “This is a wake-up call for education systems to place dedicated efforts on socio-emotional skills – empathy and solidarity,” she said.
Costa Rica is using social networks to relay daily reading plans for students and parents and challenge students to develop campaigns to contain the spread of the pandemic. Iranian Minister of Education Mohsen Haji Mirzaie described a “new triangle of learning connecting teachers, parents and students” via virtual classrooms supported by social networks. In addition to virtual platforms, all countries are using public television to provide courses for students of all ages as well as training to teachers. “Only 60% of students have internet so we had to provide a mix of distance education with open TV to reach everyone,” said Mexico’s Minister, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, who added that his country is also exploring strategies to reach children with special needs.While the duration of school closures remains uncertain, countries are concentrating efforts on empowering teachers. “We are very focused on giving teachers responsibility for the process of learning and offering virtual learning courses,” said Costa Rica’s Vice Minister Melania Brenes. Croatia’s Minister of Science and Education Blaženka Divjak shared her country’s approach which first prioritized tailor-made contents for teachers and is now increasing support to help them develop learning materials independently, take ownership of the process, and feel secure in a digital environment. Actions to counter inequalities were raised by several ministers. Italy announced an €85 million package to support distance learning for 8.5 million students and improve connectivity in isolated areas.Peru translated contents into 10 indigenous languages and developed materials on the socio-emotional aspects of education to help learners deal with isolation.
Nigeria’s Education Minister Adamu Adamu called for a national upscaling of UNESCO’s “School Meets Learner” programme, which uses technology to reach out of school girls and women in the northeastern part of the country.The sudden generalization of distance learning is bringing new challenges to the forefront. Egypt’s Minister Tarek Shawki urged action around the governance of “the digital ocean of materials that are not accredited by the Ministry or any credible institutions.”
France’s Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer stressed the need for global collaboration around the appropriate regulation of digital learning providers to ensure adherence to rules on the collection, management and use of data, especially the personal data of children and youth.Meanwhile, several ministers highlighted that the current crisis is also ushering in new thinking around the practice of education. Providing a global update on the pandemic that now affects 200 countries, Khassoum Diallo from the World Health Organization underlined that preparedness has to be strengthened in all countries, stressing the need for intersectoral approaches.

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Vincent Van Gogh Multimedia & Friends

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 1 marzo 2020

Parma, Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati (Str. Duomo, 7) 1 aprile – 31 maggio 2020 Orari: Dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 09,30 – 20,00
sabato e domenica dalle ore 09,30 – 21,00 ultimo ingresso trenta minuti prima dell’orario di chiusura – Aperta tutti i giorni.
La mostra riaprirà i battenti l’1 aprile e sarà prorogata fino al 31 maggio 2020. Nonostante il dispiacere determinato dalle conseguenze e dalle criticità di una circostanza imprevedibile, l’estensione della possibilità inedita di penetrare nell’universo creativo del genio olandese e della sua cerchia, attraverso riproduzioni multimediali dei dipinti che sfruttano i vantaggi e mezzi offerti dalle nuove tecnologie, è il miglior vaccino per superare i disagi e le difficoltà che non riusciranno comunque a rovinare la festa di Parma Capitale della Cultura 2020, di cui “Van Gogh Multimedia & Friends” è uno degli imperdibili eventi. La convinzione di chi ha organizzato l’esposizione e di chi la ospita è che nemmeno un virus all’apparenza tanto ansiogeno e ostile sia in grado di fermare una celebrazione della bellezza di tale portata, che affianca all’opera di Van Gogh una stanza segreta con i lavori degli illustri amici – da Monet a Renoir – dei quali l’artista si circondò durante la propria permanenza nella Ville Lumière. Ogni 20 giorni, i quadri di un diverso autore – a cominciare da Émile Bernard – contribuiranno a variarne il senso, dando così l’idea di un contesto artistico unico e febbrile, popolato da giganteschi protagonisti dell’Impressionismo e del Post-Impressionismo. Riaprire l’1 aprile sarà come rispondere a un’occasione drammatica con una risata, rinnovando idealmente l’inaugurazione di un evento che, anziché ritirarsi per la paura, si estende per l’euforia connaturata a un’avvolgente esperienza del bello, in grado di suscitare un sostanziale coinvolgimento emotivo.
Biglietti: €12,00 Intero €10,00 Ridotto (Personale docente – over 65) €8,00 (Convenzioni – universitari – disabili ed accompagnatori ragazzi fino a 14 anni – gruppi oltre 15 persone) €15,00 Biglietto Open €5,00 Scuole Gratuito (Bambini fino a 6 anni)

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2nd Annual “AI Meets Beauty” Challenge at the ACM Multimedia Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 3 novembre 2019

The world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider, Perfect Corp., announced the winning teams of the second annual “AI Meets Beauty Challenge” at the ACM Multimedia Conference in Nice, France on October 24th. The top three honors were awarded to the teams from University of Science and Technology of China, Guangdong University of Technology, and Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Technology Company.The winning team from USTC, showcased advancement in image recognition techniques using Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a novel Generalized-attention Regional Maximal Activation of Convolutions (GRMAC) descriptor. This new method introduces a special mechanism of reducing background noise and highlighting the beauty product in the image further enhancing the effectiveness to correctly identify the subject.The “AI Meets Beauty Challenge” is an annual team competition challenging innovative minds to solve beauty tech problems. This year the organizers provided a large-scale image dataset of over half million images of beauty and personal care products, named the Perfect-500K dataset. The participants were challenged to develop an AI algorithm that could correctly identify each product from the dataset. Compare to last year’s “AI Meets Beauty Challenge”, the 2019 Challenge showcased advanced AI with breakthrough product recognition with over 65% accuracy improvement. After months of intense competition and a rigorous evaluation process, there were a total of 55 qualified submissions from around the world, generating four academic papers that were published at ACM Multimedia Conference 2019.This is the second year that Perfect Corp. has held the “AI Meets Beauty Challenge”, attracting top minds in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to the competition. “Congratulations on the winners’ tremendous achievement. We appreciate all participants who submitted their great work to the challenge,” said the CEO and founder of Perfect Corp., Alice Chang. “We are excited to see so many talented AI researchers striving towards the development of technology solutions. Thanks to their contribution, we believe continuous research and advanced technology development will empower the digital transformation of the beauty industry and reshape the future of the customer journey.” The “AI Meets Beauty Challenge” was hosted by Perfect Corp., alongside leading multimedia software company, CyberLink Corp., and National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan).

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Incontro per la Settimana della Comunicazione – Paoline Multimedia

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 Maggio 2018

Roma Giovedì 17 maggio 2018 – ore 18.30 Libreria Paoline Multimedia International Via del Mascherino, 94 Incontro per la Settimana della Comunicazione – Paoline Multimedia sul tema: «La verità vi farà liberi (Gv 8,32). Fake news e giornalismo di pace». Intervengono:
Giuseppe Giulietti, Presidente della Federazione Nazionale della Stampa Italiana;
padre Camillo Ripamonti, Presidente del Centro Astalli – Sezione italiana del J.R.S.)
Riccardo Cristiano Presidente Associazione giornalisti amici di padre Dall’Oglio.

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Winners will be announced on 25 April at the Burrell Collection in Glasgow

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 30 marzo 2014

Alexander jamesTriumph Gallery, 3/8, Ilyinka Street, Building 5, Moscow  17th April – 11th May 2014 The Hague. This year marks the birth of a new award, an award to highlight multimedia use at cultural heritage in Europe -The Heritage in  Motion Awards. This competition will give a stage to the creators and producers of films, games, apps and websites on themes related to  Europe’s heritage, cultural and natural, tangible and intangible. Heritage in Motion grants awards and celebrates the best multimedia  achievements and products -through varied, creative and innovative means, in order to draw attention to the value of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage in all its facets. James has gained international recognition for his photographic works, which defy categorisation. His artistic process begins with the creation of intricate sculptural compositions, in which he utilises natural materials and handmade props. These scenes are created in vast tanks of purified water and photographed as a documentary act, before being destroyed. The play of light in water and James’ use of paint brushes and other objects on the surface tension of the water gives the resulting works a painterly effect, heightened by the dark background and vivid colours, which recall Dutch Vanitas still-life painting. Though rooted in tradition, James’ blurring of boundaries between photography, painting and sculpture lends his works a unique and contemporary aesthetic. James’ key works may be found in The Monsoon Collection, Davis Museum Lisboa, Rothschild Group, DDB Group and Lend Lease Group, as well as in major independent collections of Peter Simon and Ivor Braka who was Francis Bacon’s primary dealer who was recently quoted as saying ‘I only buy things as a dealer when I have a belief in the quality of the work. I may not like it, but it has to be the absolute best’. Now, the artist is developing an ambitious new series of large-scale works for the upcoming Moscow exhibition ‘Rastvorennaya Pechal’. Such is the magnitude of the project that he is relocating his entire studio to Moscow for four winter months, until the opening of the show. The new pieces he will unveil develop the themes explored in an earlier series entitled ‘A Beautiful Announcement of Death’ inspired by John Millais’ Pre-Raphaelite masterpiece Ophelia (1851) and La Jeune Martyre (1855) by Paul De La Roche. The new works will also be figurative with the artist working with live models suspended in water. Requiring a large studio, the artist will work in a 250m2 space in the Red October, an island in central Moscow that housed a chocolate factory under czars and then Soviet authorities, and now a hub for contemporary art, which has hosted exhibitions by Gagosian Gallery, Baibakov Art Projects and the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. This, however, will be the first time the island has housed an artist and his studio. James has relocated his studio in the past to Tokyo, Sydney and New York, which added particular flavours to the work he created. Now, the artist will form a unique dialogue with the surroundings in Russia by creating the works in situ and sourcing local materials. The relocation of the studio and staging of the exhibition in Russia are particularly timely considering that 2014 will mark the year of cultural exchange between the UK and Russia. Supported by the British Council and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the exchange will see the biggest ever programme of UK cultural projects to take place across Russia and an unprecedented showcase of Russian culture in the United Kingdom. Major art events will include The Golden Age of the Russian Avant-Garde at the Moscow Museum curated by British film director Peter Greenaway and a Kazimir Malevich retrospective organised by the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Tate Modern. Triumph Gallery already has a reputation for introducing major British artists to a Russian audience and is renowned for presenting a dynamic exhibition programme, featuring major contemporary artists both from Russia and around the world. In 2006, the gallery became the first in the country to exhibit works by Damien Hirst, following with an exhibition by Jake and Dinos Chapman a year later. Joining this impressive roster, James will be amongst only a handful of British artists to have staged a solo show at the gallery and the only one to have produced the works in Russia. The exhibition follows on from the artist’s critically-acclaimed show ‘Intersection’, which took place in London. (Alexander james)

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Art calls at fundacion

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 6 aprile 2010

Fundación Marcelino Botín, a Spanish institution created in 1964, launches a call for a new edition of the Art Workshop, to be directed by Mona Hatoum, and the 18th edition of the Visual Arts Grants. The call is international in both cases. Mona Hatoum Art Workshop It will be held between July 5 and 16, at the Villa Iris space, in the coastal city of Santander, in northern Spain. Mona Hatoum will select a maximum of 15 alumni and the workshop will be conducted in English. The Workshop will focus on a mixed media approach towards making artworks and engage in discussions on the issues of communicability of artistic ideas and experience. The call is open to anyone interested in experimenting with multimedia works of art (installations, photography, video, works with found and recovered objects, representations and other presentations of innovative ideas) who are willing to have a critical debate on their ideas with a group. Knowledge of Mona Hatoum’s work and a wish to learn from her creative process are important. Whoever wishes to participate in the workshop must send a photocopy of their National ID or Passport, personal info, CV, photographs of their recent work and a text in English stating the reasons for participating. Full information on the required documents is available on a PDF file, in Spanish or English, at The deadline for submitting applications for the Art Workshop is April 16, 2010. Mona Hatoum expressed interest since the mid 1980s in a series of works based on representations and videos focused mostly on the body. Since the early 1990s, her work approached ever more large scale installations and sculptures. She has developed a language where familiar and everyday life objects usually transform into strange, threatening, and even dangerous things. Fundación Marcelino Botín has organized a solo show of the artist in its Santander venue during the fall of 2010.

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Renzo Ruggieri: fisarmonica, elettronica, multimedia

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 17 novembre 2009

Roma 18 novembre 2009 ore 21,30 Teatro Arciliuto, Sala Anfiteatro, Piazza di Montevecchio 5 (Piazza Navona),  L’effetto è intenso e spettacolare anche grazie all’uso di elettronica (loops, simulatori ambientali, proiezione video). Dal secondo CD “Storie di Fisarmonica Vissuta” la performance si è arricchita di cortometraggi originali che vengono proiettati durante le improvvisazioni. Conclude il concerto con improvvisazioni libere su melodie dalla musica leggera (Ivan Graziani, Tiziano Ferro, Pino Daniele, etc.) ed esecuzioni delle composizioni più apprezzate dai precedenti lavori. Renzo Ruggieri è vincitore di numerosi concorsi nazionali ed internazionali, ha suonato in tutto il mondo (Brasile, Spagna, Germania, Inghilterra, Francia, Slovacchia, USA, Islanda, Russia, Messico, etc.). Ha studiato pianoforte jazz con Franco D’Andrea ed è il fondatore della prima scuola di fisarmonica jazz italiana. Ha pubblicato molti testi didattici e composizioni per importanti edizioni musicali; scrive articoli per riviste specializzate ed ha composto le musiche di scena per 10 spettacoli teatrali, anche per il Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. Ha realizzato i primi CD interamente improvvisati per fisarmonica con il “Solo Accordion Project” e si occupa di jazz italiano con il “Renzo Ruggieri Group” (con Paolo Di Sabatino, Massimo Manzi, Massimo Moriconi) progetto con all’attivo 4 CD di cui l’ultimo con la straordinaria Antonella Ruggiero per la quale ha realizzato anche gli arrangiamenti e l’ha accompagnata al Festival di Sanremo 2007. Nel 2008 è uscito il CD “TERRE” in DUO con Mauro De Federicis alla chitarra con le presentazioni di Milva e Antonella Ruggiero. Ha collaborato con: Enrico Rava, Franco Cerri, Lino Patruno, Gianni Coscia, Art Van Damme, Ares Tavolazzi, Peppino Principe, Bruno De Filippi, Gianni Cazzola, Jim Gailoreto, Ada Montellanico, Fabrizio Bosso, Michael Supnick, Ellade Bandini, Stefano Cocco Cantini, Paolo Damiani e ancora Piera Degli Esposti, Antonio Calenda, Germano Mazzocchetti, Davide Riondino, Judith Malina, David Haughton, Roberto Herlitzka, Sergio Caputo, Fabio Concato, Morgan, Dolcenera, Simone Cristicchi, Monica Guerritore, Tonino Guerra. Attualmente è direttore artistico del Dolci Romori Jazz Festival, Pineto Accordion Jazz Festival, Accordion Art Festival. (ruggieri)

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