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PayTipper, con PuntoPuoi network, cresce nel settore cartolibraio

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 novembre 2018

Il tema della sicurezza e dell’affidabilità delle piattaforme web per servizi di pagamento rimane cruciale per il futuro dell’economia digitale. Molti operatori del settore stanno investendo risorse nel knowledge e nelle attività di sviluppo, poiché il mercato appare sempre più sensibile alle innovazioni tecnologiche e alle loro applicazioni pratiche.Si inserisce in questo trend di mercato la campagna di affiliazione di PuntoPuoi, la rete dell’Istituto di Pagamento PayTipper, che permette agli esercizi aderenti di offrire al cliente finale alcuni servizi a valore aggiunto. Tra questi, si segnalano: il Pagamento di Bollettini postali e Freccia, avvisi di pagamento PagoPA, MAV e RAV; l’Acquisto di Ricariche delle maggiori compagnie telefoniche, di pay Tv e Tv digitali, e di gift card; il servizio di Spedizioni in Italia e in Europa, erogato tramite una piattaforma comparativa dei principali vettori; il servizio Visure per accedere ai prospetti della banca dati della Camera di Commercio.In una logica di confronto e di interazione con gli altri operatori e con gli utenti, PayTipper e PuntoPuoi hanno deciso di presentare le opportunità per gli esercenti del mondo della cartoleria e della cartolibreria a Big Buyer – la manifestazione annuale B2B di riferimento per il settore – che si terrà presso il quartiere fieristico di Bologna il 21, 22 e 23 novembre.Far parte del network PuntoPuoi significa avere accesso a una piattaforma web, sicura e semplice da usare, che consente di usufruire di alcuni servizi, a completamento dell’offerta alla clientela. Inoltre, grazie a POS+ – terminale ideato appositamente da PayTipper e perfettamente integrato con la piattaforma di pagamento – oltre che in contanti, i pagamenti di bollettini, Freccia, Mav, Rav e PagoPA potranno essere effettuati, con carte di debito e di credito del circuito PagoBANCOMAT e dei maggiori circuiti internazionali. POS+ permette di far pagare i bollettini allo stesso prezzo del contante ed è abilitato ai pagamenti generici; grazie a un unico terminale sarà quindi possibile effettuare sia i pagamenti relativi a servizi a valore aggiunto, sia quelli di tutti i prodotti e servizi della cartoleria o cartolibreria.

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Net@Work Launches New Women@Work Initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 11 novembre 2018

Net@Work, a full-service technology and business consultancy, today announced the launch of its new women’s initiative — Women@Work.
Women@Work ( will serve as a forum to bring together a community of Net@Work men and women to promote Net@Work’s growth through the attraction, retention and advancement of its current and future women leaders. This program strives to enhance the company’s culture of possibilities for development and advancement of women leaders, celebrate their contributions and to attract similar talented women to Net@Work and its sister companies.“Empowering women in our workforce and addressing their needs is essential to our continued success,” explained Edward Solomon, co-President and co-owner of Net@Work. “We have a strong culture of diversity and empowerment at Net@Work and this new initiative propels us to the next level.” Women@Work will offer participants a mentorship program, a training series, and networking events. It will also host an Annual Women’s Lunch to celebrate women across the Net@Work client and partner ecosystem. The objective of the program is to offer a unique opportunity for employees to develop leadership skills, share experiences and support each other’s pursuit of excellence.“I am thrilled to be leading a strategic initiative that aims to help our employees realize their potential and accelerate their growth,” said Gayle Heskiel, Vice President of Professional Services. “We have so many incredibly talented women here at Net@Work and this program provides an effective way for us to support and recognize them.”The Women@Work Initiative is one of the many ways Net@Work maintains a diverse and inclusive company culture that provides all employees with an equal opportunity to expedite their growth. It also attracts candidates who are interested in joining a company committed to advocacy, mentorship and endless possibilities. For more information about the Women@Work Initiative, please visit

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Verizon Turns on World’s First 5G Network

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 ottobre 2018

NEW YORK – The very first commercial 5G network on the globe goes live today. Verizon’s 5G Home network, providing 5G broadband internet service, is officially live today for consumers in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Installations of 5G Home began this morning for “First on 5G” customers in those cities, with a resident of Houston, Clayton Harris, becoming the first 5G customer in the world.
Built on Verizon’s proprietary, pre-standard 5G network, Verizon 5G Home is the next generation of home broadband internet service that blankets your entire house in super-fast Wi-Fi.
“The world’s first commercial 5G service is here,” said Ronan Dunne, President, Verizon Wireless. “We’ve formed incredible partnerships with many of the world’s leading technology companies, the international technical standards bodies, public officials, developers and our own customers to drive the ecosystem 5G forward, faster than most had predicted. And now, actual customers. It’s been an incredible journey . . . and we’re just at the starting line.”
“First on 5G” members – early adopters of 5G technology – get exclusive perks including 5G Home service free for the first three months (after that introductory period, current Verizon Wireless customers with a qualifying smartphone plan will pay $50 per month for the service, while non-Verizon Wireless customers will pay $70 per month), free white glove installation and equipment, and early access to new services, including 5G mobility. 5G Home customers will also get YouTube TV free for the first three months and a free Apple TV 4K or Google Chromecast Ultra device at installation.
Verizon has led the technology industry with our clear focus on bringing 5G service to consumers as quickly as possible. That’s why our 5G Home service is built on our proprietary 5G TF standard; we are able to deliver results and a 5G network faster than waiting for the formal 3GPP 5G NR standard to be incorporated into network equipment, devices, chipsets and software. As our 5G technology partners bring that hardware, software, chipsets and devices to market on the 3GPP 5G NR standard, we’ll upgrade First On 5G Members to that equipment at no charge. When new network equipment is available and introduced, we’ll expand our 5G broadband internet coverage area quickly and bring 5G to additional cities.
To find out if your home is 5G ready, visit and sign up for all the benefits of being a “First On 5G” Member. You can also receive updates on when 5G is coming to your area and stay up to date on 5G-related news and offers, including the launch of Verizon’s 5G mobility service.
Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), headquartered in New York City, generated $126 billion in 2017 revenues. The company operates America’s most reliable wireless network and the nation’s premier all-fiber network, and delivers integrated solutions to businesses worldwide. Its Oath subsidiary reaches people around the world with a dynamic house of media and technology brands.

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Niman Ranch to Double Farmer Network in 10 Years

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 12 settembre 2018

Niman Ranch, a leader in sustainable agriculture and humane livestock practices, today celebrated the 20th Annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner in Des Moines by pledging to double their network and add more than 750 independent family farmers and ranchers in the next ten years. The company committed to supporting 1500 sustainable family farms in the next decade. The announcement will be followed by a recruitment effort to add additional farmers.“It took us 20 years to get here and now we’ll double it in ten. We have the opportunity to break away from being captive to the commodity markets,” said Jeff Tripician, general manager, Niman Ranch. “We’ve always said, ‘One farmer at a time’ and that is and was a victory for every rural community. Now we’ll do more. The market is ready and there are farmers out there that are ready for the stability that a premium meat company like Niman Ranch can provide.” As part of the announcement, Niman Ranch will begin a recruitment effort and unveiled a first of a kind Gilt and Boar Gift program for young farmers, recent college graduates and those that have served in the military. More than $300,000 in sows have already been made available to qualifying individuals who are looking to get started in farming, grow their herds, improve their genetics and ultimately make more money. The Gilt Stocking Program was part of 16 reasons to Be a Niman Ranch Farmer Partner that was unveiled before the dinner. Niman Ranch is currently paying independent family farmers approximately double the market and promising to do much more in the decade to come.“In a time of depressed hog prices, tariffs, trade wars, and a slow outlook for hog futures, we are going to grow,” said Tripician. “Our market is stronger than ever, our customers are more committed than they have ever been, and we must keep up with consumer demand.” Niman Ranch began hog production in 1995 with one farmer, Paul Willis, from Thornton, IA. Since that time the company has expanded to 629 hog farmers in 12 states. Today, the Niman Ranch farmer is significantly younger than the national average. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the average age of farmers has steadily increased to 58-years old over the last 30 years, contrary to the Niman Ranch farmer’s average age of 47.Part of the ongoing partnership between Niman Ranch and the farmer is a yearly scholarship for farm families and their children to go to college without significant debt so they can return to the farm. This year the Next Generation Scholarship Fund became a formal 501C3 and raised more than $150,000 from more than 60 donors – giving out scholarship awards to more than 32 students. Two of the students received $10,000 as part of a special Phyllis Willis Pioneer Award and the original Dave Serfling Scholarship.

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CEO Andy Khawaja Talks Fintech and Allied Wallet Live on Fox Business Network

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 6 agosto 2018

CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online payment processing offering various payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world, was recently featured on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. in a feature that recognized his technological and business achievements.Since 2007, Varney & Co. has been hosted by Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network, the highest rated market program on television. He’s been recognized for decades for his excellence in journalism.Dr. Andy Khawaja sat down with Stuart Varney to discuss the success of online and mobile applications, the reach of digital payments, and how much of a necessity the internet has become to our society.He admitted that just over thirteen years ago many people thought him to be crazy for his vision of payments online and the connections he wanted to create, but he persisted and attributes much of his success to the country that allowed him to flourish – the United States of America.
“This is the land of dreams coming true if you really want to work hard for it. I’m a fighter, and I fight very hard – and you know – I am where I am today,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja. To which, Stuart Varney offered Khawaja a sincere congratulatory response.Dr. Khawaja proudly accepted Stuart Varney’s invitation to come back to the show very soon to shed more light on technological innovation and e-commerce.

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NCP engineering to Exhibit VPN Solutions at RSA Conference 2018

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 aprile 2018

NCP engineering today announced that it will exhibit its virtual private network (VPN) and IoT security solutions at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on April 16-20, 2018. NCP will showcase its innovative products addressing a broad range of applications including enterprise, Internet of Things (IoT), and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Additionally, Julian Weinberger, Director of Systems Engineering at NCP engineering, will participate in the “German-US Dialogue: Industry 4.0 and IoT Changes Security Challenges” session hosted by the IT Security Association Germany in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce, Symantec and Fairfax County Economic Development Authority on April 16 from 1:00pm to 4:30pm. The session will highlight the effect of cyberattacks on cross-linked devices and Weinberger will discuss NCP’s security solutions for IoT and IIoT.NCP’s VPN solutions and security applications reinforce network security for enterprises, SMBs, and IoT communication including connected cars, ATMs, and digital signage. The company’s cost-effective and user-friendly product line spans the spectrum of remote access, from IPsec/SSL VPNs, to endpoint firewalls and network access control functions.“We are excited to demonstrate our fully-automated, remote access VPN solutions and our IIoT security solutions at the leading event for enterprise cybersecurity technology. Our new IIoT Management system consolidates the classic remote access and IIoT security world. It ensures maximum security in the networking of all integrated IIoT and remote access VPN components and is unique in the IT security market,” said Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO of NCP engineering. “As cyberattacks are among the most serious threats to business operations, secure data communication is critical. Our unique product portfolio creates a holistic VPN work environment, providing advanced authentication and encryption between all network components. NCP’s IIoT Management secures communications between important industrial areas such as company IT, production IT, and product IT.” NCP’s software components for the Industrial Internet of Things provide secure communication and data encryption at different points throughout infrastructures. The NCP IIoT Remote Gateway ensures secure communications between plants, machinery and systems and the NCP Central IIoT Gateway encrypts data from the IIoT Remote Gateway for secure upstream processing. The NCP IIoT Management provides full administration and monitoring of existing infrastructures, and features a multi-client capability which links several production sites or divisions via a common platform.NCP also offers universal VPN clients for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and OS X featuring integrated personal firewalls, integrated internet connectors, and graphical user interfaces which function similarly across all devices. The NCP Secure Entry Client Suite is compatible with all common VPN Gateways and designed for single users and small installations. The NCP Secure Enterprise Solution is modular and provides managed VPN clients for diverse mobile devices, a centralized remote access management system, a hybrid SSL/IPsec VPN gateway and centrally managed personal firewalls.

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Intelsat Selected by Gilat for Recent 4G Network Expansion in the United States

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 28 febbraio 2018

Intelsat S.A. (NYSE:I), operator of the world’s first Globalized Network and leader in integrated satellite solutions, was selected by Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, to support Gilat’s solutions to leading mobile network operators (MNOs) in the United States as they accelerate their expansion of 4G wireless services to underserved areas across North America.Gilat will leverage Ku-band satellite services from two Intelsat satellites to enable MNOs to execute on their expansion plans and quickly increase network coverage to serve remote areas of the North American market.“Gilat is the leading LTE satellite backhaul solution provider to MNOs worldwide who require rapid and efficient network expansion,” said Ron Levin, Vice President Global Accounts at Gilat. “In our recent projects in North America, we selected Intelsat for its strengths in scalability and reliability, and ability to provide unprecedented reach, availability and consistency of service that network operators require.” “Intelsat’s Globalized Network was designed to support the broadening connectivity requirements of MNO customers,” said Jean-Philippe Gillet, Intelsat’s Vice President and General Manager, Broadband. “Gilat’s selection of Intelsat is a testament to our ability to seamlessly integrate with other technologies in a simpler manner as needed to support MNOs as they expand service availability to rural and remote regions, whether those are in mature markets such as the United States or in growing markets in the developing world. We have created a clear roadmap and solid foundation that will enable Intelsat’s market leading satellite technology to continue to lead and serve as a backbone to the hybrid networks of the future.”

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Trusted Computing Group Releases Network Equipment Security Guidance

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 febbraio 2018

Trusted Computing Group (TCG) today announced new guidance and an architects guide to secure network equipment. At Mobile World Congress Feb. 26-March 1, TCG members Infineon Technologies and Juniper Networks will demonstrate these recommendations in Stand 6C4, Hall 6.
Recent attacks such as CherryBlossom and Marai have exposed some networks and data, resulting in significant data loss and impact to business. TCG’s new guidance and architects guide, developed with input from network equipment makers and their suppliers, offer designers and developers of network equipment, including routers, switches and firewalls, specific recommendations and best practices to secure against compromise. Strong hardware security enabled by the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) ensures that equipment is tamper-resistant and protected against a variety of attacks.The Mobile World Congress demo will showcase the Juniper Networks® SRX320 Services Gateway protected with the Infineon OPTIGA™ TPM. The TPM prevents physical and logical tampering of the router and securely stores an encrypted hash. If the router configuration is updated but not authorized, the router will not boot, thereby preventing a potential attack. This is just one of the 12 use cases described in the guidance document. The companies also will discuss implementation of the guidance and TPM in a webcast on Feb. 21, 2018.TCG recognizes that network equipment is shipped as a closed embedded system with security provided by the unit as a whole; equipment must boot and operate without manual intervention; and the equipment itself typically should not have the ability to hide or mask its own identity. As with many embedded and industrial systems, network equipment typically has a long life cycle. Recommendations offered by TCG and members include:Devices should provide a cryptographic device identity based on IEEE 802.1AR and use the TPM to protect keys. Cryptographic identity can provide a reliable way to identify remote devices for applications involving device management, configuration and authentication. The TPM can be used to protect confidential data, such as VPN keys in network equipment TPM-based attestation can offer assurance to the integrity of software running on network equipment Use of the TPM’s random number generator can enhance the strength of cryptographic protocols by providing additional entropy Implementing these recommendations can raise the bar for network equipment security and substantially increases the difficulty for attackers who want to undermine this security.

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Alorica Expands Global Network in China and Japan

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 3 dicembre 2017

SENDAISendai City, Japan.  Alorica, the world’s third largest provider of customer engagement solutions, today announced the opening of its newest site in Tianjin, China, and plans to open a new site in Sendai City, Japan in January 2018. These latest strategic moves reflect Alorica’s commitment to grow its global delivery network in key international locations, increase and diversify language flexibility, and provide in-country solutions to multinational brands expanding into new markets.“Alorica is a valued partner to many of the world’s most respected brands who look to us as their global provider of insanely great customer experiences,” says Alorica CEO and Chairman, Andy Lee. “Our plan next year is to continue our global expansion strategically into vital international markets. This will enable us to offer clients a follow-the-sun strategy supported by many languages that fully leverages our global reach and scale. We look forward to our continued expansion and international growth next year.” The company began operations at its Tianjin location, a 49,000-square-foot center in the TEDA Zone of Tianjin, this week. Today, the Alorica Tianjin center employs 200 full-time customer engagement experts who provide technical support in Mandarin on behalf of a multinational client. Alorica first expanded into China in May 2016, with the launch of its center in Dalian. Alorica plans to open a 55,000-square foot customer engagement center in Sendai City, Japan in January 2018. This next Asia-based location will open with 200 technology experts fluent in Japanese.Alorica’s expansion in China and Japan follows the company’s recent announcement to enhance its advanced data analytics and CX intelligence capabilities. The Alorica advanced data analytics and CX intelligence technology positions clients to improve the consumer experience in their voice channel by solving customer problems faster on the first call, reduce call volume and costs by identifying ineffective self-serve tools and broken processes, and lower churn by engaging potential detractors identified by common calling and speech patterns. The technology automatically surfaces intelligence from millions of recorded calls, using sophisticated conversational analytics to identify, group and organize the words and phrases spoken during calls into themes, helping reveal trends and areas of opportunity or concern.
As a global industry leader, Alorica delivers customer engagement excellence to 25 of the Fortune 50 healthcare companies, six of the 10 largest financial institutions, four of the five largest telecommunications companies, and five of the largest retail companies. Nearly 70 percent of Alorica’s business comes from Fortune 500 brands in a variety of verticals, including healthcare, media and entertainment, technology, communications, financial services, retail and consumer goods, travel and hospitality, and transportation.

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Flydubai and GE Aviation Reach Agreement for Intelligent Network

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 15 novembre 2017

dubaiDubai. GE Aviation and flydubai today announced that they have reached an agreement for GE to provide Intelligent Network software for efficient recovery of disruptions across the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft.“Airline disruptions occur every day, but it’s how you handle them that sets you apart,” said John Mansfield, vice president & Chief Digital Officer for GE Aviation. “Intelligent Network software as a service gives flydubai the real-time tools to predict the impact of operational disruptions, to optimize recovery back to normal operations and to minimize the effect on their passengers.”A result of customer collaboration, flydubai and GE Aviation launched one of the first digital customer solutions built on GE’s Predix platform in June 2016.“Passenger experience is critically important to us. We require a tool to provide improved Customer Service and operational visibility during interruptions to flight operations. Understanding the total impact to our passengers and our operation is of supreme importance,” said Ken Gile, Chief Operating Officer of flydubai. “Intelligent Network provides a clear snapshot of the changes in our daily operations when it comes to any possible disruptions.”The Predix-based Intelligent Network solution is designed to help flydubai to minimize the impact of unavoidable delays, enhance operational understanding, while optimally protecting schedules and revenue.Ramesh Venkat, Chief Information Officer of flydubai added, “We can now understand the knock-on effect across our network and having this software in place will allow us to quickly make the best decisions for our operations.” “By collaborating with customers, we’re better able to understand their challenges,” continued Mansfield. “This is exactly how we want to work together and help customers to drive greater efficiency.” GE Aviation opened the first Middle East Aviation Technology Center in Dubai in 2015 to support customers’ operations in the region. GE Aviation also has a digital center in Austin, Texas and foundries in San Ramon, Paris and Shanghai. These advancements in data and analytic technologies are examples of what GE’s Predix platform for the Industrial Internet is driving in aviation.

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Intelsat and Coca-Cola Partner to Promote Digital Access in Africa

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 8 novembre 2017

africa7Intelsat S.A. (NYSE: I), operator of the world’s first Globalized Network and leader in integrated satellite communications, and The Coca-Cola Company are working together to bring satellite-enabled Wi-Fi services to remote communities across Africa. The partnership will support both companies’ future business plans and also their mutual efforts to promote sustainable development, especially in underserved communities.Internet access is a proven tool for stimulating economic growth in developing countries, with the World Bank reporting that a 10 percent increase in broadband penetration correlates to a 1.38 percent increase in GDP growth. With Intelsat’s satellite broadband services, connectivity can be delivered to rural areas where there is limited or no terrestrial or wireless connectivity, opening up a host of additional opportunities for social and economic development.The Coca-Cola Company is already working in developing communities around the world to foster sustainable development activity like supporting clean water and sanitation services as well as economic empowerment for women. Under the new partnership, Intelsat will work with The Coca-Cola Company to establish Wi-Fi access at certain retail facilities in rural areas, enabling personal and commercial connectivity for citizens.“We’re partnering with public and private sector organizations to address social issues, bringing basic necessities to millions of people through our sustainability-related programs,” said Eric Welsh, Global Director, The Coca-Cola Company. “The Internet is a tremendous, undisputed force for economic growth and social change, and with the reach of Intelsat’s satellite broadband services, we plan to deliver the benefits of connectivity to even more communities across Africa.” “Satellite connectivity is the easiest way to deliver Internet services to the most people in the shortest possible time frame in infrastructure-poor rural and remote areas,” said Jean-Philippe Gillet, Intelsat’s Vice President and General Manager of Broadband. “Our fleet innovations, including our Intelsat EpicNG high-performance satellites, make access to broadband satellite services easier, and the work Coca-Cola is doing in local communities around the world fits perfectly with our vision to remove the digital divide often found in remote areas. With the inherent advantages that satellite provides in terms of reach and scalability, we provide a solution in delivering the benefits of internet access to hundreds of communities around the world in a quick, cost-efficient manner.”

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Pubblicità online: 4w MarketPlace chiude il 2016 con 7 milioni di Euro di fatturato

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 giugno 2017

barberisronchini4w MarketPlace, network pubblicitario leader del mercato italiano per la gestione diretta e automatica (programmatic) di formati ADV online per desktop e mobile (dagli annunci native, ai video, ai banner display), chiude il 2016 con un fatturato di 7 milioni di Euro, registrando una crescita del 9% rispetto al 2015. Anche nel primo trimestre 2017 4w MarketPlace – scaleup digitale nata all’interno di Digital Magics, incubatore di startup quotato su AIM Italia di Borsa Italiana – conferma l’incremento dei ricavi, segnando circa il +20% rispetto allo stesso periodo del 2016. L’EBITDA 2016 si attesta a Euro 659 mila (+25% rispetto al 2015). La posizione finanziaria netta è positiva per oltre 1,4 milioni di Euro, migliorata per 0,5 milioni di Euro rispetto all’anno precedente. Anche il risultato d’esercizio, positivo per 41 mila Euro nel 2016, registra un netto miglioramento rispetto alla perdita di 67 mila Euro del 2015.
4w MarketPlace ha ampliato la propria offerta per editori e investitori pubblicitari, andando ad affermarsi nel corso del 2016 anche sui segmenti di pubblicità online con i formati video e display (banner), che sono andati ad affiancarsi agli annunci native (immagine con testo e link posizionati a fondo articolo), formato sul quale l’azienda è nata e ha sviluppato per anni il proprio business.Il network pubblicitario di 4w MarketPlace aggrega migliaia di siti web e mobile di editori italiani altamente qualificati, che totalizzano oltre 6 miliardi di impression mensili con una copertura di audience pari al 70%. La scaleup di Digital Magics ha sedi a Milano, Firenze e Fisciano (SA) e un team di 30 professionisti. (foto. barberis, ronchini)

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Airborne Wireless Network and Air Lease Corporation Sign MOU for Strategic Marketing Partnership

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 19 gennaio 2017

los angelesLOS ANGELES/PRNewswire/ ACCESSWIRE Airborne Wireless Network (OTCQB: ABWN) and Air Lease Corporation (NYSE: AL), today announced they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with regards to a strategic marketing partnership for Airborne Wireless Network’s proposed broadband wireless network, trademarked as “Infinitus Super Highway™.”Airborne Wireless Network is developing its “Infinitus Super Highway™,” which contemplates providing a high-speed broadband airborne wireless network by linking commercial aircraft in flight as repeaters, which will send and receive broadband signals from one aircraft to another.Under the terms of the agreement, Air Lease Corporation will act as the exclusive marketing agent and use its extensive network of airline customers to market the “Infinitus Super Highway™” to multiple airline customers throughout the world. Jason T. de Mos, Vice President of Business Development and Aviation Compliance said, “Air Lease Corporation is one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing companies. We are excited that they are on board to market our system to their worldwide airline customers and to introduce us to manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus with the goal of having our equipment pre-wired on new aircraft. Our collaboration will be a big step toward making our vision a reality, as we believe our airborne digital highway is the logical solution to fill the world’s connectivity void. This partnership is a perfect fit for our strategy and will contribute significantly to the future of Airborne Wireless.”

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Zurich rafforza il network distributivo in Piemonte

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 gennaio 2017

Torino. Zurich in Italia sigla un nuovo accordo con la Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano per la distribuziozurichne dei prodotti assicurativi vita in Piemonte. La partnership con la Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano consentirà a Zurich di rafforzare la propria rete di distribuzione nel Nord Ovest a fianco di un Istituto di credito fortemente radicato nel territorio con 25 filiali e punto di riferimento per famiglie e imprese. La Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano è un Istituto di Credito nato nel 1858 come risposta ad un’aumentata domanda di sostegno alla crescita dell’economia locale. L’Istituto ha da sempre puntato a costruire un forte legame con il territorio ed a garantire un sostegno al suo sviluppo. La centralità della persona ed un rapporto diretto e trasparente con la clientela, sono da sempre un connotato dell’Istituto. L’accordo ha come oggetto la distribuzione della polizza multiramo vita Zurich Multinvest Extra, del piano di risparmio Z Integra, Zurich Progetto e della polizza di tipo unit-linked Z Platform 2. Questa nuova partnership con una storica Banca piemontese, dalla forte connotazione territoriale e sociale – ha commentato Gianluca Benassi, Head of Banks and IFA per Zurich in Italia– è un ulteriore passo avanti nell’implementazione della nostra strategia di crescita nel segmento bancassurance. Siamo sicuri che le sinergie sviluppate fra le nostre due Aziende saranno la base di una collaborazione di grande successo.”
Zurich MultInvest Extra è una polizza multiramo a vita intera di Zurich che prevede, oltre ad un premio unico iniziale, la possibilità di effettuare premi unici aggiuntivi. I prodotti Multiramo sono polizze vita che si pongono due obiettivi: ottenere rendimenti stabili nel tempo tramite la Componente legata alla Gestione Separata e cogliere le opportunità di crescita dei mercati finanziari tramite la componente legata a fondi d’investimento.
Z Integra è il piano di risparmio di Zurich indicato a chi desidera integrare in modo permanente il reddito e vuole creare una rendita significativa per i propri cari. E‘ una soluzione personalizzata con un rendimento certo rivalutabile nel tempo. Zurich Progetto è la polizza Mista di Zurich che abbina un piano di accumulo su gestione separata alla sicurezza della copertura assicurativa, indicato alle aziende per la copertura del Key Man o per chi vuole garantire sicurezza a i propri cari. E‘ una soluzione personalizzata con un rendimento rivalutabile nel tempo.
Z Platform 2 è una polizza di tipo unit-linked, a vita intera, una piattaforma integrata, indipendente e globale che consente di scegliere tra 108 fondi scelti tra i migliori per categoria, caratterizzati da differenti livelli di rischio/rendimento e con la possibilità di cambiare in qualsiasi momento combinazione, in relazione alle esigenze di investimento.
Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich), leader nei servizi assicurativi, è operativa sia nel ramo danni che nel ramo vita, servendo i propri clienti a livello globale e su singoli mercati locali grazie a circa 55.000 collaboratori. Tra i clienti di Zurich vi sono privati, piccole e medie imprese e grandi società, tra cui multinazionali, in oltre 170 paesi. Fondato nel 1872, il Gruppo ha la propria sede centrale a Zurigo, in Svizzera. La società holding Zurich Insurance Group Ltd (ZURN), quotata alla SIX Swiss Exchange, è presente sul mercato statunitense mediante un programma American Depositary Receipt di Livello I (ZURVY) negoziato fuori borsa su OTCQX. Maggiori informazioni su Zurich sono disponibili all’indirizzo
Zurich in Italia. Zurich è presente in Italia dal 1902 ed opera attraverso una rete di circa 600 Agenzie e accordi di distribuzione con banche e reti di promotori finanziari, nell’area della protezione assicurativa, del risparmio e della previdenza.

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GoodElectronics Network reveals victim stories of chemical poisoning in electronics industry in China

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 7 settembre 2016

amsterdamAmsterdam. The GoodElectronics Network’s latest report ‘The Poisonous Pearl focuses on the experiences of (former) workers in the electronics industry in China who are victims of chemical poisoning. The health of all the workers in the report was damaged by exposure to hazardous chemicals such as benzene and n-hexane. All were working in large or small factories in the Pearl River Delta-region of China, an area well known as being a global hub for the production of consumer electronics (ICT). Manufacturers based in this region supply to international companies such as Apple, Asus, Canon, Foxconn, Huawei, Philips, Samsung and Sony, amongst others.
Zhu Yishu worked in a plant which manufactured ICT products principally for Japanese brands, such as Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba. As part of his job, he had contact with thinner, alcohol, solvent naphtha and other chemicals. In 2006, Zhu started experiencing pain in his back, bones and joints and was diagnosed as having acute leukaemia. In 2008 Zhu had a bone marrow transplant but suffered a relapse four years later. He now needs another transplant but the factory is refusing to pay for it. Zhu claims that his workplace was never inspected by clients and when officials from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) did come to inspect the plant, the manufacturer was notified before the visit and workers were told to conceal things.The research project was undertaken by two Hong Kong-based labour rights organisations – Labour Action China (LAC), and Labour Education and Service Network (LESN) – in collaboration with the Netherlands-based Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO). Fifty nine workers filled out a detailed questionnaire and another 16 workers took part in in-depth interviews. Some workers were the only worker to become ill in their factory. Therefore pseudonyms have been used and the names of the factories withheld.
Eleven of the 23 client companies named in this report responded to a draft version of this report. They stressed that they considered chemical poisoning a serious risk for workers but were not aware of concrete cases of chemical poisoning in their supply chains. Alejandro Gonzalez, Coordinator of the GoodElectronics Network: “It is about time that the electronics industry takes serious steps to come to a life cycle approach to the use of toxic chemicals. GoodElectronics is calling upon the electronics industry to meet the ‘Chemical Challenge’.”

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Anche la Chiesa impara a stare sui social network

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 luglio 2016


Come esorta continuamente Papa Francesco, la Chiesa non deve aver paura di stare sui social network. Alle echo chambers, così tanto frequenti nell’ambiente digitale, bisogna imparare a rispondere con proposte di valore. Tutto ciò nella consapevolezza che nella comunicazione istituzionale non esiste più un portavoce unico, ma una pluralità di voci che fanno da rappresentanti.
Sono alcune delle riflessioni proposte dal nuovo libro di Giovanni Tridente e Bruno Mastroianni, entrambi docenti alla Pontificia Università della Santa Croce – La missione digitale. Comunicazione della Chiesa e social media –, che si avvale, tra gli altri, dei contributi di Daniele Chieffi, social media manager di ENI, e Daniele Bellasio, responsabile de effetti, come spiegano gli autori, il volume non è rivolto solo agli addetti ai lavori ma a chiunque voglia fare della sua presenza online un’occasione per cooperare al bene comune. Questo perché la comunicazione non è più solo per i professionisti del settore (giornalisti e comunicatori) ma qualcosa a cui ciascuno contribuisce con la sua vita in Rete.Se è dunque vero che il Web è passato da essere un semplice strumento a un ambiente da abitare, tutti (educatori, genitori, artisti, ecclesiastici, religiosi, volontari…) sono chiamati a dare il loro apporto per costruire legami, incontrare persone e arricchire le proprie esperienze.L’approccio dei saggi che compongono l’edizione è di tipo propositivo. Non si analizzano infatti pericoli e rischi che la tecnologia digitale porta con sé, ma si parte dal presupposto inverso, e cioè che ogni nuovo scenario di comunicazione – coinvolgendo donne e uomini – porta con sé le luci e le ombre della condizione umana, ed è proprio in considerazione della capacità di far luce che le ombre si possono dissipare.Più che “spegnere la tecnologia” o “mettere regole” per limitarne l’uso, il libro si domanda quindi “cosa c’è da fare” nel momento in cui i dispositivi sono accessi e connessi alla Rete. In sintesi: “puntare al valore delle relazioni per costruire, nella Rete, dei dialoghi davvero rilevanti”. (foto: tridente)

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Congresso mondiale di chirurgia vascolare

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 15 giugno 2016

padovaPadova Nei giorni 16, 17 e 18 giugno 2016 si svolgerà presso il centro culturale Altinate San Gaetano di Padova la terza edizione del Congresso Internazionale di Chirurgia Vascolare “VIP, Vascular International Padova Congress”. Il congresso è organizzato dalla chirurgia vascolare dell’Azienda Ospedaliera/Università di Padova e ed è il terzo evento a caratura mondiale che fa parte di un progetto unico nel suo genere. Tra le finalità del progetto c’è in primis quella di far interagire in ogni edizione un gruppo di specialisti qualificati provenienti da ogni parte del mondo così da istituire un network scientifico di altissimo livello.
Quest’anno saranno presenti leader scientifici provenienti da 32 paesi del Mondo.In quest’ottica il progetto VIP vuole essere promotore di progetti di ricerca e di interscambi culturali tra le diverse aree del mondo coinvolte favorendo contatti e affiliazioni a società scientifiche nazionali ed internazionali. In ogni evento del Congresso mondiale, sono previste delle sessioni dedicate ai giovani al fine di promuovere la partecipazione di studenti e specializzandi – soprattutto stranieri. VIP vuole inoltre incentivare la partecipazione dei giovani ai progetti di ricerca e alla partecipazione ad eventi scientifici internazionali. Il progetto VIP (Vascular International Padova Congresses) nato nel giugno del 2012 con l’obiettivo di creare degli eventi congressuali su scala mondiale inerenti alla chirurgia vascolare, privilegia in ogni edizione un’area geografica diversa. Il primo evento, sottotitolato Europe meets Latin America, è stato dedicato ai chirurghi vascolari dell’America Latina mentre la seconda edizione del giugno 2014 Europe meets North America è stata dedicata ai chirurghi vascolari del Nord America. L’edizione di quest’anno è finalizzata all’incontro dei chirurghi vascolari Asiatici Europe meets Asia e prevederà una sessione congiunta con una delle principali società scientifiche cinesi – Endovascolgy, Shanghai. Il Convegno realizzato per gli esperti, rappresenta un fiore all’occhiello non solo della nostra azienda ma della sanità italiana.

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La generazione social vuole una casa pratica, a misura d’abitante, di design e con zona living

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 aprile 2016

CasafotovoltaicaHanno tra i 18 e i 34 anni, sono sempre connessi, twittano e condividono fotografie ed emozioni sui social network, hanno una concezione della casa “mordi e fuggi” e sono alla perenne ricerca di relazioni e nuove sfide: si chiamano Millennials e sono i nuovi protagonisti del mercato immobiliare. Cosa cercano e dove cercano? Qual è la loro casa ideale? ( ha tracciato una fotografia scoprendo che la voglia di rendersi indipendenti è sempre più forte: nell’ultimo anno è cresciuta del +8,3% la domanda di affitto e del +4,3% quella di acquisto da parte di giovani. Le città preferite? Come conferma anche il rapporto ‘Vita da Millennials’ del Censis, le città preferite in cui cercar casa sono quelle che si caratterizzano per maggior dinamicità dal punto di vista lavorativo e in cui si concentrano la maggior parte delle start-up innovative. Oltre a Milano – che nell’immaginario collettivo rimane sinonimo di vitalità, energia, innovazione e propensione alla crescita – i Millennials guardano anche a Torino, Bologna e Roma.
In città si sa, gli appartamenti sono più piccoli, ma questo non preoccupa i Millennials. Secondo l’analisi di, ben quattro su dieci si orientano su tagli piccoli come i bilocali, un chiaro segnale dell’approccio pratico ed essenziale dei Millennials, che cercano abitazioni con spazi progettati sulla base delle necessità di chi vive la casa. La casa ideale deve essere funzionale e preferibilmente di design: nessuno oggetto superfluo e nessuno spazio inutilizzato. “Dalle ricerche spariscono quasi del tutto solai e cantine, e anche il garage: soprattutto nelle grandi città, i più giovani si spostano con la bicicletta, usano i trasporti pubblici o il car sharing – spiega Alessandro Ghisolfi, Responsabile del Centro Studi – È una generazione in movimento che non teme di dover fare qualche scala con i sacchetti della spesa: l’ascensore non è più una priorità fra le caratteristiche dell’immobile ricercato”.
La casa è un luogo di condivisione dove ritrovarsi con gli amici e coltivare i propri interessi. Nell’ 80% delle richieste l’elemento che non può mancare è la zona living con cucina a vista, uno spazio ampio dove poter vivere appieno la convivialità di un pranzo o di una cena. La cucina si fonde con la sala da pranzo, ma non perde la sua centralità. Cucinare diventa un evento social, da condividere con le persone più care. “Come emerge anche dal rapporto Censis – prosegue Ghisolfi – questi giovanissimi sono dei Foodies, amano cucinare perché li rilassa e li diverte, e amano tutto ciò che è fatto in casa”
Comportamento dei Millennials nelle quattro città più innovative: Milano, Torino, Bologna e Roma. Se nell’affitto i Millennials che cercano casa a Milano, Torino, Bologna e Roma si orientano prevalentemente su bilocali, a prescindere dall’età, quando si parla di acquisto gli orientamenti cambiano. In questa categoria sono compresi, infatti, sia giovani studenti sia lavoratori che, superato lo scoglio della prima occupazione, sono alla ricerca della soluzione abitativa definitiva. I giovani tra i 18 e i 24 anni che vogliono acquistare casa, spesso con l’aiuto di mamma e papà, puntano ai bilocali, mentre chi è più cresciuto (25-34 anni) e decide di compiere questo passo cerca trilocali, con una camera in più, che in attesa di allargare la famiglia viene adibita a studio.

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World’s First 6k Real-time Network Video Wall starts 2016 right for Userful

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 24 gennaio 2016

userful-50-screens-video-wall-lrg2Userful Corporation, an industry leader in centralized display controller software, announces the release of Userful 8.5, a multi-source video wall controller that supports up to video walls of up to 60 displays with up to 6k resolution source content. It is the first video wall solution to deliver 6k content in real time over a standard Ethernet network. A single PC or server running Userful software is now able to support video walls of up to 60 screens through the network.Userful’s solution is unique in its ability to support such large video walls and such large content over the network from just one computer. After making headlines in 2014 with its 4k network video wall, Userful has now changed the game again supporting up to 6K content from a single high-end gaming class PC. Userful is able to deliver so much from a single PC by leveraging the additional compute power of add on GPUs.Timothy Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful, describes the excitement behind this new version, “For too long cost and complexity have been drags on the video wall market. This release enables Userful’s simple and affordable video wall solution to compete on scalability and features with some of the highest end and most expensive video wall controllers on the market. Enabling even very large multi-source video walls to be deployed with simplicity at a cost effective price point. No more expensive brittle proprietary hardware, now all you need is a standard PC running Userful.”Additional features of note in this new release include:
The world’s first video wall controller with an embedded hypervisor enabling virtual machines to run natively on the video wall controllerA mirroring feature enabling perfect synchronization across both network connected displays and video walls.
Automated failover: the world’s’ first video wall to offer 100% automated high-availability failover for ultra demanding applications simply for the cost of a second PC (automatically takes over driving the video wall displays should the primary PC or server fail) (photo: userful)

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Vacanze invernali

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 novembre 2015

Sri LankaSri Lanka1Mare caldo, spiagge assolate e un territorio ricchissimo di storia, natura e tradizioni, tutte da scoprire. Sono questi gli elementi che fanno dello Sri Lanka, l’isola a sud dell’India che Marco Polo descrisse come “l’isola più bella del mondo”, una delle migliori destinazioni per le vacanze invernali al caldo secondo CartOrange. «La stagione secca in Sri Lanka va da dicembre a marzo–spiega Silvia Romagnoli, Travel Stylist CartOrange il più grande network italiano di consulenti di viaggio– e questo ne fa una destinazione davvero interessante per l’inverno, che piacerà sia a chi desidera rilassarsi tra mare e natura, sia a chi è interessato alla storia e alla cultura di una popolazione gentile e ricca di tradizioni. Di sicuro un viaggio in Sri Lanka è anche un viaggio spirituale, che arricchisce».
Sri Lanka2Sri Lanka5La proposta di CartOrange è particolarmente orientata alla scoperta degli aspetti meno noti dell’antica Serendib e al contatto con la cultura, la religione e le usanze locali. Si comincia visitando l’antica capitale Polonnaruwa con le sue enormi dagoba (reliquiari buddhisti) e le statue del Buddha, patrimonio dell’umanità. Si prosegue poi per l’antico sito archeologico di Sigiriya, per i templi di Dambulla, esempi fra i più alti di arte buddhista, e per Kandy, città regale dove si assiste a uno spettacolo di danze tradizionali. L’altopiano centrale è tutto da scoprire con un viaggio in treno panoramico: si Sri Lanka3Sri Lanka4visiteranno le piantagioni di tè e le cascate di Devon Santa Clara, Ramboda e Diyaluma. Dopo aver visitato il parco nazionale di Yala con i suoi felini, si arriva infine a Katagarama, con il suo santuario dove è possibile assistere al rito serale della Puja.«Queste sono solo alcune delle esperienze straordinarie che si possono vivere durante un viaggio in Sri Lanka –prosegue Silvia Romagnoli–. La natura offre occasioni uniche, come l’osservazione delle balene e dei delfini a Mirissa, l’escursione notturna per vedere le tartarughe a Rekawa e la visita all’Orfanotrofio degli elefanti a Pinnawela. E le attività sportive vanno dal rafting, anche notturno nelle notti che precedono la luna piena, alla navigazione in canoa e kayak per raggiungere templi sperduti, fino ai trekking diurni e notturni che toccano parchi nazionali e siti archeologici, da sorvolare anche in mongolfiera».Per prepararsi al meglio al viaggio, CartOrange offre anche due servizi esclusivi: la guida e-book La terra dei Re; testimonianze di un’antica civiltà e la video lezione preparatoria Sri Lanka, la lacrima dell’India.
Lo Sri Lanka è una meta sicura e attrezzata per accogliere i turisti. Il periodo consigliato per visitarla comprende tutto l’anno a eccezione di ottobre e novembre. (foto: Sri Lanka)

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