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Delivery Biz Pro Adds Another International Partner with New Zealand’s Ooooby

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 15 aprile 2019

Global farm-to-table SaaS company Delivery Biz Pro (DBP), which provides software to facilitate delivery between farms and providers of fresh produce to homes and businesses, is pleased to announce its partnership with Ooooby, a digital farmers market headquartered in New Zealand.Ooooby specializes in delivery of local organic food from small-scale farmers and will utilize the latest technology from DBP to help put sustainable farming at the heart of the food system in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. The partnership is the latest in a series of international relationships DBP has developed recently, underscoring its flexibility to help companies in every corner of the globe.“We’ve been deeply impressed by the fantastic improvements DBP has brought to our customer experience as well as the operational efficiencies the software brings,” said Pete Russell, Founder and CEO of Ooooby. “Our customers have been raving about the new shopping interface and we saw an instant increase in average transaction values by over 10%. The DBP team has been an absolute delight to work with and we’re very excited about applying more of the powerful features that DBP offers!”Through the integration of DBP’s technology, Ooooby plans to scale its operations into other regions, reduce costs, create more efficiencies, and make use of several new produce box-building methodologies.Ooooby launched its first prototype hub in the fall of 2010 in Auckland, from a converted shipping container with 50 customers. Today, Ooooby operates in several regions including, Christchurch, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia, and Fresno, California – delivering over 345,000 boxes of produce to more than 17,000 homes.Ooooby Ltd is a for-profit company with over 150 shareholders including staff, suppliers, customers, and professional investors.

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New Zealand’s The University of Auckland ICT Graduate School Announces New Curriculum Based on MicroStrategy Software

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 maggio 2018

MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, announced that New Zealand’s leading academic institution, The University of Auckland’s ICT Graduate School, will offer new curriculum in data analytics and business intelligence based on MicroStrategy software. Designed to help students prepare for careers in the data-driven economy, two new courses will be offered by Auckland ICT Graduate School through The Centre of Excellence in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, a shared facility with MicroStrategy that provides best practices, research, support and training for topics in business intelligence and data analytics. Each course will teach students the necessary skills to conduct advanced data analytics, such as statistical analysis and data visualisation, using the MicroStrategy 10™ platform. The new courses will deliver necessary, practical and industry-relevant training to students at the University and the wider business community in order to address the data skills shortage. The short courses for the business community will be available from June 2018 starting at 895 NZD (plus goods and services tax). The courses are designed to help graduates become well-positioned to enter New Zealand’s workforce and help businesses succeed.“We are delighted to provide our faculty with access to the market’s leading enterprise analytics platform that leading organizations, including many on the Fortune 1000, use on a daily basis to drive business growth,” said Professor Gill Dobbie, Director of Auckland ICT Graduate School. “Our goal is to prepare our students to lead data conversations that are taking place in every corner of an enterprise. Introducing the MicroStrategy platform to our coursework will unleash critical thinking skills in our students that will make their learning experience richer, prepare them to be data fluent in any career, and help them stand out as data savvy in a competitive workforce.”“MicroStrategy believes that an investment in knowledge pays the highest dividends, so we’re proud to provide our software to The University of Auckland ICT Graduate School,” said Michael J. Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy Incorporated. “Today’s university students need exceptionally strong analytical and technology skills to be successful in the data-driven economy. Giving students access to our modern analytics platform helps them understand how data-driven decisions fuel prosperity and innovation in the real world.”

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How New Zealand could bring down the Australian government

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 agosto 2017

diplomatic fracasA STRANGE political scandal in Australia turned serious on August 14th when the deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce (pictured), discovered—much to his surprise—that he was also a citizen of New Zealand. Section 44 of Australia’s constitution prevents anyone with dual citizenship from sitting in Parliament. So far such discoveries have led two Australian Greens to resign from the Senate and an MP of the Liberal Party to step down from his cabinet role as industry minister. But the discovery of Mr Joyce’s apparent ineligibility has given the matter greater urgency—the loss of a single seat would cause the coalition government of the Liberal and National parties to lose its majority. Events have escalated quickly, with one Australian minister accusing New Zealand of meddling in its politics.
Mr Joyce is one of Australia’s most high-profile and experienced politicians. The leader of the right-wing National Party, he spent eight years in the Senate and has sat in the House of Representatives since his party returned to power in 2013. He is also minister for agriculture. But Mr Joyce’s father was born in New Zealand. The child of a citizen of New Zealand automatically becomes one by descent. In parliament, Mr Joyce emphasised his maternal Australian roots and the fact that he had never sought foreign citizenship. But he could do little other than to refer the matter to the High Court, which will hear the case on August 24th. Unlike the Green senators, he has refused to resign. That the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, asked Mr Joyce to continue in his duties is directly related to the government’s fragile grip on power. If Mr Joyce were to be found ineligible to sit, a by-election would be arranged for his rural seat of New England, north of Sydney. Until then, the government would have to seek support from opposition parties and independents to approve legislation. Worse still, the by-election could turn into a de facto referendum on the government’s performance. This poses risks for an administration that has consistently trailed behind the opposition Labor Party in opinion polls.
The Australian government is also unhappy about the manner in which Mr Joyce’s roots were disclosed. The chief-of-staff of an Labor senator spoke to an MP in the New Zealand Labour Party, Chris Hipkins, about Australian legislators who may be New Zealand citizens. Mr Hipkins raised the issue in his country’s Parliament. Questions from journalists then resulted in the Kiwi interior minister explaining Mr Joyce’s new-found status. Smelling a conspiracy, the Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, said that she would find it “very difficult” to work with a party that sought to “undermine the Australian government”. In addition to the strength of Ms Bishop’s language, the fact that she made such a statement during an election campaign in New Zealand has heightened sensitivities further. The leader of New Zealand Labour, Jacinda Ardern, described Ms Bishop’s comments as “highly regrettable”. It is clear the debate still has some distance to run. The Australian government has called into question the citizenship of seven Labor MPs. (Indeed, a constitutional law expert interviewed on Australia’s national broadcaster this week said she had discovered while researching that subject that she too was a Kiwi. This does not disqualify her from her position at Sydney Law School.) One solution to the political drama might be an amendment to the constitution itself. When Section 44 was written, in 1891, New Zealand was not considered a foreign power, as both Australia and New Zealand came under the dominion of the British monarch. This changed only in 1986 when Australia stepped out entirely from British rule. This might be the moment for the constitution to move with the times, too. (Photo: diplomatic fracas) (by The Economist)

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Rapid Sales Growth Spurs New Auckland Office For Global ERP Software Firm

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 16 febbraio 2015

THE Woodlands-TX, TX, Global Shop Solutions, a global leader in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software industry, announces the opening of its new office in Auckland, New Zealand. Although part of Global Shop Solutions’ overall Asian Pacific operations, which includes offices in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, the Auckland office will focus exclusively on providing sales, technical and customer support for New Zealand customers.
“Sales in New Zealand have doubled in each of the past two years,” says Dusty Alexander, CEO of Global Shop Solutions. “In order to keep up with this growth and provide the personal touch that our other Asian Pacific customers expect and value from us, we decided to open an office in Auckland office to serve the local market.”Veteran Global Shop Solutions employee William William has been selected to oversee the office. A native of Pekanbaru, Indonesia, William has more than 10 years’ experience working with companies to implement ERP software, and has held engineering and management positions in several U.S. and Asian manufacturing companies. He also manages the Global Shop Solutions Singapore, Indonesia and Australian offices.“Our software is designed by manufacturing people for manufacturing people,” adds Alexander. “William’s cross-cultural background and extensive experience with manufacturing ERP implementations make him ideally suited to leading our Asian Pacific operations.”
Global Shop Solutions, the only provider of One-System ERP Solutions™ designed to streamline operations, has helped thousands of discrete manufacturers increase sales, improve quality and on-time delivery, and lower costs. Global Shop Solutions is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, with offices in major cities throughout the United States, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, serving customers in a variety of industries throughout the world. Global Shop Solutions’ unique combination of manufacturing knowledge, software expertise and commitment to customer service has produced more successful implementations than any of its competitors in the industry. For manufacturing companies that want to provide better and faster service to their customers, gain more control over their business and accelerate growth and profitability, Global Shop

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