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Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 16 aprile 2012

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Wiener Mozart Trio
A Spino Fiorito, di vino in bio
Una stella nel cielo del Molise
Sicurezza nucleare
Nuovi bus per Roma
Morte Morosini e proposte legge
Italia: boom usura
8° Giornata Mondiale Emofilia
Storia dell’arte: Esercizi singolarità
Incontro su: 1000 Genomes
Il malato e il medico
Studi sul Settecento romano
L’Europa al tempo della crisi
Gli antropologi raccontano l’Unesco
Il mercato delle rinnovabili
Intercettazioni: norme bavaglio?
Un altro sistema culturale
I suicidi politici
Pakistan: combattimenti in corso
Anti-politica? Bene: facciamo politica
Dalle ideologie ai valori
Il comitato di salvezza nazionale
Agenda sindaco comune Roma
Il buon gusto di Umberto Galimberti
Teatro: Sangue sul collo del gatto

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Last news Fidest:

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 aprile 2012

Il restauro della Gioconda
Teatro di documenti: Il Cardinal Mia Cara
Famiglie in povertà: appello al governo
Campionato italiano Rally
Comparto sicurezza: accesso alla pensione
“My Special Car Show”
Curare i gay? Oltre l’ideologia
Tournée di Roberto Vecchioni
Roma: Riunione dirigenti D.C.
Donne in fuga dall’uomo
Le ingenuità di Messori
“Suonero’ fino a farti fiorire”
Lega: la politica dei due forni
Italia: un paese ingovernabile?
Ultime notizie Fidest
Pulizia..pulizia..pulizia.. condizionata
Personale Andrea Ruffolo
Festa dei Talami, lunedì di Pasqua
Festa del Baccanale
Angeletti alla Zanzara su radio 24
Lavoro: apprendisti stregoni
Segreteria regionale partito Pensionati

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News from the Competition: Ukraine

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 12 novembre 2011

Wheat in the Hulah valley, 2007

Image via Wikipedia

U.S. exports are likely to face strong competition from Ukrainian corn and feed wheat exports, reported Cary Sifferath, USGC regional director. “With a record corn crop this year and plenty of feed quality wheat to sell, I would now say Ukraine will have 10 million metric tons (394 million bushels) to as much as 12 mmt (473 million bushels) of corn and 7 mmt (257 million bushels) of feed wheat available for export,” he said.Ukrainian farmers are using inputs like fertilizer more aggressively to increase yields. Capital spending on port facilities and export capacity is also increasing as multinational exporters invest in the region, but Sifferath warns that rail and export facilities could still prove a bottleneck for moving such grain volumes.“It wasn’t that long ago that the multinational grain companies were wondering if Ukraine was a safe place to invest in facilities, since the government can restrict exports, as it did in 2010,” he explained.In October, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich cancelled export duties for wheat and corn that had been imposed in July, and Ukrainian officials have talked of exporting 27 mmt of grain in 2011/12.Much of Ukraine’s corn and feed wheat is likely to go to the Mediterranean region, to Israel, Syria, as well as the North African and E.U markets. Sifferath suggested, “Israel has been a big feed wheat user in the past and is likely to be a big buyer because of low transportation costs from the Black Sea.”“Egypt, Algeria and Morocco are restricted from importing wheat for feed use, and sales to the EU’s Mediterranean nations will depend on pricing.”“We know the Japanese and Taiwanese have purchased some Ukrainian corn,” Sifferath said, “and Ukrainian feed wheat may have traded into Southeast Asia.” He noted that feed wheat could also go to South Korea and even China, if the Chinese choose to buy wheat instead of corn to build their grain reserves. There has also been speculation about yellow corn sales to South Africa.

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News on immigration

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 19 agosto 2011

Barack Obama holding up a Pittsburgh Steelers ...

Image via Wikipedia

Letter to editor. Riccardo.I wanted to make sure you saw the news: Today President Obama announced a common-sense policy change that will make our immigration system fairer and smarter. I’m proud to support it, and I hope you are, too. Under the administration’s guidance, immigration courts are going to focus on deporting people who have been convicted of crimes or who pose a security risk. This means that the courts will focus less on “low-priority” cases — like young people who were brought here as small children and know no other home, or veterans and military spouses.So the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice will be reviewing the current deportation caseload, clearing out low-priority cases, and making sure they don’t get into the system in the first place — keeping the focus on cases that will make our country safer. It’s a smart, strategic change. And it will make a difference. But more comprehensive change requires Congress to act. And we’ll need to build momentum for this fight by raising awareness and demanding action on immigration reform. That starts with getting the word out to our friends and family about this important policy change. The Republican presidential candidates are carbon copies of the congressional Republicans who have blocked common-sense change at every turn.
In last week’s Republican debates in Iowa, the candidates talked about walls, as if higher and longer fences could magically resolve this complex issue. President Obama and the majority of Americans know that the real answer is much more complicated. That’s why he’s directing our immigration courts to focus on the cases that keep our country safe. There’s a lot more we can do to improve our broken immigration system. President Obama will need us to keep up the pressure on our members of Congress to make that change happen. (Katherine Archuleta)

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