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Trump: Cormac Weldon, Head of Artemis US Equity Team opinion

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 16 novembre 2016

londonLondon Cormac Weldon, fund manager of the Artemis US Select, US Smaller Companies and US Equity funds: “Markets are focusing on the likely stimulus and there will be some good things. The implications of a trade war and protectionism are another matter. What will be fascinating is the checks and balances. While Congress is now Republican, we have to remember there have been problems between Trump and the rest of the party. We are increasingly wary of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector due to Trump’s intention to repeal ‘Obamacare’. We don’t agree with the rally in pharmas. The biggest buyer of these drugs is Medicare. A natural negotiator, Trump will probably try and get a better deal. So we expect pricing pressure here. We are more optimistic on domestic cyclicals. One beneficiary should be Swift Transportation, a holding of ours and one of the largest US trucking companies. Infrastructure and defence should also do well in a Trump presidency. We’re happy to go on owning Lockheed Martin. As for tech stocks, we think there will be a tax deal and this could cause companies to bring some cash back from overseas – which is no bad thing. Regarding Apple, Trump has said he wants the company to build the iPhone in America or he’ll sanction Job’s child. The prospect of Apple doing that is minimal – but let’s see what happens.” (By Giuliana Patrone Senior Account Executive positive alpha)

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Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics Receives Further Opinion on Glybera® Marketing Authorisation Application

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 24 aprile 2012

Amsterdam (PRNewswire) Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (AMT) Holding N.V. (in liquidatie) (Euronext: AMT), a leader in the field of human gene therapy, has received notice that the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has maintained its earlier opinion that Glybera (alipogene tiparvovec) is not approvable at this time. The decision was reached contrary to the majority of votes cast by the CHMP itself, which voted 16 – 15 in favor of approving Glybera under exceptional circumstances. It is also contrary to the earlier positive advice of the Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT), a committee specifically implemented to provide expert guidance to the CHMP on advanced therapeutics such as gene and cell therapies. In addition, the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG), an expert panel specifically selected to evaluate clinical results and the science of the product, also recommended that Glybera should be approved under exceptional circumstances. The SAG and the CAT, after extensive review and analysis of data (including interviews with the investigator, the leading clinicians and patients), concluded that Glybera demonstrated meaningful evidence of clinical efficacy, without any major safety concerns. However, members of the CHMP are not bound to follow the advice of the experts from CAT and SAG. For a drug to receive a positive opinion the rules require an absolute majority from all CHMP members, including those who do not participate in the meeting and the vote. The CHMP is composed of 32 voting members, and at least 17 positive votes are required. Accordingly, this vote of 16 – 15 in favor of Glybera represents a negative opinion. Members absent at the time of the vote cannot vote by proxy or retrospectively. The final step in the procedure is now with the European Commission to confirm, or not, the CHMP’s opinion.
About Glybera AMT has developed Glybera as a treatment for patients with the genetic disorder lipoprotein lipase deficiency. LPLD is an orphan disease for which no treatment exists today. The disease is caused by mutations in the LPL gene, resulting in highly decreased or absent activity of LPL protein in patients. This protein is needed in order to break down large fat-carrying particles that circulate in the blood after each meal. When such particles, called chylomicrons, accumulate in the blood, they may obstruct small blood vessels. Excess chylomicrons result in recurrent and severe acute inflammation of the pancreas, called pancreatitis, the most debilitating and life-threatening clinical complication of LPLD. Glybera® has orphan drug status in the EU and US. The EMA was evaluating Glybera for treatment of patients with a history of severe or recurring pancreatitis.
More information on AMT’s dissolution and liquidation process and delisting and the timing thereof can be found in the overview of the key transaction elements and the transaction timetable that is available via AMT’s website –
uniQure develops human gene based therapies. In addition to Glybera®, uniQure has a product pipeline of gene therapy products in development for hemophilia B, Parkinson’s disease, acute intermittent porphyria and SanfilippoB. Using adeno-associated viral (AAV) derived vectors as the delivery vehicle of choice for therapeutic genes, the company has the ability to design, validate and manufacture AAV vectors. This proprietary platform can be applied to a large number of rare (orphan) diseases caused by one faulty gene. uniQure acquired all its gene therapy assets from Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics and was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam by Forbion Capital Partners. (

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TNS si aggiudica la gara per Eurobarometro

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 aprile 2009

La Commissione Europea assegna a Tns il contratto per i prossimi quattro anni.  TNS, leader mondiale nelle ricerche di mercato e consulenza di marketing, si è aggiudicata per la seconda volta, il contratto con la Commissione e il Parlamento europeo quale fornitore per le indagini di Eurobarometro. Questo accordo sarà uno dei più grandi contratti di ricerca mai commissionati (più di 65 milioni di euro in quattro anni) ed arriva a soli quattro mesi di distanza dalla già avvenuta assegnazione della gara per le ricerche qualitative Eurobarometro, con un valore pari a  15 milioni di euro in quattro anni. Le ricerche di Eurobarometro saranno coordinate all’interno di TNS, dal settore Politico Sociale, specializzato in quest’area, TNS Opinion, che ogni anno intervista circa 200.000 cittadini in oltre 34 paesi Europei: precisamente i 27 Stati membri dell’Unione europea (UE), i tre paesi candidati (Turchia, Croazia e l’ex Repubblica iugoslava di Macedonia), Norvegia, Islanda e Svizzera, e la comunità turco-cipriota (che si trova nella zona non controllata dal governo della Repubblica di Cipro). Tutte le interviste sono condotte “face to face”, in 44 lingue diverse, attraverso 9200 intervistatori TNS.  Per quanto riguarda l’Italia, TNS Infratest si occuperà delle diverse indagini sul nostro territorio, coordinata appunto nel progetto internazionale da TNS Opinion. Eurobarometro è lo strumento più importante di misurazione dell’opinione pubblica in Europa; analizza un numero considerevole di aspetti riguardanti l’Unione Europea, tra cui globalizzazione, disoccupazione, tutela dell’ambiente, immigrazione, povertà, affari internazionali, in alcuni casi con monitoraggi ripetuti per diversi anni.  TNS è partner delle istituzioni europee dal 1974 quando vinse il primo contratto per le ricerche quantitative per Eurobarometro

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