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Panel sull’impiego delle armi non letali

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 15 giugno 2019

Roma Lunedì 17 giugno 2019 ore 19.00 Palazzo Guglielmi – Piazza Ss. Apostoli 73
Come colmare il gap tra l’impiego delle armi tradizionali (letali) e il mancato ricorso alle armi (intimazioni verbali, lotta a mani nude), ovvero quello che sta tra “shooting” (sparare) e “shouting” (gridare)? Cosa si intende per arma non letale? Quali sono le prospettive del futuro della pubblica sicurezza e quale la percezione di queste nuove tecnologie in Italia e all’estero? Questi gli argomenti che affronteremo nel corso del panel volto ad esaminare il dibattito relativo all’impiego delle armi non letali. Con il contributo di Rick Smith, autore del libro “The End of Killing” e CEO e fondatore di Axon, la multinazionale statunitense produttrice di TASER – il dispositivo elettrico ideato per la salvaguardia della vita degli agenti e dei cittadini – discuteremo sulla prospettiva del superamento dell’utilizzo delle armi da fuoco nell’ambito della sicurezza pubblica. Ne discutono: Massimo Annati, Chairman del Simposio europeo delle armi non letali Giuseppe Di Piazza, Giornalista
Domenico Giani, Comandante del Corpo della Gendarmeria dello Stato della Città del Vaticano
Stefano Paoloni, Segretario Generale SAP (Sindacato Autonomo Polizia)
Rick Smith, CEO e Founder di Axon.

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AM Best to Participate in Panel Sessions at 2019 Emerging Leaders Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 13 febbraio 2019

AM Best executives will be participating in the 2019 Emerging Leaders Conference, taking place Feb. 24-26, 2019, at the Confidante Hotel in Miami, FL.
Matthew C. Mosher, executive vice president and chief operating officer, and Andrea Keenan, senior managing director – industry relations, are participating in the event, which recognizes high-performing individuals and provides professional training to develop the next generation of insurance industry leaders. The conference is hosted by the Insurance Careers Movement, the American Property Casualty Insurers Association of America and AM Best, and is part of the industry’s efforts to support the development of new and talented insurance industry professionals.
Mosher will join a panel discussion on Monday, Feb. 25, at 10:45 am (EST), titled, “How to Surge Innovation in Your Company and the Industry.” The session will focus on how innovation in the insurance industry has become critical as the market is rapidly changing, and how emerging leaders can help facilitate necessary initiatives. Mosher and other innovation and technology expert panelists will share insights on technology advancements, resolving legacy issues and opportunities and hurdles in the industry.
Keenan will moderate a session, titled “You have Mad Skills: Developing Your Talents, Making an Impact and Leading a Team,” on Monday, Feb. 25, at 3:45 pm (EST). In this session, influential leadership experts will share the critical attributes and behavioral talents needed to further develop skills and make a significant impact on organizations amid heavy industry disruption.Two AM Best analysts — Bruno Caron, a financial analyst in AM Best’s life/health ratings division, and Daniel Hofmeister, a financial analyst in the property/casualty ratings division—were nominated and accepted to take part in the event. Each participant will have an opportunity to network with insurance executives from diverse job functions.
Insurance Careers Movement is an industrywide initiative designed to raise awareness of the diverse career options that risk management and insurance offers. Click here for more information and background about the organization, or visit the official event agenda.

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Expert panel discussion

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 31 ottobre 2017

bostonBoston. Tech Data (Nasdaq: TECD) today announced that it will take part in Microsoft’s “IoT in Action” series as a platinum sponsor, including the first U.S. event taking place today in Boston. IoT in Action is an invitation-only series of in-person and virtual events for companies ready to capitalize on the multi-billion-dollar IoT market. The day-long event will educate, inform and foster collaboration among attendees.In Boston, Tech Data’s Michelle Curtis, director, IoT Solutions, North America, will participate in an expert panel discussion presenting a successful IoT solution with Azure that partners can replicate. Partners ranging from independent software vendors to system integrators will have the opportunity to meet with IoT solutions aggregators during an afternoon matchmaking session, as well as over evening dinner.“We are excited to participate in Microsoft’s IoT in Action series as a platinum sponsor,” said Curtis. “We look forward to educating partners on our IoT solutions aggregator capabilities, including ideation services, end-to-end solution design, industry domain expertise, enablement resources and extensive ecosystem relationships. Microsoft has an innovative vision for IoT, and we are here to help our partners realize their opportunities in the market, leveraging this full technology suite and our market-ready industry solutions.”Microsoft’s IoT in Action series invites partners from around the world to learn and collaborate with tech leaders looking to build world-class IoT solutions and accelerate their go-to-market time. Each event is tailored to amplify the value of a solutions aggregator to the IoT ecosystem. The first event in the series kicked off in Leipzig, Germany last week, where Tech Data’s Victor Paradell, vice president, IoT and Analytics Solutions, Europe, participated. After the Boston event, the series continues—through February 2018—with dates in Taipei, Taiwan; Shenzhen, China; Tokyo; Seoul, South Korea; and San Francisco.

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UN climate report to show way out of climate chaos

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 27 ottobre 2014

sculture ghiaccioCopenhagen, Today, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) begins their approval meeting of the Fifth Assessment Report’s summary findings, Greenpeace Nordic Climate Policy Advisor, Kaisa Kosonen said:“Weapons of mass destruction are clearly visible and among us, they are the oil rigs and coal plants which are exploiting fossil fuels. That’s what the science is telling us.” “But, there is a way out of this dead-end trajectory, which is visible in the IPCC reports, and deserves the attention of the policy makers. It’s the breakthrough of renewable energy. Denmark, the country hosting this meeting, is already using blossoming renewable technology to phase out fossil fuels from its energy system. In just two decades all Danish homes will be powered by 100% renewable power and heat. That’s the direction for other countries to follow too.”

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UN climate panel says beating climate change is possible and affordable

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 29 aprile 2014

carbon emissionBerlin.  Fifteen Greenpeace Germany activists demonstrated at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate today urging governments and businesses to deliver “Power to the People – Clean Energy Now” as the world´s leading climate and energy experts presented a new UN report showcasing the solutions to climate change. At the end of its week-long meeting in Berlin, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that preventing catastrophic climate change requires an urgent and fundamental transformation of energy systems around the world. The Panel says that although global emissions of greenhouse gases grew faster between 2000 and 2010 than in previous decades, renewable energy has expanded substantially and its costs have now fallen so dramatically that it is increasingly ready to displace old, polluting forms of energy.(2)Kaisa Kosonen, Senior Political Advisor at Greenpeace International, said: “Renewable energy is unstoppable. It’s becoming bigger, better and cheaper every day. Dirty energy industries are sure to put up a fight but it’s only a question of time before public pressure and economics dictate that they either change or go out of business. The 21st century will be the ‘age of renewables’.”More than half of the recent growth in carbon emission has been due to China burning ever more coal. But recent clean air measures signal the end of China’s coal boom.(3) China, the single largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has the potential to become the game-changer in international climate politics. Li Shuo, Climate and Energy campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia, said: “China could break the deadlock in UN climate talks by presenting an ambitious new target with binding emissions cuts. If China leads, the US and the EU will have no excuse for not being more progressive. The test of whether governments are willing to act on the IPCC’s findings or turn their backs on public concern will come during next year’s climate treaty talks in Paris.”Germany, which hosted the IPCC meeting, plans to cut its carbon pollution by 40% by 2020.Karsten Smid, Climate and Energy campaigner at Greenpeace Germany, said: “Germany’s energy revolution is a practical reality and an example to the world. Clean energy owns the future. Politicians and investors need to catch up.”

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Panel on Climate Change

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 23 giugno 2011

Lima, Peru As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) wound up its expert meeting on geoengineering in Lima, Peru, which included all three IPCC Working Groups, it committed to remain “policy relevant but not policy prescriptive.” Despite getting off on the wrong foot (no transparency), with some of the wrong experts (scientists with financial interests), on some of the wrong topics (governance), the IPCC has now confirmed that it will not make recommendations to governments regarding research funding for the controversial technologies, governance models or the legality of experimentation. At a press briefing following the close of the expert meeting, the IPCC stated that its focus will be “establishing the scientific foundations for an assessment of geoengineering.” This assessment would include risks, costs, benefits and social and economic impacts, intended and unintended consequences as well as uncertainties and gaps in knowledge and will be based solely on peer-reviewed literature. “Of course, a real assessment of geoengineering will need to be much broader than a scientific peer-review process,” said Silvia Ribeiro of ETC Group from Lima, though outside the meeting. “Civil society organizations have been clear that we do not want these dangerous technologies developed; they are a new threat from the very same countries that are responsible for the climate crisis in the first place!” The CBD is in the midst of holding a series of consultations that have been open to organizations of varying viewpoints. This is in marked contrast to the series of Chatham House chats on geoengingineering governance that have taken place over the past year. Overwhelmingly, those have been invitation-only and dominated by geoengineering advocates (e.g., Asilomar conference on climate intervention, the Royal Society’s Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative, the International Risk Governance Council). Last week, 160 organizations from around the world sent an open letter to IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri expressing concerns about the IPCC expert meeting. “The IPCC has assured us it will go forward carefully in this work, and will not overstep its mandate by making governance recommendations. We will be closely following the process,” said Ribeiro. “Geoengineering is too dangerous to too many people and to the planet to be left in the hands of small group of so-called experts. Geoengineering should be an issue at the Rio+20 conference in June 2012.”

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Energia, ambiente e clima

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 aprile 2010

Tolentino 10 aprile con inizio alle ore 9.30 presso l’Auditorium del Cosmari. il Direttore, Prof. Roberto Ballini, prenderà parte nella veste di relatore al convegno promosso dal Rotary Club di Tolentino sul tema “Energia, ambiente e clima: una sfida possibile?”. L’iniziativa, patrocinata dalle Scuole di Scienze e Tecnologie e Scienze Ambientali dell’Ateneo di Camerino, dal Comune di Tolentino, dalla Provincia di Macerata, dal CosmarI e da Legambiente Marche, si terrà a Tolentino. Fra i relatori, oltre al Prof. Ballini, anche il Prof. Sergio Castellari, Responsabile Focal Point Nazionale dell’Intergovernamental Panel of Climate Change e Premio Nobel per la pace 2007 e il Dott. Luigino Quarchioni, Presidente Legambiente Marche che si occuperanno  dei temi dell’Energia, dell’Ambiente e del Clima. Dal 12 al 16 settembre 2010, presso il PalaRiviera di S. Benedetto è, inoltre, in programma un’altra importante iniziativa: la Società Chimica Italiana ha affidato alla Sezione di Chimica della Scuola di Scienze e Tecnologie Unicam l’organizzazione del XXXIII Convegno Nazionale di Chimica Organica.   “Il Convegno – sottolinea il Prof. Ballini – è il principale evento nazionale nel settore e vedrà la partecipazione di oltre 400 delegati provenienti sia dal mondo accademico che industriale. Articolato in conferenze e tavole rotonde, porrà al centro della sua attenzione, attraverso il contributo di prestigiosi ospiti nazionali ed internazionali, il ruolo strategico che la chimica organica può assumere nell’affrontare molte tra le principali problematiche della società moderna”.

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Seminario Mpi

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 1 febbraio 2010

Pero (Mi) Il 17 febbraio, presso Atahotel Expofiera di Pero (MI), un illustre panel di relatori presenta a utenti e organizzatori procedure e strategie per massimizzare l’investimento  negli eventi eco-sostenibili. A cura del Comitato education di MPI Italia. Imperdibile appuntamento per quanti sono interessati alle tecniche eco-sostenibili nell’organizzazione di eventi. L’evento inizierà alle 11.00 e terminerà alle 17.30, sarà introdotto dal Presidente di MPI Italia Federico Toja e moderato dal Past president Pier Paolo Mariotti CMP CMM, direttore di Eurac Convention Center. La prima relazione, a cura del Centro turistico  studentesco (CTS) di Roma, verterà sulla presentazione della candidatura di una  destinazione enfatizzando i criteri di eco-sostenibilità; seguirà, a cura del noto manager alberghiero Dennis Zambon (Atahotels), un’analisi dell’applicazione delle procedure green in albergo: quali le difficoltà e quali i vantaggi, e quali di questi ultimi possono essere utili al cliente dell’organizzatore. A seguire una “domanda relax” (è possibile fare Food donation?) e il buffet lunch, dopodichè, nel pomeriggio, Jonathan Cohen di Visit Denmark (l’ente del turismo danese) illustrerà COP15, la conferenza sul clima tenutasi a Copenhagen lo scorso dicembre. Verrà poi il turno della relazione forse più importante: Elio Minutella, direttore generale di BSI Group Italia, parlerà di come realizzare e comunicare eventi sostenibili: lo standard BS 8901. BS 8901 è lo standard qualità per la gestione degli eventi sostenibili. Creato in Inghilterra, si sta rapidamente diffondendo nel mondo e consente di risparmiare attraverso la riduzione di emissioni di anidride carbonica e di rifiuti, nonché di migliorare l’efficienza di tutta la catena produttiva. Concluderà il meeting un dibattito su quello che gli organizzatori hanno coloritamente chiamato “domandone da un milione”: come sensibilizzare il cliente e convincerlo a  “farlo green”. Al termine del seminario i partecipanti saranno in grado di conoscere le implicazioni, le difficoltà e i vantaggi derivanti dall’applicazione di procedure e tecnologie environment-friendly in hotel, valutare la convenienza di una certificazione riconosciuta (BS8901), presentare una location utilizzando il green come punto di forza, trarre spunti dall’esperienza di una città (Copenhagen). L’evento è ideato e coordinato dal Comitato education di MPI Italia Chapter, presieduto  da Gaetano Sciatà CMP e composto dai tre Past president Nadia Colaiuda CMP CMM, Pier Paolo Mariotti CMP CMM e Sergio Moscati nonché da Nadia De Martini CMP, Giovanna Lucherini e Olimpia Ponno. Ha contribuito la Vice president sponsorship Francesca Pezzutto. Importante: il seminario è a numero chiuso. Le iscrizioni vanno confermate entro e non oltre il 14 febbraio alla segreteria generale

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Three exhibitions

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 11 luglio 2009

elisabethLondon until 20/9/2009 Whitechapel  80-82 Whitechapel High Street East End Academy – Elizabeth Peyton – Patrizio Di Massimo East End Academy: The Painting Edition  This exhibition provides a timely opportunity to review some of the latest developments in British painting. It brings together twelve distinct positions which each address the pertinent issues facing painting today. Varda Caivano’s multi-layered canvases, Robert Holyhead’s delicate compositions, and Henrijs Preiss’ arrangements of circles and lines offer three different takes on abstraction.  The artists were selected from over 600 submissions by a panel comprising Gillian Carnegie, painter and Turner Prize nominee, Marion Naggar, collector, Francis Outred, European Head of Post War and Contemporary Art at Christie’s, Barry Schwabsky, critic and Anthony Spira, Director of Milton Keynes Gallery.  East End Academy is a triennial exhibition open to all artists living or working in east London. First organised in 1932, this latest version is uniquely devoted to painting. By showcasing the work of artists in the early stages of their career, East End Academy offers a snapshot of the extraordinary breadth and vitality of art produced by the thousands of practitioners who live and work near to the Whitechapel Gallery.  The exhibition is accompanied by a publication including entries on each artist.  Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton  9 July-20 September 2009
Galleries 8 & 9  A luminous palette and rhythmic energy of line combine with realism to make Elizabeth Peyton a painter of modern life. Born in Connecticut in 1965, Peyton studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where she lives and works. Executed in oil paint, watercolour, ink or pencil, her small but intense portraits may be inspired by photographs in the media, but often and increasingly they are drawn from life. Patrizio Di Massimo  9 July-20 September 2009  Zilkha Auditorium Oae is a recently completed video work which takes Italy’s colonial occupation of Libya as its  subject matter. Patrizio Di Massimo examines this dark chapter in his native Italy’s history by overlapping excerpts  of his own footage with black and white documentary and archive material taken from The Lion in the Desert, a film  made in 1981 by Mustapha Akkad and censored in Italy at the time for its expose’ of empire building and military  atrocities. Filmed in high-definition colour on the streets of modern day Tripoli and amongst historical ruins  across Libya, the artist sought out the monuments and architectural remnants of both Ancient Rome and more recently Fascist rule from 1911-1940. (Image: Elizabeth Peyton)

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