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Precision Medicine for Pediatric Cancer

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 marzo 2019

Research performed over the last several decades has led to an increased understanding of the genetics of cancer. The clinical application of this knowledge for pediatric cancer has lagged behind studies performed for adults. In a perspectives article published in the prestigious journal Science, Dr. Jaclyn Biegel, from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and Dr. Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, of the University of California, San Francisco, survey the landscape of this young field and present opportunities for using genomic information to advance a new era of care for children with cancer.Cancer arises from genetic changes, including DNA mutations, that are either present at birth, or are acquired over time. Many adult cancers are initiated by mutations acquired through exposure to substances like smoking and radiation or simply from aging. The tumors may contain hundreds of sequence alterations, and identifying which changes drive the growth of the tumors and impact treatment response can be challenging. In contrast, pediatric malignancies often develop from a very small number of mutations, only some of which overlap with the types of mutations seen in adult cancers. Furthermore, an estimated 20% of pediatric cancers arise in children who have a genetic predisposition to malignancy. For this reason, the clinical genetic assays developed to inform prognosis and treatment decisions for adult cancers have not been as useful in pediatrics.
OncoKids® was one of the first next-generation sequencing panels to detect DNA and RNA changes that characterize pediatric cancers. The panel was developed at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles under the guidance of author Jaclyn Biegel, PhD, FACMG, Director of CHLA’s Center for Personalized Medicine. The OncoKids® panel provides a molecular diagnosis, informs prognosis, and highlights novel therapeutic targets across the broad spectrum of cancers in children, including leukemias, brain tumors and other solid tumors.
Although tremendous progress has been made in pediatric cancer care, treatment resistant disease and relapse continue to negatively impact patient outcomes. Genetic profiling of pediatric cancers is typically done at the time of diagnosis or at the time of relapse to help determine treatment planning. According to Dr. Biegel, future studies that may be performed over the course of treatment and at remission have the potential to provide critical information about the mechanisms of tumor progression, treatment resistance and metastasis.Tremendous opportunity exists for changing outcomes in children with cancer by using an integrated approach to evaluating children and their families that includes genomic medicine as a central component in their care.

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Proxima Clinical Research, Inc. Participates in FDA Sponsored Pediatric Medical Device Consortium

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 10 settembre 2018

The Southwest National Pediatric Device Consortium (SWPDC), anchored by Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine, recently received a prestigious P50 grant from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The five-year, $6.75M grant began on Sept. 1. Proxima Clinical Research, Inc. is honored to be a part of this consortium.The SWPDC supports pediatric device innovators with the goal of addressing the shortage of novel medical devices for children, a public health problem that has been acknowledged by the FDA. “A great need currently exists for medical devices designed specifically for children,” said Dr. Chester Koh, MD founder of SWPDC and lead principal investigator. “Proxima is a valuable part of our consortium and will advise participating companies on regulatory and clinical strategies as well as support the administration process of the consortium,” he explained.The SWPDC grant will provide services in several areas: unmet needs assessment, prototype development, product and technology acceleration services, and business acceleration services. The SWPDC members will evaluate and support projects, as well as advise innovators throughout the total product life cycle. Based on individual project needs, the consortium will direct investigators to specific resources, collaborators, and industry experts and will coordinate the services offered by its member programs to identify, evaluate, and assist pediatric device projects.As a member in the SWPDC, Proxima Clinical Research Inc., will support and advise participating companies on regulatory and clinical strategy to advance them in their product development. “We are seeing so many exciting things happen in Houston for emerging medical device companies such as Johnson & Johnson’s Center for Device Innovation (CDI) and The Texas Medical Center’s Accelerator (TMCX),” said Jaye Thompson, PhD, co-founder and COO for Proxima. “Proxima helps emerging companies move technologies from concept to the patient. We look forward to using our experience to benefit the underserved pediatric population,” she added.

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