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“2-day In-person Seminar On HIPAA 2019 and Beyond”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 16 settembre 2019

This two-day seminar will be addressing how practice/business managers (or compliance offers) need to get their HIPAA house in order as HIPAA HITECH is now fully enforced with bipartisan support and the government is not using kid gloves any more.The seminar will go point by point through the entire HIPAA Security Rule and uncover simple methods to comply and create policy.The primary goal is to ensure everyone is well educated on what is myth and what is reality with this law, there is so much misleading information all over regarding the do’s and don’ts with HIPAA – I want to add clarity for compliance officers. It will speak on specific experiences from over 18 years of experience in working as an outsourced compliance auditor, expert witness on multiple HIPAA cases, and thoroughly explain how patients are now able to get cash remedies for wrongful disclosures of private health information.More importantly, this will show you how to limit those risks by simply taking proactive steps and utilizing best practices.It will also address major changes under the Omnibus Rule and any other applicable updates for 2019.

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A second person has probably been cured of HIV

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 5 marzo 2019

ESTABLISHED HIV infection is easy to control but impossible to cure. Or almost impossible. The exception seems to be Timothy Brown, a man often referred to as the Berlin patient. In 2006, after a decade of successfully suppressing his infection with anti-retroviral drugs, Mr Brown developed an unrelated blood cancer, acute myeloid leukaemia. To treat this life-threatening condition he opted, the following year, for a blood-stem-cell transplant. And, at the same time, he volunteered as a guinea pig for an experimental anti-HIV treatment, which worked. Now, a team of doctors in London have reported a similar case.Blood-stem-cell transplantation is a normal, though radical, treatment for various sorts of blood cancer. Stem cells are the precursors from which particular tissues grow. Blood-stem-cell transplantation involves using drugs (backed up, in Mr Brown’s case, by radiotherapy) to kill a patient’s natural blood-producing tissue, the bone marrow, and then transfusing in new stem cells from a donor. (font: The Economist)

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“Romano Guardini Yesterday and Today: Person, Encounter, Culture”

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 ottobre 2018

Rome. An international Congress, dedicated to Romano Guardini on the 50th anniversary of his death, intends to promote a space for reflection and analysis on the meaning and relevance his thought.”Among the 22 speakers attending the conference, it is not surprising that the majority belongs to the German and Italian area, since these are the countries where Guardini lived. Instead, we were surprised in welcoming among the speakers a professor from the Nanzan University in Japan, a scholar from Mexico and three from different universities in Spain. The other thing that struck us was that Guardini’s philosophical thought came at the center of attention. The speakers chose to reflect on issues concerning his ethical, anthropological and pedagogical production. This means that they see in him above all a wise guide to deepen the meaning of human existence “- illustrates the main themes of the congress Prof. Juan G. Ascencio, one of the organizers.“When you work in an academic context, your contributions happen, by definition, in dialogue with members of the academic community. Seeing and listening to colleagues from other nations and institutions simultaneously widens the horizon and deepens the reflection about the common object of study. In our case, we study a person rather than a thing. Romano Guardini’s thought is full of insights regarding the challenges of our culture. To see so many experts gathered here fills me with a lot of hope that his wise voice will be more audible and his work continued. Society and the academics can greatly profit from Guardini’s life project: to contemplate the world from the standpoint of reason and faith” – explains Prof. Gabriel von Wendt, one of the speakers of the Congress.

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