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Christie’s Voyage To Another World: The Victor Martin-Malburet Photograph Collection

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 novembre 2020

ONLINE: Until to 20 November 2020, Christie’s Voyage To Another World: The Victor Martin-Malburet Photograph Collection will present 700 lots, comprising approximately 2,400 vintage original photographs showcasing the artistic heritage of the golden age of space exploration when NASA, and its astronaut-photographers, captured the first forays into space and onto the surface of another world. The collection is the most comprehensive private collection of NASA photographs ever presented at auction, and spans every visual milestone of the space program, from the early days of Mercury, the technical advances of Gemini and Lunar Orbiter, to the triumphs of Apollo. Alongside the iconic images, Voyage to Another World boasts photographs which were not released by NASA at the time of the missions. With estimates ranging from £800 to £30,000, the sale offers collectors across the globe a unique opportunity to acquire a universal moment in the history of mankind. In a time when photography was still analogue, requiring light-sensitive chemistry, film and photographic papers, the astronauts were instructed by NASA, Hasselblad, Kodak, Zeiss specialists and by Life and National Geographic photographers such as Ralph Morse and Dean Conger. Through their cameras, the astronauts-turned-artists were able to convey to mankind the beauty and profundity of their experience into space, forever changing the way we see ourselves and our place in the universe.Back on Earth, many images released by NASA instantly became pop culture touchstones, leading to the birth of a global environmental consciousness. However the public was not fully aware of the wealth of the astronauts’ camera work as the unreleased photographs were accessible only to accredited researchers in the archives of the Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston. These rare pictures lay uncelebrated for decades, such as the first photograph of Earthrise, the only photograph of Neil Armstrong on the Moon and incredible panoramas taken by each of the 12 astronauts who walked on the Moon. The collection has been meticulously assembled over the course of 15 years by Victor Martin-Malburet and includes a corresponding catalogue which, thanks to the mission transcripts made available by NASA, retraces mankind’s first journey to another world step by step. Together the photographs and catalogue, capture the sights and conversations of these defining moments, allowing collectors to share the excitement and magic of space travel.Extraordinary photographs were taken for the first time, with highlights of auction including the first images of the Earth from space, alongside those of the lunar surface, the dark side of the Moon, spacewalks, moonwalks and the first space selfie. Further leading lots feature rare large format photographs specially produced by NASA for presentation and fascinating panoramic mosaics taken both in lunar orbit and on the lunar surface, which can be compared to the finest abstract art.

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Arnaud de Gramont’s photos

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 agosto 2011

Paris France 77, rue des Archives From 8 September to 22 October 2011, Ilan Engel Gallery will be showing Arnaud de Gramont’s photos for the first time, alongside works by Eric Michel in an exhibition entitled “Fluorescence(s)”. Ilan Engel will also offer this contrast at his stand at the Slick Art Fair from 20 to 23 October 2011. After working 15 years as an architect, Arnaud de Gramont (born in 1960) became a photographer in 2003. Frédérique Destribats explains: “From his architectural practice, Arnaud developed this deep attraction for both spaces and the light that fashions and sculpts them. He simply changed perspective. The subject matter still consists of spaces, volumes, lines and curves, and materials, but now through the lens of a camera”. Arnaud de Gramont adds: “I am fascinated by light, hence these numerous urban photos of electric light sources: lamps, neon lights, signs, halos”.
In a silent confrontation, Arnaud de Gramont puts the real at a distance, which he portrays as “dematerialized material” through the action of artificial light. He leads us “to question our own perception of spaces, volumes, lights, and colours. To seize the moment or space in the camera’s lens does not mean to freeze it, but rather to give it another scale of time and space that forces us to take a different look”, comments Frédérique Destribats. And through this perceptual prism that touches on the essential, ultimately he relates to the observer’s inwardness.
? Ilan Engel Gallery will participate in the Paris Photo Show from 10 to 13 November 2011. For the occasion, the gallery is preparing a showing (no. A11) on the theme of “Contemporary forests”, a marriage between force and fragility, light and shadow. Ilan Engel will be showing the enigmatic forest edges photographed by Romanian artist Mihai Mangiulea, and Tolstoy’s haunted woods captured by Stephan Crasneanscki. Also present will be the sensitive work of Arnaud de Gramont as he explores the Australian forests in search of the essential.
? Simultaneously, Ilan Engel will also be presenting a solo show in his gallery devoted to Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi, in collaboration with the Priska Pasquer gallery located in Cologne, as part of the Paris Photo Show.

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Lillian Birnbaum Transition

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 giugno 2009

lillianNew York until 14/8/2009, 526 West 26th Street  Andrea Meislin Gallery Andrea Meislin Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Transition, Lillian Birnbaum’s first solo exhibition with the Gallery and in the United States. The exhibition will be accompanied by the monograph of the same name published by Hatje Cantz and including an essay by the art historian Doris von Drathen in conversation with Lillian Birnbaum. An opening reception for the artist will be held on June 18th from 6 – 8 pm. In creating the Transition body of work, Lillian Birnbaum spent a period of several years observing a group of young girls. She was able to photograph seven friends and their delicate, at times demanding, often joyful metamorphosis from childhood into early womanhood without ever imposing herself or her camera. In doing so, Birnbaum succeeded in erasing the notion of being “in front of” or “behind” the camera, working in a prolonged moment of self-abandonment and with the blind eye of the artist.  Birnbaum’s work seeks to depict moments at a threshold- between “no longer” and “not yet” in the life of a girl, just prior to the realization that her feminine seductiveness may one day actually curb her freedom as an independent individual. Soon, she will begin mirroring her womanhood in how others view her. As Birnbaum explains, “I was curious whether it is possible to use photography to catch a glimpse of this transition. The slow, almost imperceptible switch from one state of being to another; the metamorphosis that brings forth a completely new being.” Transition opens the gate to new worlds of images- girls behind windows, in front of mirrors, covered with thick layers of cream or wearing a wig, swimming in a lake in the summer, running through the woods, sprawling on meadows in bloom, climbing trees, emerging from the water, and pulling themselves up onto a jetty. Birnbaum specifically approached the project not from a documentary stance, but rather seeking to “show these girls in a kind of intermediate space- part fantasy, part reality.”
Lillian Birnbaum was born in New York City. She grew up in Vienna, Austria, and lives in Paris. She started her career as a photographer for magazines in Europe and the United States. Her work has been exhibited internationally for over fifteen years and her photographs are in private and public collections in Europe as well as in the United States. She has also worked in the film industry as an executive producer; most recently she co-directed the documentary film on legendary composer and conductor Andre’ Previn, A Bridge Between Two Worlds. (Lillian)

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