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Bill Gates’s plan to prevent the next pandemic

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 Maggio 2022

According to new estimates from the World Health Organisation this week, the covid-19 pandemic led to nearly 15m excess deaths between 2020 and 2021. The tally from countries’ official statistics stands at just 5.4m. The Economist’s own model projects that covid caused about 18m excess deaths in the same period.Bill Gates’s career-switch from entrepreneur and philanthropist to crusading author is developing nicely. It is just over a year since he published “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”. Now Mr Gates is back with “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic”. Our Babbage podcast on science and technology features an interview with Mr Gates on his views on stopping new pathogens from becoming health emergencies. In the Culture section of the weekly edition, we explain why his proposals are worth exploring. In Britain people in care homes suffered disproportionately from covid measures. Residents went for weeks or months without seeing loved ones. Many died alone. As vaccination rates have climbed, deaths from covid have fallen, but as we report in our Britain section, life in care homes is still full of restrictions. Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-in-chief The Economist

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American Rescue Plan

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 10 aprile 2022

This time last year, Republicans in Congress refused to join Democrats in passing the American Rescue Plan. At a time when our nation was hurting — when folks were looking for reasons to hope — Republicans let partisanship stand in the way of leadership.Since then, millions of Americans have gotten their COVID-19 vaccinations. Unemployment has fallen at the fastest rate on record. And a recent analysis found the ARP led to four million additional jobs. The reason behind our recovery is clear, Riccardo: Democrats fought for — and invested in — the American people.

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L’anima agricola del “Recovery plan”

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 febbraio 2021

Per rendere l’Italia più sostenibile, digitale e resiliente, il Recovery Plan deve avere un’anima agricola e puntare sullo sviluppo tecnologico e ambientale delle aree rurali, che rappresentano oltre il 50% della superficie nazionale con 11 milioni di cittadini. Per questo, il settore primario vuole essere un alleato forte del nuovo ministero della Transizione ecologica, che dovrà gestire almeno 70 miliardi di fondi europei per la ripartenza. Lo ha detto il presidente di Cia-Agricoltori Italiani, Dino Scanavino, in audizione al Senato, presso le commissioni Bilancio e Politiche europee, sul Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza. “La scelta di creare il ministero della Transizione ecologica coglie il senso della grande sfida che abbiamo davanti -ha detto Scanavino- e ci coinvolge pienamente e direttamente. Intraprendere la strada dello sviluppo sostenibile, come chiede l’Europa, vuol dire riconoscere finalmente la centralità dell’agricoltura, il cui ruolo si evolve oggi in molte direzioni. C’è la funzione produttiva del settore, che resta evidentemente prioritaria, come dimostrato in questo anno di pandemia come garante dell’approvvigionamento di cibo. Ma l’agricoltura contribuisce anche alla tenuta dei territori e, ora, può fare da cardine dello sviluppo integrato del Paese, in un’ottica di trasversalità del piano, producendo energia da fonti rinnovabili, tutelando il paesaggio e gestendo le risorse idriche, salvaguardando il suolo e le foreste per prevenire il dissesto idrogeologico, migliorando la sostenibilità dei processi produttivi con nuove tecnologie digitali, blockchain e rinnovo del parco macchine per non inquinare”. “Parliamo di un progetto nazionale di manutenzione del territorio, per il quale serve un Recovery Plan con robusti investimenti nelle infrastrutture, nei servizi e nella digitalizzazione, a partire dalle aree interne dove ancora nel 40% delle case non arriva il wi-fi -ha aggiunto il presidente di Cia-. Il rilancio dell’Italia ha bisogno di progetti concreti e innovativi, realizzabili con tempi certi e monitorabili, con il contributo degli agricoltori italiani, custodi della terra e sentinelle del territorio, insieme a tutte le forze economiche e sociali del Paese”.

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Baltic Sea: Commission adopts report on multiannual plan

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 4 ottobre 2020

Long-term trends that predate the MAP have a substantial impact on the evolution of the marine environment and the fish stocks in the Baltic Sea. The MAP’s implementation has decreased fishing pressure since 2016 and contributed to a moderately positive development in fisheries over the past years. Other environmental pressures beyond fisheries are having substantial effects on the health of certain stocks.“The report on the multiannual plan for the Baltic Sea clearly demonstrates the complexity of managing fish stocks in an environment with multiple and constantly evolving pressures. I have called the Our Baltic conference later this month to agree a comprehensive approach, so that we can turn around the situation in the Baltic Sea and put it on a long-term sustainable footing. We cannot blame the fishing sector alone, we must address various pressures on the Baltic Sea altogether”, said Virginijus Sinkevicius, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries.Overall, the Commission considers that the MAP has been helpful in implementing the common fisheries policy, notably for setting fishing opportunities. The MAP has made it easier to put in place flanking measures to help stocks recover, and without the MAP, quotas likely would have been set at a higher level. At the same time, the MAP has enabled flexibility for healthy stocks by allowing the use of the upper FMSY range to buffer severe reductions in quotas. Thanks to the MAP, all fisheries are now either managed in line with maximum sustainable yield (MSY) or measures are put in place to bring them back to MSY. Altogether, it provides a basis for the long-term profitability of the fishing industry.At the ‘Our Baltic’ conference hosted by Commissioner Sinkevicius on 28 September, decision-makers and experts will address the challenge of long-term sustainability in the Baltic Sea.

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3rd EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 19 gennaio 2020

Bruxelles. Subcommittee on Security and Defence Wednesday, 22 January 2020, 09.00-18.30 in meeting room Altiero Spinelli 3G-3 (Brussels)
Debates 9.00 – 11.30 Exchange of views on the military challenges in Sahel
14.30 – 18.30
• Exchange of views on the security and defence challenges of 5G
• Exchange of views on the security situation in Iraq and EUAM Iraq
Thursday, 23 January 2020, 09.00-12:00 in meeting room Altiero Spinelli 3E-2 (Brussels)Debate
Exchange of views on the 3rd EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy with Lotte Knudsen, Managing Director Global – Human Rights, Global and Multilateral Issues, EEAS (tbc), Chiara Adamo, Head of Unit, Directorate General for International Development and Cooperation, European Commission, and Gaelle Dusepulchre on behalf of Human Rights and Democracy Network (HRDN)
Thursday, 23 January 2020, 09.00-18.30 in meeting room Altiero Spinelli 3G-3 (Brussels) Debates. Consideration of draft report: Recommendation to the High Representative and to the Council under Rule 118 in preparation of the 2020 Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT) review process, nuclear arms control and nuclear disarmament options. Rapporteur: Sven MIKSER (S&D, ET). Exchange of views with Narcisa VLADULESCU, Chair of CONOP, Division for Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and Arms Export Control, EEAS NATO’s 70th anniversary: future challenges for the Alliance.

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PerkinElmer Announces Leadership Succession Plan

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 25 agosto 2019

PerkinElmer, Inc. (NYSE: PKI), a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, today announced that after a career of more than 20 years at the Company, including the last 12 years as chief executive officer, Robert F. Friel, has decided to retire as chairman and CEO and member of the board of directors as of the end of the Company’s fiscal year on December 29, 2019. After December 29, Mr. Friel will continue as an advisor to the Company until March 1, 2020. Prahlad Singh, president and chief operating officer, has been appointed CEO, effective December 30, 2019. Dr. Singh has also been elected as a director of the Company, effective today. In addition, Alexis Michas, currently serving as lead director, has been elected to serve as non-executive chairman of the board of the Company as of December 30, 2019.“It has been a great honor to serve as PerkinElmer’s CEO over the last 12 years, and I want to express my deep appreciation for the opportunity to work with and learn from so many talented and dedicated colleagues,” said Mr. Friel. “The board and I are confident that Prahlad is the right person to take PerkinElmer forward to its next level of success because of his proven ability to build and grow businesses and his deep market knowledge and extensive commercial and operational experience.”“I would like to thank Rob and the board for this incredible opportunity to lead PerkinElmer in its next phase of growth and value creation,” said Dr. Singh. “Since joining PerkinElmer in 2014, I have been privileged to be part of our successful effort to fundamentally change the trajectory of the Company’s future. Going forward, I am inspired by the opportunities the Company has to build upon Rob’s legacy by continuously innovating and exceptionally serving our customers. Through our commitment to excellence, I believe we will continue to make important and long-term impacts on science and healthcare.”

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Agreement on the first ever multi-annual fisheries management plan in the Western Mediterranean

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 marzo 2019

The European Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement on the Commission’s proposal establishing a multi-annual plan for fish stocks in the western Mediterranean Sea, covering mainly areas that concern France, Italy and Spain. The agreement will help restore stocks in the region to levels that can ensure social and economic viability for the fishers.
Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella said: “I am happy that an agreement was reached on our proposalSearch for available translations of the preceding link for the Western Mediterranean Sea region presenting a momentous leap forward in delivering concrete EU commitment to restore vital fish stocks and prevent a loss of jobs in sectors that depend on fisheries. The Mediterranean Sea is highly overfished, as we know, and this first multi-annual plan gives the reassurances needed to change the situation for the better – a win-win situation for our fishermen and oceans alike setting the bar for further progress in the Mediterranean.”Around 16,000 jobs depend on the robust stock preservation measures detailed in the plan. The proposal covers demersal fish stocks, i.e. fish that live and feed at the bottom of the seabed. Catches for these stocks have significantly decreased by around 23 % since the early 2000s. At this rate, more than 90 % of the stocks assessed would be overfished by 2025. The agreement reached last night aims to tackle this critical and urgent issue, and bring back demersal fish stocks to sustainable levels, while ensuring long-term profitability for our fishers.Given the worrying situation of the stocks and the date of entering into force of the plan, a five-year transitional period was included in order to progressively decrease fishing mortality towards the target MSY. The main measures of the plan include an EU fishing effort regime for all trawl vessels operating in the western Mediterranean and a 3-month closure area for the protection of juveniles. Recreational fisheries will also play a greater role, with the possibility of setting non-discriminatory limits in the Council and technical measures through Regionalisation. Finally, control measures will fully apply in order to monitor the fishing effort regime. Once formally adopted, this will be the first multi-annual plan at EU level in the Mediterranean Sea. This reflects Commission’s important work and ambition for Mediterranean fisheries.

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Multi-annual fisheries management plan for the Western Waters

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 23 dicembre 2018

The European Commission welcomes the agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on a multi-annual plan for fisheries in the Western waters. The agreement will help restore and maintain stocks at sustainable levels, while ensuring social and economic viability for the fishermen operating in the region. Commissioner Karmenu Vella stated: “I am very pleased with today’s political agreement, as it signals the EU’s determination to protect the future of our fisheries in the Western Waters on the long term. We have already seen an increasing number of stocks being fished sustainably in this sea basin. This has translated into higher income for the fishing industry and the local communities. With this multi-annual plan, we continue towards our goal to reach sustainable fisheries for all stocks, with solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of the fishermen in the Western Waters.” During yesterday’s trilogue, the EU co-legislators have reached an agreement on the Commission’s proposal from March 2018. The plan concerns the fleets of Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and the UK in this part of the Atlantic Ocean and its adjacent waters.Thanks to joint EU efforts over recent years, many of the fish stocks in western waters are already being fished sustainably. For these stocks, the multi-annual plan will enable Member State Groups to recommend measures tailored to their particular fisheries. This will ensure both economic growth and continued sustainability. For other stocks, the plan will support recovery efforts to ensure that they are fished sustainably in the coming years.
Today’s multi-annual plan is the third one adopted in line with the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), after the Baltic Sea (2016) and the North Sea (2018). The Commission proposals for a multiannual plan for the Adriatic Sea and the Western Mediterranean are still being discussed by the co-legislators. Under the CFP, multi-annual plans should contribute to achieving fishing at sustainable levels. They may also contain measures to implement the landing obligation, technical measures, as well as safeguards for remedial action where needed.

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J.Jill, Inc. Announces CFO Transition Plan

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 30 novembre 2018

J.Jill, Inc. (NYSE:JILL) today announced that Executive Vice President, Chief Financial and Operating Officer Dave Biese will be leaving the company on April 30, 2019. Mr. Biese will work closely with management to ensure a smooth transition to his successor.
“I would like to thank Dave for his commitment to J.Jill over his long tenure with the company. He was a key member of our executive team and played a pivotal role in building J.Jill into a prominent omni-channel retailer while leading our finance and operations teams. We wish Dave all the best in his future endeavors,” said Linda Heasley, Chief Executive Officer.“I am very proud of the many accomplishments we have achieved at J.Jill over the past nine years including our initial public offering in March 2017. I believe there continues to be tremendous opportunity and growth ahead for J.Jill and I wish all our teams years of success. I am also committed to ensuring a smooth transition over the next several months,” said Mr. Biese.J.Jill’s Board of Directors has retained Heidrick & Struggles, a leading executive search firm, to assist in identifying a new Chief Financial Officer.

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Humana Medicare Advantage Plan Addresses High Fall Rates Among Older Adults in St. Louis

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 17 novembre 2018

Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) is offering a Medicare Advantage plan in St. Louis with a fall prevention benefit. The benefit is administered by Washington University in conjunction with The Home Hazard Removal Program (HARP), a home hazard removal and fall risk intervention delivered in the home by occupational therapists (OTs) to assess home hazards and reduce physical and financial burden due to falls. The program and its outcomes have demonstrated a reduction in falls during studies conducted by researchers at Washington University.The fall prevention benefit is tailored for Medicare beneficiaries who live in St. Louis to address the high frequency of falls among this population – a dangerous and costly problem that plagues Missouri with a high rate of injury by falling, 31 percent higher than the national average. The benefit is a part of the Humana Gold Plus (HMO) plan and is only available to members who are enrolled in the plan in St. Louis.As part of the intervention program, Humana members whose diagnoses make them vulnerable to falling will work with a fully trained and certified OT up to three times a year. These diagnoses include members who’ve had a previous fall or fracture in the past twelve months or those who suffer from hip or knee joint pain. Members who qualify will have a comprehensive clinical in-home assessment to determine fall risks and home hazards, home hazard removal visits, a tailored hazard removal plan and a six-month follow-up to address new or recurring problems.
There are a wide range of risk factors for falling, including cognitive dysfunction, obesity, muscle weakness, motor problems, alcohol abuse, vision impairment and taking four or more medications. For those members utilizing the benefit, the OTs will address most in-home hazards using low-cost solutions, such as improved lighting, raised toilet seats, grab bars, and tub transfer benches. The Humana Gold Plus (HMO) plan also includes coverage of up to $250 for bathroom safety equipment deemed necessary. The fall prevention benefit will be available to as many as 2,000 Humana members in the St Louis area beginning January 1, 2019. For more information, members can refer to their benefit guide. For more information about Humana’s 2019 Medicare offerings, visit or call toll-free 1-877-877-0714 (TTY: 711). Licensed sales agents are available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time, seven days a week.

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Anthem Activates Plan to Help Residents in States Impacted by Hurricane Florence

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 15 settembre 2018

Anthem Inc. (NYSE: ANTM), one of the nation’s leading health benefits companies, is taking steps to help people in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia who may be impacted by Hurricane Florence.Teams across the company are preparing to help impacted Anthem consumers and residents in hurricane areas by providing easier access to prescription medications and resources to access medical treatment or mental health support via Anthem’s LiveHealth Online telehealth service and Anthem’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).Anthem affiliated health plan consumers who live or work in the impacted states and whose prescription drug plan medication has been lost or damaged due to Hurricane Florence can get refills at any pharmacy.Consumers who need medical or psychological service can access LiveHealth Online, Anthem’s 24/7 telehealth service, via the LiveHealth Online app and website at LiveHealth Online offers video visits with U.S.-based board certified doctors and psychologists on a mobile device or computer from anywhere for non-emergency health conditions. Anyone in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia who downloads the mobile app and registers will be able to access a free online visit by clicking on the “Help for Florence” button. The free visit offer will be available through December 12, 2018.Additionally, Anthem’s EAP provides resources to support residents in dealing with the emotionally stressful situation as well as with financial and legal concerns. Anthem’s EAP tools will be offered at no cost and to access will be available 24/7 through the EAP crisis line at 877-208-8240 or by visiting and using the login code “Hurricane Florence”.
By implementing these proactive measures Anthem is working to ensure that consumers in our affiliated health plans and other individuals living in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia receive the health care services they need. Anthem members affected by Hurricane Florence are encouraged to contact Customer Service with questions by using the number on the back of their member ID card.The Anthem Foundation has also partnered with the American Red Cross as a $1 million-level member of our Annual Disaster Giving Program, as well as providing grants to organizations such as AmeriCares, Direct Relief and Portlight Strategies, Inc. to support impacted residents. Local Red Cross personnel and shelters will be providing meals, relief supplies, support, and other assistance to thousands in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia as well as first responders across the states. The Anthem Foundation has also pledged to match two dollars for every dollar Anthem associates donate to the American Red Cross, grantee organizations, or Anthem’s employee assistance fund.

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Towards a Juncker plan closer to the territories?

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 9 settembre 2018

europe paris.pngParis 18 september 2018 Eulalia Rubio, senior research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, presents the findings of the report on the role of national promotional banks in the next European budget in a “Europe breakfast” organized by Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC).
As part of a series of conferences organized by Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC), and following the publication of the Jacques Delors Institute’s report “Making better use of public funding: the role of national promotional banks and institutions in the next EU budget” (Eulalia Rubio, Fleurilys Virel, Benedetta Pavesi, 07/08/2018), Eulalia Rubio presents the conclusions and recommendations of this report.The creation and implementation of these instruments is a key issue for national banks and development institutions (National Promotional Banks and Institutions, “NPBIs”). Their role in this area has increased over time and there is a more explicit recognition of the benefits of NPBI involvement in the implementation of the EU budget. However, information on the exact modalities of intervention of NPBIs in the design, management and implementation of EU financial instruments and safeguards is limited. This report examines the Commission’s proposals for the next generation of financial instruments and budget guarantees, before making recommendations on how to improve the role of NPBIs in the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). (photo: europe paris)

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New EU plan to promote sustainable fisheries in western waters

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 27 marzo 2018

The European Commission proposed a multi-annual plan for fish stocks in the western waters, concerning the fleet of Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and the UK in the Atlantic Ocean. The proposal aims at restoring and maintaining stocks at sustainable levels, while ensuring social and economic viability for the fishermen operating in the region.
Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella said: “Today’s proposal for a multi-annual plan for the western waters aims to sustain our quest for social, economic and environmental sustainability in the long term in this very important sea basin. With an increasing number of stocks in western waters fished sustainably, we have seen incomes for fishermen and their families increase. This plan will enable us to continue the positive development towards sustainable fisheries, with solutions that are adapted to the specific need of the fishermen.”The plan covers demersal fish stocks, i.e. fish that live and feed at the bottom of the seabed. These species bring a significant income to the fisheries sector. In 2018, the fishing opportunities for western waters are set at more than 400 000 tonnes under the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy.The main elements of the proposal include:
– Simplifying fisheries management under one main regulatory framework, and repealing current plans in place for sole in the Western channel and Bay of Biscay, northern hake and southern hake and Iberian Nephrops.
– while fully respecting the 2020 objective of Fmsy the plan will allow a certain flexibility in setting the fishing opportunities, where such a flexibility is needed in order to manage for example mixed fisheries. This flexibility, known as ‘ranges of Fmsy’, is proposed as the management method for the most commercially important demersal stocks – the target stocks: e.g. northern and southern hake, cod, haddock and whiting in the Celtic Sea, sole in the Bay of Biscay
– Following the precautionary approach for bycatch stocks, taking into account mixed fisheries
– Allowing provisions for the landing obligation and technical conservation measures to be put forward by the South Western Waters Advisory Council and the South Western Waters MS Group for their particular fisheries as well as by the North Western Waters Advisory Council and the North Western Waters MS Group for the fisheries that concern them most
Today’s proposal will facilitate the achievement of the twin objectives of the Common fisheries policy: of reaching Fmsy in 2020 and the full implementation of the landing obligation by 2019.
The Commission’s proposal is now submitted for discussion to the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

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Le plan Juncker: investir dans le social?

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 10 marzo 2017

Jean-Claude JunckerParis Lundi 27 mars 201718h00 > 20h00 Comité économique et social – 9 place d’Iéna L’Institut Jacques Delors organise, en coopération avec le CESE, un dialogue citoyen autour de la dimension sociale du Plan Juncker dans le cadre d’une série d’événements et publications destinés à mieux comprendre les objectifs et l’impact de l’EFSI. Programme:
18h00 > 18h15 – Introduction Sofia FERNANDES, chercheur senior à l’Institut Jacques Delors
18h15 > 19h45 – L’investissement social, grand absent du Plan Juncker ?
Thomas BIGNAL, Association européenne des prestataires de services pour personnes en situation de handicap
DelorsJosé Manuel FERNANDES, député européen, membre de la Commission Budget du Parlement européen
Robin HUGUENOT-NOËL, Chercheur à l’European Policy Center
Samuel CLAUSE, Senior investment manager au Fonds Européen d’Investissement
Débat animé par Eulalia RUBIO, chercheur senior à l’Institut Jacques Delors
Débat avec le public
19h45 > 20h00 – Conclusion
Marcel GRIGNARD, Président de Confrontations Europe

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Investment in Europe: Making the best of the Juncker Plan/ Investissement en Europe : tirer le meilleur parti du Plan Juncker

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 aprile 2016

Jean-Claude JunckerThis Report, written by Eulalia Rubio, David Rinaldi and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, respectively senior research fellow ans research fellows at the Jacques Delors Institute and foreworded by Enrico Letta, vice-president of the Jacques Delors Institute, analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the Juncker Plan. Based on the Plan’s preliminary results, experts’ opinions, experiences with similar instruments and two case studies, this report identifies various short-term implementation risks that can threaten the success of the Plan within its initial three-year period and formulates policy recommendations to address such risks.The main conclusion is that the Plan will not be sufficient to close the current EU investment gap – and therefore should be complemented by other actions to boost investment. The success of the Juncker Plan might be also threatened in the absence of certain conditions.The Report also analyses possible long-term scenarios; in particular, the possibility that EFSI leads to the establishment of a system of public investment banks in Europe and the possibility that it becomes the seed of a future euro area macro-economic stabilization capacity.Finally, the Report provides a more on-the-ground analysis of the possible contributions of the Juncker Plan in two major areas: digital infrastructure and energy efficiency. The two case studies stress the need to deliver on the third pillar of the Plan by improving EU and national regulatory frameworks in order to remove non-financial barriers to investment. In both areas there is a concrete risk of geographical concentration but evidence also point out that EFSI can serve to help structure and finance small-sized and high-risk investment projects.
Ce Rapport, rédigé par Eulalia Rubio, David Rinaldi et Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, respectivement chercheur senior et chercheurs à l’Institut Jacques Delors et préfacé par Enrico Letta, vice-président de l’Institut Jacques Delors, analyse les forces et faiblesses du plan Juncker. À partir des résultats préliminaires du plan, d’avis d’experts, d’expériences avec des instruments semblables et de deux études de cas, elle identifie plusieurs risques à court terme concernant la mise en œuvre qui pourraient compromettre le succès du plan durant sa période initiale de trois ans, et formule des recommandations stratégiques pour remédier à ces risques.La principale conclusion est que le plan ne sera pas suffisant pour combler le déficit d’investissement actuel de l’UE et devrait donc être complété par d’autres mesures visant à stimuler l’investissement. La réussite du plan Juncker pourrait également être compromise en l’absence de certaines conditions. Ce Rapport analyse également des scénarios possibles sur le long terme, notamment l’éventualité que l’EFSI donne lieu à la création d’un système de banques d’investissement publiques en Europe et celle qu’elle soit à l’origine d’un futur mécanisme de stabilisation macroéconomique de la zone euro.Enfin, ce Rapport propose une analyse de terrain des apports possibles du plan Juncker dans deux grands domaines : les infrastructures numériques et l’efficacité énergétique. Les deux études de cas soulignent la nécessité de progresser au niveau du troisième pilier du plan en améliorant les cadres règlementaires nationaux et européens, afin de supprimer les obstacles non-financiers à l’investissement. Dans ces deux domaines, il existe un risque concret de concentration géographique, mais des éléments indiquent également que l’EFSI pourrait contribuer au montage et au financement de projets d’investissement de petite taille et à haut risque.

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National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 13 luglio 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010  South Court Auditorium 2:00 p.m. (Pre-Set: 1:30 p.m., Final Gather: 1:45 p.m. at the stakeout location) White House Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes, Office of National AIDS Policy Director Jeffrey Crowley, and HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Howard Koh will unveil the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) and discuss its goals and details.   The NHAS is a comprehensive plan focused on: 1) reducing the number of people who become infected with HIV, 2) increasing access to care and optimizing health outcomes for people living with HIV, and 3) reducing HIV-related health disparities.  The plan will serve as a roadmap for policymakers, partners in prevention, and the public on steps the United States must take to lower HIV incidence, get people living with HIV into care, and reduce HIV-related health disparities.

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Plan to Improve Inland Waterways Released

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 aprile 2010

The American Waterways Operators, National Waterways Conference and Waterways Council are asking waterways stakeholders to sign a declaration of support for the Inland Waterways Capital Development Plan. The plan is supported by more than 150 stakeholders, including the National Corn Growers Association and several state corn and soybean organizations as well as numerous agribusinesses. The development plan will be forwarded to Congress and the administration. “The U.S. Grains Council is keenly aware that, if U.S. grain products are to develop new markets and retain and service our existing international grain customers, it is important to maintain and have access to a well-developed transportation infrastructure,” said USGC President and CEO Thomas C. Dorr.  Earlier this month, the congressionally established Inland Waterways Users Board unanimously endorsed a comprehensive, consensus package of recommendations to improve the reliability of the inland waterways system. Representatives of the barge industry and the Army Corps of Engineers have worked together over the last year to develop the Inland Waterways Capital Development Plan, which will prioritize lock improvement projects, modernize Corps project delivery and revise cost sharing and revenue generation for the Inland Waterways Trust Fund. The plan will strengthen the traditional missions of the Corps without negatively impacting other water resource projects and programs.  More specifically, the proposal will prioritize the completion of navigation systems across the entire system; improve the Corps’ project management and processes to deliver projects on time and on budget; and recommend an affordable funding mechanism to meet the system’s needs. The proposed new funding parameters would necessitate a 30 percent to 45 percent increase (between 6 and 9 cents per gallon) in the existing fuel tax of 20-cents per gallon that is paid by the barge and towing industry, the only users of the system that are currently taxed.  For more information, go to the Waterways Council website at

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Mark Aerial Waller: The Cassiopeia Plan

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Cambridge CB23 2TX until 28/2/2010 Fox Road, Bourn, Wysing Arts Centre Waller’s idiosyncratic film making draws on an extensive knowledge of cinema, ranging from sci-fi, early surrealism and greek tragedy. The Cassiopeia Plan will feature 3 video installation works, forming a loose trilogy, beginning with two artists faltering on the brink of a journey towards an idyll. The final work, which will be filmed at Wysing, examines the relationship between the individual artist and the artist collective – a relationship Waller relates to the absurd and satirical paradox created by GK Chesterton in The Man who was Thursday. In the 1908 novel, a poet is forced into a conflict between the forces of structure and anarchy, unaware of how intertwined the competing forces are. Mark Aerial Waller lives and works in London. He is also the founder of The Wayward Cannon, a platform for event-based interventions in cinematic practices. Recent exhibitions include Resistence Domination Secret, 0-60 ICA 2008; Children of the Revolution, Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul; The Flipside of Darkness, South London Gallery 2008; You Have Not Been Honest, Museo D’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina in Naples 2007; La Societe des Amis de Judex, Tate Modern 2007; Videozone 3, Centre for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2006; Go Between, Magazin 4, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Austria 2005. (mark)

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