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Enforcing tough covid policies turns ugly

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 16 febbraio 2022

Welcome to our weekly newsletter highlighting the best of The Economist’s coverage of the pandemic and its effects.As infections hit record highs in Hong Kong, a worryingly high proportion of pensioners remain unvaccinated. Only 30% of over-80s have had a first dose, compared with 86% of residents aged 12-69. The old and unjabbed could now pay a heavy price for their reticence. But enforcing tougher covid policies can turn ugly. Just look at Ottawa. This week we explain why the anti-government rage sparked by covid rules in the Canadian capital will live on despite a state of emergency. Divisions are becoming entrenched in many countries between those who favour precautionary covid policies and those who are hostile to state interference. The latest edition of the Democracy Index from our sister company, the Economist Intelligence Unit, reflects the further suspension of civil liberties in both developed democracies and authoritarian regimes in 2021 because of the pandemic. The index fell to a record low. Variants that have already spread worldwide are unlikely to be the last. Researchers are trying to map where the next variant of concern is most likely to emerge. The answer: a handful of poor African countries. By Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist

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Deal on EU funds for common asylum, migration and integration policies up to 2027

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 dicembre 2020

The renewed Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), part of the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027, will amount to €9.882 billion in current prices.The co-legislators agreed that the new AMIF should contribute to strengthening the common asylum policy, develop legal migration in line with the member states’ economic and social needs, support third-country nationals to effectively integrate and be socially included, and contribute to the fight against irregular migration. Other objectives include ensuring that those without a right to stay in the EU are returned and readmitted in an effective, safe and dignified way. The fund will also support those people to begin reintegrating in non-EU countries to which they have been returned.

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Bridging the gap between policies and reality: FRA’s Fundamental Rights Report 2017

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 2 giugno 2017

corte europea giustiziaOver the last decade, new fundamental rights laws and policies have been adopted and specialist institutions created. But fundamental rights challenges still remain and rights are under attack, underlining the lack of a fundamental rights culture across institutions and societies, as the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) reveals in its 2017 Fundamental Rights Report.“We have the laws and the structures to protect human rights in the EU, but we are losing people’s trust that they will deliver,” says FRA Director Michael O’Flaherty. “We have to give a robust reply to those who challenge the very system of rights protection and demonstrate to people that human rights make a better society for everyone. We need rights to fight the massive inequalities that plague society, such as child poverty and violence against women, and ensure justice for all.”
Ten years after FRA’s establishment, this year’s Fundamental Rights Report reflects on the highlights and shortfalls of human rights protection in the EU over the last decade. The report summarises and analyses major human rights developments in the EU over 2016, with proposals for action covering the EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter and its use by Member States; equality and non-discrimination; racism, xenophobia and related intolerance; Roma integration; asylum, borders and migration; information society, privacy and data protection; child rights; access to justice; and implementing the UN’s disability convention.To enhance rights protection in the EU, the report makes proposals including:
Use the Charter of Fundamental Rights’ full potential in national legislation and case law as well as in EU policy cycles like the European Semester to deliver on equality and justice for all across the EU. The creation of an EU internal strategic framework for fundamental rights and the EU’s accession to the European Convention on Human Rights would further strengthen rights protection in the EU.
Counter the erosion in the commitment to fundamental rights and values. Against a backdrop of mounting intolerance and xenophobic rhetoric, low trust in public institutions, and backsliding in certain aspects of the rule of law, new ways to explain why rights matter to and for everyone must be found.
Support human rights defenders. With fundamental rights under attack, human rights defenders need to be empowered and enabled. Civil society’s frontline role in promoting and protecting rights needs to be safeguarded. Building on national human rights institutions and support networks with appropriate resources can also increase the collective ownership of fundamental rights.

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Better Data for Better Development Policies: The Living Standards Measurement Study

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 15 Maggio 2017

Roma Lunedì 15 Maggio 2017, ore 15:30 Scuola di Economia, Aula 3 Via Silvio D’Amico, 77 Better Data for Better Development Policies: The Living Standards Measurement Study Integrated Surveys on Agriculture and the Rome Center for Development Data. Presented by Dr. Talip Kilic and Dr. Alberto Zezza – Rome Center for Development Data, World Bank, Rome The seminar will present recent advances in household survey data collection spearheaded by the Living Standard Measurement Study (LSMS) team at the World Bank, with a specific focus on the work undertaken in Sub-Saharan Africa on issues related to agricultural and rural development. The LSMS team has recently opened a Rome-based Center for Development Data (C4D2) to foster collaboration with Italian institutions and with the Rome-based agencies of the UN.

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Investing in competitive blue growth – smart and sustainable solutions

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 febbraio 2016

maritimeThe conference will provide a strong input to shape future policies and the practical steps needed to drive transformational change in the blue economy and the wider integrated maritime policy agenda. It will focus on smart and sustainable solutions for blue growth, ocean governance, clean energy and skills development and it will look at tools such as strategic cluster partnerships and common roadmaps to facilitate joint action. Throughout, there will be a particular focus on specific regional challenges and opportunities. These focused, thematic sessions will explore what is needed to drive transformational change in different areas of the integrated maritime agenda. In each stream, a panel discussion will be followed by a structured discussion to set out which actions are needed at different levels: global, European, regional and conclusions/action points to be retransmitted to the plenary will be reached in a participative way.

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New Onshore Oil & Gas Blocks in Albania

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 20 agosto 2015

TiranaThe Ministry of Energy & Industry of Albania, recently announced that the oil and gas exploration bidding round deadline is 15th October for onshore blocks Panaja, C and 5 (map is available here), and is already in negotiations with the oil companies that submitted offers for onshore Blocks 4‎ and Dumrea.Albania’s Government Officials from the Ministry of Energy & Industry of Albania and AKBN will join IRN’s 4th Balkans Oil & Gas Summit to share more information on these rounds and other upcoming developments.Amongst experts to speak about Albania’s hydrocarbons industry will be:
Dorian Ducka, Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry, Albania
Dritan Spahiu, Director of Policies and Development of Hydrocarbons, Ministry of Energy and Industry, Albania
Dael Dervishi, Executive Director, National Agency of Natural Resources (AKBN), Albania
Dorina Cinari, Director, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), Albania
David French, CEO, Bankers Petroleum
The Summit will be held at the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel in Croatia on 23-25th September and will be attended by senior executives from oil and gas companies as well as energy Government Officials from all Balkans countries. A workshop day will also follow the Summit, with two workshops focusing on Adriatic and Black Sea prospects.
Highlights of last year’s Summit can be viewed at the official YouTube Channel of the organiser, here.

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Independent investigation

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 giugno 2015

amsterdamWhile the banks asserted that their consultants found nothing that would warrant the suspension of the project, they failed to mention that their own independent accountability mechanism was undertaking an investigation of the project. Indeed, by that time, the banks had already seen a draft of the ICM’s report with findings that the project was not in compliance with its own policies. “We were surprised to find out about the role of the banks in influencing the national process, as this is in contradiction to their assertions that they are not in a position to intervene in national decision-making.” said Anouk Franck, senior policy advisor at Both ENDS, based in Amsterdam. “They should now show their commitment in coming to a solution and start taking FPIC seriously, in the case of Barro Blanco, where due to delays in tackling the issue, the banks might need to accept losses on their loan. And they need to find ways to assure themselves FPIC is obtained where relevant, for example through human rights impact assessments.”
The handling of the complaint was a lengthy and at times frustrating process. GENISA refused to cooperate with the ICM and provide them with access to project documents, leading the banks to conclude a secret side agreement with GENISA. The secret side agreement superseded the publicly available procedures of the ICM and allowed GENISA to review the draft and final investigation reports before they were shared with complainants. “FMO and DEG are more concerned with protecting the interests of their client than they are with protecting the rights of those affected by the projects they finance,” said Kris Genovese, senior researcher at the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO). “It’s a tragic irony that banks asked the consent of the company to publish the ICM’s investigation report, but didn’t ask consent of Ngöbe-Buglé for the project.”
The Barro Blanco project was registered under the Clean Development Mechanism, a system under the Kyoto Protocol that allows the crediting of emission reductions from greenhouse gas abatement projects in developing countries. “As climate finance flows are expected to flow through various channels in the future, the lessons of Barro Blanco must be taken very seriously. To prevent that future climate mitigation projects have negative impacts, a strong institutional safeguard system that respects all human rights is required,” said Pierre-Jean Brasier, network coordinator at Carbon Market Watch. “The opportunity to establish such a necessary safeguards system is now, ahead of the Paris agreement, to put the respect of human rights on top of the UNFCCC agenda.”The ICM will monitor the banks’ implementation of corrective actions and recommendations. Meanwhile, the M10 expect FMO and DEG to withdrawal their investment from the project and ask that the Dutch and German governments show a public commitment to ensuring the rights of the affected Ngöbe-Buglé. At the same time, the banks should refrain from putting pressure on the Panamanian government.

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President Obama and King Abdullah

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 22 aprile 2009

The president left the door open to both prosecution of lawyers who generated the interrogation memos and also a truth commission. During questions he said he did not favor a truth commission but then set his parameters for such a commission — that it be bipartisan and independent and forward-looking.  There was also a response to Ahmadinejad, whose rhetoric the president termed “appalling”Here are some quotes:generally we should be “looking forward and not back” “I do worry that this gets so politicized that it hampers our ability to function effectively,” he said asked if he favored a commission. But he went on, “If and when there needs to be a further accounting of a ttook place during this period i think for congress to examine ways tha tit could be don ein a bipartisan fashion outside of hte typical” process that would break down along party lines,” he would hope that congress would “examine ways that it can be done in a bipartisan fashion” with members who are independent and therefore “have credibility.”he said “im not suggesting that it should be done” but hatHe said it would be “very important for hte american people to feel” that it is being done “in order to learn some insight” to move forward, as opposed to being for political advantage.On hte issue of prosecution, he reiterated that he does not beleive there should be prosecution of those individuals who carried out their tasks within the “the four corners” of the guidelines  down for them. But “with respect to shoe who formulated” the policies, “that is going to be more of a decision for  hte attorney general within the parameters of vairous laws,” and he said “I dont’t want to prejudge that.”On the Middle East, I did not see any real news. You will get a transcript. The president reiterated his support for the two-state solution and said he hoped that the two sides could “move the process forward with some sense of urgency” . He said he expected to meet Netanyahu soon and that the two sides need to “step back from the abyss.”The King said he and Mr. Obama had a “meeting of the minds”  and that they needed to keep their “eyes on the prize and the prize is peace and stability”. He also thanked the president for his outreach tothe Muslim world, which he said had been very well received.On Iran, he said the president engaged in “the kind of rhetoric we have come to expect from President Ahmadinejad.” he called Ahmadinejad’s language “appalling” (Sheryl Stolberg New York Times)

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