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New Estimate Finds North Atlantic Right Whale Population Dwindling, Reaching New Lows

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 1 novembre 2021

WASHINGTON/OTTAWA A new estimate from the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium, released, finds that the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population has dropped 8%, from 366 in 2019 to 336 in 2020. This latest estimate comes ahead of the Consortium’s annual meeting and confirms the dire situation facing North Atlantic right whales. Also, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) published a new draft Stock Assessment Report, that shows the number of North Atlantic right whales that can die in a year in order to support the species’ recovery (the Potential Biological Removal level) has dropped to 0.7. In addition, the estimated annual rate of North Atlantic right whale mortality between 2014 and 2018 was 27.4 whales — up from 18.6 in the previous assessment. With the release of these new estimates, Oceana is urgently calling on NMFS, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Transport Canada to take immediate action to save these whales from extinction.   North Atlantic right whales were named for being the “right” whale to hunt because they were often found near shore, swim slowly and tend to float when killed. They were aggressively hunted, and their population dropped from peak estimates of up to 21,000 to perhaps fewer than 100 by the 1920s. After whaling of North Atlantic right whales was banned in 1935, their population increased to as many as 483 individuals in 2010. Unfortunately, that progress has reversed.  Collisions with vessels are one of two leading causes of North Atlantic right whale injury and death. They are slow, swimming around 6 miles (or 9.5 kilometres) per hour, and usually near the water’s surface. They are also dark in color and lack a dorsal fin, making them very difficult to spot. Studies have found that the speed of a vessel is a major factor in vessel-related collisions with North Atlantic right whales. At high speeds, vessels cannot maneuver to avoid them, and they swim too slowly to be able to move out of the way. This puts them at great risk of being struck, which can cause deadly injuries from blunt-force trauma or cuts from propellers.

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AmeriHealth Caritas Awarded Contract to Continue Serving Louisiana’s Medicaid Population

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 11 agosto 2019

AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies (AmeriHealth Caritas), a national leader in Medicaid managed care and other integrated health care solutions for those most in need announced today that its Louisiana Medicaid plan, AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana, has been notified by the Louisiana Department of Health of its intent to award it a contract to continue serving its Medicaid managed care program. The new contract is set to begin in January 2020.
AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana has been part of Healthy Louisiana, the state’s managed care program, since its launch in 2011 and currently serves approximately 200,000 members. AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana has been actively engaged in community development and support, addressing social barriers to good health, such as homelessness, food insecurity, unemployment, and lack of access to transportation. The plan also opened community wellness centers in Shreveport and New Orleans in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

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Aging LGBT Population Facing Unique Challenges

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 5 gennaio 2019

The first Miami Valley LGBT Horizons of Aging Summit focusing on issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults will be held February 11 and 12, 2019, at the Sinclair College Conference Center in Dayton. It is being presented by the United Church Homes’ Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging, Rainbow Elder Care of Greater Dayton and Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County.The event will be headlined by a screening of the film Gen Silent which chronicles the challenges of older LGBT individuals seeking support as they age. Nationally renowned speakers include producer Stu Maddux of the film Gen Silent, Dr. Nii-Quartelai Quartey, national leader of LGBT Initiatives for AARP, and Dr. Jason Flatt, University of California San Francisco, who recently released the first major research on dementia in the LGBT community.Breakout session topics will include: culturally competent LGBT care/service, affordable senior living, transgender aging, Social Security and hospice care for LGBT individuals.Public Health’s LGBTQ Health Initiatives Project Manager, Jerry Mallicoat said, “For the first time in America we have a growing population of older LGBT people who have lived quite openly when they were younger. As they age and need support services, these individuals often face bias, stigma, and discrimination from healthcare and other service providers that might not care for older LGBT adults in a way that is both culturally competent and sensitive to their needs. Sometimes, older LGBT people feel the need to go back in the closet to get necessary services, and we need to avoid that happening so they can live affirmed lives as they age.” “This event is really about building community,” said Rev. Beth Long-Higgins, executive director of United Church Homes’ Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging. “United Church Homes wants to open people’s eyes and hearts to the challenges older LGBT adults face, and drive collaborative solutions that nurture their personal and spiritual needs as they age.”

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New research reveals 4.8% of the UK population have elevated liver iron

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 24 dicembre 2018

The study, conducted by the University of Westminster and Perspectum Diagnostics, used MRI to non-invasively assess levels of liver iron. The numbers of individuals with abnormal levels for two key risk factors of significant liver disease are considerable and represent potentially 2 million NHS patients. The UK health system is under-prepared for the current liver disease epidemic.Iron overload is traditionally associated with genetic disorders such as hereditary haemochromatosis (HH) or as a results of repeated blood transfusions. However elevated levels of liver iron are now often associated with metabolic diseases including insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and NAFLD. Elevated liver iron is associated with the development of fibrosis and cirrhosis and thought to be involved in the progression from fibrosis to liver cancer.Diagnostic pathways for liver iron currently rely on simple blood tests, which often miss early stages of iron accumulation, and liver biopsy. However, ferritin levels can be influenced by liver damage and inflammation, and in many cases do not correlate well with liver iron stores. Therefore, the development of robust, widely available and non-invasive techniques for the measurement of liver iron are needed. This study used the quantitative MRI behind LiverMultiScan to safely and painlessly assess liver health.Haemochromatosis UK, the national charity representing patients with iron overload, have recently launched an awareness campaign in the House of Commons, and received support from the UK government, the National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging, and GE Healthcare and Perspectum Diagnostics, to improve the availability of MRI scanners with LiverMultiScan and automated image processing to identify NHS patients with iron overload.

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America’s Best Small Cities Unveiled

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 8 giugno 2018

NEW YORK/PRNewswire/ Resonance Consultancy, the leading advisors in tourism, real estate and economic development for countries, cities and communities, is pleased to reveal America’s Best Small Cities for 2018. America’s Best Small City in 2018 is Honolulu, whose domination of our six categories and 28 subcategories—from Parks and Outdoor Attractions to TripAdvisor Reviews—made it America’s best place with a population of less than one million.
Fifty winning small cities were unveiled at a June 5 reception at New York University as part of the City Nation Place Americas forum, an annual conference for destination branding, economic development and tourism marketing that’s co-produced by Resonance.(America’s Best Large Cities, the Resonance ranking of metros with populations of more than 1 million, was also unveiled and can be referenced here.)
The large and small city rankings, gathered into the America’s Best Cities Report, is one of the most comprehensive American city rankings ever attempted. It was developed to quantify and benchmark the relative quality of place, reputation and competitive identity for U.S. principal cities with metropolitan populations of 200,000 to 1 million.”For more than a decade, Resonance has created place-branding strategies, tourism and economic development plans and trend reports for city, tourism and economic development organizations,” says Resonance President and CEO Chris Fair. “We do this to empower cities with new tools and perspectives on the key factors that shape a city’s competitive identity, community well-being, and future prosperity.”Fair says his firm has come to understand that traditional indicators for economic, social and livability factors used in most rankings don’t reveal the whole story for cities and their tourism and economic development agencies. Why? Because it’s the relative vibrancy and experiential quality of cities that increasingly determine where talent, tourism and investment flow.As a result, the Resonance Consultancy Best Cities rankings analyze and compare 28 factors in six key categories: a combination of core statistics measure that traditional economic, social and livability factors, as well as user-generated ratings and reviews to benchmark the experiential qualities of each city.

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Insomnia associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 aprile 2017

cardiologiaInsomnia is associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke, according to research published today in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. “Sleep is important for biological recovery and takes around a third of our lifetime, but in modern society more and more people complain of insomnia,” said first author Qiao He, a Master’s degree student at China Medical University, Shenyang, China. “For example, it is reported that approximately one-third of the general population in Germany has suffered from insomnia symptoms.” “Researchers have found associations between insomnia and poor health outcomes,” continued Miss He. “But the links between insomnia and heart disease or stroke have been inconsistent.”The current meta-analysis assessed the association between insomnia symptoms and incidence or death from cardiovascular disease (acute myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease, heart failure), stroke, or a combination of events. Insomnia symptoms included difficulty initiating sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, early-morning awakening, and non-restorative sleep.The authors analysed 15 prospective cohort studies with a total of 160 867 participants. During a median follow-up of three to 29.6 years, there were 11 702 adverse events.
There were significant associations between difficulty initiating sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, and non-restorative sleep and the risk of heart disease and stroke, with increased relative risks of 1.27, 1.11, and 1.18, respectively, compared to those not experiencing these insomnia symptoms. There was no association between early-morning awakening and adverse events.Miss He said: “We found that difficulty initiating sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, or non-restorative sleep were associated with 27%, 11%, and 18% higher risks of cardiovascular and stroke events, respectively.”“The underlying mechanisms for these links are not completely understood,” continued Miss He. “Previous studies have shown that insomnia may change metabolism and endocrine function, increase sympathetic activation, raise blood pressure, and elevate levels of proinflammatory and inflammatory cytokines – all of which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke.”Women with insomnia symptoms had a slightly higher risk of cardiovascular and stroke events than men, especially for non-restorative sleep, but the difference between sexes did not reach statistical significance.Miss He said: “We cannot conclude that insomnia is more dangerous for women, given the limitations of meta-analyses and the lack of a statistically significant difference between sexes. However, we do know that women are more prone to insomnia because of differences in genetics, sex hormones, stress, and reaction to stress. It may therefore be prudent to pay more attention to women’s sleep health.”Miss He concluded: “Sleep disorders are common in the general population and sleep health should be included in clinical risk assessment. Health education is needed to increase public awareness of insomnia symptoms and the potential risks, so that people with sleep problems are encouraged to seek help.”

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Delhi seminar explores role of youth in social transformation

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 20 febbraio 2016

seminario baha'iNEW DELHI — India has the largest youth population in the world, a reality that holds both tremendous promise and potential challenges for the future of the country.Recently, the Indian Institute of Public Administration and the Office of Public Affairs of the Bahá ‘ ís of India organized a seminar at the India International Centre on the subject of youth, entitled “The Role of Youth in Social Transformation. Over 40 people attended the event on February 10, 2016, comprising representatives of civil society, government, media, and faith organizations.Young people are needed as leaders and decision makers in spaces where the course and direction of society as a whole are determined. Examining this theme, the seminar looked specifically at youth in community building, the impact of media on youth, and the contribution of youth in addressing climate change.”It’s necessary to include the voices of youth in a meaningful way,” said Farida Vahedi, a Baha’i working as the head of Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building at the City Montessori School in Lucknow and convenor of the Quality Education Forum of India.”Integrating young people into formal structures of power is of course advantageous for a variety of reasons, but simply feeding ‘ young ‘ voices into ‘ old ‘ systems, if unaccompanied by more substantive forms of participation, runs the risk of degenerating into mere tokenism.”Representing the Indian Government, Kiran Soni Gupta, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, agreed. “The concept of leadership needs to be redefined,” Ms Gupta said in her talk at the beginning of the day, setting the tone for the consultation that followed. “It is the youth who can bring a fresh wave of ideas and innovation in society.” This theme was the root of the issues explored during the first panel, which addressed the role of youth in community building.
The seminar was the second co-organized by the the Indian Institute of Public Administration and the Office of Public Affairs of the Bahá ‘ ís of India on the subject of youth in society.

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The hot topic these days is immigration

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 9 ottobre 2015

logo fidest ookOnce the strength of a nation was in the number of its inhabitants today is different. New technologies are replacing the man and the strength of a nation depends on human resources not more. Already have seven billion people is becoming a big problem. Economic growth is running out because the margins are shrinking market with over one billion poor. The risk, in the immediate, that reduce workers’ rights and the exploitation of labor prevails. Over the next 20 years we will have at least two billion slaves and one billion unemployed. What to do to reverse the trend? That is the question. You can not drastically reduce the world’s population. Birth control failed. We rightly claimed the right to life but we have failed to enforce another right: the right to live. The risk of a third world war is real. There is a widespread intolerance in the world society. This can lead to regional conflicts in the first place any more than there are today. It is also due to the reckless sale of weapons of mass destruction, to slave traders, to authoritarian regimes, the easy enrichment, exploitation of human resources and the ecosystem. Young people today live with little hope for their future.
Il tema caldo di questi giorni è l’immigrazione. Un tempo la forza di una nazione era nel numero dei suoi abitanti oggi è diverso. Le nuove tecnologie stanno sostituendo l’uomo e la forza di una nazione not more dipende dalle risorse umane. Già oggi avere sette miliardi di abitanti sta diventando un grosso problema. L’espansione economica si sta esaurendo perché i margini di mercato si stanno riducendo con oltre un miliardo di poveri. Il rischio, nell’immediato, che diminuiscano i diritti dei lavoratori e prevalga lo sfruttamento del lavoro. Nei prossimi 20 anni avremo almeno due miliardi di schiavi e un miliardo di disoccupati. Che fare per invertire la tendenza? Questo è il problema. Non è possibile ridurre drasticamente la popolazione mondiale. Il controllo delle nascite è fallito. Abbiamo giustamente affermato il diritto alla vita ma abbiamo mancato nel far rispettare l’altro diritto: quello di vivere. Il rischio di una terza guerra mondiale è reale. Esiste una insofferenza molto diffusa nella società mondiale. Questo può generare conflitti regionali tanto per cominciare più di quanto non ve ne siano oggi. Lo si deve anche alla vendita sconsiderata di armi di distruzione di massa, ai mercanti di schiavi, ai regimi autoritari, ai facili arricchimenti, allo sfruttamento delle risorse umane e dell’ecosistema. I giovani di oggi vivono con poche speranze per il loro futuro. (fonte: Fidest)

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EUROSTAT: EU population up to 508.2 million at 1 January 2015

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 luglio 2015

European UnionOn 1 January 2015, the population of the European Union was estimated at 508.2 million, compared with 506.9 million on 1 January 2014. During the year 2014, 5.1 million babies were born in the EU, while 4.9 million persons died, meaning that the EU recorded a positive natural change of its population of 0.2 million, double that of 2013. The remainder of the change is driven mainly by net migration. Germany (81.2 million residents), France (66.4 million), the United Kingdom (64.8 million) and Italy (60.8 million) are the most populated EU Member States. Together, they are home to more than half of the EU population. These figures come from an article published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. Some other interesting facts and an infographic about EU population are also published on the Eurostat website.

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Initiative to allow its population to make legislative proposals

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 25 marzo 2012

European Commission

European Commission (Photo credit: tiseb)

On April 1st 2012 The European Commission will be launching its new Citizens’ initiative to allow its population to make legislative proposals. This will represent a great opportunity for European employers to press directly for the repeal or modification of EU Directives in the social and employment fields.The Federation of European Employers (FedEE) strongly supports the widening of democratic rights in the European Union by giving citizens the opportunity to raising legislative petitions that the European Commission will find it very difficult politically to turn down.The starting point for launching a proposal for a legislative change is that a committee is formed of at least seven citizens from seven different EU member states. The proposal is then registered on the European Citizens’ initiative website and the European Commission then has two months to consider whether the proposal falls within the EU charter and is not ‘manifestly contrary’ to EU values. Once given clearance the organisers then have one year to gather one million signatures in support of the measure. The Commission has even produced some free software to allow for the online collection of signatures. Once gathered the signatures must be verified and submitted to the Commission – who will then have three months to consider the proposal. If the proposal is turned down then the Commission must state publicly its reasons for doing so.Although this initiative has been conceived as providing an opportunity for individual citizens to extend their democratic rights, it will undoubtedly also become a useful vehicle for interest groups to go beyond lobbying and directly challenge the European Commission to move in new policy directions.Robin Chater, FedEE’s Secretary-General, welcomes this new opportunity to influence political policy in the employment field… “Democratic freedoms should be freedoms for all to use. The European economy relies very heavily on multinational companies and yet the EU has done very little to encourage their establishment or growth. In fact, existing Directives on such matters as the formation of European Works Councils and recently proposed EU changes on the posting of workers have greatest impact on large, transnational operations. Europe needs a level playing field for employment with a core set of common employee rights balanced by an equal range of obligations by employees in relation to their employer. Such an equitable framework has not emerged over the many decades that the EU has been in existence and this new initiative could help to rectify the many injustices in the legal framework.”
The Federation of European Employers (FedEE) is the leading organization for multinational companies operating in Europe. It was founded in 1989 with assistance from the European Commission. It is a direct member organization for major international enterprises and is currently chaired by Ford Europe.

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I dieci responsabili del rischio di ictus

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 luglio 2010

Dieci fattori di rischio risultano associati al 90% del rischio di ictus. Interventi mirati sulla riduzione della pressione arteriosa e del fumo e sulla promozione dell’attività fisica e di una dieta salutare potrebbero ridurre l’impatto dell’ictus in modo sostanziale. È la conclusione dello studio caso-controllo Interstroke, condotto in 22 Paesi su pazienti colpiti per la prima volta da ictus acuto (entro cinque giorni dall’esordio dei sintomi e 72 ore dal ricovero) e altrettanti controlli corrispondenti per età e sesso in assenza di una storia di ictus. Sono state calcolate le odds ratio (Or) e i rischi attribuibili alla popolazione (Par) per l’associazione con ogni ictus, ictus ischemico e ictus intracerebrale emorragico con i fattori di rischio selezionati. Ed ecco i risultati divulgati da Martin O’Donnell del Population health research institute, McMaster university di Hamilton (Canada), e collaboratori, sui primi 3.000 casi (78% con ictus ischemico e 22% con ictus emorragico) e 3.000 controlli. Significativi fattori di rischio per ogni ictus sono risultati: storia di ipertensione (Or 2,64, Par 34,6%), attuale stato di fumatore (Or 2,09, Par 18,9%), rapporto vita-fianchi (Or 1,65 per il terzile più alto vs il più basso, Par 26,5%), punteggio di rischio dietetico (Or 1,35 per il terzile più alto vs il più basso, Par 18,8%), attività fisica regolare (Or 0,69, Par 28,5%), diabete mellito (Or 1,36, Par 5,0%), apporto di alcol (Or 1,51, per più di 30 drink al mese o binge drinking, Par 3,8%), stress psicosociale (Or 1,30, Par 4,6%) e depressione (Or 1,35, Par 5,2%), cause cardiache (Or 2,38, Par 6,7%) e rapporto Apo B/Apo A1 (Or 1,89 per il terzile più alto vs il più basso, Par 24,9%). Complessivamente, questi fattori di rischio rendono conto dell’88,1% di Par per ogni ictus. Tutti i fattori sopra citati sono significativi per l’ictus ischemico mentre per l’ictus intracerebrale emorragico la significatività riguarda ipertensione, fumo, rapporto vita-fianchi, dieta e apporto di alcol. (fonte doctor news)

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Women refugee

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 19 giugno 2010

Caritas is highlighting the plight of three million women in long-term refugee crises on World Refugee Day, 20 June.  Women refugees are particularly vulnerable to human rights abuses in cases where they’ve been forced to leave their homes for long-standing periods. Caritas says the international community can do better in protecting them from violence.  “The international community must show the political will to ensure protection as guaranteed in international treaties,” said Martina Liebsch, Director of Policy for Caritas Internationalis.  There are over 10 million refugees in the world today. About two-thirds are caught in crises of 5 years or longer. Women make up 49 percent of the refugee population. They are frequently fleeing conflicts in places such as Colombia, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan. They often live in insecure places such as makeshift camps without protection.  “Women can become victims of violence in these camps,” said Martina Liebsch. “They are more vulnerable to attacks as they frequently have to leave the camps for basic supplies for their families, such as firewood and water.”  Caritas says that providing better security in camps is essential, as well as making it easier for women to report acts of violence and have access to judicial procedures. “Supporting livelihood programmes for women is a key factor,” said Martina Liebsch. “By giving a woman the ability to provide for herself and her family in a secure environment, they will not be forced to take risks by going outside camp.”  Caritas has helped 12,000 people in Darfur in Sudan by running community centres that provide activities such as bread-making, rope making, and income generation from a grinding mill.  Caritas says that practical experience in refugee camps in Benin, West Africa, shows that providing leadership roles for women improves their security. It gives them a say in how camps are run and having voice raises their profile. Peacebuilding activities between the refugee and host community can also reduce tensions.  “The best way to provide security is to resolve crises itself so refugee can return home,” said Martina Liebsch. “Alternatives are supporting integration within the host community or resettling into another country. Achieving those means supporting skills training so people can create new lives for themselves.”

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Appeals for help Haitian population

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 24 gennaio 2010

Every day, with dismay and sadness, we are able, through the means of mass communication, to see the evidence of the destructive capacity, in human and material terms, of the earthquake which has struck large parts of Haiti. And so again, on behalf, too, of the Presidents of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe, I wish to assure the peoples caught up in this tragic event of my closeness and prayers. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the States and humanitarian organisations of Europe and the world for their immediate intervention and work in support of the Haitian people. I am mournful at the death of the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince, His Grace The Most Revered Joseph Serge Miot, and the death of many priests, male and female religious, seminarians, as well as the many, many faithful. In these circumstances of pain and suffering, Europe is called to be a sign of hope for those people who in an instant have lost not only the sacrifices and efforts of a lifetime, but also the affection of a relation, friend, neighbour, work colleague. Now, in order to avoid that this natural disaster be transformed into a humanitarian catastrophe at the arrival, in a few months, of the typhoon season, the rebuilding of what has been damaged must begin as soon as possible. Houses, hospital infrastructures, shelter must be provided along with whatever is necessary so that as soon as possible those people, already seriously tested, can begin again to live with total dignity. For this reason, I encourage all the Bishops’ Conferences members of CCEE to continue with their aid efforts for the people of Haiti and I exhort anyone in Europe who is able to give a concrete sign of encouragement and neighbourliness to do so without hesitation, including some economic contribution via the predisposed means available to the church and civil institutions set up for this service.

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World population to exceed 9 billion by 2050

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 23 agosto 2009

New York, World population is projected to reach 7 billion early in 2012, up from the current 6.8 billion, and surpass 9 billion people by 2050, reveals the 2008 Revision of the official United Nations population estimates and projections, released today. Most of the additional 2.3 billion people will enlarge the population of developing countries, which is projected to rise from 5.6 billion in 2009 to 7.9 billion in 2050, and will be distributed among the population aged 15-59 (1.2 billion) and 60 or over (1.1 billion) because the number of children under age 15 in developing countries will decrease. In contrast, the population of the more developed regions is expected to change minimally, passing from 1.23 billion to 1.28 billion, and would have declined to 1.15 billion were it not for the projected net migration from developing to developed countries, which is projected to average 2.4 million persons annually from 2009 to 2050. The results of the 2008 Revision incorporate the findings of the most recent national population censuses and of numerous specialized population surveys carried out around the world. The 2008 Revision provides the demographic data and indicators to assess trends at the global, regional and national levels and to calculate many other key indicators commonly used by the United Nations system.

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Chiltern International Limited (Chiltern)

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 aprile 2009

It’s a global Clinical Research Organization (CRO) providing clinical development and staffing services in Europe, the Americas and India, today announced the acquisition of Vigiun, a full service Clinical Research Organization located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Established in 1999 by Eduardo Forleo, MD, and Elisa Halker, BSN, Vigiun has extensive experience conducting clinical trials in a variety of therapeutic areas, in particular infectious disease, oncology, and respiratory. Latin America has a population of 503 million people, of which 192 million are in Brazil. This vast population provides a significant number of potential patients in all disease areas. Latin America is rich with experienced investigators and is known for high quality data and excellent patient retention in clinical trials. About Chiltern:Established in 1982, Chiltern is a leading global Contract Research Organization with extensive experience conducting and staffing international Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas for a wide variety of clients. Chiltern has conducted trials in more than 40 countries and employs 1400 staff across 28 countries. Chiltern provides services including Early Phase, Global Clinical Development, Late Phase, Biometrics, Medical and Regulatory Affairs and Resourcing Solutions. Further information is available at

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Unexpected Urgent Refugee and Migration Needs

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 marzo 2009

Related to the Continuing Conflict in Pakistan  By the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of  the United States, including section 2(c)(1) of the Migration and  Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 (the “Act”), as amended (22 U.S.C.  2601), I hereby determine, pursuant to section 2(c)(1) of the Act,  that it is important to the national interest to furnish assistance  under the Act in an amount not to exceed $8 million from the  United States Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund for  the purpose of meeting unexpected and urgent refugee and migration  needs, including by contributions to international, governmental,  and nongovernmental organizations and payment of administrative  expenses of the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of  the Department of State.  You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the  Federal Register. (Barack Obama)

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