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Manfred Peckl: The Past The Future Present

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 settembre 2009

futureBerlin until 31/10/2009 Galerie Jette Rudolph Zimmerstrasse 90-91 Peckl has been employing this method of collage technique for six years. Previous work was based on palindromes of words realised with coloured stamps on wood. The new works featuring within the show seem to be generated in a state of ecstasy, while the artist’s expression follows closely the style of his models. Peckl used to select atlases of stars and topography for his pictures of landscapes and atmospheric ray- sites. Now he takes possession of monographic books of the contemporary and the historical as well as of scientific books of the human anatomy or of fauna. In the face of its mass medial disposability, the artist cuts and shredders it disrespectfully into the finest strips. Peckl exploits the thus gained strips to create his own palette and -gesture- for a representation of heads and figures with or without attributes which are oriented towards the traditional genre of the portrait. The titles of the pictures refer to prominent contemporary and old masters of art whose masterpiece- reproductions in catalogues analogously serve as the artist’s source of material. On the other hand, the persons themselves represented in the pictures do not illustrate any bodily resemblance to their models; rather, it could be said, of an ideal- typical character.  It is an individual dynamic proceeding from Manfred Peckl’s collages to generate its special kind of attraction and fascination. The artist arranges his material of stripes in various compositions on the picture, as for example in synchronical orders, spinning circles or radial- axial explosions of rays. These multiple changes of direction affect the common continuum of (picture) space to suggest an extended perception of the exponentiated dimensions of light, time and motion. At the sight of the artist’s collages, it seems possible to experience the history of art and the human being in accordance with quick motion. (future)

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