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3rand Up Solutions e Process Factory insieme per la sostenibilità

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 6 luglio 2020

3rand Up Solutions ha scelto 4sustainability® – il brand di Process Factory che attesta l’adesione delle aziende alla Roadmap per la sostenibilità – per supportare i propri clienti con prodotti e soluzioni per la trasformazione dei modelli di business in ottica sostenibile. 3rand Up mette a disposizione quattro “piattaforme” distinte ma complementari, in cui la sostenibilità concepita e praticata secondo l’approccio 4sustainability® si inserisce come valore trasversale per lo sviluppo d’impresa. Brand value platform. Attraverso progetti IOT/RFID, i prodotti assumono una propria identità digitale: questo consente di raccontare al consumatore la loro “storia” ed i loro contenuti di sostenibilità, coinvolgendolo in un’esperienza comunicativa in grado di avvicinarlo emotivamente al marchio. Digital marketing & e-commerce platform. Un sistema articolato di soluzioni che reinterpretano in chiave innovativa il concetto di e-commerce, con la creazione di negozi online multicanale – sui social e sui principali online retailer – e tool collegati per gestire gli influencer, ad esempio, o analizzare il traffico per migliorare il proprio posizionamento.Sustainability platform. I servizi a marchio 4sustainability® consentono alle imprese di “crescere sostenibili” grazie all’implementazione di progetti che, partendo da una fotografia della situazione iniziale si sviluppano in attività mirate al raggiungimento di risultati individuati come prioritari. Fondamentale, in quest’ottica, è il supporto di strumenti avanzati di monitoraggio e gestione dei dati e di misurazione delle performance in una logica di miglioramento continuo.
Supply chain & transportation management platform. Monitorare fornitori e corrieri per ottimizzare costi e prestazioni in ottica sostenibile è un vantaggio competitivo oggi irrinunciabile, che 3rand Up Solutions rende accessibile grazie da una piattaforma di gestione all’avanguardia.

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DCR Licensing Process Audit Report

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 5 aprile 2020

Halo Labs Inc. (“Halo” or the “Company”) (NEO: HALO, OTCQX: AGEEF, Germany: A9KN) today announced that, due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Drop Dead Date” associated with the closings of the planned acquisitions related to the North Hollywood dispensary have been extended to May 31, 2020 from the original date of March 31, 2020. This includes both the acquisition of the retail management company, Crimson & Black (“C&B”), and the acquisition of the controlling interest in the dispensary applicant LKJ11 LLC (“LKJ”). Furthermore, the audit of the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulations (“DCR”) application and licensing process, which was conducted by an independent auditor has been completed and the license issuance process may now continue. LKJ, a dispensary license applicant with a location in the heart of the NOHO district of North Hollywood, should now obtain its license in short order.Further to the Company’s press releases dated February 28 and March 6, 2020 concerning Definitive Agreements to acquire the controlling interest in the North Hollywood dispensary applicant LKJ and the accompanying management company, C&B, Halo has agreed to extend the closing deadline to May 31, 2020. The extension will provide more time to finalize the Definitive Agreements during a time when everyday business interactions continue to experience delays due to recent COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the recent extension of federal-mandated social distancing guidelines which have been extended until April 31st as the federal, state, and local governments join forces to combat the virus.Additionally, following a thorough review of the DCR application and licensing process, the independent audit found that the process was conducted in good faith and found no evidence of bias or unfairness. The Auditor found DCR’s ‘normalization process’ leveled the playing field, eliminated any unfair advantage, and the report recommended that the DCR continue awarding and giving final approvals to winning applicants. These results are favorable for Halo as the Company finalizes the acquisition of C&B, as well as its acquisition of controlling interest in LKJ, a winning applicant.The initial application process was highly selective as only 100 licenses were issued from more than 800 applicants. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered a majority of businesses, both the cannabis and the construction industry have been deemed critical businesses in Los Angeles during the pandemic, and therefore have permission to continue conducting business in ordinary course, subject to local and CDC guidelines. The Company expects that once the DCR continues with the awarding of licenses and LKJ receives its license, the build out of the dispensary and its opening will continue on schedule, with the Company targeting an opening in the second quarter of 2020.The build out is expected to be one of North Hollywood´s largest retail dispensary locations, boasting nearly 4,000 square feet and significant onsite parking. Located in the heart of North Hollywood, the dispensary will be situated on Lankershim Blvd. and Hesby Ave., which are heavily transited streets with significant vehicle and pedestrian traffic.Upon the NOHO dispensary’s opening, Halo expects to commence direct retail sales of its own branded and white-labeled cannabis products, in turn fueling LKJ’s sales and reducing starting inventory costs. Halo will leverage manufacturing in Southern California at Cathedral City and cultivation procurement, manufacturing, and distribution operations in Northern California to scale up its direct-to-dispensary business.Katharyn Field, President of Halo Labs, states, “We are pleased with the outcome of the DCR audit report and believe this paves the way for the City of Los Angeles to allow the initial dispensary license recipients to build out and open as soon as possible. We still anticipate opening the North Hollywood dispensary by the end of June and launching home delivery in the surrounding area as well. Above all, Halo will implement appropriate measures to ensure that retail operations are mindful of any guidelines still recommended by state and local governments, as well as the CDC, to protect both customers and employees from COVID-19.”

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Halo commences formal EU GACP Certification Process for cannabis grown at Bophelo in Lesotho, Africa

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 gennaio 2020

Halo Labs Inc. (“Halo” or the “Company”) (NEO: HALO, OTCQX: AGEEF, Germany: A9KN) is pleased to announce Bophelo Bioscience & Wellness (“Bophelo”) has formally commenced the certification process required to achieve European Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (“EU GACP”) accreditation for cannabis grown at the Company’s 205-hectare cultivation site at Bophelo in Lesotho, Africa.Obtaining EU GACP certification would allow Halo to export medicinal cannabis and Cannabis-Based Products for Medicinal use (“CBPMs”) to the United Kingdom as well as countries in the European Union. According to Prohibition Partners, the CBPM market in the UK is comprised of 1.4 million consumers who use CBPMs for health treatments with an additional 4.7 million recreational cannabis users. This translate to a medical cannabis market that is predicted to be worth roughly $1.3 billion by 2024.
To achieve EU GACP accreditation, Halo has engaged Pharmaconsulta Limited (“Pharmaconsulta”), an independent firm based out of Malta in Europe, that specializes in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs.Pharmaconsulta will implement a comprehensive quality control program to ensure that cannabis grown at Bophelo may be exported to various legal international markets. The firm will ensure the following milestones are completed:
Obtain an EU GACP certificate for Bophelo, as well as meet the requirements and standards for starting materials of Herbal Origin, as published by the European Medicines Agency (“EMEA”) and World Health Organization (“WHO”) guidelines on GACP for medicinal plants
Provide full audits on the agricultural and cultivation sites in Lesotho, Africa
Draft and implement a quality control system compliant with EU GACP standards
Provide all necessary training to the Bophelo staff
Kiran Sidhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Halo, commented, “We are excited to finalize the steps required to export medical cannabis products from Lesotho into Europe. Becoming GACP certified and meeting all necessary standards is critical in our execution internationally. Pharmaconsulta will ensure that the Bophelo facilities receive all permits for exporting medicinal cannabis to the United Kingdom through Halo’s planned acquisition target Canmart Limited.”
Indeed 1,000 flowering plants in 8 hoop houses are under production at Bophelo which Halo expects will be harvested in Q2 2020. Moreover, cloning processes with DNA Genetics are underway for February with an anticipated harvest date in Q3 of 2020.
Mr. Sidhu continues, “We are extremely pleased at the speed at which we are realizing our strategic vision for Bophelo. By the time the maiden harvest is complete the facility is expected to be fully certified and ready to export legal cannabis. International exportation is currently an untapped opportunity for Halo and will add sizeable, incremental topline revenue.We also look forward to delivering innovative strains with the DNA genetics partnership to future harvests. With three grow seasons a year anticipated at Bophelo, we expect to establish ourselves quickly as one of the leading suppliers of consistently high-quality cannabis to regulated international markets.” Halo is a global cannabis extraction company that develops and manufactures quality cannabis oils and concentrates, which are the fastest growing segments in the cannabis industry. Halo is a global leader in cannabis oil and concentrates, having produced over 4.5 million grams of oils and concentrates since inception. The Company has expertise across all major cannabis manufacturing processes, leveraging a variety of proprietary processes and products. The forward-thinking company is led by a strong management team with deep industry knowledge and blue-chip experience. The Company is currently operating in California and Oregon, as well as in Nevada with our partner Just Quality, LLC, and in Lesotho with the 205-hectare Bophelo cultivation zone.With a consumer-centric focus, Halo will continue to market innovative, branded, and private label products across multiple product categories. Halo recently acquired Dispensary Track platform which will alleviate customer flow constraints experienced by dispensaries and enable direct consumer interaction.

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Freudenberg Medical Launches Wave of Product and Process Innovations

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2019

Freudenberg Medical, a global developer and manufacturer of medical devices, components, and minimally invasive solutions, has launched a major innovation initiative – backed by a multimillion-dollar annual investment in R&D – over all its business entities. “Our engineers and product development teams worldwide have been working on over-drive these past few years,” said Dr. Max Kley, CEO of Freudenberg Medical. “The result of this is a large number of innovative products and cutting-edge technologies that will greatly benefit our medical device customers all around the world.” Freudenberg Medical obtained 8 patents for minimally invasive technologies, these include the Composer® Catheter Handle Platform, hemostasis valves with variable diameter seals, and expandable introducer sheaths. Next generation Product Solutions – Composer® EPIC and Composer® Toccata Catheter Handle Platforms, and the HyperSeal® Mini hemostasis valve where just introduced. Designed for medical device companies looking to accelerate time to market with commercialization-ready solutions. Freudenberg Medical has expanded medical Balloon Development and introduced Rapid Response Prototyping for balloons. All capabilities are available in-house to develop, manufacture, and test high performance medical balloons including non-compliant, semi-compliant, and compliant balloon technologies.Announced this week, Helix iMC™, a ground-breaking new technology to continuously measure the inner geometry of silicone tubes. Unique to the industry, this innovative measurement system significantly increases product quality for critical applications, such as pacemaker lead insulation, and dramatically cuts down on material usage, process time and validation requirements.Twisted Lumen Tubing is another silicone innovation announced by Freudenberg Medical this month. The unique multi-lumen tubing was designed to provide equal balance of stress across the inner and outer lumens as the tubing bends. The proprietary technology offers a broad range in the degree of twist required for medical device applications such as pacemakers, breathing tubes, and other medical applications which require navigation through tortuous pathways within the human body.As a materials specialist Freudenberg Medical has developed a proprietary conductive silicone compound used for both smart therapeutic devices that deliver electrical currents and for ESD shielding of sensitive electronics. Conductive silicone is ideal for two-shot overmolding applications. “Our extensive material knowledge helps us identify and modify state-of-the-art materials and enhance them for special requirements,” said Lars Gerding, Technology Director at Freudenberg Medical.

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Competitive and Open Solicitation Process to Transform Northeast Florida

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 5 agosto 2019

JEA, one of the largest municipally-owned electric, water and wastewater utilities in the country and the largest in Florida, released an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) #127-19 for Strategic Alternatives. With the purpose of soliciting competitive responses from qualified firms in industry sectors including financial, technology and energy and water, JEA will consider proposals that seek to eliminate certain constraints that limit the utility’s ability to grow, compete and remain relevant today, tomorrow and in the future. The goal of this process is to maximize JEA’s customer, community, environmental and financial value over the long term. The ITN includes an established set of minimum requirements including, but not limited to, at least $400 million distributed to customers, at least $3 billion to the City of Jacksonville and protection of employees.This solicitation opportunity is the result of a thorough scenario-based strategic planning process. Critical, industry-wide challenges such as revenue loss driven by energy efficiency and distributed energy resources, new disruptive technologies and competitors, when combined with JEA’s current government constraints, make it impossible for the utility to optimally address changing customer demands and capitalize on the forces that are reshaping the industry today to create value.
The ITN will be conducted in three phases, solicitation, evaluation and negotiation. The ITN itself, more information on key deadlines, process and ongoing related communications can be accessed at All communications regarding the ITN should be directed to the Designated Procurement Representatives as identified in Section 2.11 of the ITN. The deadline to submit replies and all required documents to the JEA Procurement Bid Office is 12:00 PM September 30, 2019.

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JEA Contracts Outside Consultants to Assist With Formal Solicitation Process

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 28 luglio 2019

JEA, the 10th largest municipally-owned electric utility and one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in the country, announced today that it has hired J.P. Morgan Securities LLC. and Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC as financial advisors and Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP and Foley & Lardner LLP as legal advisors to assist the utility with the execution of a competitive and open solicitation process. These companies will work closely with JEA and its Board of Directors to develop a strategic plan for JEA to maximize customer, community, environmental and financial value, the four corporate measures of value for JEA.JEA will proceed with a competitive process requesting responses from industry sectors including financial, technology and energy and water. Throughout the months-long competitive process, JEA will work with its financial advisors and counsel to review and recommend the best solution to maximize value for JEA and all of its stakeholders. During JEA’s July 23 board meeting, the board of directors unanimously voted for JEA to pursue any and all unconstrained, non-governmental opportunities for growth. In order to be considered, an outside entity responding to JEA’s ITN must meet the following list of minimum requirements to protect JEA’s employees, customers and the community.

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“Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 12 luglio 2019

UiPath was one of 18 vendors evaluated in the first year of this report and placed highest and furthest for ability to execute and completeness of vision, respectively, in the Leaders quadrant.According to Gartner, “As organizations look for ways to improve operational efficiency and integrate legacy systems with new enterprise applications and digital business, robotic process automation continues to grow its footprint.” A complimentary copy of the Gartner, Inc. 2019 “Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation” research report is available here:’s RPA Magic Quadrant evaluation was based on UiPath Enterprise RPA platform version 2018.3.1 and UiPath Go!.UiPath Go! is the company’s online marketplace for re-usable RPA and artificial intelligence building blocks.Gartner’s evaluation criteria for completeness of vision includes market understanding, marketing strategy, sales strategy, offering (product) strategy, business model, vertical/industry strategy, innovation, and geographic strategy. Criteria for a vendor’s ability to execute includes evaluating the product or service, overall viability, sales execution/pricing, market responsiveness/record, marketing execution, customer experience, and operations.

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Privitar Reports That Urgent Steps Are Required to Restore Trust in Organizations That Process Data

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 maggio 2019

Latest research from Privitar, the data privacy software company, reveals a stunning lack of consumer trust in the ability of private and public sector organizations to protect their data, as well as sharply conflicting views between businesses and consumers regarding transparency in data collection and use.In the 2019 Privitar Privacy Pulse, released today at the International Association of Privacy Professionals Global Summit, not a single industry among those included in the research – Healthcare, Utilities, Finance, Retail, Government, Telecoms and Social Media – earned even a 50% rating for data-protection trustworthiness. Healthcare (47%) ranked highest in trustworthiness and Social Media (21%) ranked lowest.
The research, surveying 5,128 consumer respondents and 751 business respondents in the US, UK and France, shows consumers and businesses are at great odds regarding how personal data is collected and shared. While the vast majority of consumers (81%) said they want more control over when they choose to share their personal data, more than three quarters (79%) of the businesses claimed they already empower their customers to decide how their data is used and feel they are adequately explaining this process.Privitar’s Privacy Pulse findings also highlight the level of consumer angst about data privacy. A majority of consumer respondents saw increased regulation as a way to improve data privacy and protection. US consumers were the most likely to agree that stricter data regulations make them feel safer, with 68% agreeing compared to 65% globally.
The Privitar research shows businesses in a risk-reward quandary. Although a significant majority of businesses want to do more to better manage and protect data as well as make it more accessible, their fear of privacy risk and reputational damage caused by privacy protection failures are holding them back.While 73% of businesses said they could be doing more to effectively manage and protect their data and 74% said they could be doing more to make their data accessible to the people who need it, 66% said the risks associated with using their data are not worth the potential benefits the organization.Du Preez noted there are practical steps organizations can take today to overcome the trust and transparency challenges, harness the power of their data, and realize significant business value from it. “By embracing privacy-by-design principles and ensuring that ethical data practices are firmly in place, businesses have the opportunity to make data privacy a competitive advantage,” said du Preez.

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c-LEcta develops highly efficient manufacturing process for active cosmetic ingredient

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 marzo 2019

For the fermentative manufacturing process, c-LEcta’s scientists developed a new microorganism using targeted changes in the metabolic properties, which contributes to exceptionally high yields in the production of active ingredients.Dr. Andreas Buthe, Head of Innovation and Senior Business Development Manager at c-LEcta, played a key role in the development: “We are proud to have again been able to demonstrate the innovative power of our unique technology platform with this manufacturing process. Following the successful establishment of the process, we are now beginning to implement industrial scale-up and commercialization.”Due to the cost-intensive manufacturing process, the active ingredient has so far only been contained in expensive premium products. c-LEcta’s optimized bioprocess now makes it possible to use the active ingredient in cheaper cosmetics and to provide a wide range of products with versatile care properties.“With the development of this bioprocess, we have not only reached an important technical and scientific milestone. We are also providing the cosmetics industry with a more cost-effective source of supply, thereby contributing to a wider availability of the scientifically proven benefits of the active ingredient for consumers in everyday use,” explains Dr. Marc Struhalla, co-founder and CEO of c-LEcta. The development of c-LEcta’s own products, which can be marketed by c-LEcta directly to various customers worldwide, is part of the Leipzig-based company’s growth strategy. The second pillar are strategic, equal partnerships with established industrial companies in which c-LEcta makes targeted use of the potential of global megatrends. c-LEcta attributes an annual sales potential in the double-digit million-euro range to the marketing of the body care active ingredient in the medium term.

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GE Announces Plan for Auditor Tender Process

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 17 dicembre 2018

GE announced that the Audit Committee of its Board of Directors will move forward with a tender process for the appointment as GE’s independent audit firm. The effective date for the audit firm appointment following that process will be based on the progress toward completing the Company’s previously announced portfolio actions. The Audit Committee has determined to reappoint KPMG LLP (KPMG) as GE’s auditor for 2019.The announcement follows the annual auditor ratification vote at GE’s shareowner meeting in April 2018, which was significantly lower than prior years with approximately 65% of the votes cast in favor of ratifying KPMG’s appointment as GE’s auditor for 2018. Since the ratification vote, the Audit Committee has sought feedback from GE shareowners and considered a range of options in response.GE Audit Committee Chairman Geoff Beattie said, “The plan announced today is responsive to our shareowners and balances the competing considerations about undertaking an audit firm rotation amidst the portfolio and other strategic actions that the Company is currently executing.”The Audit Committee plans to provide additional details about its deliberations and the response to the 2018 auditor ratification vote in the Company’s proxy statement that will be filed in March 2019.

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Waypoint Leasing Files Voluntary Chapter 11 to Further Restructuring Process

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 28 novembre 2018

Waypoint Leasing Holdings Ltd., the largest independent global helicopter leasing company, today announced that it and certain of its subsidiaries (collectively “Waypoint” or the “Company”) have filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York (the “Court”). Waypoint expects to move through the restructuring process as expeditiously as possible and is committed to working with its lenders and all stakeholders towards a speedy and successful transformation. To this end, Waypoint has run a comprehensive sale process over the past months, has received bids from numerous parties, and expects to use the Chapter 11 process to facilitate the acquisition of Waypoint by a new owner with a continued focus on our customers.Over the past six months, Waypoint has been actively working with its lenders to de-lever its balance sheet and reposition the Company for strength and stability. Waypoint plans to continue that work during the Chapter 11 process, and in addition to de-levering, Waypoint will continue to implement strategic initiatives. Waypoint has filed a number of customary motions with the Court seeking authorization to support its operations during the restructuring process and ensure a smooth transition into Chapter 11. The Company expects to continue its support for its customers on an uninterrupted basis and to work with all vendors and suppliers in the ordinary course for all goods and services provided on or after the filing date.
Established in 2013, Waypoint’s fleet is supported by over 40 employees based in eight offices worldwide. Waypoint’s aircraft diversity and customization capabilities have led to the lessor’s market-leading position across multiple mission segments including oil and gas, emergency medical services (EMS), government and humanitarian services, utility and firefighting, search and rescue (SAR) and wind farm support. Waypoint’s portfolio includes more than 160 aircraft flying with 36 customers in 34 countries.

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Telos ID Selected to Process Background Checks for Aviation Workers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 29 marzo 2018

Telos® Identity Management Solutions, LLC (Telos ID), a leading provider of identity management and access solutions for the world’s most security-conscious agencies and organizations, today announced that the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has contracted with Telos ID to provide Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services for processing worker background checks at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
Telos ID’s DAC services improve data integrity, increase the efficiency of credentialing operations, and reduce costs. Aviation channeling services enable submissions of workers’ biographic and biometric data to conduct background checks required of individuals working in secure areas of U.S. commercial airports. Telos ID conducted onsite DAC and Rap Back training and integrated with the LAX credentialing management system.“The DAC services deployment at Los Angeles International Airport is notable for its size,” said Dawn E. Lucini, vice president of aviation security, Telos ID. “With more than 54 thousand badge holders, we have streamlined the worker background check process, while upholding the high security standards at LAX in an effective and efficient manner.”Telos ID’s DAC services meet TSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requirements for handling personally identifiable information and, as an encrypted, web-based solution, Telos ID’s DAC users securely access the system wherever they have an internet connection. Its modular design supports each airport’s and air carrier’s needs, and users can perform multiple functions on one platform.“Telos ID is fast becoming the recognized leader in assuring the identities of aviation workers with advanced biometric and enrollment solutions,” said Lucini. “We are pleased to support the city of Los Angeles and its world-class airport in their efforts to provide excellence in identity management services, all while reducing costs and providing superior customer care and flexibility.”

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A Constitutional process to complete European political unity

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 23 giugno 2017

madridMadrid. It is necessary to launch, without any delay, a new phase of integration going beyond the existing Treaties in order to preserve and complete the Union’s achievements, prevent any institutional instability that the prospect of the United Kingdom exiting the Union may create and achieve full political unity.The Federal Committee of the Union of European Federalists calls on the Member States to use the opportunities opened up by the results of the French elections and the defeat of anti-European and populist forces across Europe, to launch a process to revise the EU treaties in order to establish a full economic and fiscal union in the Euro area through the creation of a federal Treasury and the creation of economic and fiscal tools able to deliver effective economic, fiscal and social policies to fix the damages the economic and financial crisis caused in recent years and strengthen the democratic legitimacy of the Eurozone governance.As short-medium term objectives, the Federal Committee of the Union of European Federalists calls for the EU to make full use of the Lisbon Treaty on the Common Foreign and Security Policy to initiate a permanent structured cooperation among the Member State willing to permanently pool multinational military units as the basis for a real European Defence Union, and to lead by example in dealing with migration and refugees.
The Union of European Federalists (UEF), is a supranational political movement dedicated to uniting Europe along federal lines. The UEF consists of 25 national member organisations across Europe that are autonomous centres of the UEF activities, reaching out to EU citizens and spreading the federalists’ message to them by organising various activities in their countries.
The Federal Committee of the UEF determines the UEF political direction and activities between the Congresses. It organises the Congress, approves the annual budget and final account balances, draws up the rules of procedure of UEF, and elects the UEF Bureau and Treasurer.

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EAN (European Antibullying Network) launches the MALTA Declaration Process against Bullying

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 30 giugno 2016

eanThe conference was held in Valletta and was honored by the participation of the President of Malta, HE Ms. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, the Minister of Family and Social Solidarity, Dr. Michael Farrugia, and other Maltese dignitaries. Members of the network from different EU Member States, public officials, institutional actors from Malta, the academia, professionals active in the field of child protection, as well as children took part in this high-level conference, hosted by EAN member from Malta, Families for Lifelong Learning.The conference emphasized the absolute urgency to address the widespread and still growing problem of bullying in our society and highlighted a number of recommendations to the Member States and European Institutions for specific actions to combat bullying. An EAN Declaration of Malta is to be the platform for the process of pursuing this objective from within the European Anti-Bullying Network.
“Bullying and its various forms are a major concern in schools and among children, teachers, parents and practitioners”, said in her welcoming address Her Excellency the President of Malta, Ms. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, pointing to the growing extent of the problem. The President of Malta commended the role of the network in highlighting the need for an anti-bullying European strategy through a multi-national approach and encouraged EAN to pursue its efforts for the establishment of a European Anti-bullying Day.
In his welcoming words, the Minister of Family and Social Solidarity, Dr. Michael Farrugia, said that “bullying needs to be addressed not only among children, but in a wider context, while support has to be provided to both bullies and bullied children”, whereas he presented relevant national policies.“The 3rd International Conference taking place in Malta marks the next step in the development of the network and the fulfillment of its goals”, said the President of EAN and President of “The Smile of the Child. Mr. Costas Yannopoulos referred to the work and institutional consolidation of EAN at the EU-level: After the establishment of the network following the 1st international conference in 2014 in Athens, the 2nd conference at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels placed the network at the heart of the European Institutions. The 3rd annual conference in Malta puts the emphasis on the continuity of the network.Apart from this strategic approach, the conference offered participants ample opportunity to exchange useful experiences and practices such as awareness campaigns, tools and programs dealing with specific forms of bullying, such as homophobic bullying, practical approaches within school communities, working and prevention methods, as well as the use of arts and in particular of cinema storytelling in the schools.
The keynote speaker of the conference, Peter Smith, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of London, presented major studies on cross-national differences in bullying and demonstrated how differences in the research results reflect the overall difficulty in collecting and interpreting data, whereas Maltese Commissioner for Children, Pauline Miceli, referred to the growing extent of bullying as a daily phenomenon.
During the event a team of students from local Maltese schools presented their direct experience and views on the problem, the way they are dealing with bullying incidents in their school environment either as bullies, bullied or bystanders. Children developed a TV spot on how to stand up against bullying. The day preceding the conference, the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of the network were also held in Valletta. The members elected their new Board of Directors with the President of EAN and “The Smile of the Child” being re-elected for a period of two years. The members also elected, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of London, Peter Smith as a Honorary Board Member.(photo: ean)

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“Gesture and word analysis: the same or different processes?”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 27 giugno 2015

parma universitàImportante “palcoscenico” per uno studio firmato dal Dipartimento di Neuroscienze dell’Università di Parma. Il prof. Maurizio Gentilucci, docente di Fisiologia, e le sue collaboratrici Elisa De Stefani e Doriana De Marco hanno pubblicato sulla rivista internazionale “NeuroImage” l’articolo “Gesture and word analysis: the same or different processes?”, nel quale si studia l’integrazione del linguaggio gestuale con il linguaggio verbale utilizzando tecniche comportamentali e neurofisiologiche.
Gli autori riportano che, se il significato di un gesto è congruente col significato di una parola (per esempio: gesto “pollice su” e parola “bene”) a 250ms (millisecondi) dalla presentazione di un gesto, la parola è integrata col gesto. Ne risulta un’amplificazione dei parametri cinematici del movimento delle labbra e dei parametri vocali della parola, e conseguentemente un rafforzamento del significato della parola. Inoltre, usando tecniche neurofisiologiche di stimolazione magnetica transcranica applicata alla corteccia motoria, gli autori hanno mostrato che, a 100 ms dalla sua presentazione, il gesto viene automaticamente simulato verosimilmente per comprenderne il significato. Di conseguenza, il significato del gesto incomincerebbe a essere compreso a 100ms dalla sua presentazione e sarebbe poi integrato con la parola a 250ms. Questo studio supporta l’ipotesi secondo la quale il linguaggio parlato deriverebbe da un sistema di comunicazione gestuale (pubblicazioni di Gentilucci e Corballis del 2006). E ciò potrebbe avere significative ricadute: un avanzamento delle conoscenze dei rapporti tra i circuiti legati al controllo dei gesti e delle parole potrebbe ad esempio trovare un’applicazione anche nella riabilitazione delle afasie.

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A School of Peace of Sant’Egidio in tsunami area

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 17 gennaio 2015

mappa_filippine_matlangA delegation of Pinoy young people of the Community of Sant’Egidio will meet the Pope during his apostolic visit to the Philippines. They will ask the Holy Father to bless a marker of an Elementary School that they are rebuilding in cooperation with the local Church in Matlang, a remote village of Leyte unreached by any other help after the typhoon.Sant’Egidio is an international lay-people Association of the Catholic Church born in year 1968 in Rome and now present in more than 70 Countries. College students, workers, families, young professionals and employees are part of the Community that is active in different areas of Manila and Cebu since several years ago, experiencing what Pope Francis defined as the 3-Ps : prayer, poor and peace.At the end of a working day, they gather to pray with the common vespers. Once per week they help children of squatter-areas to get a better future through the school of peace, or they visit abandoned elderly people in Tayuman and Antipolo. They promote a new culture facilitating the peace process in Mindanao and campaigning for a worldwide moratorium of the death penalty.

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CEC Presidium to meet in Warsaw

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 aprile 2010

Warsaw, Poland, 25-27 April 2010 The progress of the implementation of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) Central Committee’s working priorities set after the 12th CEC Assembly in Lyon, France, in July 2009, will be one of the main areas of discussion during the meeting of the CEC Presidium on the 25th-27th of April.  The Presidium will receive reports on recent and future activities of CEC from the Acting General Secretary, Rev. Prof. Viorel Ionita, from the Senior Management Team and from its different working areas: the Church and Society Commission, which deals with European affairs; the Churches in Dialogue Theological Commission, and the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME), an independent body which is in the process of integration with CEC. This Presidium is being hosted by the Polish Ecumenical Council and is being held during a sorrowful and difficult time for the Polish people. On Tuesday the 27th of April, the CEC Presidium will be meeting with representatives of the CEC member churches in Poland. We wish to dedicate our work and our prayers at this particular time to all those who suffer the loss of their loved ones and for God’s care for the people of Poland.
The Conference of European Churches (CEC) is a fellowship of some 120 Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Old Catholic Churches from all countries of Europe, plus 40 associated organisations. CEC was founded in 1959. It has offices in Geneva, Brussels and Strasbourg.

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Supporting haitian-led food security

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 6 febbraio 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010 from 2pm-5pm at WFP headquarters in Rome, Italy.  On the one month anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Haitian Agriculture Minister Joanas Gue will convene a high level meeting to discuss the country’s medium and long-term agricultural development, food security and nutrition planning process.  This event represents the global kickoff of the agriculture pillar for the Haiti Redevelopment Plan and is part of the broad international mobilization to support the reconstruction of Haiti.  Jacques Diouf, Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), and Kanayo Nwanze, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will join Minister Gue in discussing the need for global, regional and national leadership and coordination by the UN organizations. Bilateral donors including the United States, represented by Cheryl Mills, Counselor to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Brazil, and others will participate in this discussion addressing the role of donor participation in the planning and implementation process.  Other invited speakers include representatives from the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the UN High-Level Task Force for the Global Food Crisis, the UN Haiti Special Envoy and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture.  Attendance at this event is by invitation only.  Invitations have been extended to members of the Global Partnership for Food, Nutrition and Agriculture Security including the Haitian and global private sector leaders as well as foundations and non-governmental organizations interested in supporting Haiti.

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Afghans to cast ballots in 20 august elections

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 20 agosto 2009

The Secretary-General encourages all Afghan women and men eligible to vote to cast their ballot in the upcoming Presidential and Provincial Council elections on 20 August 2009.  He notes that, by participating in these elections, the Afghan people will help Afghanistan strengthen its democratic institutions, bring fresh vigour to the country’s political life, and ultimately reaffirm their commitment to contribute to the peace and prosperity of their nation. The Secretary-General also calls on all candidates, their supporters, political party agents, and domestic and international observers to continue to cooperate with the Independent Election Commission, other relevant Afghan institutions and international stakeholders supporting electoral preparations, to ensure a smooth and successful electoral process.

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Electronic document and process management projects

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 luglio 2009

I.R.I.S., a listed company (EURONEXT Brussels: IRI) specialising in Intelligent Document Recognition (IRD), Electronic Document Management (EDM), and complex IT infrastructures (ICT), to announce that it has been awarded the public procurement contract for the supply of software and services to implement ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions at the SNCB (Belgian national railway company). SNCB-Holding is the ultimate holding company of the SNCB Group, and the guarantor of top-quality service. It fulfils this mission by co-ordinating and supporting the activities of its two subsidiaries, the SNCB (operator) and Infrabel (infrastructure manager) whilst ensuring that their strategies converge and maintaining the unity of the group, with the particular aim of achieving financial stability.   One of the missions of SNCB-Holding is to manage the ICT networks for the whole group.  Trains are an important aspect of everyday life in Belgium; more than 180 million travellers have chosen the train as their means of going to work, visiting a European capital, or enjoying their free time and going on holiday.  During the same period, the SNCB transported over 60 million tonnes of goods. These impressive figures represent a responsibility for the SNCB Group: to do everything possible to ensure the satisfaction of every customer.

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