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Catella AB – Interim Report January-March 2016

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 maggio 2016

catellaAssets under management totalled SEK 135.7 Bn at the end of the quarter. This corresponds to a year-on-year increase of 3%. Transaction activity was in line with last year. Catella’s income increased by 10% in the first quarter year-on-year, to SEK 462 M. Consolidated operating profit was SEK 62 M, SEK 13 M up on the previous year.
First quarter The Group
Total income SEK 462 M (419)
Net sales SEK 450 M (413)
Operating profit/loss SEK 62 M (49)
Profit/loss before tax SEK 75 M (52)
Profit after tax SEK 55 M (43), of which attributable to parent company owners SEK 17 M (35)
Earnings per share SEK 0.21 (0.43)
Equity SEK 1,486 M (1,248)
Equity per share SEK 16.28 (14.08)
Corporate Finance
Total income SEK 80 M (87)
Net sales SEK 73 M (86)
Operating profit/loss SEK -12 M (-15)
Property transaction volumes of SEK 6.2 Bn (6.7):
– Sweden SEK 3.2 Bn (2.4)
– France SEK 1.5 Bn (2.8)
– Germany SEK 0.4 Bn (0.6)
Asset Management and Banking
Total income SEK 386 M (334)
Net sales SEK 379 M (329)
Operating profit/loss* SEK 83 M (72)
Assets under management SEK 135.7 Bn (131.2)
– decrease of SEK 2.6 Bn (+8.8)
– of which net outflows SEK 1.2 Bn (+4.3)
“Assets under management totalled SEK 135.7 Bn at the end of the quarter. This corresponds to a year-on-year increase of 3%. Transaction activity was in line with last year. Catella’s income increased by 10% in the first quarter year-on-year, to SEK 462 M. Consolidated operating profit was SEK 62 M, SEK 13 M up on the previous year”, says Knut Pedersen, Catella’s CEO and President.
The information in this Report is mandatory for Catella AB (publ) to publish in accordance with the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act and/or the Swedish Securities Markets Act. This information was submitted to the market for publication on 10 May 2016 at 7:00 a.m. (CET).

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G8 leaders need to quit gambling with our future

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 maggio 2011

Deauville Responding to the failure of world leaders to take on the challenges of climate change and world energy security at this week’s G8 summit, Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International said: “Freedom and democracy can never be served if the G8 continues to be underwritten by a fossil fuel-based economy, and when our leaders are beholden to oil barons who profit from undermining our security and ecology”. “The G8 leaders came to Deauville in search of identity and purpose, but were blinded by their fossil fuel addictions and failed to take us towards a safe and secure energy future, free from oil wars, climate chaos and nuclear disasters. For next year’s meeting, the G8 leaders should meet at a rehab clinic instead of a French gambling resort.” “The G8 seems to have already forgotten the lessons of the Fukushima crisis, when it could follow the lead of Germany’s Angela Merkel and Japan’s Naoto Kan who have made clear their intentions to embrace a clean energy future”.

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Going green while making green

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 29 aprile 2010

Boston.  Imagine a neighborhood where smart, solar-powered garbage cans signal trash collectors only when they are full and ready to be emptied, thus reducing fuel costs. Or a mass transit system where buses run on recycled cooking oil, making them cheaper to operate with reduced emissions. Or a program to create homes for the poor by converting and upgrading discarded shipping containers. In Greenovate!, the inaugural publication released by the Hult International Business School and the Center for Innovation, Excellence, and Growth (IXL), these environmentally-aware scenarios are a reality. Fifty companies that have successfully “gone green” while also turning a profit are carefully examined, their goals and barriers clearly laid out so that readers can easily understand how a ”greenovation” is conceived and executed. The book covers a wide range of industries and products, from all-natural cosmetics, to energy sources derived from cow manure, to intelligent street lighting. Patel, along with co-authors Ronald Jonash and Tyler McNally, will attend a reception commemorating the book launch on Wednesday, April 28, from 6 to 8 pm at the Hult International Business School. They will discuss the results of their writing and research and will offer insights on how companies can go green. Research compiled for a unique hands-on MBA consulting course by the Hult graduating class of 2009 was also incorporated into the book. The Action Learning Plan, a joint venture between Hult and IXL, gave students the opportunity to advise C-level executives of major companies on identifying and capitalizing on areas of growth within their organizations. Greenovate! is the first publication in the Beyond Eureka! series of studies by the IXL Center on the topic of developing consistent and dependable processes of innovation and economic sectors. Dr. Patel is a highly respected and experienced management consultant. He is currently Managing Director of the IXL Center, a global training institute for companies and individuals. He is also the owner of six patents and a founder of various venture-backed companies in the U.S. and Latin America.
Hult International Business School (formerly known as the Arthur D. Little School of Management) is the first global business school with operations in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai. The school offers a range of business-focused programs including MBA, Masters, and Undergraduate degrees. Hult is ranked 5th for International Mobility and 6th for International Business by the Financial Times, and is among the Top 50 best business schools in the world and Top 25 in the U.S. by the Economist. The school is a fully accredited member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of MBAs. For more information about Hult International Business School, please visit or contact

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Turismo: buoni vacanza

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 6 gennaio 2010

Turismo: dal 20 gennaio 2010 sarà possibile prenotare i buoni vacanza, validi fino al 30 giugno 2010. Possono presentare la domanda i cittadini italiani che rientrano nei limiti di reddito stabiliti dall’art.4 del DPCM 21 ottobre 2008. Il contributo può essere erogato una sola volta per nucleo familiare e fino all’esaurimento dei fondi disponibili sulla base del criterio di priorità cronologica di inoltro della richiesta e al versamento dell’importo residuo a carico del richiedente. I buoni vacanza sono nominativi e distribuiti in tagli da 20 e 5 euro spendibili anche separatamente. Il gestore dei buoni vacanza sarà l’associazione no profit Buoni Vacanza Italia (BVI) che ha siglato la convenzione con il Dipartimento del turismo il 3 luglio 2009. La richiesta avviene attraverso una procedura on line. Occorre compilare sia il modulo anagrafico sia l’autodichiarazione sulle condizioni anagrafiche e reddituali per il calcolo della percentuale di contributo pubblico e la richiesta dell’importo dei buoni. A procedura on line completata verrà rilasciato in automatico dal sistema un codice di prenotazione che dovrà essere presentato entro 10 giorni – pena la decadenza della prenotazione – ad una agenzia della Banca Intesa-Sanpaolo. La banca, a sua volta, ordina i buoni che verranno recapitati al beneficiario direttamente a domicilio. L’elenco delle strutture turistiche convenzionate può essere consultato sul sito

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Three solo shows

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 11 luglio 2009

Three soloNew York until 9/9/2009548 West 22nd Street X Initiative Tris Vonna-Michell, Luke Fowler, and Keren Cytter For its summer phase opening on July 9th, X is pleased to present solo shows by Tris Vonna-Michell, Luke Fowler, and Keren Cytter. Each artist has attracted the attention of several European institutions and has participated in prestigious exhibitions worldwide, including the Berlin Biennale, the Yokohama Triennial, and the Venice Biennale. This is the first large-scale American presentation for each artist. Vonna-Michell, Cytter, and Fowler all share an interest in personal narratives and storytelling, exploring the secret workings of memory and resuscitating obsolete genres to open up new creative possibilities. X is a not-for-profit initiative of the global contemporary art community that will exist for one year and present exhibitions and programming. Advised by a 50+ advisory board comprised of artists, curators, museum professionals, gallerists, collectors, art historians and critics, X is reaching across traditional boundaries to form a consortium interested in responding quickly to the major philosophical and economic shifts impacting culture. X will feature durational artist interventions, site-specific projects, historical in-depth exhibitions, one-night performances, lectures and weekly events. Questions posed in the form of programming will address relevant and pressing issues pertaining to the changing landscape of contemporary art. (three solo)

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